Jan. 4th, 2007 12:28 pm
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I haven't posted since the first! I'mm so bad.. And I don't even have an excuse, since I've been home the last two days. =( What a way to start off the new year, right? BLEHH! Oh wellz...

Woke up around 11:45 or something.. Got ready and ate, then went to Target. Bought [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon's recorder, then went home. After that, filled my time listening to music and reading NSYNC fics. I'm oh-so-lame, haha.

Woke up around 10:30, got ready, then went to eat while watching T-Minus Rock. Fall Out Boy was #6, which made me really happy. Incubus' Anna Molly was #4 or something, which sucked a little. Rise Against's Prayer for the Refugee was #2 and Panic!'s Lying was #1, so yay. XP

Didn't do much besides read fics.. Was trying to get caught up on Quality of Mercy by [livejournal.com profile] mistful later on in the day 'cause I hadn't even checked her journal in.. like.. four months or something. I'm on part 19 right now.. I love that story, haha. XP But yeah, if you haven't read it, you totally should! XP

I know today isn't even over yet, but I'll just post something anyway, just in case I forget later. XP So I was gonna go to school with [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon this morning, but I barely slept last night and was so freakin' tired, so I just called [livejournal.com profile] bobbleheadvi and told him I wasn't going. =/

Got up around 10:55 or something.. Got ready and watched T-Minus Rock. Fall Out Boy was #9, but they only had the sound and no video and they just cut to commercial after about 30 seconds, so I was very sad. =( Anna Molly was #4 again and Prayer for the Refugee was #3. From Yesterday got bumped up to #2 and Panic! stayed at #1. ^_^

I'm probably gonna spend my day reading fics and later, packing. =( I dun wanna go back.. *sigh*

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So it's kinda boring when there weren't performances. XP But yeah... Brendon's eyes were closed during basically the whole time he was singing Lying. =( He opened his eyes when he was at the keyboard, but yeah.. And during I Write Sins, he had his eyes open a little more, but not really. And Ryan was like that too most of the time. What dorks. XP

Three more hours until the new year for me. XP



Dec. 21st, 2006 09:11 pm
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Woke up around 9:00 or whatever... Ate and watched TV and yeah.. Left around 11:45 to go to Mission Valley. Got there and met up with the dork and then went to Anchor Blue 'cause [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon was buying a sweatshirt for Kevin. Went to Hot Topic to return the other two shirts and then went to [livejournal.com profile] bobbleheadvi's car to drop off our cards. Went back and then was just walking around f.y.e. and yeah.. Later, went to the theatre and watched The Pursuit of Happyness. It was an okay movie, I guess. After that, went to Olive Garden to eat dinner. Then we went over to Staples and got some stuff. [livejournal.com profile] bobbleheadvi got an Easy Button for the White Elephant Gift Exchange tomorrow at Sandy's party. I got a mini art set, hahaha. XP Then w left and [livejournal.com profile] bobbleheadvi gave us a ride home. And.. yeah, that's my day. Besides that, watched a bunch of Panic! videos from the tour. I wish I could have went to one of the shows.. at least the San Diego one, since it was the last one, but no.. =( Oh wellz.. Maybe next year, right? XP

Today was a good day. ^_^ Tomorrow, going to the Hmong New Year festival, then going over to Sandy's house for her party.

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I couldn't really sleep that well last night.. kinda half away, half asleep kinda thing. I dunno.. Got up finally around 7:30.. Got ready and then went on the computer for a little, then at 8:20, left with three other girls from my suite to walk to school. Got there and ate breakfast, then went to the Rec to have.. a welcome assembly type thing. I don't know. It was very pep rally like -- there was a band, stunt team, dance team, cheering, etc... Yeah. After that, had to go outside and meet with our groups. Finally found them and we just played a bunch of games.. Yeah. Kinda boring. After that, went to get lunch around 11:30. Then after that, had a break where I got kinda lost trying to get back to Stenner Glen. Got there eventually and went to the office to sign some stuff and get my meal card picture taken and my laundry card. $2.00 every load basically since it's $1.50/wash and $.50/dry.

