Sep. 21st, 2005


Sep. 21st, 2005 10:05 pm
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Health reading in the library...

Talked about Chapter 04.. It was boring. BLAHHHH!~ I just remembered about the homework! Well.. extra credit.. But yeah. I dunno if I wanna do it or not.. But I think I will 'cause I don't think I have an A in the class.. =(

After class, was walking to Kearny and some girl just started talking to me (she was from my Health class 'cause I saw she had the book and she was asking about the homework). Her name was Nickie (Nicky? Nikki? @_@) and I guess she was a senior too.. Whateverz.

When I got to the RO area, made the copies for English class for tomorrow and made copies of the contract permission slip for Unarmed. ((Contract makes it sound too.. commitment-like. Don't want to scare people off by letting them think they're signing their lives away.. even if it IS what we're doing. XP))

Did some math homework.. Then spray painted the gussets on the saw horses.. I got blue on my hands. ;_; EWWW!

Quick Unarmed meeting thing to give people the forms.. Not that many people showed, unfortunately. =/ We need more members, damnit! >O Afterwards, ate...

Homework questions.. Then had time to work on homework (last night's and tonight's). Just finished up last night's homework..

Worked on the training schedule.. I only really completed a week, lol. XP I'm so lazy.. BLAHHH!~ More tomorrow.. Maybe. I just realized, after I printed out the one I did, I never went and got it from the printer.. I wonder if it'll still be there tomorrow? Or maybe someone took it.. @_@ Hahahah! ^_^;;

Went around asking some people questions and writing Color Guards on the board.. Damn, I need people to DO them! ARGH!~ I dun even remember which company has CG next week.. *sigh* Some peoplez gotta do the CGs for CTA and SCT open houses... I'll have to ask Armed and Unarmed who wants to do it (unless Delta does -- I just checked, but Delta is small, so I dunno...) I swear.. next week is the busiest week with CGs..

Monday - Linda Vista Library
Tuesday - Padres (I'm not sure, but it said so on Col.'s board thingy..), CTA Open House
Wednesday - SCT Open House
Friday - Chesterton, Pep Rally, Homecoming Game

The striked are already done.. As you see, there's only one done and I don't even know who's doing it. Luckily for me, I'm no in charge of the Homecoming Game's CG, hahahaha! XP I dun know who the fuck would want to do Pep Rally.. x_x Blahhhhh!~ Too many CGs.. I hate being in charge of things.. Stresses me out just thinking about it, even if I don't have to be it. I just gotta find people to do it...

After all that, practiced for Pep Rally with the peoplez.

Gotta make a routine for Open House.. Same for all, since same people are doing all. So far, it's basically the same moves as the Pep Rally routine, 'cause I'm trying to keep it simple for them.. Less remembering, as you see the time schedule of the Open Houses and Pep Rally... Gotta be a five person routine.. BLAH!~ Not much you can do with five people..

Didn't finish my math. =/ So many problems.. takes forever...

Didn't finish the health notes for Chapter 4.. So lazy.. On Friday, the worksheets for Chapter 4 are due, so gotta finish up so I can do that..




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