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[ profile] aznearthdragon called me around 8:00 or whatever, but afterwards, I fell back alseep and didn't get up until 10:15 and I kinda freaked when I saw the time 'cause yeah.. I dunno. Got ready and then went to eat brunch. Later Amanda and her roommate came, so I just sat and waited for them. After that, went to my room and decided to procrastinate some and watched the College Saga and yeah. I totally recommend watching it just because it's so funny, lol. XD I mean, seriously, it's videogame-esque and is just very amusing. XP

After watching that, I decided it was time to do my weekly drawing, so went and got water, busted out my watercolors, and started. After about five or ten minutes, I was like, "I should stop..." but then I was like, "Whatever" and continued going and yeah. After about 45 minutes just messing around and stuff, I decided to quit because it looked like shit and yeah.. Cleaned up and took a reading break, then after a few hours, decided to try and make it look a little better, so started up on it again. ...Yeah. Looks like shit. Like someone threw up on it or something.. I don't know. They said we couldn't mess up, but what do they know? They don't know anything about watercolor! And yeah. Mine looks so bad right now, but I don't want to redo it 'cause I'm lazy like that, but I don't know.. Do I really want to go to school with that? =(((( *sigh* This sucks. I don't know what to do.. ;_; I think I'll just leave it and just be whatever.. Will just scan it later.. BLAH! F, here I come. =/

Later on, Amanda called me and I went out to spray paint with her and Jen. It sucks 'cause it's so hard to get the paint even without being all dark and stuff, so yeah.. Whatever..

After that, came back to my room and yeah.. Been reading and that's about it.

Went to eat dinner and yeah.. After that, been just writing this entry..

Life sucks..



Jan. 27th, 2007 08:05 pm
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It's raining again.. Hmm... Wonder how we're gonna spray paint tomorrow..

Need to go buy milk tomorrow. Blah. Might be walking in the rain. =(

Watercolors tomorrow. BLEH!

Did some physics homework.. When I say did, I really mean I read it, drew the diagram, and attempted but didn't really get it. Such is my life in physics. x_x

Must shower soon..

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It rained last night.

I got up finally at 8:00.. Kept pressing the snooze on my alarm clock 'cause I didn't want to get up and I didn't really get sleep last night. Freakin' [ profile] bobbleheadvi was being an asshole and then I couldn't sleep and then when I did, I kept waking up 'cause I was dreaming of working on the project or whatever..

Got ready and then went out to meet Amanda outside. Walked to the bus stop and then waited for it to come. Went to Madonna Plaza and then went to Staples and got out stuff printed. It cost so much for the print.. Made me kinda mad 'cause $3 for two prints? Not cool.

After that, went and bought a sketchbook 'cause I needed one.. Was pretty expensive 'cause they didn't have any other ones. Made me kinda mad. =( Also, went to check the price of ink 'cause I figure, since I was there, wouldn't have to order online later, but no. It was $61.99 for the four pack and I KNEW online it was cheaper, so I was pissed. ((I just went to the Staples website to check and see if they raised the price -- NOPE. Still $54.99, so yeah. >O )) After that, walked to the bus stop and just waited for the bus to come and take us back to Stenner. Got there, dropped off my stuff, then went to eat breakfast. After eating, started my laundry and then cut my illustration board. After cutting and tracing my shadows on the board, folded laundry, then didn't do anything for a bit.

Talked to Valerie and I agreed to go with her to Staples later, so yeah.. Fixed up my drawings and then later, Valerie and her friend came and I left to meet them. Ran into Amanda on the way and she gave me contact paper, so went to my room to put it away and then left.

Went to Staples and Valerie printed her shit and I reprinted mine. Another $3 wasted. x_x Afterwards, we went to McDonalds 'cause Valerie wanted to eat there. After eating, went to Home Depot and Valerie bought spray paint, then went over to Costco and her friend bought water and I got granola bars. Didn't have money, so have to pay Valerie back for it.

Got dropped off back at Stenner and went back to my room. Had to fix my shadow tracing 'cause the contact paper was a bit smaller than expected. Redid that, then put on the contact paper and cut it. I accidentally cut too deep in some places. =( Oh wellz..