After that, it was already 12:50 and I was suppose to meet my group, but I was just starting to walk back to campus. Instead of meeting where we were suppose to, just went to the bowling alley 'cause that's what we were doing at 1:00. Got there exactly at 1:00, right before they were about to call people, so yeah. Was there, got shoes, went to bowl. I sucked ass. I think I had the lowest score, haha. The only up side to it, of course, was when it was my second turn up, "But It's Better If You Do" started playing, so yeah. My highlight, haha. After that, it was about 2:15 or whatever and just walked around the bookstore and talked to [livejournal.com profile] bobbleheadvi since I didn't have time to go back to SG. Meet back with the group at 2:50-ish and then we went on a tour of the school. Pretty boring.. Got a rubber duck and some stuff from the health center.. And a water bottle thing. XP

After the tour, it was about 4:30 and we went to the VG Cafe to get dinner. Took forever to get food.. The only highlight to that was that "Miss Murder" was playing when we first came in. Too bad more of my type of music wasn't playing 'cause that would have improved the wait, ya know? Ate a chicken sandwich and mac n' cheese. BLEH! After that, went back to SG and talked to [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon and [livejournal.com profile] bobbleheadvi on the way. Went on the computer a little and talked to [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon and then at 6:20, was suppose to meet up with the group, but left late, so yeah.. It was 6:20 when I was out of the building and walking to campus. Got there ten minutes later and then just waited. Later, moved to a parking lot near some type of field.. I dunno what.. Soccer, I guess? Yeah.. Waited in the parking lot forever just playing games and stuff. Finally, at 7:00, started going into the field and yeah.. There was all the WOWees there and it was hella packed. x_x Played a bunch of dumb games and then finally, I left around 9:30 and it was still going. Walked with a girl I met back to SG and saw that there was a meeting today. x_x Good thning it seemed to be just starting or whatever, even though it was suppose to be an hour earlier. So.. sat through that, where the RA just talked about the rules and stuff.. Then went to check our mail and then came back.

I was about to shower, but then the guys from next door came over and yeah.. That's, like, void now. I'm not gonna go with them still here.. I think I'll just change and brush my teeth and just sleep, I guess.. EWW, but yeah. Wash my face, I guess. I don't know. I can't take a shower with a bunch of guys around. Just not comfortable with it, since there aren't any locks on the bathroom doors, ya know? At least at Calc Camp, there was a lock.. BLEH!

Gosh, I'm kinda tired.. I think I heard two of the girls saying that that they had to leave at 8:00 tomorrow? I don't have to go 'til 9:00, so I guess I'll have some freetime to do it tomorrow morning, but it's kinda pointless.. 'cause yeah. Just gonna get all sweaty and dirty from walking around downtown and stuff.. *sigh* BLEH!

Well, yeah.. that's all I have to say for now.. Laterz.

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Okay, just slightly overdramatic, but still. XP

To start off, a lovely quote from [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon said at approximately 5:03 PM...

"Colorado is in Nevada, right?"

Yes, let us laugh. XD It made me laugh for about a minute. She's so lame. XP

Anywayz.. Yes. [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon had her ACT today. I guess I can blame her stupidity on her brain being fried from five hours of testing.. but then again, she's normally like this, so I'm not sure. XP

I told her I'd wake up with her, but I didn't get up until 7:30 or whatever.. Then ate food and then went on the computer where I transfered a few files I needed onto my laptop and then read fics. Yeah.. Boringness.

I was waiting today to get 30STM tickets from Ticketmaster, since today was suppose to be the presale, but the San Diego show wasn't even listed! ARGH! I was on there from, like.. 8:30 'til 12:30-ish, refreshing and stuff, hoping that, hey, maybe it's the timezone thing or something, but no. It's just isn't listed.. So I don't know. Maybe it'll show up later? But it probably won't be for presale, so it'll be full-price and yeah. I don't have money to be spending on that, haha. My parents would probably kill me for putting $40 on the credit card just so me and [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon can go to a concert. *sigh*

Last night, we were listening to Channel 933 and then the lady was like, "It's Panic! Weekend" and I whipped my head to look at the radio so fast, lol. But yeah.. they're giving away P!ATD tickets for December 9th ((when they're coming to SD, of course)) all weekend.. but of course, it's not like I'd ever be calling #9 and stuff.. So no point.. and I'm leaving tomorrow and yeah.. somehow, I don't get the feeling they'll be asking for calling #9 at 3:00 in the morning.. x_x *sigh* If only, right? XP I would SO come back to SD for that weekend right before finals to see P!ATD if I could score tickets, lol. XP

We're gonna go out to eat soon.. At some Chinese buffet. Yeah.. I dunno.

