May. 18th, 2005

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Practiced the Field Day stuff...

Watched some movie... I dunno what it was about 'cause I wasn't watching..



Teacher's old teacher came to give a presentation 'bout The Beatles and John McCartney (sp?) and how he was dead and all this proof.. Then in the end, he was like, "It was all a lie", lol. Kinda weird.. lol.

Drew.. More human proportions and stuff...

Me and [ profile] bobbleheadvi went to the ice cream shop and got ice cream.. Ate there, then went over to the donut shop and got a donut and drink for [ profile] aznearthdragon.. Then went back to school and hung..

Went home.. Did some stuff.. Then went to Phuong Trang to eat.. Up in Kearny Mesa.. Bleh. It was okay. Couldn't finish my food. =O Yeah..

Anywayz.. We found out today that [ profile] aznearthdragon got Superior Cadet. =O Go [ profile] aznearthdragon, lol. She's so cool. I knew it was gonna be her.. Who else would it be? LOL! Sandy got it too... But yeah.. Lara got Academic. WTF?!~ >O That's so unfair.. I dun care what his grades are.. I'm still better. It's not fair. >O And like.. I dunno.. I mean, I'm not like.. "OMG, I need it" about it, but I'd like to get something, ya know? And like.. Sandy said that they also base it off what you do in ROTC, so you don't HAVE to have the best grade to get it. I think that's whack, but still. I should STILL get it, IMO, 'cause I'm on Unarmed. I freakin' give up all my time for it. All Lara does is Color Guards.. Well, excuse me if I don't have time to go do them when they're usually at night and I live far away.

I still think some Color Guards don't even amount to Drill Team, but I guess my opinion doesn't count. Sandy said to go talk to Colonel about it or whatever, but it's like.. Why? If I didn't get it, obviously they didn't WANT me to get it. It also means they didn't even consider me as an option... They didn't think of me first. 'Cause you know.. Usually, for things like this, the first person you think of is usually it. If they already have an award, it's the next person. Guess I'm not good enough to get shit. That pisses me off.

Whatever.. It's fucked up when you don't get something you deserve.. I think I freakin' deserve it.. Whatever.. It's probably because I'm not a "leader" or whatever bullshit. Well, excuse me if I can't afford to slack off and take RO instead of something I need. Freakin' unfair...

This is yet another thing I've been jipped off in RO. Freakin'.. I don't even know why I try anymore.. And with the people around now.. I don't even WANT to try for staff and stuff.. S'not like I was considering it before, but still.. I already see what staff is gonna be like. I'd rather be a freakin' cadet and look like I'm not trying to get anywhere in RO. Freakin' messed up and corrupted already.. Why break it?



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