Went to eat dinner in between working, then came back and finished that. Afterwards, trimmed my drawings and then yeah.. Here I am now.. I'm gonna work on physics homework until 8:00, then shower. After that, I'm breaking for the rest of the night 'cause whatever. I will just do the dumb watercolors tomorrow. BLAH! I will fuck it up so bad, but I don't care.

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Happy Eight Months, [ profile] bobbleheadvi!~

Our second eight months together.. What am I gonna do with that dork? XP

Woke up around 6:55.. =/ Got ready and ate a little bit of Cheerios.. No milk, so yeah.. After that, read a bit and checked the website to see if they put up the next part and they did. x_x Left for school around 7:50. Was so freakin' tired 'cause I didn't sleep well last night.. But that as another matter of being so frustrated with life and cry-age and stuff, so yeah.. Anywayz..

Figure Friday.. After that, had to put out our pictures on our tables, then went around looking. After that, had to pin ALL of them up on the wall. x_x After that, went around and looked at the other classes, then came back and had to choose two from the wall that we wanted to use that were NOT our own. x_x After that, Brent went and kept taking down the ones that wouldn't work for the next part and those people had to choose the other pictures. Then we had a break.

Just hung around in Brian's class during break.. Later, went back for class and the teachers kicked us out of Brent's class for a while.. Just hung in the stairway area and then later went back in and they talked about Illustrator and told us about the next part of the project.. Basically, gotta get the outline of it in Illustrator, print, and trace onto illustration board and contact paper it, cut it, and then spray paint it so that everything is black and the shadow we traced onto the board is white. Yeah.. And also a weekly drawing with watercolors.

After talking about that, they showed a thing about color. It was very boring, seeing as I know color theory already. I mean, seriously. I don't really see the point anyway since they don't really let us use color, so..

Went back to Stenner, then went to eat. After eating, got my stuff, then went to school for class..

Talked about circular motion.. Was pretty boring since I didn't really learn much. =/ Stupid physics class..

Went back to Stenner and started working on my first picture 'cause Matt sent it over already. Amanda called after a bit and so I went over to her building and just hung in her common room and worked on my thing. After a while, I kinda just gave up and yeah.. Watched Amanda and helped her. Around 5:30, went for a dinner break, then went back to work for a while..

At 8:20, went back to my room and went to shower. After that, came back and yeah.. Got my other picture and worked on that, then kinda finished, if you can call it that, and yeah. Entry and talking to [ profile] aznearthdragon. Came up with my possible informative speech topics as... JROTC, Fancy Drill Team, and procrastination, hahaha. XP I already decided I'm gonna do Drill Team, but yeah.. I didn't want to narrow it down to Unarmed 'cause that is kinda boring, I suppose.. I dunno. Armed is more interesting for most people anyway. =/ Oh wellz.. So yeah.. I dunno what I'm gonna say or anything, though I did write a purpose statement.. I dunno if it works tho, so yeah.. Might have to change that later.. So yeah. I asked [ profile] aznearthdragon to send me a uniform after competition so I can wear that for my speech. XP Imagine me being all dressed up. Isn't that a lovely mental image? XP So yeah.. I dunno how I'm gonna do this, since I have physics right before SCOM, but I'll make it work, I suppose. I'm thinking of just wearing a white shirt and the ghetto stripe grey Dickies with my shiny shoes ((and hair all bunned up, of course)) and then after physics, go to the bathroom or something and put on my shirt, cummerbund, ascot, beret, and gloves. Won't I look all spiffy? XP

Tomorrow me and Amanda are gonna go to Staples early in the morning to print our shit. After we come back, gonna get the stuff ready for spray painting it and stuff and then gonna do that, I suppose. Also gonna do my weekly drawing, so yeah.. I will have everything done by tomorrow. XD Then I'll have to do physics, but whatever.. =/

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So I didn't get up until about 9:10 in the morning.. Let me tell you, it was pretty darn good getting up at that time, even though I wanted to sleep later, lol. Got up and got ready, then ate. After eating, went on the computer for a bit and read my SCOM book.. BLAH!

