Jun. 3rd, 2005

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Inventory stuff.. Grrr.. Later at 8:00, Selassie came and we went to the CTA office to talk to Mr. Tran and turn in the yellow Mesa papers... He wasn't there, so just clipped it to his thingy and went to the financial office so Selassie could get her yearbook. They told her that she could go get it in the yearbook room. Went over there and got the book.. Yay! XP Then went back to RO...

Worksheets.. ewww....

Just sat around.. everyone was so busy with their CTA projects.. Later went over to Ms. Wheeler's class to work on the project 'cause Selassie and them came.. Had to redo the building faces 'cause Eric J. did them wrong.. ARGH!

Worked on project... x_x

Everyone wanted to go work on the CTA project, so.. people left and us left overs watched Napoleon Dynamite, lol. Went around getting people to sign my yearbook too...

Critiqued some pics.. didn't really get much done.. Bleh.. Rough draft of critiques of our own work is suppose to be homework.. Bleh.. Do later.. Then everyone went to work on the project.. I didn't have anywhere to go, so I was just editing the written document...

Tried to fix the paper and print a new revised copy, but there wasn't enough time... So yeah.. Went to Myers to turn it in since it was closer... Just hung there.. Talked to Myers.. Then McDonnell came.. He and Myers talked.. Mr. McDonnell kept looking at one of the projects set out.. Mr. Myers said that theirs wasn't as good and stuff before and said ours was better IHO, but yeah.. We all know that kinda thing looks better than coloring with colored pencils and stuff.. Me and Selassie were all like, "Do you see? He keeps looking at it" and stuff.. 'Cause yeah.. Ours sucks.. We don't have shit... Blehhh!

Then everyone had to leave.. went over to Kim and Krisky and let them sign the yearbook.. then went over to RO.. Went to the field and stuff and watched camp people run.. Then went back to the building... Just hung.. yearbook signing stuff...

Tomorrow I have to take the SAT II at Patrick Henry.. BLEHHH! I'm so tired... Hope I do well...



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