Gosh.. I'm MOVING tomorrow. OMFG, that's crazy. The car's all packed and everything. All that there's left is to put in my laptop, backpack, and overnight bag and that's going in tomorrow with me. =O It's all cramped and stuff.. Crazyness.

I haven't even finished reading The Lovely Bones!~ And I don't think I'll have any time to read once I'm there since, yeah, busy. So.. Reading in the car. BLEHHH~!

Okay.. writing more later.

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So I had to change my resolution on my desktop ((well, it won't be mine for much longer, but yeah...)) 'cause when I was installing Adobe Creative Suite, it said the resolution has to be at least 1024 x 768 and I had 800 x 600, so yeah.. My poor Shuichi wallpaper that I've had for at least.. five years or whatever.. ;_; I can't use him anymore. I'm mourning, don't you know.. =/

So yeah.. I had to go in search of a wallpaper.. I ended up taking the Panic! At The Disco @ the VMAs one from here -- made by [livejournal.com profile] tookitanyway 'cause I remember seeing those a few days ago, haha. I really liked the green Ryan one with the Lying lyrics, but yeah.. I'm used to the icons being on the left and I can't accommodate for a wallpaper, you know. XP

But yeah.. poor Shuichi.. ;_;

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From [livejournal.com profile] patd, I saw this article and "Build God Then We'll Talk" is going to be the next/last video from A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. I'm happy 'cause that's my favorite song on the CD and I had a feeling they'd do this one, but like everyone's commented, I kinda wanna see "There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet" 'cause yeah. XD

Okay, now I'm done. Latez.

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So last night, before we went to sleep, me and [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon were discussing the Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson thing. XD And we came up with a little story thing. Mwhahahahah! Basically..

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are in a club thing and Ashlee's giving Pete Wentz a lap dance -- we were thinking "But It's Better If You Do" ((Panic! At The Disco)) kinda set up or whatever. And then she's like, serenading Pete Wentz with "Love" and The Little Mermaid characters there singing back-up. Then Ashlee's vocal coach pops up ((didn't know their name or gender, so we called them "Shimmer" [woot! Young Americans reference, hahahah!]))and is like, "She can't sing!" Then, for some reason, the rest of Fall Out Boy is there and Ashlee's like, "I danced with your boyfriend!" and Patrick just happens to be RIGHT THERE and then he's like, "Oh no she didn't!~" And yeah. We were trying so hard not to laugh really loud and stuff.

There was also mentions to Ashlee covering "Dance, Dance" ==> "Why don't you show me a little bit of spine you've been saving for his mattress, L.O. L.O. L.O. V.E." Mwhahahahahah!~ Yeah. We're dorks.

So yeah.. Today, during [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon's fourth period, since it's still free until the end of the week, she drew a lovely picture, illustrating our little.. scenerio. XD It's lovely, hahahhaha. That's why I scanned the picture and uploaded it. XD Click to enlarge.

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson Illustration by Tiffany

Hopefully this was a very entertaining post. XP



Sep. 4th, 2006 08:32 pm
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Woke up around 5:35 (('cause you know the alarm is set for 5:45 but is ten minutes ahead)) to the radio since that's what it was set on for the past few days. Listened to the music and drifted in and out until about 8:00 or so. Got up at about 8:30 or 9:00 or whatever.. Ate food and then went on the computer. Read P!ATD fics with a dash of Fall Out Boy. =O Yeah, that's weird, huh? I don't even like Fall Out Boy that much, except for when I do, haha. But yeah.. Also went through our drawers to figure out what stuff I'm taking.. And yeah..