So last night, I totally was trying to find some songs to download and stuff and I was looking for torrents and I saw Infinity on High! I was like, totally shocked since it isn't out yet, but I downloaded and I listened in the morning and OMG YES. XD I really like it and yeah. Can't wait until February 6th because I so want to get it! But I dunno when I'll have time to buy it.. But whatever, I really want it, lol. XP

Around 11:45, left for school to meet with Joanna. Got there and we went to the class, but they said it was in another classroom, so went looking for it and found it. Went in and did physics and got some help and yeah.. Hate physics. x_x

Talked about the homework.. Blah. Got more homework that's due on Tuesday and we also have a quiz on Tuesday that I'm definitely going to fail again. x_x Whatever.. I'm totally gonna fail this class and will have to retake it, so I don't really care anymore. And I'm gonna get kicked out of honors already since I most likely won't be able to bring up my GPA, so whatever.

Lectured about audience analysis. Blah. After that, watched a Tom Brokaw speech from when he came to Cal Poly in 2001. It was pretty boring.. After that, she told us we had to have three possible topics for our informational speech for Tuesday and let us out early at 3:45.

Wandered around for a bit 'cause I didn't know if Valerie was out of class yet, then called her at 4:00 and went to the bookstore with her to buy basswood and then went back to her room. She already cut some illustration board, so yeah. I cut the basswood and she finished the board, then we glued them together and stuff. After that, we tried to put them in the MDF board and yeah. Didn't fit in the slit, so we called Caleb and asked him to bring us a file and he came later at 6:00-ish with it and we worked on filing the thing so our screens would fit. Took forever, but finished two, then went on a dinner break at 6:45-ish. Ate at VG's and then after that, went back and finished up the last two. Then left and walked back to Stenner and gave Amanda hers and then went home and showered.

Got back at 8:00-ish and yeah.. After I showered, I'm here and that's about it..

I hate life and I hate physics and I just hate everything. Life sucks ass.

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So I woke up this morning 'cause I set my alarm and yeah... I kept pressing snooze until maybe, like, 6:50 or whatever, so at least three or four times and then after that, I realized, DUH, it's TUESDAY! And yeah.. I was totally in the 'I dun wanna get up!' mood and yeah.. Totally thought it was Wednesday. x_x And, along with that, after I turned off the alarm, after a while I woke up again 'cause I was thinking it was Wednesday again and everytime I would look at the alarm, I'd think, 'I should get up for class!' and then realize it was Tuesday again, so yeah. Sucked. x_x I wasted perfectly good sleeping time on all of that. x_x

At 8:20, I decided it was time to get up and get my day started. =/ I was extremely tired though and yeah.. x_x Got up and got ready, ate, and then walked to the bookstore around 9:30. Took some pictures on the way and then got to the bookstore around 9:55 and went and asked if they had watercolors. This one dude was helping me and checked on the computer and saw that there were 25. He was searching through a bunch of boxes on the top the shelves, but couldn't find it. After going back to another box he already looked at ((after going through a million)), he found it and yeah. I was happy 'cause I didn't want to go all the way to Law's to get it. Also had to get watercolor paper.. They didn't have 8.5x11 paper, so I had to get the 12x18 and it was, like, $10. >O Stupid thing..

After getting my stuff, walked back to Stenner while taking some detours to take pictures of shadows. I got some good-ish ones and yeah.. Before, when I was walking to the bookstore, I was taking a picture of a fire hydren shadow and it was at the corner of the street and I had to cross it and there's a bus stop on the other side and I saw that shadow and wanted to take a picture, but when I looked up from taking pictures of the hydren, some dude was standing at the stop and was kinda staring at me, probably thinking WTF I was doing. And yeah.. I didn't want to stop right in front of him to take a picture of the bus stop's shadow, so I just continued walking. =( Oh wellz..

Got back home around almost 11:00. Didn't really do anything for a while, then went and ate lunch around 12:00. After I was done eating, Amanda caught me as I was leaving and asked me to help her with calculus, so I went back into the entrance of the cafeteria to help with math. After that, went to my room to get my stuff ready, then went and met Amanda so we could walk to class together. Took pictures on the way and yeah..

