Feb. 5th, 2005

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Woke up around 4:00 and got ready. Left around 4:40-ish. Got to school around 4:50-4:55. Hung in the range with the other peepz who where there.. Panyia, Victoria, Nikki... some Armed... Around 5:40-ish, my babe and Cathy came. Took a walk around the school in the dark with my babe. ^_^ It was nice, hahahah. Went back.. Later more peepz came.. Ate.. got our hair done.. practiced.. yeah. Around 9:00 (I think) we went on the bus to go to Orange Glenn.

Got there.. waited.. Then it was our turn to get inspected. Damn, my dude was the hardest one outta the ones who inspected us. Gosh, lol. I didn't know ANYTHING he asked me. -_- And he kept spitting on me. EWWWWW!~ But yeah.. He asked me who some dude was -- I dunno the name... Then he asked me what the E-1 was. I was like, "This cadet has been informed but cannot recall at this time" but really.. I don't think I've ever BEEN informed. No one knew it...! -_- Then he was like, "You don't know?! How can you not know?!" and stuff then he was like, "Does Private sound familiar?! Huh?! HUH?!" and stuff, and I was like, "Yes, Sir" then he went through the E-'s.... -_- Goshhhh!

When me inspected Teala, it was so funny, lol. She was like George W. Washington to one of the questions.. He also asked, "Why are your pants different to hers [Victoria]?" And she was like, "Sir, she has man pants. I have woman pants," then he looked at Victoria's pants, then broke ranks to look at [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon and Rebecca's pants, lol.

Anywayz.. after inspection, went over to the place where we had to drill... We did okay. Nikki messed up on the commands.. Blahh..

After that, went over and did our routine. Messed up a lot. -_- Oh wellz... Then after that, went and watched the end of Armed's inspection then their drilling, then their routine. They did pretty good.. besides dropping the rifle and stuff..

After all that, went back to the bus and went back to Kearny. On the bus, watched Yia's video of us.. Blahhh. I look sooooo dorky, hahahahah.

Got to Kearny.. Changed and stuff.. Then went out and waited.. Called home to say we were going to Mission Valley, then waited for Richard to come take us there...

Went there.. Was in the arcade for a while.. then went to Starshots and waited for them to take pictures.. then went and ate at Ruby's... [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon took the flower from the vase at the end, lol. Then went back to get the pictures.. then went to Rising Sun.. then Suncoast.. then went to Target.. Looked around, then went home.

Parents rearranged our room... @_@ It looks okay, but still getting used to it, ya know? XP

Got to hang out basically all day with my babe. Yay! ^_^ LOL! XP

My babe told me that Armed got third place in exhibition. Yay! ^_^ LOL! XP Dunno what we got.. Didn't ask, lol. Probably sucky, hahahaha. XP Oh wellz, it's all good. XP

Welps... later. XP

[EDITED (7:55 PM PST)]: Oh yeah.. my dad said we'd go to L.A. to buy [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon a dress next Sunday. Don't think I'll get one though.. =( *sigh*

[EDITED (9:13 PM PST)]: [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon's friend, Thao, from MM said that Kearny got a lot of trophies! But she logged off before [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon could ask her about it! ;_; But yeah.. MM pwned. Hahahahah! XP

[EDITED (02-07-2005 @ 6:50 PM PST)]: Thao's comment in my xanga... Hope it's true!~ XD One third down.. Hopefully one of the others is ours!~

i cant reallie remember the exact places you guys got..you guys didnt place for sweepstakes..but for the three catagories..i beleive you guys placed several second's, third's, and i believe even a first or two..i know i heard kearny at least three or four times..you know what??..juss tell your commander or instructor to call orange glen and ask them..they may even send the trophies..k??..good job!!

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