So, here's something.. Because I mentioned FOB.. Pete Wentz makes me laugh. XD Seriously, I hear his name or I see his face and I want to laugh. I don't mean it in a bad way or anything, you know, but yeah. He just looks like a total dork and I don't know.. It's just something about him, I guess. But yeah.. He's a dork and I like dorks, therefore, I think he's a cute-dork. XP

That also reminds me of Brendon (P!ATD) and how he wears those geeky red glasses. Gosh.. Who wears red glasses? @_@ But yeah. He looks like a total geek. XP It's cute though, so yeah. XP

Tomorrow, [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon has school. OMFG. =O Who will I talk to? ;_; Steven? Puh~lease. I don't like him and he's a delinquent. Freakin' suspension and him being home for the next three days ((when he should be in school!)) bugging me. BLERGH!~

Oh yeah...

Happy Labor Day

Hahaha. I hope everyone who hasn't started school yet enjoyed their last day of freedom. XP

Quick Rec: A Five-Letter Word Meaning Ardor by Gale
[Fall Out Boy | Pete/Patrick | R | One-Shot]
Oh, like you've never had a crush on someone you work with?

You know you wanna read it. I think it's cute. XD

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So sometimes, I wish I was talented. You know what I'm talking about.. There are people in the world where everyone just say they're naturals and it was something they were born with. Now, sometimes I don't think it's true, 'cause seriously.. Even if you're born with a talent, you have to work with it or else it's not really a talent, ya know? Anywayz.. As I was saying.. I wish I had talent. In anything. I don't know.. I mean, some people just say I'm smart and whatever.. good at everything, but yeah.. I'm just general. I'm somewhat skilled in various things, but I don't have talent. There's nothing that really makes me stand out, you know? And I want to stand out. I really do. Except for when I'm in the spotlight, I feel awkward because yeah. Wanting to be the center of attention and being the center of attention are two VERY different things and I just don't know.

I wish I was just amazingly great at one thing. Something that's like, WOW, I can be known for that. I can do that and be the best. Or at least, as close to the best as I could be. ^_^;; But sadly, I'm not talented. And if I was, obviously I don't know what my talent is or I'd be workin' it with everything I had. Or something.

When I see famous people, sometimes I'm like, "Whoa, talent" and sometimes I'm like, "What the shit was that?" and yeah. Some famous people don't have talent at all, but they're still there and they're still in the limelight for their nontalent that is a talent even though I don't think so. XP And yeah.. It kinda makes me mad, you know?

When people are famous, it's like.. suddenly, they can do what they want. They might start off in a specific field, like TV star, and then branch out to movie star or singer or writer or fashion designer, etc.. And some people, they do it all. And it's like.. WTF, that's not fair, but they have the connections and connections make the world go 'round or something like that, so it is fair, in an unfair way. But I'm just saying..

Why do people like Paris Hilton get to write a book and be a TV star and be a singer and do all the other things they do? I mean, Paris isn't all that great. She's only known because she's the daughter of the guy who owns the Hilton chain and because she had a porn movie or whatever. And then suddenly, it's like whoa, she's everywhere. Suddenly it's all "that's hot". Suddenly, she has access ((not like she didn't before, but now people are paying more attention)) to do whatever the fuck she wants. And honestly, I haven't read her book, but I can feel that it sucks. I've heard her singing and yeah. I don't think she's all that great. I mean, I guess it's okay, but still. I'm sure there are plenty of people who can sing like that, but the point is that they aren't and the reason for that is not because they're not trying ((although that is sometimes the reason)), but because they just don't have the connections that all these hot-shots do.

Sometimes, I see famous people and even though I love them and think they're oh-so-great, I know that they aren't. No offense, but really.. For example, most singers aren't good singers. Doesn't mean I don't love their music, but that's just the jist of it. A lot of singers are not good singers when they have to go live. But that's just how it is. Doesn't mean people don't go to their concerts and stuff. It's just life. And yeah, those singers that aren't good singers aren't bad singers, but just average. But their music works for them and they sound good. So yeah..