Talked about projectile problems.. Was pretty boring.. BLAH! But yeah.. Isn't that how class always is? x_x

Lectured about the communication model and ethics. That's about it.. Got out of class about fifteen minutes early and I was happy. XP

Walked back to Stenner with Charis and then uploaded my pictures onto the laptop. I took 244, not including the ones I had to delete because the object was in the picture. And yeah.. narrowed it down to some of the good ones to adjust, then had to narrow that down to 24 to print. Set up the print stuff on InDesign and started the printing and then went to eat dinner.

After dinner, came back and yeah.. only on the sixth page -- there are twelve, so yeah.. x_x BLAHHH!

I need to get working on physics. EWWWW!


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So woke up this morning at 6:30 or whatever.. Was so freakin' tired 'cause it didn't even feel like I got much sleep. x_x Got ready and then told [ profile] bobbleheadvi to at least brush his teeth. After that, we ate cereal and then cuddled in bed for a few before I had to head off to school.

I left for class around 7:45 and then when I'm only a little bit away, [ profile] bobbleheadvi calls me and is like, "Don't you need to bring your model?" and yeah. x_x Walked back to get it and yeah.. It was very cold. =(

No one was in class yet and just talked to [ profile] bobbleheadvi until class was about to start.

Had to get into groups and talk about our projects or whatever.. Decided by cards, so yeah.. Was with Cody and Rachel.. Just stood and looked at our projects. After that, had to set them up along the back desks and pin up our drawings and FormZ prospective prints. Then the teachers went around and critiqued everyone's. Mine got the craft comment, of course and I was definitely expecting that. x_x I dunno how some other people cut so nice 'cause mine looked bad. x_x They also said something about how the things line up since some parts didn't look as straight or something and yeah.. Something about the curves around my object and the straightness of the path or whatever.. I dunno. I just know that mine basically sucked, as usual.

They finished critiquing our class around 9:25 and then we had a break until 11:00. Instead of going to listen to the other classes, I walked back to Stenner and hung out with [ profile] bobbleheadvi for a little bit before he had to head out to the bus stop to catch the bus to the station. He was taking the 11:25 Amtrak bus to Santa Barbara and then a train to SD.

Hung out a bit, then around 10:00, walked with him to the bus stop and waited until the bus came. After that, I walked back to school and just sat around in the classroom until break was over. It was about 10:30-ish when I got there.. Pretty boring..

Finally class was back and they told us what they wanted for the next project. Gotta take pictures of shadows -- 24, black and white, print ~4x6 with half inch border, object can't be in the picture, no organic objects, due Wednesday. After that, we were out and it was 11:25.

Went back to my room and sat for a bit, then went to eat lunch. Sat with Amanda and her friend and yeah.. Later on, one of their other friends came and we just talked about drugs.. I dunno. After that, went back to my room, packed up, then had to head out for class. x_x

Just talked about whatever we're on right now.. Got our quizzes back. I did horrible, as expected. Got 3/10 and a "See me" on my paper, of course. Anyone with <5 had see me, so yeah.. BLEH! After class, got the homework, then left for the bookstore. Got there and yeah.. They didn't have watercolors. I was kinda mad and yeah.. Left and just walked back to Stenner.. Took some pictures of shadows, but I dunno if they're okay or not.

Worked on the physics homework for a bit, then I gave up 'cause I couldn't do anymore and yeah.. Been writing entries since then..

I need to read for SCOM, read for PHYS.. Will take more pictures tomorrow morning.. And need to buy watercolors too. *sigh*

I'm so tired and stuff right now.. It really sucks. =(

I guess I will be going to office hours for physics on Wednesday, since I have class tomorrow during his hours. x_x BLAHHHH.'

I miss my dork already. =( I'm thinking of going back to SD in February since he probably can't come up next month. =/ And yeah.. depends on if the teachers stick to schedule and the next project is due Wednesday before the three day weekend. If so, I'm probably going home.. And depending if there's anything important on Thursday in PHYS or SCOM, I'll probably skip and go home early.

I hate life right now.. It sucks. I think I'll go outside and take some pictures in about ten minutes or something, so I can at least feel like I'm being productive.. BLEH!

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So after I posted on Friday, I worked on my model. Got a few things done, then at 5:15, [ profile] bobbleheadvi called me 'cause they were at the SLO station and so I headed out to get him from Cal Poly. Walked semi-fast and got there a little late-ish 'cause I was still walking and I saw the bus and then saw [ profile] bobbleheadvi walking towards me, lol.

