Jul. 29th, 2005

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Because it's been a long time...

Harry Potter: My LJ Friends as Horcruxes by mctabby
Favorite Slytherin
The Diaryhamstereclipse
The Ringtenshi_midorki
The Locketshuichiichi
The Cuphikari_light
The Snakeaduialelin
The Unknown Horcruxbobbleheadvi
The Fake Locketaaincognito
Slughorn's Pineapplebranchfic
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Awww... [livejournal.com profile] bobbleheadvi is the unknown Horcrux. XP Too bad he hasn't read the book yet, hahaha. XP

Which Harry Potter Character Will You be Best Friends With?
by she_is_nina
Last name:
Shoe Size:
Favorite drink:
Best Friend:Sirius Black.
Years you will be friends:20
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oOo... ^_~ Hahahah!~ Sirius is cool. XD

What Harry Potter character will you get with? by the_insomniac92
Who:Remus Lupin
When:He heard you speak
Why:He was sitting in the school grounds
What happens:He gets killed
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Remus is cool too! ^_~ Sirius/Remus is hot. Mwhahahahha!~

Which Harry Male Harry Potter Character Will seduce You? by jarrad_wolfspirit
Seduced byProffessor Remus Lupin
WhereIn the Dark Arts classroom
What pick up line did he use?You and me ain't nothing but mammals...
How was itI have never been so happy!
How many times did you do it40
Memorable QuoteMy, my, What a big wand you have
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Another Remus. Hahahahah!~

What Did You Do With That Harry Potter Character? by NarcissaStar
WhoNeville Longbottom
WhatNaughty Touching
WhereThe Quidditch Field
WhenBefore Class
WhyRight Place, Right Time
Quiz created with MemeGen!

=O Neville?!~ *shick* Mwhahahaha. XP

Which Harry Potter Male is Stalking You? by Dooreatoe
Favorite Color
Your StalkerHarry Potter
Days he has been stalking you12
Where he is right nowDo you feel someone touching you?
How do you find out?He confesses his love to you in the hallway
How it all endsYou marry him, and end up bearing 17 of his children
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Harry Potter, the stalker. I didn't know it could be so true until the sixth book. XP Mwhahahahhah!~

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Quotes - Chapters 01-05

A list of quotes that amuse me, interest me, or for whatever reason, catches my attention. XP Yes, I'm weird, but I thought I should do it since I'm rereading the book anyway. Of course, you can always read my initial reactions to the book, but yeah. If you want quotes, they're in this one.

This is of Chapters 01-05. More to come tomorrow when I have time!

In chronological order; all page numbers refer to the First American Edition. Quotes, of course, will be quoted. Page numbers follow the quote in parenthesis. Underneath, in italics are my own comments. Enjoy!

Chapter 01 )

Chapter 02 )

Chapter 03 )

Chapter 04 )

Chapter 05 )

It's like reading the book again, but without all that useful useless information. XP Hahahah.



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