I think that anyone can be a singer. They just need to find what they're good at singing. Like.. from my Panic! At The Disco kick that I'm on right now, I see people saying that Ryan Ross ((lyricist, guitarist, and back-up vocals for the band)) is a bad singer and that he should just stop. But, honestly, I think he has a good voice. And that's not because I'm obessed with him or whatever. Sure, sometimes he hits some sour notes, but still. He doesn't compare to Brendon ((singer)) because they just don't have the same type of voice. For Ryan, he has.. a more.. punk or rock or whatever voice.. Like the type that would be singing what me and [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon refer to as "angry music". But yeah.. Today I also read somewhere ((don't remember where)) that Ryan wants to sing more on their next CD and yeah. I'm looking forward to that because I love his voice. And yeah, his voice will definitely give songs a different feel, but that's okay. That's why people like different artists. My tastes jump around everything, so I'm sure it'll fit in with all my other songs. XP

I think Christina Aguilera has an amazing voice. I like her music and I love her voice and I think that she has an amazing voice live ((not that I've ever seen her live, but from the times I've seen it live on TV, it's hella good)). And yeah.. Though I love her singing, I don't really go rambling about it because.. well, because I like listening to angry music more often than not, even though those singers don't have such an awesome voice, lol.

...How did this post get to talking about singers?

Oh, that's right.. It could be that I sometimes have a secret but not so secret desire to be a singer. Yeah, that's me. Remember when I wrote about my goals wayyyy back when and how I wanted to be a one-hit wonder? Yeah. That stems from my secret-but-not-so-secret desire to be a singer. Because, I figure, I don't really know if I have the ability to be a singer, but would like to have a taste, so yeah. The point is, sometimes, I want to sing. Scratch that, I sing a lot already. XP I sing to everything, from hip-hop to pop to rock to whatever. As long as I kinda know the lyrics ((or if I don't, I make up something that sounds similar, haha)) and sing along. All the time. And I'm sure my brother and [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon are making fun of my craptastic voice most of the time, but honestly? Sometimes I think I sing some songs decently. =O Yeah, I know. Not like I have a big range and I can't hit really high notes, but still. Some songs suit me. Not like I know which ones, but yeah. I want to sing. But then again, I also want to do almost everything, so yeah. ^_^;;

Sometimes, I think I can be an actor. I mean, it's not all that hard and yeah. There are some horrible actors out there, but they're still there, so I figure, if they can do it, so can I. I've never really had experience acting, besides school plays, but that's more of a broadway type acting and I'm not really suited for that. I prefer acting in front of a camera because even though it's filmed and will be caught on tape forever, you don't have to do it live and die of embarrassment when you mess up. But knowing me, I'd still die in front of all those people on set.

I wish I could play an instrument. I played the violin briefly in fourth grade, but that's it. I don't remember if I was good or not, but I'm sure I could have been good if I continued with it.. But things happened and I didn't. I still love violins though and I get just a little happy when songs have violins in them. ^_^ It makes me even happier if there's a little violin solo thing going on. But I'm just saying. XP

Anyway.. I love instruments. I want to play a lot of them. That could be why I'm jealous of people who can play more than one. ^_^;; I wish I could play the violin, piano, guitar, bass, viola, cello, and drums. As you can see, I like string instruments. XP I would also like to play any other sting instrument out there too, like harp and instrument that Chinese people play in those movies ((can't remember what they're called right now)), but yeah. I don't do wind instruments though. I would like to play flute, but yeah. I've never really wanted to play a wind instrument, so even if I did get the chance to learn flute, I'd probably quit 'cause yeah. Wind instruments and me don't mix.

Okay, I'm totally straying off topic now. But yeah. At least it's related, so.. Sometimes, I wish I was talented...