Walked back to Stenner and dropped off [ profile] bobbleheadvi's stuff in my room, then went to eat in the cafeteria. After eating, worked on the model for a bit, then just gave up and went to shower. After that, we watched Step Up. It was okay, lol. Very predictable, but what do you expect, right?

After watching Step Up, went to brush our teeth in the guys' bathroom 'cause there was some big drama or something in ours.. And yeah. Went to bed, but it was hard to fall asleep. =( I don't really think I got any...

Got up around 9:30 or so and got ready. Went out to get the bus so we could go to Denny's, but didn't see it. We were on time too and would have seen the bus on our walk to the bus stop, but it didn't come. Waited around for about five or ten minutes, then just decided to eat at Quiznos. It was pretty good. After that, walked downtown and then just wandered around looking at the stores and stuff. [ profile] bobbleheadvi bought me some black heels from Ross for the dance and yeah. After that, went to the transit center and waited for the bus, then went to Cal Poly.

Walked around Cal Poly and showed my [ profile] bobbleheadvi stuff, then walked back to Stenner.

Hung out for a while and worked a little on my model and yeah.. Then went to eat dinner in the cafeteria. After that, came back and just rested on the bed for about an hour before changing and getting ready for the dance.

Left my room at about 7:45 and walked all the way to the PAC. Got there and got on the bus around 8:00 and was just sitting and talking to the driver for a while. Ashley and her boyfriend came a little later, then we headed off at 8:15.

Got all the way to the ramp to turn into Madonna Inn and saw it was blocked off for some reason. Went around the long way to LOVR and then got there about 15 minutes later or whatever..

Not many people were at the dance yet 'cause I guess it was pretty hard to get there with the road being blocked off.. Sat around and ate some crackers and this cheese thing which was like rubber. After a bit, went out to dance and yeah. You know how dances are. There weren't all that many people, but that's okay. It was pretty fun.

We also went to check out the men's restroom. XP Still cool to see the second time around. XP

Left around 11:35 or so.. Went out and sat on the bus for a while until it was time for it to go at 11:45 or so. Got back to school and had to walk all the way back to Stenner. I had to take off my heels and [ profile] bobbleheadvi let me have his shoes and he walked back in his socks. =/ Yeah. =( Got back to my room and [ profile] bobbleheadvi went to shower first and then I went. Went to bed afterwards and it was, like, 2:00 by that time.

Got up around 10:00 or whatever. Got ready, then went to eat at Carl's Jr. Had the Philly Cheesesteak. It was okay. After that, went to Bali's to get ice cream and the ice cream machine didn't like me. x_x Walked back to Stenner and ate on the way and yeah. Got back to my room and I worked on my model while [ profile] bobbleheadvi watched football. After a while, I gave up and we just hung out for the last hour or so.

At 3:00, [ profile] bobbleheadvi packed up and then we saw the tie clip thing was bent. Spent a while trying to fix it, then left a little after 3:30.

Walked to the bus stop at Cal Poly and kinda ran a bit of the way and got there at 3:50. Didn't see the bus -- we would have on the walk -- so yeah. Called the Amtrak place and waited forever since I was on hold, then got a lady and asked about it and she said that it was on time, which meant that it left early and that's not cool. After that, I called Joanna and asked if she knew anyone who could give us a ride to the train station and she got someone and we waited for him to show up.

Andrew, the guy Joanna got us, finally came and we went to the train station, but we just missed the train. =(

Andrew took us back to Stenner and then went to drop [ profile] bobbleheadvi's stuff in my room and went to eat in the cafeteria. After eating and being sad, went back to my room and I worked on my project while [ profile] bobbleheadvi watched football.

