May. 9th, 2005


May. 9th, 2005 06:56 pm
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Got food... Ate...

Notes on poetry...

Went over to 1002... Worked on project....

Worked on the painting thingy... Tracing.. and stuff...

Nikki gave us all 30 demerits 'cause no one would admit to going into the staff area or whatever.. Stupid ass people.. Whatever, I don't care.. After that, practiced.. Two at a time.. I know people be callin' me a bitch today. Fuck them. It's not my fault you're doing it wrong. Got beef with me for pointing out your mistakes? Well, too fuckin' bad. I'd say get back at me by pointing out what I'm doing wrong, but you wouldn't know anyway. Don't get mad at me for saying practically every move is wrong if it is. It's your problem you didn't ask how to do it correctly earlier. And I'm sorry, but you can't fake knowing something if everyone's watching. Is it my fault I'm the only one with enough guts -- and eyes, for that matter -- to say it out loud? Fuck.. If we don't freakin' place this year.. OMG, I'll be pissed. Then all you bitches can fuckin' bitch at me 'cause I seem to be the only one caring about it. I already know we ain't getting first place. If we do, it'll be a miracle, considering how many mistakes I saw today that I didn't call out. Know what? Forget me saying fuckin' sorry. I'm not fuckin' sorry. If you're fuckin' pissed, say it to my fuckin' face and don't be talkin' behind my back and giving me the evil look like I'm the evil bitch just 'cause I know what the fuck I'm looking for. Go fuckin' cry your eyes out, but know what? The tears you'll be crying might be because I stated your mistakes out loud, but know that all your tears are your own fuckin' fault 'cause you're the fuckin' loser that don't know or care to learn shit correctly.

Yeah, I went into a rant, but fuck that. I'm mad 'cause people be actin' like it was the fuckin' end of the world when I said stuff. I know not all their asses be showing it, but I'm sure, right now, they fuckin' talkin' behind my back. Well, I wanna fuckin' hear what you have to say, so I can fuckin' burn off my anger at you for being the stupid ass. I ain't a person who's been around to for months, some even since last year, and hasn't learned anything. And I'm sad to say that even with that month and a half without practicing because of my own problems, I'm still better than a lot of those who have been practicing everyday. That doesn't say much for people's skills. Get a fuckin' mirror and look and see how retarded you look when you do it wrong. Until you see, don't fuckin' complain that I'm a bitch and hatin' and that you're doing it right. Yeah, I haven't heard complaints yet, but I know you be doing it with your friends. Shut your fuckin' traps and use your time wisely to learn the moves. Competition's Saturday and you fuckin' suck. Get over your ego, attitude, and all the other shit you bring, and focus on the fuckin' prize.

There are reasons I don't want to be fuckin' commander next year. All the fuckin' bullshit is one of them. All the freakin' losers who don't care. All the people who don't fuckin' want to learn. And all the people who think I'm too focused on detail. Well, know what? Someone has to, and right now, it's not Nikki, who should be. So I end up lookin' like a bitch. I seriously don't fuckin' care. I'm just waiting for someone to come bitch at me, 'cause I have a lot of anger and it'd make me feel SO much better if someone came willingly to take it away... And that's just what it is, isn't it? Bring it on, losers... >O

I'll stop now.. Lates.



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