Apr. 8th, 2005


Apr. 8th, 2005 06:16 pm
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Late Start today.. Got to school at normal time.. 7:05. Went into the RO office and used the computer to make graphs on Excel for [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon's science fair project. Then went into the classroom and watched [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon glue the rest of the stuff on the board...

Around almost 8:00, my BoBbleHeAd came. Hung a little with him, then practiced.. Then went into the range and ate.. then practiced.. Then we were done. Walked over to where Armed was ((They were hiding behind the tree, [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon!~ It's trueeee!~ LOL!)) and sat and watched them and hung with my BoBbleHeAd. ^_^

Had time to write our short stories. OMG, I was the only one who did it, but I didn't say anything... After, read this one story. Boring. Now I have to finish the story for homework, but I'm already done. The problem is that yesterday, it was suppose to be 3/4 of the page.. now it has to be a whole page. >O And my story's already finished! ARGH!

Worked on Revit.. The whole time, tried to make my roof work, but it didn't. GRRR! Stupid thing...

Practiced.. Then ate.. Watched Armed. My BoBbleHeAd is the top of the pyramid now. Hahahah!~ I think today was the first time I saw him up there... Not sure... But yeah. That's cool, but scary. =O

Took the Chapter 2 vocab test.. Then took the Chapter 1-2 test.. 38/30 on the vocab and 37/35 on the chapter 1-2 test. Yay!~ Thank goodness for extra credit questions. XP

Cropped some pics we did.. Then read.. then did a color wheel with colored pencils -- could only use the primary colors, lol. Then did a quiz. I got 3/5 right. =/ Damn.. *sigh*

Practiced.. Then hung out with my BoBbleHeAd.

No practice tomorrow.. Yay!~ I wanted to visit my BoBbleHeAd 'cause his whole family is going to a wedding and he has the house to himself, but yeah.. I don't think my parents will let me, so.. =/ Sorry, Babe.

So glad it's the weekend.. I'm tired of school. >O

Spirit Week is next week.. All the spirit days suck though, so.. yeah. Friday's Pep Rally.. I dun wanna do it. Blehhh...

That's all for now. Lates.



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