Aug. 28th, 2005

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Today is hot. x_x Seems like the sun is out to get us.. ;_; I need COLDNESS, like, NOW! ;_; Where's the under 60 degree weather? Where are the beautiful grey clouds?! Where's the thunder, lightning, and RAIN?!~ ;_; *sigh* I want summer to end... ;_;

Anywayz.. Today was filled with nothingness. Watched TV, ate food, went online.. I also printed out stuff to decorate my binder with. It looks really crappy. x_x Very random, very messy, very unreadable at a distance. ^_^;; Oh wellz. XP

Theme of the binder cover? HP/DM -- All in the SUBTEXT. Well, at least that's what I call it, though the "title" is scattered on the paper, hahah. Has some quotes from HBP and two cute pictures ((one from [ profile] hp_sticks and one from [ profile] potterpuffs)). I want to make it look better, but I already glued everything down ((should have placed everything first before I glued... Would've looked less.. messy)) and I don't want to print again. Oh wellz.. I must make a HnG or PoT one too... XP For whatever my mood is.. I'll probably make other ones too, hahaha. I need some stuff for the back of the binder too.. I'll think about that later.. XP

There are questions on my mind now that we're only a week from school starting again.. I'll post about that later. XP

Mesa starts tomorrow.. I dun want to go, but whatever.. =/ Have Health tomorrow.. Then English on Tuesday. BLEHHHHH!~



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