Dec. 10th, 2005

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Today I took the ACT. It was at San Diego High.. Didn't get into the classroom until about 8:30 and didn't start until about 8:45.

The test? It was.. okay. I sucked at science 'cause I didn't know shit. OMG, hahah. That section was almost all guessing. I'm so sad.. I want to say I did well overall on the test, but what if I score crappy? Hahhah! So.. no jinxing myself. XP

The essay was.. okay. 'Bout education and the best way to assess students. I'm glad Aurora (girl in my English class) wrote her essay about standardized tests 'cause I still had a lot of her arguments fresh in my mind, hahah. XP But I didn't really write any good examples. =( Oh wellz...

Finished at about 12:45-ish.. Parents were there and we went to Costco. Bought some stuff, then went home.

Parents pissed me off and stuff, so I didn't go with them to Wal-Mart.. BLAH! Later they came home with some stuff.. [ profile] aznearthdragon got me cards for Tim, since I didn't go.. I dunno where to get a hacky sack though.. And I still need to buy a few more things..

As for the BDI / CG competition.. [ profile] aznearthdragon told me all she could. She also taped our the male CG. Watched it a couple dozen times, ahahaha. It's funny, 'cause you see the arm swing is different.. Then [ profile] aznearthdragon told me that Edmon slipped, so I watched for that and finally saw it.. OMG, funny stuff. Then [ profile] aznearthdragon told me that Eric M. was off step, so I had to look for that too and saw it. XP But yeah... If you want to see ((I dun know why you would)), you can IM me for it 'cause it's a kinda big file... And kinda crappy quality.. But what can you expect from a camera a million miles away? XP



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