Aug. 30th, 2005

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The following was written yesterday, but.. well, the internet wasn't working, so I couldn't post it, so here it is now. XP


Well, the internet is being stupid right now and doesn't want to co-operate and actually LET me online. x_x Stupid modem.. *sigh* Been not working for a couple of hours now. =/ Guess I should start talking about those questions / thoughts related to school now. I was gonna do it yesterday, but I felt too lazy, hahaha. Welpz, here we go...

School's coming back in.. about seven days or so. ((Not Mesa, but Kearny - regular class. XP)) This will be my senior year and, frankly, I'm looking foreword to the last year of my high school career. Of course, there are things I'm dreading, such as college applications and being uncertain about where my life is going and all that jazz, but generally, it's a relief, you know? One more year.. Too bad my schedule isn't co-operating, as you see in the previous post. ^_^;;

Anyway.. With this new year comes new responsibilities, as usual. Funny how life works out like that, isn't it? x_x

Being S-3 ((ROTC)) and the ranting that comes with it... )

Now, Unarmed Drill Team ((as if you didn't get enough of RO in the previous cut... )

I don't think I got through everything I wanted to say.. But I can't think anymore. ^_^;;

Tomorrow is the second day of Mesa.. First day of English 101. Tomorrow I must buy my books and take my senior pictures. It will be a busy day, I guess...

I want to post, but the internet doesn't want to co-operate. x_x Come on..

*sigh* I'll just go downstairs and watch Dae Jang Geum with my mom and sister, lol. Hopefully it'll work by the time I come back...

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Today my mom took me to school.. Got to Mesa around 7:15 and was BORED. The bookstore wasn't open until 7:45, so couldn't even buy my book. x_x Around 7:25-ish, saw Josh, Merlisa, Elena, and Hugo. Went and hung with them until 7:45.

At 7:45, went to the bookstore and got my health book. $76.18. ;_; Damn you, stupid paperback book! >O BLAHHHHH!~ After I got my book ((damn that long line!)), it was already 7:55 and I had to rush to class.

Got there and just sat with Selassie and [ profile] bobbleheadvi on the bench outside, waiting for the teacher to come. Finally, at 8:10, the teacher came, but her key didn't work. x_x So had to wait for her to go get another one or whatever... Class finally started at 8:20.

In class, we didn't do much. Had a quick overview of the class ((she didn't have the syllabi (is that the correct pluralization? ^_^;;) with her)), then had to write about one of the most remembered moments of our summer. I just wrote about getting a job 'cause I couldn't think of anything else, lol. ^_^;; There were probably better things though. XP

Class ended at 9:10.. Went out and waited.. At 9:30, Mom came and picked me up and took me to the place where I had to get my senior pictures taken. I just did the yearbook session.. Had to wear that drape thing. It took like.. fifteen minutes. Then went home.



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