Aug. 20th, 2005

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Happy Birthday Dang!~

Finally 17!~ Hope you have a great day!~ ^_^

And.. 'cause I forgot to write it yesterday...

Happy Belated Birthday Rheesa!~

You're an official adult now! Mwhahhahah!

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I just got my Mesa schedule in my Inbox today..

Health 101 // Mondays - Wednesdays // 0800 - 0920 // L501
English 101 // Tuesdays - Thursdays // 0800 - 0920 // L503

But yeah.. I need to talk to Selassie and [ profile] bobbleheadvi about their schedule to make sure they have English with me. But [ profile] aznearthdragon.. OMG, she said she got Art 100! ARGH!~ WTF?!~ She said she signed up for Health, damnit! ;_; She better get that fixed ASAP! >O I don't want to take Health alone. ;_; It'll mean I'll drop it after the first day if I don't know anyone from Kearny there! But then I'll probably get yelled at again or something, 'cause I already dropped a class last semester, and, according to Swanson, I wasn't gonna be able to do Fast Track anymore. ((I'm guessing she was lying to me, 'cause they let me choose my Mesa classes and stuff again at the end of the year.)) But yeah.. I don't want to do that again! I'll feel bad if I drop the class..

I need the damn internet to work. My stupid modem isn't connecting, so I'm just waiting... and waiting.. and waiting.. x_x It worked for a second earlier, so I could post that other message, but after that, it disconnected. x_x Stupid thing! >O

[EDITED (9:33 PM PST)]: [ profile] bobbleheadvi and I have the same English! YAY!~ But Selassie didn't get hers, so she'll have to check online on Monday...

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In my e-mail to Selassie, I gave her a HBP quote ((been doing that each e-mail to get her to finish reading the fifth book fast and move to the sixth one. XP)). This was what I wrote...

Another quote, to get you reading..

"What do I care how he looks? I am good-looking enough for both of
us, I theenk!"

I'll give you a [virtual] cookie if you can guess who's talking. ^_~
You'll get another one if you know who "he" is. Mwhahhha! XD

This was her reply to that today...

> I harry talking? or ron? and they're talking about the other
> one....? 0_o i duuno!! i dun wanna know! don't say :)

My brain broke when I read that.. Just because the conceitedness and the "I theenk" gave it away, IMO, but to see her say Harry or Ron saying it.. And then one of them saying it about the other one.. OMG! HAHAHHAH!~ And no, she's not slasher or anything, which makes it even more funny to me. XP



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