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So today is the hottest freakin' day. OMG! It's been hot since I got up.. somewhere in the 10:00 area. ^_^;; But yeah.. didn't walk today 'cause parents didn't wake us up and to me, that means sleep in, haha. So I just laid in bed, listening to the radio and sleeping. It was good, but I feel asleep ((the first time)) to Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars and yeah.. It's a nice song, but I don't like it, haha. And then woke up in the middle of community connection which is this boring talkshow about.. problems in the community? Who knows.. So turned it off and then later woke up around 7:00 and turned on the radio to start listening to the AT40 countdown. Nodding on and off between listening to that.. Finally got up around 10:00 or whatever and it was scorching. x_x

Been reading P!ATD stuff.. Yeah.. I'm weird like that. XP I think they're my new obsession. But it's okay 'cause I like having obsessions. It gives me something to do since I don't have a social life and all. XP

[livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon's watching My Best Friend's Wedding right now.. Such an old movie, haha. I remember watching it when we were little. Just now, they were like, "George likes to pretend he's gay" or whatever.. And then the other dude ((dunno right now 'cause I wasn't really watching it all)) was like, "Why?" and he was like, "I find pretending to be gay attacts women" hahahaha. Yeah, I'm easily amused. XP

Okay, I will continue to melt from the heat..

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Woke up today and went walking.. x_x Went down the side trail again, haha. Got there and walked one round and had to walk down the backside and back 'cause our mom saw us coming around. x_x After that, went home and yeah.. it was hella hot. -_- ((Random Note: I haven't used that face in a while.. Hahaha. XP)) Anywayz.. Ate food and went on the computer.. Later on, went to Plaza Bonita.

Went to JC Penny first to shop for pants for my brother. Me and [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon getting a pair ((each)) from the boy's section -- cargo pants, as usual, haha. Boy's cargo pants are very comfortable and fit better than trying to buy girl's cargo pants ((they always end up being too freakin' long.. x_x)). Anywayz.. Brother got two pairs of cargo pants and then went and walked around the mall. I don't remember all the stores we visited, but went into the Disney Store and Papaya, among other places.. Would have visited more girl-y stores ((like Charlotte Russe and Forever 21)), but we've been banned from buying clothes by our parents. S'not like we ever buy stuff from those girl-y stores, but nothing wrong with looking, right? Parents don't think so though.. Anywayz.. after that, went back to JC Penny to buy brother two pairs of jeans and then left.

On the way home, went to go to Big Lots to check out tables or whatever.. Didn't get anything.. Went over to the bakery and got some bread, then finally went home. Of course, it was still hella hot.

Just read some P!ATD and MCR fics.. I'm so lame.. Gotta get off the band RPS, haha. Go back to my anime. XP

Oh yeah.. today our My Five plan was over or whatever since it's a new month and we didn't want it anymore. So my phone was all plain without a wallpaper, haha. I finally got one for it.. I just cropped a P!ATD picture so there was only Ryan and Brendon and stuck that on there. XP So yeah.. my phone now has a P!ATD wallpaper and AFI ringtones (("Endlessly, She Said" as my main one, "Prelude 12/21" for my parents, and "Silver and Cold" for [livejournal.com profile] bobbleheadvi)). There's also one Taking Back Sunday ringtone 'cause that's [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon's. XP

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So the Pre-Show is on right now.. Saw Furgie's performance when I was washing the dishes. It was okay, haha. XP And yeah.. couldn't hear that well 'cause of the water.. Then they were talking to Fall Out Boy and there was a capuchin on Pete's shoulder! And yeah.. OMG, so CUTE! XD Especially for [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon 'cause that's her favorite animal so she was all excited and stuff, hahaha. XP

PANIC! AT THE DISCO!~ XD Ryan is sooooooo HOT. XD Yeah, I'm weird. I saw them when they first came out when they were talking to.. Chris Brown? And yeah.. I was like, 'OMG Panic! At The Disco -- RYAN!~' and stuff.. And finally they just talked to them. Too bad none of the other guys talked, but I like Ryan anyway, so I'm not complaining. XP I hope they win Viewer's Choice. ^_^

Finally, My Chemical Romance just preformed their new song -- "Welcome to the Black Parade". It was good, I liked it, haha. XP I don't know what else to say.. I'm lame at this, haha. XP It was cool though, since they were on the Top of the Rock, but then it's like, how do the other people down on the ground see? Well, that would suck for those people, haha. ^_^;;

Okay, Paris Hilton's dress.. OMG, I don't like it. I think it's soooooo UGLY. I mean, it's white and poofy and just.. no. Maybe other people think it's nice or whatever, but it's not workin' for me.

