Sep. 6th, 2005

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Got to Mesa around 7:00.. Went to the library and went online to check my mail and stuff, then left and waited for the bookstore to open. Went and bought my scantrons for Health, then went to wait for class to start.

Class was pretty.. bleh today. I mean, I haven't gotten my book yet in the mail, so when the class was discussing the readings we had to do, I was SO lost! ;_; And like.. I was sitting in a row where no one else was in front of me today ((second seat from the back in the row)) and the teacher kept LOOKING at me and it's like.. you know, when an English teacher looks at you, they want you to contribute, right? And I couldn't contribute 'cause I didn't have the book, therefore, didn't read the readings! ;_; I felt so loserish in the class... Like I was the only one who didn't read ((even though I know Selassie and [ profile] bobbleheadvi didn't read either)). ;_;

After we talked about the readings, we had to do a writing prompt. ((I hate those! I can never figure out what to write! x_x )) It was a "Why I... (do something)", preferably something important to you that feel like "you can't survive without" or something.. "keeps you sane". I didn't know what to write about and then in the end, I wrote about why I blog, hahahah! XP

Once class was over, Selassie and I went over to the bookstore and looked for the book 'cause Selassie wanted to buy hers, but it turns out she didn't have enough money for a new book and there weren't any old ones, so we left. x_x

Selassie and I walked over to KB Books 'cause we still had time until second period started at Kearny. Looked for the book in there, but there weren't any. ARGH! Walked there for nothing! >O After that, walked over to Kearny and saw it was an Advisory day. x_x We were almost late, 'cause people were having passing period when we were crossing the street and walking through the parking lot to get to the office. XP Got our schedules and it turned out that Mr. Tran didn't change her second period to Construction so we had to part ways.

First impression of the teacher: Young. Hahahaha! I already knew that though. XP But yeah.. the teacher was okay enough. Didn't seem like.. Mr. Crossman like, hahahah! But yeah.. he really wants us to get the bungalows (at least one) done. Like that's gonna happen! We've only been working on the bungalows since 10th grade. XP I wasn't in Myers last year, but I heard that was what they were suppose to be doing.. and look now, two years later. What have we gotten done on building a bungalow? Nada. We're still in the demolition stage, hahahah! Sadness much? A two month job and still no where two years later. XP

In class, we just went through the safety stuff. We'll have to take the safety test again. Like I haven't done THAT a million times. x_x Only the same test three years in a row. Another time won't hurt, right? x_x BLAHHH!~ Damn hundred question test! >O

Class size? Umm.. all of *counts to make sure* eight people. =O Yeah, that's like.. the smallest class ever. There were only five or six on the roster too. x_x Yeah, mighty big class, huh? XP The teacher was like, "We'll split you into two groups at the end of the week to work in. Don't forget which group you're in!" Like, OMG! =O Two groups! How can we ever manage to remember which group we're in?!~ The many choices! XP

Everyone in the class is a senior except for one new girl from Madison. She was a junior. Dun even know why she was in that class. It's Construction 5-6, not 1-2. She said she was gonna change out though 'cause she's "not that kind of girl". Whatever. Anyway.. the classmates: Vickie, Colin, Eric J, Erik, Tony, Rogelio, and Dominic. New girl don't count. XP Selassie will be there soon.. I hope.. x_x

Went over to the financial office to check the yearbook price, but it wasn't open. ARGH! How do they expect us to buy stuff if they don't open?! Stupid school! >O But yeah.. Saw a flyer.. $12 for an ASB card. Gonna buy 'cause you get $6 off the yearbook and $10 off prom, so it's already worth it 'cause I saved $4 on the things I know I want. After that, went back over to RO and ate a bit in the staff area of the range.

Went through the syllabus and the teacher answered questions. We were in an SCT class. Only four CTA people in the class -- Me, Selassie, Edmon, and EJ. BLAHHH! Dang and [ profile] bobbleheadvi are in the class too. But yeah.. This term, the class is "Discrete Math" and second term is "AP Calculus" because of the 4x4 schedule and how you need to take an AP class the whole year and stuff. But yeah.. basically it's the same class besides the fact that first term is unweighted and second term is weighted.

Teacher is Ms. Lee. She's kinda.. ehh? I dunno, seems mean, but not mean at the same time. You know what I mean, right? XP She said that last year, her pass rate ((for the AP Test)) was 53%. The year before that, it was 13%. Hahahah!

I hope I pass the test! I'll be so pissed if I fail! ;_; You know that Asian girl in your math class that's always getting the highest grade and is always pissed when someone bumps her off? That girl who acts like she got an F if she didn't get either the highest or second highest grade on the test? That girl who pisses you off 'cause she makes math look easy when you're struggling like fuck? Yeah, that's me. ^_^;; Hate me now. XP Hahahah! But yeah.. I'm hoping against hope that I'll still be that girl with the highest grade in the class. I'm the competitive type in math -- I need to be #1. Pitty anyone who tries to steal my glory! >O Hahahahaah! XP

After we went through the syllabus and questions and all that, played a game-ish thing with yarn or whatever.

Garcia for advisory. I was starving like whoa! I swear, my stomach was roaring! Selassie had some carrot sticks, so I ate some, but I was still hungry. ;_; I dun know what we're suppose to do in that class, but whateverz. Just went online and checked my mail. XP

Class in the range for LET2+. Didn't do all that much.. Had to interview / introduce a partner to the class. After that, went through syllabus and that's about it. Was starving in that class too. ;_; Near the end of the period, when we had a little break, I asked Sandy for money so I could buy something from the vending machine. It didn't fill the hungry, but it sated it a bit, which is better than nothing.

Everyone in my class is bleh. Lots of Latinos. BLAH! Only people I knew in the class were Sandy, Bailon, and Gunar. x_x Sandy's the company commander -- the only qualified choice, IMO.

BLAH! I'm not ready for the S-3 responsibilities, but I guess I'll have to face the music, starting tomorrow. x_x

Took the bus home. Took forever. Walked home. So hot. Got home and bro wasn't home. See me and [ profile] aznearthdragon worry. He's suppose to get home before us or else we'd see him on our way home. Turns out his bus was just late. x_x

Finished my health notes for chapter 2. BLAH! Took forever. x_x

Homecoming Game is early this year -- September 30th. That means that the RO court voting will come soon! There's not really any competition this year.. who are the seniors? Me and Silva (S-4). Wait.. There's Dannesse too, since she has RO again.. ARGH! Well, no matter, I'll still win! Even with competition, I already know that the stupid Armed will vote *cough*cheat*cough* for me, hahaha. The Drill Teams decisions are the only ones that count anyway, since they generally hold higher positions which mean more advertisement for who they endorse. XP Plus, I'm S-3. The white board is so mine! Mwhhahahah!~ See me advertise for myself. XP

We're gonna do Unarmed this year.. Victoria's suppose to be commander, but whatever. [ profile] aznearthdragon's gonna do it. We're gonna talk to Victoria about it too. If she doesn't want to give it up ((I know she wants it, but she better give it up)), then forget that. Won't join the team. I won't waste my precious time doing Unarmed if I'm not even gonna see a trophy, and, no offense to Victoria, it won't happen with her as commander.

Welpz, I'm gonna go now. It's already 9:00 and I haven't really done anything besides homework, eat, shower, and type. XP



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