Sep. 7th, 2005

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Got to school at 7:05. Went to the library and checked my e-mail and all that jazz, then left and walked around for a bit. Saw Richard and was just walking around and talking to him for a bit. Around 7:45, went and waited outside the classroom for the teacher to come. Saw Selassie ((she was gonna go buy her book for English)) and went over and talked to her until class started.

Class was kinda interesting in a way, lol. Talked about Chapter One and took some notes.. I think she said that the test was being pushed back a class, which is cool and means that I can get seriously ((well... somewhat)) ahead of the class in note-taking. That's great, seeing as it takes me forever to note-take and I'll be having Calculus homework everyday along with less time since we're gonna start Unarmed next week.

After class, walked all the way to Kearny and went to the library and got my Calculus book. Then I went over to the range and just hung out in the staff area with [ profile] bobbleheadvi, Dang, and Teng ((they all have Mesa first period)).

Selassie finally got her schedule changed! YAY!~ ^_^ Hahahaha!~ XD In class, we took the 100 question safety test. x_x Damn.. Fourth time taking that thing. BLAHHHHHHH!~ So boring, lol. I also did the reading for English since Selassie had the book. XP I still need to write a response to one of the essays, but I'll do that on the weekend or whenever I get my book in the mail...

Went to the financial office to ask about the yearbook. The lady didn't know how much it cost. Told us to go over to Mr. Weatherly's class and ask. He said that they still need to get the forms made so people can order it, but it'll probably be $75. x_x *sigh* After that, went back and hung in the staff area of the range.

Took some notes.. That's about it. Got homework. Blah.

Did some paperwork stuff.. Then had a quiz thing. After we did that, had to present one of our answers. Colonel called me to go first. BLAHHHH!~ Already the picking has begun. ;_; Did my thing.. then Sandy went.. then Bailon.. then Gunar.. then other peoplez in the class. He was SO picking on Drill Team. x_x

Went home on the bus. Bus dropped us off at 4:05. When we were walking home, some car pulled up to the side of the street and no cars were around and me and [ profile] aznearthdragon got so FREAKED! And we kinda sped up and then he does a u-turn and comes back! =O SCARY!~ I think he was asking where the post office was, but [ profile] aznearthdragon said she didn't know, then he did another u-turn and left. DAMN!~ So scary! He might have been a psycho! ;_;

Got home and did my math homework.. BLAH BLAH BLAH!



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