Mar. 21st, 2005

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Yesterday I found a place to get FMA 43-51 so we could finish watching it. ((Yes, finally, lol. ^_^;; )) Got 42 also 'cause I don't really remember that much of what happened in that episode.. Now to watch...

Episode 42
Aww.. I didn't want Scar to die. =( That sucked.. And now Al's the Philosopher's Stone.. Bleh.. Archer sucked and he deserved to die. Gosh, so mean of me... But yeah.. I'm glad Al's all right... Even though it was kinda sad when Al's like, "I'm back to normal!" to Ed and stuff.. 'cause that means he considers him in armor normal.. =/ Yeah.. *sigh* Anywayz.. Love the new opening and ending.

Episode 43
They don't say the equivalent trade thing anymore.. Yeah.. Just gotta put that observation there 'cause my frozen archive has it on the top banner thingy. XP

Dude, Ed and Al's dad looks.. Not how I expect him to look. ^_^;; Yeah.. Anywayz.. It sucked that Ed and Al had to kinda hurt the others.. =( But yeah.. What Roy said about Winry's parent and how he promised himself he wasn't gonna follow irrational orders anymore.. And then he said he was mad 'cause they didn't ask him for help.. OMG that was sweet, in a weird way, lol. Awww! Yeah...

Episode 44
OMFG, Al said, "I'll sleep with Father". I died! OMG! x_x LOL! Yeah.. Anywayz.. I think Lyla is the master-y person.. Or something like that. Hahahah. Yeah.. Anywayz.. Damn, the dad is such a flirt... Gosh. And Armstrong is soooo teh cool, lol. He's soooo sparkly! I love it. ^_~

Dante.. that was Lyla's master or whatever.. right..? Yeah, I think so... Hmmm... LOL! I'm slow. ^_^;; ...They're rotting...? Gosh, that's gross, lol. And what did Ed dig up from his mom's grave? I wanna knowww, lol.


So many problems today.. 'Cause my dad called and said he had to work tomorrow so then we didn't have a ride to the mall to watch movies.. And yeah.. Suckage.. But now Josh is suppose to come pick us up.. Now we just have to ask Mommy to pick us up and stuff.. *sigh* Problems.. Other stuff too, but not gonna mention..




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