Jun. 21st, 2005

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Episode 32
O.M.G.!~ NEEDLE!~ AHHHHHH!~ ;_; I couldn't watch! But I was peeking to read the subtitles, but then the NEEDLE! It was in the subtitle area!~ And I saw!~ AHHHHHHHHH!~ ;_; Owww!~ ;_; And it was in the knuckle! OMG! *DIE* But yeah... The fight looked kinda boring, from my POV.. But I guess that's just me. XP

Episode 33
When the coach dude was like, "I heard that before" and had a flashback, I was like, 'Huh, what did he try before?', lol. I still don't remember, but they say it was the same punch that Ippo hit Sendo with, so whatever. XP But yeah.. I always wonder.. All the people sit so far away.. They can't see anything besides two little dots with tiny red gloves hitting each other.. What's the fun in that? They can't see anything. Better to just stay home and watch it, right? Same with other sports. XP 'Cause you get close ups and everything. XP Hahahahahha!~ Yeah, I know.. You can so tell I'm not really a sports fan. XP

Episode 34
I knew Ippo was gonna win.. It was so obvious. XP I mean, come on now.. The show's all about him. XP But yeah... Poor Sendo.. And those little kids.. Damn, they're so greedy! Even if they were really sad he lost ((even if it wasn't for the money)), the point is they are. They weren't suppose to take his money, especially after he just lost... Gosh.. I wanna beat them up! >O Greedy kids... >O

Episode 35
Awww... Ippo graduated... ^_^ But he was like.. walking all wrong, lol. Right hand, right foot, left hand, left foot.. Just like the loser people who can't march, hahaha. XP But yeah... That new dude was all envying Ippo and stuff.. But he's kinda cute 'cause he's always stalking Ippo and even though he sucks, he still tries... That's cool. XD

And yeah.. Miyata!~ Why are you leaving Ippo?!~ ;_; Damn you bastard!~ >O Stay!~ >O ;_; Yeah.. Why does he have to leave? He's my favorite one!~ ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH!~ ;_;

Episode 36
What's up with Ippo? Hmm... Confusion!~ Hahahah. XP Oh wellz.. The new kid is sooooo loserish. He's dumb.. Needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut.. But yeah, his smile is so.. EKK! Hahahahah!~ SCARYYYY. XP But yeah.. Date is such a whack name.. It invites so much harshing. XP Hahahhaahaha, harshing. I'm weird. That's my word. XP No stealing, biyotch! XP Mwhahahahha. Yeah, just ignore me. XP

Episode 37
Damn.. I already forgot the other dude's name, hahahah. I think it was.. Okita...? I dunno, something like that. Yeah.. Anywayz.. He's such a copycat. I mean, come on now.. Copyiong everything from Date.. Even the Corkscrew thing. Whateverz.. And yeah.. the little loser dude was like "OMG you're a hero to bullied people =O =O =O" when Ippo told him that story. Hahahahha.

Episode 38
So obvious Ippo would win.. That other dude sucked. XP Hahahahah! But yeah... Date's a heartbreaker!~ =O Hahahahaha!~ And he's a pedophile! =O I know he was checkin' out Ippo! XP Mwhahahahhah!~ In front of all those people too! You know he wants him! ^_~ Hahahahhah!~ Yes, I'm a weirdo. XP But.. Miyata in the next episode?! BRING IT ON!~ ^___________________________________^

Episode 39
Miyata!~ I missed you so!~ Why did you leave?!~ Ippo wants you, damnit!~ I know he does!~ And now you're losing.. ;_; Damnit!~ >O Poor Miyata.. I'm still rooting for you!~ >O He will win, damnit!~ Who cares about Jimmy? He's a loser!~ Miyata... I know he can win!~ I'll be so happy if he does.. He's suppose to be great, isn't it? Why isn't he great? ;_; At least we see some more of Miyata.. Now if he'd just go back to Ippo and they kiss and make up, I'll be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!~ ^_~ Hahahahahh!~ ^____________________________________^

Episode 40
Yay!~ Miyata won!~ Gosh, I would have been SO mad if he didn't.. But poor Miyata.. He got hurt.. ;_; Awww!~ And he had all those flashbacks.. He looked so cute when it was little... ^_^ But yeah.. It's ironic that Ichiro found the same thing that Miyata (Senior, that is) did... At least he didn't lose, like his dad.. That would have sucked ass. And when Ichiro was on the plane, he was like, "Be there when I come home"... AWWWWWWWW!~ He DOES care about his boyfriend!~ They're together damnit! No matter what anyone says!~ >O Hahahahah! XP



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