Jan. 26th, 2005

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Practiced drilling for Squad Stakes...

Reviewed some for the final.. Blahhh!

Worked on the project.. Boringness.. Blahhh! Finished, even though the teacher said I did it wrong.. It's not my fuckin' fault that he DIDN'T tell us how he wanted it done before we did it! >O It didn't say anything about doing it the way he said on the paper, so fuck him. Give me an F for doing it not the way you specified AFTER I finished. Whatever. Think I really give a fuck anymore about that stupid ass class?! >O Damn.. I just turned it in the way I did it.. Don't care. Doesn't matter if I had like, half the period left after I was done. I wasn't about to change it. It looked PERFECTLY fine and seemed PERFECTLY logical. I wanted to keep my portfolio the way I had it in the beginning 'cause he never told us how EXACTLY he wanted it 'til the first time he graded it. He was just like, "Keep it organized" then afterwards, he put all these rules so I had to change that for him. I ain't changing this thing I'm doing. FUCK HIM! >O After these two next days, no more! FUCK THAT CLASS! I'd NEVER go back! >O


Reviewed.. Blahhh! Boringness...

Went to the auditorium and had to listen to some boring presentation about job shadowing -- really, it was about interviewing. -_- Boringness. Talked about how to dress and stuff. The only interesting part was when she was showing pictures of the way people dressed around the school, then at the end of the pictures, there was two and she was like, "Is this the way to dress for a conservative interview?" and then all the CTA peepz were like, "ALFONSO! CJ!" 'cause the two pictures was of their clothes (face wasn't in the pics, but we all knew it was them, lol).

Went over to talk to Mr. Tran... Selassie and Ashley were there. They got their schedules fixed and stuff.. Then I did. Damn, my schedule was fucked. =/ Anywayz.. the end result...

0 -- ROTC
1 -- Spanish 5-6
2 -- CAD
3 -- American Literature
B -- Advisory
4 -- Political Science [MW]

Yeah.. Mr. Tran didn't have any fee waivers. -_- Damnnnn! *sigh*

Took forever.. Laterz, went to hang in the range.

After school, there was pizza 'cause Teng promised his company he would buy them pizza if we kept the gold star. Got some.. ate. Practiced the routine once, then went and practiced Squad and Platoon. Damn, I sucked, but.. *whisper*IthinkI'mgettingbetter!*whisper* =O LOL! XD But yeah... overall, I still suck. XP

Tomorrow and Friday are finals! Minimum days! But too bad we have practice and stuff.. Blahh.. =/ Only one final, so far.. I dunno about second period.. Blahhh. Two max.

Book return on Friday.. well, at least for math. I dunno.. Just bring my books.. Hopefully, I don't forget. Blahhh.

Cadet Ball ticket price changed to $38. Colonel had the wrong info, so it's three dollars more. Good thing we bought our tickets early! XD Three dollars off! Mwhahahahhahah! XP If [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon decided to pay a day later, she'd have to pay more! =O

Next week is Spirit Week. Also the start of the new semester. But back to the Spirit Week...

Monday - Valentine Colors [Red, White, Pink]
Tuesday - Wear clothes with your crush's name
Wednesday - Teddy Bear
Thursday - Wear hearts
Friday - Maroon and White

Not sure about the Wed - Thurs.. They might be switched. Friday's also Pep Rally. Then Saturday is competition! Goshhhh! So close!

Speaking of which, there's Saturday practice. Four hours is what they're saying right now.. Need a time.. Blahhh!

Well, that's about it, I think. Gosh.. long entry. @_@ Must be 'cause I don't have homework, lol. Timeee! XP




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