Oct. 8th, 2005


Oct. 8th, 2005 08:25 pm
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Woke up around 6:30... Got ready and ate and everything, then went to USD to take my SAT. It was.. okay. On one section, I didn't finish. ;_; Gosh.. *sigh* The essay was.. BLAH! We're not suppose to talk about the topic or whatever until we get our scores, so I'll be good and adhere to the rules.. But let's just say my essay sucked. At least I think it does. I hope I get better than a 6 on it though! I want at least an 8, damnit! >O

Anywayz.. I forgot to say up there, but we didn't even get in the classroom until around 8:30 and after all the instructions and stuff, we didn't even start the essay until about 9:00. -_- Needless to say, it took forever. We didn't get out until 1:30. *sigh*

Afterwards, went to Vien Dong 'cause my parents wanted to buy some stuff, then went to Kearny 'cause of the car wash.. When we got there, [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon wanted to leave ((she was there all day)), so I we just left and I didn't help at all, lol.

Headed to the library after that and got some books, then waited forever 'cause my parents went to Wal-Mart.. Finally came and picked us up from the library and went home.

Lots of health homework I haven't done, but I'm tired of health.. I need to also finish the routine for Unarmed, damnit! >O *sigh*



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