Aug. 1st, 2005

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Happy Birthday Anh!~

Hope you've had an awesome 15th birthday, Cuz!~ XD

Today was boring.. Lots of work, as usual.. I don't think we need to get into boring details. It's always the same, isn't it?

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I think we're going to L.A. on Sunday 'cause my mom just called our uncle...? Or maybe Grandpa? I dunno, lol. Someone up there, and yeah.. they were talking and stuff.. I think I heard Mommy say at the end we'll go up there on Sunday or something.. But yeah, my mom said that her younger brother's son in China is getting married in a few months or whatever. I wish we could go, but it'll be in September, and you know.. school, so we can't head all the way across the ocean, ya know? Yeah.. Anywayz..

On Saturday, my mom has her Motorola party-thingy they have every year.. This year, I think it's gonna be at a hotel. Hopefully it'll be fun, lol. Last year was boring. Stupid beach...

On the 27th, it's my baby niece Sophia's first birthday, so we'll be going up to Calsbad for that...

On the 4th of September, it's gonna be my cousin Alex's graduation dinner thingy 'cause he graduated from UC Davis...

School's back on September 6th, but Mesa starts on the 29th of August.

I'm taking my Senior picture on the 30th of August.

There's still 17 more days of work left.. *sigh* I need to stop counting.. x_x



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