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    On Sunday, I went snowboarding at Snow Summit with [personal profile] aznearthdragon, her boyfriend, and our brother. Let me just say that I pretty much sucked ass at it, LOLOLOLOL. I couldn't get up from a sitting position, I was way too scared going down the slopes, and I always made myself fall because I felt like I was going too fast and I couldn't figure out how to slow down. x_x

    Later on in the afternoon, me and [personal profile] aznearthdragon decided to do the lessons because we had it complementary ([personal profile] aznearthdragon won our tickets from the radio) and I was pretty much the lamest person in our "beginner" group. (Honestly, those people might have been "beginners", but they weren't true beginners like me, LOLOLOL.) But it's okay because every group needs a person like me to make everyone else feel better about their performance. XP

    I don't really feel like I learned anything in the lessons because even though the instructor told us how to do stuff, I pretty much couldn't do it, LOLOLOLOL. And near the end, it was time to practice going down the slopes and I totally needed help, so the instructor went with me. On our last run down, I couldn't really control the speed, so we were going SUPER FAST and the instructor guy couldn't slow us down either, then I lost my balance and totally landed on my tailbone, but since I was holding hands with the instructor, I totally yanked him down with me! I was so scared he was going fall on me and it was going to be over, since he was bigger than me, but luckily he caught himself on his hands above me instead of crushing me. That was when I decided I had enough, since it was kinda close to closing time anyway, LOL. Plus, that fall was really hard and the last couple of days, it's been hurting so much I can't even lay down on my back, but it's finally starting to hurt less, so yeah.

    I saw someone post this video on FB and thought it was hilarious/so true. XP

    There was also Shit Architecture Students Say, which is pretty funny too. XP

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Date: 2012-02-09 01:38 am (UTC)
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HAHAHAHA Gallery on north v. south. So classic.


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