Nov. 25th, 2005

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Today was pretty boring, lol. Woke up around 7:00, got ready, and ate. Then around 8:30, we left and went to Parkway Plaza. Walked around and was looking for things to buy with [ profile] aznearthdragon, but we didn't get anything. x_x Hahahah, we're lame. Why are we such bad shoppers? I don't know.. Wish we could choose clothes more easily. Then we'd have more things to wear, hahaha. Oh wellz. Left around 11:00 'cause my mom's sick and she wasn't up for walking around anymore.

Went to Wal-Mart on the way home 'cause my dad wanted to by a printer / scanner / copier since it was on sale today. Got that, then had to head to the bank 'cause my dad needed to deposit money. Then went to Sin Lee and bought some stuff for lunch, then went home and ate.

Did some health homework today, but not really.. Gosh, just skipped so much. Then I saw that the worksheets weren't even due until tomorrow. I know I should do it today, but yeah.. I didn't even really read the rest of the chapter, so.. yeah. Tomorrow I'll try to do all the notes for that chapter and do the worksheets. Then I'll have to do Chapter 15. x_x

I have so much homework to do.. *sigh*

To Do List:
- Health - Chapter 13 and 15 Notes // Chapter 13 Worksheets (Due Tomorrow)
- English - Argument Essay // Peer Editing on Tuesday
- Calculus - Three worksheets (Due Monday)
- ROTC - Meeting notes, weekly report, practice briefing



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