Yay! Christina Aguilera said she's gonna sing a new song. XD I mean, I like "Ain't No Other Man" and all, but yeah.. It gets boring if all the performances are of the songs they're nominated for, ya know? That's why I'm hoping most of the performers do new / different songs -- especially if they're nominated 'cause yeah.. If they're nominated, chances are, we've heard that song millions of times and though they're good, they should still change it up. XP

Justin Timberlake just performed. I don't like him much, so yeah.. XP

Jack Black is such a dork, haha. Great singer. XP Mwhahaa.


Black Eyed Peas just won Best Hip Hop, so I'm happy since that's who I was votin' for. XP

Woot! Shakira! XD She's so sexy, haha. XP How do people move like that? @_@ But yeah, I liked it, of course. XP

Nooo! Kelly Clarkson just won Best Female.. I wanted Christina to win.. She looked so sad when she didn't. =(

Pharrell (sp?) and Ludacris just performed.. It was okay, but yeah.. I dunno. I don't really like them all that much, so yeah. But then the Pussycat Dolls came near the end of their song and they were there dancing. That was a surprise, haha. But yeah.. The others in the PCD don't do much besides dance.. I mean, they don't sing -- only once in a while do they do back-up vocals, so yeah.. Don't they feel, like.. left out? I dunno, maybe it's just me...

Pussycat Dolls just won Best Dance. XD I voted for them, haha. XP

Ok Go just went on and did their treadmill thing.. That's so COOL, hahaha! XD Whoever choreographed that was awesome, hahah. XD And they're cool for being able to do it all live without messing up. ^_^ If they did, I didn't really notice, lol. XP But yeah.. I love that. XD

ARGH! I hate Jackass.. I couldn't watch whatever it was they did.. Dumb thing.. BLEH!

All-American Rejects were good. I don't think they sung the whole song though.. Oh wellz. Still good. Singer looks hella skinny.. He needs to eat more, haha. XP

Pink just won Best Pop. I didn't want her to win. =/ I wanted Christina! ARGH! *sigh*

Chamillionaire (sp?) just won Best Rap. The two or three times I voted for Best Rap, I voted for him, so yeah, hahaha. XP

Beyonce performed. I don't like her new song, "Alarm" ((at least, that's what I think it's called)), but yeah.. she sung that. =/ Oh well. The performance was good. When she was doing her dance thing in the middle of the song.. That was so Unarmed, hahah. XP And then they were all bending back and stuff.. OMG, that was low! @_@

Best Direction -- Gnarls Barkley (sp?)
Best Choerography -- Shakira
Best Special Effects -- Missy Elliot
Best Art Direction -- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Best Editing -- Gnarls Barkley
Best Cinematography -- James Blunt

I wanted AFI for Best Direction. =( And Pussycat Dolls to win Best Choerography. And Panic! to win Best Art Direction. And AFI for Best Cinematography! ;_;

T.I. performed.. It was okay..


Fort Minor got best ringtone. XD I voted for them a few times, haha. XP

Panic! just performed! XD XD XD They were good, of course. XP But I'm bias, haha. XD Anyway.. Brendon dancing was funny, haha. Then Ryan and Brendon walking up the thingy to the circle thingy ((yeah, I'm a good describer, huh?)).. XD They're so cute together, lol. ^_~

NOOOOO!~ Avenged Sevenfold won Best New Artist. =( I wanted Panic! ARGH!~ I mean, A7X is okay, but still... >O BLEHHHHH!~ ;_;

Beyonce won Best R&B. That's okay 'cause I couldn't really decide who I wanted for this category. XP


My parents kicked me off the computer since it was getting late, so I had to take notes about the rest of the VMAs, haha. But here's my commentary about teh rest...

Christina finally sang and she sang a new song. ^_^ I liked it.. Sounded very sad and stuff.. I can't really remember the lyrics and stuff right now, so yeah... ^_^;;

When they were announcing the nominees for Best Rock, I kept going, "AFI, AFI, come on!~" and stuff.. Then they announced the winner and OMG it was AFI! XD I was all happy and stuff, haha. And then they came up to accept the moonman and I was like, "WTF, Jade's wearing purple pants! =O" hahaha. And then I saw Hunter with red pants.. *sigh* That's so dorky, but oh well, hahaha. XP I would so wear purple and red pants. XP But that's just 'cause I wear weird colors like that, haha.

