Aug. 26th, 2005

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Today was my brother's orientation. It was up in Clairemont -- he's going to CPMA. Anywayz.. Got up around 7:30-ish and got ready then left. His thing was from 8:30 - 12:00. Got there and bought his PE clothes then left him there and went around shopping. XP

First we went to Wal-Mart and bought some stuff. Me and [ profile] aznearthdragon got ourselves the plain 1.5" binders. Lemme just say now that this is the FIRST time ever that we'll ever use these kind of binders. Ever since we were little, we've used Mead's Five-Star zipper binders.. I've more to say about this later in the post.

After that, went to 99 Ranch Market and bought some food stuff. XP Then went over to Sears Essentials and got some things.. Then over to Target, but got nothing there ((nothing we wanted)). Finally, after we left Target, it was around 11:50, so we headed back over to pick up the bro.

Got him, then went over to the bank then ate at Burger King. After that, went to Costco and got some stuff, then went home.

At home, "wrapped" the present for my baby niece 'cause we're going to her birthday thing tomorrow. Then cleaned out the backpack / binder and got it all ready for school. XP

Lemme just say that the plain white binder is LAME. I'm serious! After, what.. about nine or so years of using a Five-Star zipper binder, I've been used to leaving my papers laying about in my binder, having an abnormal number of pens / pencils, lots of slots to just put junk in, and in the end, just zipping the thing up to keep everything from falling all over the place. XP Now, just cleaning out my old binder and moving things to the new one, all I can say is, FUCK. It's not working as well as I thought it would.. Not that I thought it'd be a smooth transaction, but still.. Now my backpack is rearranged and I MUST find a new place for my water bottle, since the place I used to keep it is now filled with my abnormal amount of writing utensils I just HAVE to have. XP

You know, the only reason I wanted the plain white binder was 'cause I like the little slip thingy that you can put stuff in to decorate. XP You see all these people with that kind of binder, and they have all these cool things in it and you just KNOW what type of person they are from how they keep the front and, damnit, I want to decorate my binder and show off what I like too! ^_^;; But it seems that a lot of scarifices must be made, I guess.. My wonderful organization has just been killed.. but I'd like to think that some good things will come out of this.. I hope. ^_^;;

Now I need things to actually PUT on the binder to make it look pretty. XD Any suggestions? This would be a great time to actually know how to DRAW, but, alas, that skill isn't QUITE with me. x_x

Now, lemme just say.. today is so FREAKING HOT! I'm melting to death.. seriously. ;_; It needs to cool down.. like NOW! >O



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