I was inking my drawing first and yeah. Got me so pissed off 'cause I kept messing up and yeah. Did not put me in a happy mood. x_x After inking, worked on cutting my model and yeah.. It was so badly cut and stuff, but whatever.. After the game, [ profile] bobbleheadvi helped me cut and yeah.. Worked until about 10:00-ish on cutting, then I was done with that, even though it was really crappy. Started gluing after that and yeah.. Took forever and then realized I didn't have a wall on my thing, so I just put one in randomly and yeah.. ARGH! After that, it was about 11-something and [ profile] bobbleheadvi went to shower. After he went, I went to shower, then came back and [ profile] bobbleheadvi went to rest while I worked on scanning my drawing, setting up my perspective views on FormZ, and printing the shit. Also made the CD and CD label. FormZ was being dumb and Photoshop was being dumb, so I didn't end up finishing until 1:30-ish and then woke up my dork and made him brush his teeth then we went to sleep.



Jan. 19th, 2007 02:42 pm
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Woke up late 'cause the alarm didn't even ring... When I woke up and looked at the time, it was already 6:54 ((alarm clock read 7:04)) and I freaked out and rushed to get ready. Ate, then yeah.. Got my stuff ready and then left for school.

Figure Friday.. Drew Cody first, then Valerie came and drew her, but then in the middle, she clutched her stomach, then a minute later, she ran out of the room 'cause she was still sick. =(

After that, drew Adam, then everyone else came in and we talked about FormZ. After that, break and went with some people to the bookstore 'cause they needed to buy museum board. Came back a little late.. Then had time to work on whatever. I cut my museum board for the base pieces, then gave up on that and started inking my drawing. I got about halfway-ish.. BLEH!

Came back, ate, then went back to school..

Talked about the homework a bit, then had a quiz at the end.. There were three problems and we had to do two and yeah.. I totally failed 'cause I couldn't even finish ONE problem. I did kinda half-ish on the first, then didn't really do all that much for the second one and yeah.. the third one looked too hard to even attempt. x_x And, [ profile] aznearthdragon had to call me during the quiz and I forgot to put my phone on vibrate, so yeah. x_x Suckage..

I'm here.. I'm gonna work on my model after I post this entry, so yeah...

[ profile] bobbleheadvi is on his way.. Will be here around 5:30, hopefully.. Train's running late right now, so yeah.. =/

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So I forgot to post yesterday, so yeah...

Didn't sleep that well.. Then I got up kinda late around 9:30 or whatever.. Got ready, ate, then worked on my drawing. I didn't get that far and then realized I messed up, so yeah.. Then around 11:30, went to eat lunch, then rushed to get to school 'cause I said I was gonna meet Joanna to work on physics at 12:00.

Got there and we sat around outside working on physics.. BLEH! Yeah.. We got a little done, but yeah.. \

Just talked about the stuff we're on, as usual.. Boringness...

Other people gave their speeches.. Got food 'cause some people brought it for their speech. XP

Went back to my room and worked on my drawing.. Later, went to eat with my suitemates and yeah.. Came back, finished my drawing, then did some physics homework. Gave up on that and went to shower. After that, attempted some more physics and yeah.. Also cut some of my museum board 'cause Brent sent an e-mail saying to bring modeling materials..

Went to sleep kinda late, like, 12:00 or whatever...



Jan. 17th, 2007 06:35 pm
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So woke up at 3:15 in the morning for reasons I'm sure people can determine with enough thought, I suppose. It sucked and yeah.. Didn't really sleep that well and then later on, near six, I think I finally fell asleep and then the alarm rang at 6:20 and yeah.. I dunno. Felt like I didn't get sleep, so I pressed snooze a few times, then later checked the time and it was already 6:47 and I kinda freaked out in my mind 'cause yeah.. Got ready, changed, and ate super fast, then packed up my laptop and left for school.

Got to class and no one was there yet.. People didn't come around until it was almost 8:05 or something..

Went to Brian's room and learned some shadow stuff and yeah.. After that, went back to our class and did two sheets of exercises. After that, pinned up our weekly drawings and then had a break. Looked at the drawings from all the classes during the break, then after the break, talked about the drawings and then had to pin up our FormZ stuff and talked about that. Then we went into a circle and went around and introduced ourselves and then got to ask Brent questions.. After that, Brent showed us some of his work 'cause Andie asked about that, then went to Brian's class to hear what was due Friday and stuff.

For Friday, we basically have to draw our thing on Bristol in pencil. Project is due on Monday, meaning for the weekend, we have to ink our drawing and make the model. And CD, of course..

