Aug. 12th, 2005

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Hajime no Ippo - Champion Road
Flashback for the first ten or so minutes... x_x But then there was the meeting with Miyata! ^_~ Awww!~ But Miyata's like, "Don't be gross". x_x You know he just don't like PDA. XP Mwhahahah. And then.. outta no where.. Tsubame Gaeshi!~ OMG, I totally thought of Fuji right then and there! I was like, "*SHICK* When did this become Prince of Tennis?!~" hahahhahah! XD

When I first saw Sanada, I thought, "GEEK!" hahha. But damn.. he's like.. totally the mad scientist type! These hands were made to heal and then to destroy? WTF, he's crazy, hahaha. XP

OMG, arm wrestling, haahahha. Takamura VS Ippo was soo totally WRONG. Takamura won on a technicality, ahha. Oh wellz... Ippo goes on his date, and then he can't even SUCK IT UP and tell Kumi! ARGHHH!~ He's a loser. Then he's like, "You're not obligated to root for me" and I'm like, WTF?!~ @_@

O.M.G.! Ippo is so STUPID!~ Why does he always get like that when it's time for a match? It's like.. if you just take a second to THINK... >O ARGH!~ LOL! ^_^;;

Damn, how come Ippo always doubting himself?! ARGH!~ He always ticks me off like that! It's like, come onnnn!~ How long have you been doing this? Three years?! Then WTF is wrong?!~ Have a little faith in your abilities, damnit! Geez!~ LOL!

Hahah, I knew Ippo was gonna win, hahahah. And then he was clinging to that belt like there was no tomorrow, hahaha. XP But yeah.. The ending was sooo cute, lol. Ippo and Kumi got as close to confessing their love as they can get. XP

Hajime no Ippo - Kimura VS Mashiba
I liked this OAV, lol. ^_^ Better than Champion Road, lol. XP But yeah.. There was plenty more Miyata in this one.. He was cute, as usual. And he was helping Kimura. XD And his outfit even changed! White! Not black! I didn't like that as much, but whateverz. XP I liked Kimura's Dragon Fish blow, hahaha. XP

When Mashiba and Kimura went into the ring, they were SO CLOSE to each other! I swear, they could have been kissing!~ =O Hahahahahha!~ XD And yeah.. Mashiba in the fight.. scared.. OMG, that's so.. different, lol. I was rooting for Mashiba. But I was also rooting for Kimura. I really wanted Kimura to win, 'cause it'd be so SAD if he quit! And then when he quit, it broke my heart! ;_;

The story Kimura's dad told.. that was sad. ;_;

When Mashiba had that flashback, and he thought, "I'll be the best brother in the world" and stuff.. That made my heart go, "AWWWWWWWWWW!~" He's such a sweet, yet scary, guy, lol. *hearts*

At the end, when Kimura couldn't figure out what he wanted to do.. That was cute! And like... then he came back at the end! OMG, LOVE! Hahhaha.

And I SO noticed the Kimura/Aoki moments! They were the sweetest!~ AWWWWW!~ It was so love there. ^_^ I mean.. he was like.. totally feeling for Kimura.. and he was so wanting the championship for Kimura.. It made my heart melt! XD

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Popular interests among aznanimefan's friends
1. anime (15) 11. tenipuri (6)
2. manga (12) 12. harry potter (6)
3. slash (10) 13. inui sadaharu (6)
4. prince of tennis (9) 14. hikaru no go (6)
5. yaoi (9) 15. echizen ryoma (6)
6. gravitation (8) 16. reading (6)
7. writing (7) 17. shounen ai (6)
8. fanfiction (7) 18. gundam wing (5)
9. music (7) 19. fan fiction (4)
10. naruto (6) 20. gundam seed (4)
Interests gestalt
My most interesting friend is [ profile] aznanimefan who has 19 of these interests,
followed by [ profile] hikari_light (15), [ profile] pastles (14) and [ profile] fffshuuu (11).
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My friends are 60.32% normal.
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Popular interests created by _imran_

The most.. interesting... question is now why I'm my own most interesting friend, but why I only have 19/20 of my own interests. XP Hahhaahah! I know it's 'cause fanfiction is not one of my interests, yet it is on the list.. Hmmm...



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