Mar. 15th, 2005


Mar. 15th, 2005 02:11 pm
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I'm glad to say that I actually DID stuff today. =O Yes, I know, shocking, isn't it? I'm amazed too. XP Hahhaha. Anywayz... First went to my doctor's appointment at 10:45... She said it was all good and stuff... Then after that, finished around 11:15-ish and went over to Kearny, since it was right there, to give the secretary lady the note for not being at school yesterday and today. After that, went to Costco and bought some stuff and got a churro. Then went home to put the stuff away and get [ profile] aznearthdragon's pic to make copies.. Then went and picked up Steven since today was a mini day. Got him and went to Wal-Mart. Bought some stuff and made copies.. Pick it up later.. Then came home and here I am. My dad has a doctor's appointment soon, so he's gonna go.. Once he's done, he said he'd take us back to Wal-Mart to pick up the pictures.

Anywayz.. The happiest news, I think, is that I can take a shower now. YES!~ Mwhahahahhahah!~ XD Yeah, I'm weird.. but you'd feel like that too if you hadn't taken a shower in forever. XP

So yeah.. tomorrow is... BACK TO SCHOOL! Ohz noz!~ I dun wanna go back!~ ;_; That means work and stuff.. OMG, suckage.. *sigh* And I have to carry a heavy backpack, after two weeks off.. and I have two textbooks I gotta bring tomorrow too! OMG so heavy. ;_; At least Spring Break is almost here, hahahahah! Yeah, two weeks and two days off, three days of school, then Spring Break for a week. Practically a month off, baby!~ ^_~ Hahahahhah!~ But it sucks for me 'cause semester's almost over.. Damn.. x_x

Imagine if I did what Ms. Swanson wanted and stayed a Mesa. OMG, I'd SO fail my Poli Sci class. It's not even funny. I mean, yeah, it only meets twice a week and stuff, but the semester is shorter at Mesa, so I'd have missed about six classes there outta.. *estimates* 30..? classes. That's 20% of class right there. Even if the teacher excused those absences, I don't think I would have done good enough in there to pass. And what if the teacher didn't excuse it? That would mean.. about 12% off my final grade in there.

Stupid Ms. Swanson.. >O I'm still mad she yelled at me for dropping that class! >O S'not like I signed up for Mesa thinking, "Oh, Imma drop this class once I'm in it," and stuff. And damnit, she was all saying stuff about how I'm suppose to be responsible and stuff 'cause Mesa wasn't high school anymore and that it was college, etc... Well, I was being responsible by dropping a class I knew I wouldn't be able to pass with me being absent for so long. Guess that wasn't a responsible thing to do, huh? She'd rather have me get an F in a college class while I'm still in high school and get kicked outta Fast Track than have me drop a class so that F wouldn't be on my record and still get kicked outta Fast Track. Either way, the outcome is still the same, although (IMO) a "W" instead of an "F" on my record looks better.

Whatever. S'over and done with. If I end up not being able to go to Mesa next year, no big. And if I can, then I guess Ms. Swanson was a bitch and just trying to threaten me into not dropping.

Well, Imma stop now. Ranting always tires out my fingers, with all that typing and anger there. ^_^;; Lates.

[EDITED (5:05 PM PST}]: My dad went to get the pics himself, but could 'cause they said the machine jammed or something and they couldn't find it.. So now we gotta go do it again on Saturday.. Bleh.



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