Apr. 17th, 2005


Apr. 17th, 2005 04:36 pm
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Went to Costco.. then some place.. then Sun Lee or whatever.. then home. That's about it...

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Episode 29
Mwhahahahha!~ Sendo's a perv. XP Or at least, he sounded like one. XP But yeah.. He's funny. XD I like him. ^_~ Sendo/Ippo. Ohhh yeahhh!~ But he's not better than Miyata!~ XP Anywayz.. OMG Takamura is such a perv!~ And him and Sendo were touching each other! =O OMGOMG!~ HAHAHHAHA!~ XP Yeah.. Anywayz.. Sendo's like.. sometimes happy-nice-whatever then sometimes he's like, ARGH!-evil, lol. It's weird, but whatever. And then at the end he left his stuff. What a dork, lol. XP

Episode 30
Damn, Ippo's such a pervert, lol. The doctor lady wasn't even all that pretty, but he was like, *STARE AT BOOBS* and stuff. x_x Anywayz.. The crab walk thing was funny, hahaha. [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon should do that. And push-ups, of course. XP Anywayz.. I know how Ippo feels about hesitating when he uses his right.. Even though you know it's okay to do so, you just can't 'cause you're still scared. The fear is still with you, even unconciously. =/

Episode 31
O.M.G.!~ >O That was SUCH a waste of my time! >O A re-cap episode, damnit! ARGH!~ I hate those.. >O The only new stuff was like.. a minute or two of the beginning and a minute of the end. GRRRR!~ Whateverz...



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