Later on, Tenatious D (sp?) sang, haha. It was very.. yeah. Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] bobbleheadvi for telling me about them a few weeks ago. XP Or else, I'd just be like, WTF and stuff.

Viewer's Choice... Fall Out Boy. I was happy, haha. XP

Al Gore talked about global warming and stuff.. It was somewhat interesting? I dunno...

Video of the Year was finally up. I was like, "Please Panic! Come on, Panic!" and stuff 'cause Panic! didn't win anything yet.. And then finally, the announced the winner and I was hella happy. XD

The Killers performed after that.. They were okay..

Christina should have won something.. I feel bad for her. =(

Looked up who won the MTV2 award and it was 30 Seconds to Mars. ^_^

[EDITED (10:12 PM PST)]: I forgot to say that some dude crashed Panic!'s acceptance thingy.. He just grabbed the mic and talked about how MTV wouldn't give him his own show or whatever and yeah.. x_x Then when Brendon finally got the mic, he said something like, "He stole our thunder", haha. ((RE: Jack Black's "I'm bringing the thunder" thing.))



Aug. 30th, 2006 08:25 pm
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So tired, but got up and walked.. Got to the park, but my eye was bugging me and stuff, so we just turned back..

My dad re-organized my stuff today. He's weird like that, haha.

I just read some fics today.. Boring, boring..

Found out it was Ryan Ross' birthday today, so..

Happy Birthday Ryan Ross!~

I think he's 20 now.. He's so hot, haha. XP

I'm bored.. And I don't feel like writing a good entry, as you can see..

Tomorrow's the VMAs. My favorites better win, haha.

Okay, I'm gonna stop now. Laterz.


Hot day...

Aug. 18th, 2006 08:10 pm
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Woke up kinda late, as usual.. Got ready and then walked. Went to the park, one round, and then went down the back side of the park and on the trails over there.. If you've never been in that area, it's like.. You know how sometimes, on the side of the road, you see like.. sand with some plant-life ((no trees though))and there's like.. trails or whatever.. Yeah, that's basically what it's like. Walked that way and then continued on until we could get back on the sidewalk near the road. I liked walking that better than walking the sidewalk back 'cause it just feels better.. Maybe it's easier? I dunno.. The only bad thing about it is that there's like.. no shade what-so-ever, so it's only good to walk on a cool day. XP Good thing this morning was cool.. But the day was hot. x_x

After walking, went home and ate and watched TV. Later on, went to Costco and bought some stuff. After that, went to Food-4-Less and bought some food stuff, then went home. At home, didn't do much besides read some AFI and MCR fics.

Tomorrow we're going to Krisky's party.. On Monday, [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon has a meeting or whatever.. Dunno if she's going.. On Wednesday, I have Jury Duty.. Need to look up what trolley to take.. BLEH!

Oh yeah, MTV Video Music Awards coming up on August 31. Be sure to vote, haha. Here are my suggestions.. XP In order of what category comes up on the VOTING PAGE. Bolded ones are the ones I demand you vote for, haha. XP

Video of the Year // Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Best Male Video // No preference as long as it's NOT James Blunt 'cause he sucks ASS.
Best Female Video // Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man
Best Group Video // Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Best Rap Video // No preference
Best R&B Video // No preference
Best Hip-Hop Video // Black Eyed Peas - My Humps
Best Dance Video // Pussycat Dolls f/ Snoop Dogg - Buttons
Best Rock Video // AFI - Miss Murder
Best Pop Video // Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man
Best New Artist in a Video // Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Viewer's Choice // Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance

Okay, as you can see, I really like Panic! At The Disco since they're getting my vote in every category they're in EXCEPT Best Rock Video 'cause AFI has my heart, haha. XP As for the other categories, it's either 'cause I like the video or I like the song. XP So go vote.. And vote A LOT for the ones I bolded, haha. Remember, voting's unlimited. XP



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