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First, she had a job interview in the morning. The brother and I said we would go there with her and wait in the car while she went in, so we did, and then 40 minutes later, she comes back out and tells us they hired her on the spot! \o/ Then later, when we came home, she saw some people posting on FB about the EIT, so she went to check her account and found out that that she passed! *\o/* And finally, we were playing Monopoly earlier and she somehow managed to have more money than the bank, including all the $500s by near the end, and winning the game! I guess when life goes well for her, it goes all out, LOL.

I'm just waiting for some good luck to come to me now. =/ [personal profile] aznearthdragon starts work next Tuesday, but my brother is still on break until after New Years. After that, though, I'm gonna be home all alone. =( I hope I can find a job soon because I'm starting to lose confidence in myself. =/

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Date: 2011-12-21 06:27 pm (UTC)
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DON'T LOSE CONFIDENCE!!!!!!!!!! I believe in you!!!!!!!


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