Mar. 29th, 2005

Job Shadow

Mar. 29th, 2005 09:32 pm
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Unarmed practice... I was the "clicker", lol. During my "clicking", Emmet came to me and told me Jose was waiting for me, then he left. I was like, 'WTF?!' Plus, I didn't know what car Jose drove, so I was like, 'Whatever' and just continued my thing. Then a red car came and it turns out that it was Jose. I told him that I'd meet him in the parking lot at 8:30 'cause I had to give someone back their notebook. When the bell rang, went to Spanish class and gave Vanessa back her notebook then went to the parking lot to meet Jose.

I wore a black tank top, black jacket, black Dickies, and black boots. Hmm.. I wonder what my favorite color is... XP Yeah.. Anywayz.. Job Shadow was at Nissan.. Jose drove there.. Damn, lots of traffic.. Got there right at 9:00.

First we had a tour.. Boringness.. Saw foam models.. And clay models.. Other stuff... Then we spilt up. Me and Stephen got this one dude name Robert. Went and watched two movie thingies.. Both were boring, but the second one was better.. Was about a mom and just following her all day 'cause she's always driving the Quest and they were researching or whatever 'cause the new Quest was their project.. Blah...

After that, went and met up with the others.. Hung for a little, then went and ate in the board room. Had pizza.. Then went around and talked to people.. Then went back to Robert and he let us draw on his computer while he left us.. Then later he came back and answered the questions on the worksheet we had... Then it was time to go.

Jose drove me back to Kearny.. Ran a red light 'cause he didn't realize he had to turn 'til last minute and was going too fast to slow down before the limit line in the left turn lane or whatever.. Luckily no cars or police. Anywayz.. Got back around 3:30-ish.. Watched Unarmed practice.. then went and watched my guy teaching the newbies.. then went back to Unarmed.

That's it.. Did my final sketches for CAD.. Gotta get a poem. Lates.



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