Jun. 24th, 2005

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Happy 14 Months!~

'Course my [livejournal.com profile] bobbleheadvi won't see this or anything 'cause he's still at camp 'til tomorrow. x_x Oh wellz.

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Episode 41
Damn.. I knew that something was gonna happen to Ippo's mom.. I kept thinking he was selfish 'cause I never saw him helping him mom anymore.. And I guess it's true. Oh wellz... At least now he's paying attention... Anywayz.. Gero-Michi passed! =O How surprising! LOL! He looks so loserish, but I guess he's okay. And yeah.. The guys are all pervs.. Especially Ippo.. Kept looking at the reporter lady's boobs. x_x

Episode 42
Hahahah! I was totally lost on who the dude at the door was.. ^_^;; Took me a while to realize. XP But yeah... Ippo's kinda dumb.. BLEHHHH!~ Anywayz, it's cool that the dude is helping him.. Or else Ippo would've quit, but really now... There's 76 episodes, so it was already a given he wouldn't quit.. Plus, they wouldn't leave off like that, or else people would think that quiting is what you should do. XP

Episode 43
Saeki was about to KISS Ippo!~ >D Mwhahahahah!~ That's how he freaks out his oppenents! ^_~ Mwhahahahahha!~ But yeah.. Ippo's such a dorkyhead. He says he'll glare at everyone, and glares at people he's not even fighting, but then when he bumped into Saeki, he was like =) and stuff. @_@ Hahahhaha. What a dork. XP So cute, hahahahhah!~ And how come no one noticed his new shorts and shoes? Especially the shorts! It has a footprint on it (the shorts, not shoes. =P )! AND! It has writing on the butt. XP

Episode 44
Hahahahah!~ Saeki was all happy once he found out that it was his rhythm and not something else.. Hahahahah! So cute. But yeah.. Ippo should have used his ears! DUH! XP But yeah.. I knew he'd win. So obvious, but what can you expect? XP Anywayz.. Good job Ippo.. Your eye is missing. XP Mwhahahahaah!~

Episode 45
Awww.. Gero-Michi is leaving. =( And they all beat him up? That's.. umm.. whack, but he didn't take it that way, so.. yeah. XP Anywayz.. Gero-Michi is so cute, lol. Too bad he's leaving. =/ Anywayz... The karaoke.. LOL! That was hilarious. XP Such bad singers they are. Hahahahhaha!~ What losers. And like.. 20 times or whatever? Don't they ever get tired? HAHAHAHAH!~ XP

Episode 46
Hahahah!~ Kimura and Aoki are dumb... How could they not know that it's harder in the water? @_@ But whateverz... Hahahah. Looks so hard. XP Anywayz.. Sucks that both Aoki and Kimura lost. =( They were suppose to win! >O Oh wellz.. *sigh* But yeah.. We all know that Ippo's gonna win, right? Even if it's against the White Fang. Mwhahahahhah!~ White Fang.. Makes me think of Gundam Wing. XP Hahahahahah! I'm a loser. XP

Episode 47
Takamura was sparkling! Mwhahahahahhahah!~ XP But yeah.. Vorg is so SWEET!~ ;_; *hearts* Awww.. I lover him! It sucks that his mom is sick... =( Gosh.. But yeah.. Ippo and Vorg are kinda similar. And Vorg was like, "We could have been friends..." I hope they still can be, even if only one can win. They're so sweet together.. They'd be great friends.. ^_^ Did I mention that Vorg is a total hottie? ^_~ Hahahahah! But I still lover Miyata. But I think Vorg is second. XD

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Episode 48
Awww... Vorg is so nice.. He doesn't want Ippo to get hurt... Am I weird to be thinking like that? I guess.. Who cares? I like Vorg. He's cool... Anywayz.. I want Vorg to win. But I want Ippo to win. I hate Vorg's coach. He's a asshole!~ >O Die, bastard! >O But yeah.. I want Vorg to win 'cause his mom.. =( But Ippo needs to win 'cause he's Ippo, ya know? Yeah.. Whateverz...

Episode 49
Damn... I really hate Vorg's coach. >O ARGH! But I digress... I feel bad for Vorg.. I mean.. He's getting all beat up.. But then again, this IS boxing, so what am I saying? ^_^;; I just like the "enemy", hahahah. Ippo's used to getting beat up. But yeah.. From the previews, they're still going. Are they ever gonna stop? XP

Anywayz.. Watched Spider-Man 2.. It was.. eh.. I guess. Kinda stupid.. Mary Jane finally found out. Took long enough. And then at the end, she went to him and she's like, "Who's gonna save you?" or whatever and I'm like, What can she do? All she does is scream! And she's the one who brings more problems, so.. Yeah.



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