Jun. 29th, 2005

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Episode 64
Is it bad of me to have just focused on all the Younger!Miyata sightings there were? Hahahahah!~ XP He was just so CUTE~ *squeals* ^_~ Hahhahahah!~ But yeah.. Kimura and Aoki are such dorks! They still wanna hit Takamura's face, lol. Has Ippo? I think he has.. Or maybe not? I dunno, lol. Can't remember. XP Hahahaha!~ But yeah.. I miss seeing Miyata.. Gosh.. ;_;

Episode 65
Hahahah!~ Nekota is sooo cute!~ Hahahaha!~ For an old man. XP Hahahahah!~ And the dog was soooo cute!~ LOL!~ But yeah... It sucked that he was bothering everyone else. =( I felt sad for him. =( But yeah.. At least Ippo was nice to him!~ ^_^ Ippo's so sweet, lol. XP

Episode 66
Awww!~ The poor cubs.. ;_; That was so sad.. And Takamura was crying.. AWWWW!~ ;_; It sucks.. But yeah.. I feel bad that Nekota is left alone again.. At the end.. AWWW!~ ;_; So sad... ;_;

Episode 67
oOo.. Takamura can be ranked second in the world.. Hahahahha!~ Not that I want him to lose, but when will he? XP Hahahahah. Anywayz... The dude who was ranked fourth in the featherweight class.. He didn't even look that good.. Ippo's a loser. He sucks. XP And yeah.. that chick with Fujii was too arrogant.

Episode 68
Awww.. Poor coach.. he was feeling all left out.. Gen and Nekota have an interesting relationship, lol. XP But yeah.. Ippo's so dumb. Why didn't he remember he promised Kumi? @_@ Hahahhaha!~ And yeah.. his signature.. there was a footprint! =O Hahhahahah!~



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