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Note-taking.. probably one of the boringest activites teachers will ever make you do. x_x Does it help that I'm an excessive note-taker and I somehow manage to have 20 pages of notes while the rest of the class has three? No, it doesn't. x_x But I digress...

Finished taking notes for Chapter One of the Health book. Final outcome? 22 pages of reading, 14 pages of notes. Someone tell me there's something wrong there.. I must think too many things are important, 'cause I'm sure that other people will only have like.. two or three. x_x It took me all of three hours to finish the note-taking today too... and I was only doing the second half of the chapter! ((11 pages))

The next chapter that I have to do is also 22 pages long. I'm hoping that the end result will NOT take 14 pages.. but I'm sure it'll take more. x_x I just flipped though it and there were a lot of definitions... I don't think there were as many figures / tables as the first chapter either. *sigh* Damn you book.. Second chapter is about stress, which is what outlining that chapter will give me tomorrow when I do it. XP

Well, after three straight hours of note-taking, I can finally go on the computer. =O My brain feels fried.. too much reading on how to change unhealthy behaviors for me! With the work that goes into just the note-taking, I don't even know what to expect when we have to do it ((I know we do, 'cause I saw it on one of the worksheets we have to do online for the class)).



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