Dec. 31st, 2005


Dec. 31st, 2005 09:02 pm
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Whoa.. There was just a blackout for a few seconds. x_x Stupid [ profile] aznearthdragon was trying to go outta the room to tell our dad or whatever and she ran into the door. OMG, that was the dumbest, lol. It was just like, *BOOM* "OWW!" hahahahahah! Lameness much? XP

But yeah.. I'm mad 'cause I was in the middle of writing my LJ entry and OMG I have to rewrite it! >O ARGH-ness!

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Happy New Years Eve!

Take two on this post...

Parents went to Santa Ana today and of course, we were the left behinds. x_x It's okay, I guess, 'cause we just watched Naruto on Cartoon Network ((there's a marathon on, you know. XP)) and watched Whistle! on my computer.

Ah.. Naruto.. The dubbed voices are lame -- or they may not be, but I much prefer the original seiyuus, so whatevaz -- but it's still fun to watch it. Not really watching all the episodes, just parts. I love this part right now 'cause it's the Haku arc! Haku! Zabuza! Precious people and SasuNaru love! Okay, the last one is just my opinion, but still! XP You know it's there! >O Hahah! XD

Whistle! -- watched from episode 05 on to episode 11. Since I didn't write about each individual episode, I'll just comment on whatever comes to mind about the episodes I watched.

First off.. Fuwa Daichi! OMG, so in love! LOL! He's cute and Inui-like with Kaidoh's voice! *squeals* Hahaha! XP And when he said he was joining the soccer team to investigate Shou's smile... OMG LUV! Hahahah! XD

The game with Musashi no Mori was okay, lol. I like the captain and vice-captain. They're like.. soooo cool! XD Hahahah! I can't remember how to spell their names though, so I won't even try to type them. XP

Kojima looks cool with her hair short, hahaha. XP And she's good, but she totally got felt up by that dude! OMG, he totally felt up on her boobs and it's like, what kind of person DOES that when they're blocking?! @_@ LOL! But yeah.. That was mean of Mizuki, but I get it, I guess..

Anywayz.. I remember New Years last year, hahah! Feels like just yesterday! I was reading some Harry Potter fic by the same person who wrote Eclipse -- I think the author is PhoenixSong on FictionAlley -- about Harry and Draco and a journal, lol.

Blahhh! Anywayz.. Gonna watch some more Naruto on CN now. The precious person thing with NaruSasu flashbacks is almost here!~ XD



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