Went back to my room, dropped off my stuff, then went to eat. Later on, Amanda came and yeah.. Then after eating, went back to my room and tried to do physics again, but I couldn't. Then I decided to just work on changing my site on FormZ. Worked on that, then later on, went to the bookstore to buy museum board. Freakin' $13.95 per sheet! And we need at least two, which is how much I bought, but yeah.. That sucked. x_x

Came back and continued changing my terrain and yeah.. Finally finished around 5:15-ish and then went with the suitemates to eat.

After eating, looked at my physics and yeah.. still don't know shit. I feel like such an idiot. And not to mention the internet doesn't even work right now and yeah.. I'm just pissed. x_x

Reading the SCOM book until I decided to post. I need to do my physics, but I dunno how! ARGH! And I want to get to drawing for the arch project, but yeah.. I dunno..

Gonna finish my reading, cut my Bristol board to the right size for the drawing, then shower. Hopefully after that, my internet works.. And I'll try to do physics some more 'cause I'm determined to get it done 'cause I want to work as much as possible on the arch project so I don't have much to do on the weekend when my babe is here.

Okay, now to reading.. It's currently 6:16..

The internet works now... 6:35.. BLEH. Still reading...



Jan. 16th, 2007 08:02 pm
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Woke up this morning around 8:00 and got ready. After that, ate and then printed and made my collage for my speech. After that, went to the library around 10:00 and scanned my weekly drawing.. It got all smeared.. =( After that, walked back to Stenner and attempted some physics reading and yeah..

Class was boring.. Just talked about kinematics.. Blahhhh! And then at the end, we got homework that's due Friday. I don't get it at all. =(

People gave their speeches.. First we had to sign up on the board and my row was first and I signed up for three 'cause yeah.. Then people went.. First was narcolepsy. After that was croissants. Then I went with Madonna Inn and yeah. I think I kinda sucked. =/ I was really nervous and my voice was kinda shaky, but yeah.. Oh wellz.. After me, it was someone doing Guitar Hero. Then OJ Simpson, then hangovers. After that, Charis went and she talked about the movie Cars. Then it was a girl talking about the tule elk and a dude talking about Terry Bradshaw. Afterwards, it was Johnny Diep and then last was Mickey Mouse. The rest of the people are going on Thursday...

Went back home and worked on my terrains in FormZ. After that, went to eat dinner and then came back and attempted physics, but yeah.. I don't understand ANYTHING. I feel like such an idiot because it's like, I read it and I think I get it, but when I get to the problems, I totally blank out or whatever and I don't know what to do at all. =((( I feel so dumb.. OMG.. This sucks.. I don't want to fail physics, but I don't really understand! ;_; I think I'll go to office hours tomorrow, but I'm scared 'cause I dunno what to say.. =(

I need to finish my object in FormZ.. BLEH! Shower first, I suppose...



Jan. 15th, 2007 07:10 pm
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Got up around 9:00 'cause [ profile] aznearthdragon didn't call me in the morning... Got ready, did a load of laundry and yeah. After I was done with folding my clothes, worked on my model and finished around 1:45. XD Took forever, but I'm happy that it's at least done. Doesn't make me feel like I accomplished much though since I still haven't been able to model my object in FormZ. x_x After that, didn't really do anything until 2:45, when I left for school for the R2L firm visit. Got there and sat around, then carpooled to R2L. Talked to one of the principles, then walked around the office and talked to the people working. It was kinda interesting. After that, left and got back to school around 5:00. Walked back to Stenner and yeah.. Ate, did my weekly drawing, though I'm not sure it's correct and yeah.. That's about it..

I still need to do FormZ stuff, as well as memorize my speech and attempt some physics problems.. But yeah.. right now, I don't really feel all that much into actually caring because I'm a lazy person and I deserve a break. Will get to working on FormZ in a bit.. maybe after showering.. BLEH!

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So I got up this morning around 9:30. Got ready and then went to do a basket of laundry. After that, went to eat and then went to put the laundry in the dryer. Then worked on some compositional alternatives for my weekly drawing and yeah. They sucked. Then went to get laundry, folded, and then went to work on the dreaded model. x_x

So I worked for about six hours of that piece of shit. And seriously, I was thinking I was making progress, but at the same time, not. I gave up around 4:00 and cleaned up.. I still have about ten more layers to make and then gluing it all together once I figure out where to put the wall and cut the slit for that.. x_x Oh life, why must you suck?

