Jun. 5th, 2005

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Episode 05
Yoko Ishida - White Destiny // Love the opening.. I need to download it, lol. XP

Poor Hayate.. Always getting abused by Himeno.. Hahaha. But yeah.. He's so sweet for protecting her all the time.. She doesn't even realize it 'til afterwards.. =/ And he was like.. stalking her all day.. If a cute guy like that was stalking me.. ^_~ Hahahahaha!

Yayoi is cool, hahaha. I like her. She's all.. OMG ROMANTIC-y, lol. XP

What was with Hayate going to talk to the Princess of Disaster or whatever? o_O And stupid Mannen.. just falling asleep.. he's so annoying... but I like the way he looks, lol.

Episode 06
I knew it! It was so obvious that the Princess of Darkness was a Pretear. I've been thinking that for a while, lol. They just confirmed it..

I bet Hayate liked the old Pretear too.. I dunno.. just seems like.. Sasame probably did too... And why did everyone walk away when it was time to tell about her? The only people left were Hayate and Sasame.. @_@

I feel bad for the green hair-ed sister.. I can't remember her name right now.. The mom just came in and just killed it.. =/ Sucks for her..

Episode 07
Damn.. That sucks for Himeno.. =( She's acting all energetic, but she's so sad.. =/ And the only person to see was the green haired sister... But it was kinda obvious she would.. Maybe the green haired sister will be the key? She seems like she has a semi-important-ish role.. lol. XP And yeah.. I think Hayate really likes Himeno.. So sad.. =/ And what about Sasame...? Maybe he liked the old Pretear but she liked Hayate? Hmm.. So confusing.. Or maybe I'm just making it confusing. XP

Episode 08
So obvious she was gonna be able to Pret again.. I just thought it'd be.. later? 'Cause it's like.. when she Preted.. Feels like it's near the end? Like.. They could get one more episode to tie up everything, but that's it.. They're just dragging it out with the bad guys retreating.. So dumb.

Anywayz.. Mawata! That's her name! Hahahahah! It's cool to see her and Himeno hanging out.. And she was smiling.. What sucks is that she saw Himeno with Hayate and ran away. =( I feel bad for her.. ;_; She needs to find her man, Sasame.. But he's like.. recooperating... Well.. So will everyone else.. Kinda.. Hahaha... I dunno.

Said it before (not in a post), but yeah.. The maid must be the evil one.. 'Cause like.. she has black hair (but it's shorter now) and she wears lipstick.. and they never showed her face before.. Of the old Pretear, I mean..

Episode 09
NOOOOOOOOO!~ Sasame!~ How could you?!~ You can't go to the evil side!~ ;_; How could he?!~ ;_; GRRR!~ ;_; Damnit!~ ARGH!~ He better be tricking them like [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon says... >O

Anywayz.. I knew she was the evil one!~ And I KNEW SASAME LIKED HER!~ ARGH!~ What a loser!~ And he was mad at Hayate 'cause now he likes Himeno and he didn't like the other one.. or something.. Maybe he thinks that Hayate is playing with Himeno? I dunno...

The wife kinda acts evil at times.. I dunno...

And now she's taking Mawata and turning her evil! ARGH!~ NOOOOOOZ!~ What a bitch! Stealing Mawata AND Sasame!~ ARGH!~

Episode 10
ARGH!~ OMG!~ That bitch!~ Using Sasame!~ ARGHHHHH!~ Stupid Sasame!~ WHYYYY?!~ ;_; You need to be good again!~ Go make out with Hayate or something!~ ;_; ARGH!~ How could you even consider killing Hayate?!~ Damnitttt!~ GRRRRR!~ At least he hesitated.. At least that means he cared.. a little.. But he still decided to in the end.. x_x He needs to get with Mawata and get over the bitch!~ Then he'll be like, wanting to go back, right?

Episode 11
OMG!~ ARGHHHH!~ Sasame, you SUCK!~ >O How could you use Mawata like that?! ;_; GOSH DARN IT!~ >O ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!~

Anywayz... The opening changed a little.. But the most important part (IMO) is still there! There's still hope for Sasame! Maybe.. 'Cause like.. She was preted with Sasame ('cause she had the.. Sasame outfit) and then when she grabbed Hayate's hand, she preted again and had wings or something..

Episode 12
WHAT?!~ Sasame?!~ WHAT?!~ NOOOOOOOZ!~ I know he was bad, but still!~ I dun want him to die!!!! ARGH!~ ;_; Why do the white-haired people always have to be bad? I've noticed a lot of them are... @_@ Anywayz... At least Mawata is okay now..

Episode 13
OMG, it's like Sailor Moon when everyone gave Sailor Moon their powers to defeat Queen Beryl or whatever her name was. XP Hahahhaha. But yeah.. I dunno if I really wanted the bitch lady redeemed.. I dunno.. And Sasame.. he still likes her.. no offense or anything, but he can do better. x_x And yeah.. at the end.. TOTALLY Sleeping Beauty, lol. I mean, come on now! Kiss and wake up? Hahahha. XP And Hayate lied! He was suppose to tell Himeno that he was "madly in love" and stuff.. But he didn't tell her anything and he promised he would! What a liar!

On a totally unrelated note... Guess who was the first to see Sasame back? Why, it was HAYATE! I'm serious when I say they're SOUL MATES. XP Yes, I don't care they both have love interests.. They will figure out eventually! Yes, they will! Hahahahah!~

Welpz.. That's the end of the show! So cliche, if I say so myself, but whatever... At least Tanaka came back, right? XP

As for today.. Mostly Pretear.. Not much else.. I dun wanna go to school tomorrow. x_x



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