Sep. 9th, 2005


Sep. 9th, 2005 08:49 pm
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Dad had the day off, so he took me and [ profile] aznearthdragon to school at 7:30 'cause I needed to get there at 8:00 for a meeting. x_x Got to school at about 7:45... Put up my ghetto lil posters in the back of the room, of course, hahah. About a minute or two from 8:00, went into the range staff area for the meeting.

Meeting was boring. Had to take notes because I'm the "secretary". BLAHHHHH!~ I should bring a notebook just for RO for meeting notes... Anywayz.. talked about fundraising, Cadet Club, the Company Commanders.. That's about it. Ended at 8:10. BLAHHH!~

After the meeting, me and [ profile] bobbleheadvi walked to Mr. Garcia's class to give him the packets we got in advisory we needed to fill out. You know, the obligatory registration-y things that you do every year. Got there and the door wasn't open, so had to walk back to RO. Just hung around the staff area.

About ten minutes into first period, went back over to Garcia's class and gave him the packet. Then walked back to RO. Saw Selassie running some errands for the CTA office, so went with her. Afterwards, went back to RO and watched Teng and [ profile] bobbleheadvi practicing with the rifles.. Then just went and sat in the range and did nothing until the bell rang. x_x

Today we actually did something construction-y! =O OMG!~ HAHAHHAHA!~ XP Got put into groups. I'll just have you know that the class has gradually become larger and now we have a whopping seventeen students! =O Shocker, I know! Hahahha! But yeah...

My group:
Stephanie ((Junior girly-girl))
Delfino ((Some Mexican dude who didn't even help us. I totally forgot he was in our group once we got outside and started working.))

We had to cut some plywood 'cause our first project is to make a toolbox thingy. I haven't don't ANYTHING construction-y since forever! Hahahah! XP That Delfino guy wasn't even with us... At least Stephanie was, even though she didn't do shit.

I used the router -- yay me! XP Hahahahha! First time using it. XP I'm not really a.. construction-y person. Tools don't scare me necessarily, but I'd rather avoid them, if you know what I mean. XP But alas, I've probably handled tools too many ((well, it feels like it to me!)) times in my life already, hahah. XP But yeah.. Got very.. sawdust-y. x_x Damn construction and it's constant stream of dirtiness. BLAHHHHH!~

Went to buy an ASB card.. Took like.. fifteen minutes waiting in line. ARGH! But finally got it. $12... BLAHHHH!~ After that, went back to RO and hung in the range.

Went over homework.. Took notes.. Long, long notes on piecewise functions and composite functions. After that, went to the library and people got their textbooks. Since I already have mine, just stood around. Went back to class and worked on homework for the last ten minutes.

Did PT today.. First the PT demonstrators and the squad leaders for PT had to go in and introduce ourselves to the LET1s. When I introduced myself, I should have said to vote me for Queen! ARGHHH!~ But my brain wasn't working at the time and I didn't say it. ;_; How will they know who I am on Tuesday when we vote?!~ ARGHHH!~ That means on Monday I must advertise myself, [ profile] aznearthdragon, and Panyia so they'll vote for us on Tuesday. XP

Did PT.. it was.. BLAHHH!~ Hahaha..

The class size? 70 cadets. O.M.G! Too many peopleeee! ;_; *sigh* Oh wellz.. Probably not enough seats for everyone. x_x That means that I won't get a seat in the classroom when we start being in there again. BLEHHH! Oh wellz.. I'll either stand or not be in the classroom. XP

[ profile] bobbleheadvi and I had a talk.. Then went home on the bus. Walked home.. Did homework.. Yeah..

I didn't finish my homework yet.. And I need to start on Chapter Three notes for Health... BLEHHHH!~



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