Apr. 16th, 2005

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Episode 24
"He's... waiting for me." - Miyata. That's so sweet.. But this was such a sad episode!~ ;_; Poor Miyata.. Stupid Mashiba stepping on his foot and stuff... And then when Miyata was knocked down, he was like, "He always got up.." and got up.. That was so bittersweet... But damnit.. ;_; It sucks that Miyata didn't win.. and he was all beat up.. OMG I wanna kill Mashiba!~ >O That ass!~ ARGH!~ And then at the end, when Ippo went to go see Miyata and his dad said that Ichiro [hey, they have the same name, so I need to say his first name. XP ] said, "Sorry I didn't keep my promise"... OMG, so sad!~ ;_; And then Ippo hit the vending machine... I hope he beats the hell outta Mashiba!~ >O He deserves it for hurting Miyata so much!~ GRRRRR!~ >O Come on Ippo!~ Defend your man!~

Episode 25
Noooz!~ They show Mashiba's reason for boxing.. Even if he did look evil about it.. GRRRR!~ But I still say Ippo needs to win!~ I mean, the sister is nice, but still... >O Why does Ippo like her? He doesn't know anything about her.. Bleh. Anywayz.. Yeah. Kawamura was mean to Ippo, telling the othe guys.. I feel bad for him 'cause they always make fun of him... On a side note, I like Takamura's pink shirt (he always wears pink, lol) with the cute little drawing on it. XP

Episode 26
New opening and ending.. I like the old ending theme better than this one, but this one's good too. Both openings are okay, I guess... Anywayz... Damn, how does Ippo run that much? Geez.. I'd be dead, lol. ^_^;; And yeah.. Ippo VS Mashiba.. Ippo sucked in the first round.. In the second one, he was better, but damn it. It's not fair to use your elbow to block! >O GRRRR!~ What an ass. I want him to lose so bad!~ >O He ruined it for me.. I was looking forward to Miyata.. But nooo... GRRR!~

Episode 27
Grrrz... Ippo's dumb.. still using his right fist even though it's all injuried and bleeding like crazy.. x_x But I guess Miyata is enough motivation for him... Sweet, but sad. I dun want Ippo to injure his right permanently... =( Gosh.. But I guess we can't stop him.. Anywayz.. I knew Kumi was gonna come and say something and look, she did. And look what happened! Mashiba gave a flicker and a chopping right or whatever. GRRRR!~ Ippo was gonna win too! >_< Damnz... I dun think Ippo will win.. =/ And I want to see more Miyata! >O

Episode 28
Ippo won. =O Shockerz, lol. XP But yeah.. Good for him, even though he broke his fist. x_x I feel bad for Mashiba, but whatever... Anywayz.. He won MVP. That's cool. But damn.. I mad 'cause Miyata was only REALLY in the episode for TWO seconds. >O So what if there were Ippo flashbacks of him?! GRRR!~ We don't see him enough. ;_; I want more Miyata! >O

Went to the library today.. Had to walk. =O Yeah, I know! @_@ But yeah.. Got four books.. then our mom picked us up and we went to Food 4 Less. Strawberries, baby!~ ^_~ Yummy!~ XD



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