Jan. 4th, 2005

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Sharon presented her class.. That's about it...

Did an activity about the probability of offsprings being male or female.. that's it..

Read.. then teach takled about the next project we're doing.. I dun even know what it is 'cause teach was talking about the robot club thing first and I was reading during that 'cause I wasn't interested.. then he started talking about the project and I didn't really realize 'til later.. so yeah. Anyway.. All I know is that it's not a group project... individual. -_- Damn.. Whatever...

Went to [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon's commanders' meeting. Boringness. Then went in the range.. Ate and watched Armed practice in the range.

Went over the things we were working on yesterday.. boringness..

The guys left to Mr. McDonnell's room and the girls came into ours. Got a paper about the "Qualities I Look for in Someone I Go Out With", lol. Had to order the traits on the paper in order of importance. The guys were doing the same thing in McDonnell's class. Anywayz.. We didn't finish, but Thursday, we're gonna compare the guys and girls top five.

Anyway.. My list. XP

01. Personality // 'Cause that's very important. XP
02. Grades, Intelligence // I want a smart guy, hahahahhaha! XP
03. Money, Potential for Earning Money // Yes, I admit it, I'm a gold-digger. Hahahahah!~ XP But really.. I don't need someone mooching off my money.
04. Faithfulness, Fidelity // Definitely don't want someone that's not serious about US and cheat and stuff...
05. Honesty // Trust is important. No trust without honesty.
06. Sensitivity, Caring, Nurturing // Duhhh! XP Must show they care, right?
07. Dependability // I need someone who I can depend on to do things for me when I ask. They gotta be there for me.
08. Sense of Humor // If a guy can't joke around and have fun, then they must be dull.
09. Family // I want someone who gets along pretty well with their family. And their family shouldn't suck so much that I dislike 'em.
10. Race / Ethnicity // Not that important, but I'd prefer Asian, hahahahah. XP
11. Appearance: Looks, Body // They should look pretty good, right? I hope. Hahahhahah! XP
12. Special Abilities: Musical, Dance, Athletics // Not like I look for it, but if he does have some special abilities ((specifically artistic, hahahahha. XP *is a sucker for the arts*)), that's a plus. XD
13. Respect of Peers // Well.. I wouldn't want them to be someone that people look down on...
14. Status // Not sure what they mean by this.. I say it's pretty much the same as popularity...
15. Popularity // Don't have to be popular... but at least not hated, ya know?
16. Clothes, Wardrobe // How they dress doesn't really matter.. as long as it isn't THAT bad, I'm good, lol. *is not really fashion conscious* XP
17. Religion // I'm not religious, so.. yeah... Perferably, they'd be atheist, but hey.. Hard to find good, non-religious people in this world, it seems... x_x
18. Slut, Man Ho', or Virgin // No to the slut and man ho', lol. Dun really care if he's a virgin, though I'd perfer it, ya know? XP Save it for that special person you marry...
19. Control // I don't want no dude bossing me around. Puh~lease.
20. Gang Affiliation // First off, why would people look for that in someone anyway? Goshhh. XP But yeah... No way.

The end. XP

Hung in the range.. Boringness.. Did nothing.. ya know.. Blahh.. Wish I could go home... But practice after school.. *sigh* Anywayz... after school, practiced Unarmed.. Was okay. Didn't get that far in the routine..

Damn homework.. No time.. -_- *sigh* Finally, some free time now, though not really, since I still have things to work on, but they're not due, so... Time to relax a little.. talk to the babe when he comes on.. Read my f-list.. stuff like that.. For all of.. thirty minutes. -_-;;



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