Jan. 8th, 2005

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Today we went and planted trees with CSF. =O Ana drove us... Damn, we were following, and we kept making u-turns 'cause they didn't know how to get there... x_x Then, they went back on the freeway, so we thought we were going back to Kearny.. But then they exited and went on the freeway again. @_@ ((We went on S-163, then were going back on the N-163, but exited and went back to the S-163..)) Yeah.. anywayz.. Got there, then had to go into groups. Me and [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon went with Kavan's group, so it was me, [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon, Kavan, and Phuong (sp?).

Anywayz.. planted our tree.. damn, we sucked. Our hole was totally filled with water too! x_x LOL! But yeah.. Got really dirtyyyy. Ewwww! Afterwards, got a ride back to school with Ana and waited for our mom.

Went home.. ate.. Then went to the Point Loma Credit Union.. Then went to Ross.. Didn't buy anything.. then went into Target.. then went to Home Depot. Bought some paint and a toilet.. Then went to Hollywood Video.. Then home.

Watched Harry Potter #3. It was okay, I guess, lol. Not THAT great, but yeah...

Anywayz.. that's it. Should do my homework.. *sigh*

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Prince of Tennis - Episode 141
Gosh, everyone wants to watch Atobe VS Sanada, lol. I'd rather watch Kabaji VS Wakato, lol. ^_^;; Is that weird of me? XP But yeah... This episode didn't really interest me THAT much.. ^_^;; I wanna know who that blond-haired dude was in the preview. XD Too bad the next episode isn't subbed and there aren't any seeded raw torrents for the next two episodes.. I have from 160 on though, hahahahah! ^_^;;

Hajime no Ippo - Episode 01
Yes, watched the first three episodes before, but yeah.. That was a year ago. Now that we have the whole series, we must start again. XP

That punch must have hurt.. his hand was all bleeding and stuff, hahahahahah. And he didn't even notice. @_@ Goshhh, lol. But yeah... The boxer dude ((can't remember his name yet, haahhahah)) was all feeling him up, lol. XP



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