Finished up my speech and yeah.. I timed myself saying it and it's barely two minutes. Requirements are two to three minutes and, you know, when nervous, you talk fast, so I don't think I'll even make the requirement. x_x I'm sure there has to be more to say, but yeah.. I can't think of anything else and I don't really care at the moment. Gonna attempt to memorize it later, I suppose..

My hands hurt from cutting the board.. So thick and you have to put a lot of strength behind the x-acto / utility knife ((I used both, depending on what parts I was cutting)) to cut all the way through without going over it 20 million times. x_x

Tomorrow I have to do my weekly drawing, finish my model, and work on my terrains and found object in FormZ. There's also a tour of R2L for AIAS tomorrow that I want to go to in the afternoon. x_x Busy, busy.. And I haven't even done any reading for SCOM or PHYS. x_x Life just sucks..

I feel so totally overwhelmed right now.. I just need a weekend to myself, damnit! And I want next weekend to not be as busy, but right now, the project's due date is tentatively scheduled for next Monday, so.. yeah. But you can bet your ass I'll be working mine off this upcoming Friday so I can actually hang with [ profile] bobbleheadvi while he's up here..

Okay, I'm extremely tired right now.. Not the OMG-I-need-sleep tired, just the exhaustion of working on a project six hours straight. Somehow, they kinda feel like the same thing, but whatever.. I still have a bunch of things to do, so yeah.. For the rest of the night, nothing really stressful AKA no architecture work. I'm sure reading the physics book won't be as bad as doing architecture stuff.. x_x

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So I woke up this morning around 9:00 got ready, then didn't do anything until 10:00, then went to eat. After eating, I worked on changing one of my terrains a bit on FormZ 'cause that was the one I was gonna build. After that, printed it out and then took a break and walked to the bookstore around 1:00. Bought masking tape, x-acto blades, and a charcoal pencil. After that, walked back to my room and started cutting pieces for my model. x_x Cut for a couple of hours, then cleaned up 'cause I was tired and worked on my speech for a bit. Around 5:00, went to eat dinner, then came back and haven't really done any homework sense then. I'm just too lazy and tired of everything..

Instead, I have been reading.. If you haven't, you should check out [ profile] mistful's Drop Dead Gorgeous. She just posted the second part yesterday. XP

I was journal-surfing for a bit earlier and stumbled upon this. Seriously, you know you want to click. If not, then I will just tell you. It's about a dude who's married to a horse. Yes, a horse. And there were many things that made me go WTF, such as this part of the dude's post:

I have what a friend calls “The stallion mentality” I am poly but I prefer my partners not to be. This is not a problem with my wife as she is not poly and does not mind that I am. She has no interest in anyone else but me.
-- Copy of Post

At first, I totally didn't get his wife was a horse. Cause the comment in that post said something like, "Is your wife the Mare you wrote of before?" and I was thinking, "Joke because of the 'stallion mentality' he talked about in the post?" and I didn't get it until I read more. Yeah. x_x

And the girlfriend defending him? Umm.. yeah. And there was a part where it said the wife was pregnant or something, but I don't want to go find that link right now. Just.. yeah. I don't know. And there was something about the horse consenting because it licked dude's oat-covered dick. Uh.. yeah.

Comments on the wank are totally worth reading just because, haha. I am totally going through it just because I'm curious and I can't help it. XP And there was this interview linked in one of the comments and, just.. WTF. "Suddenly my pants were off and I couldn't resist" or something like that. @_@ I mean, seriously! I was sitting watching this interview and I was just like.. in shock, lol. But yeah. You know you want to watch it.

And the How to have sex with dolphins link.. OMG. I can't believe I read that.

And so, reading through the comments, there's this link posted, which talks about how dude met the horse-wife. x_x

And yeah.. I'll stop now.

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Woke up around 6:40 and got ready. Ate cereal and yeah.. After that, got my stuff and left for school around 7:45.

Did Figure Friday.. Caleb went first 'cause we were starting with the bottom of the roster.. And then after him, I had to go. =( I just sat and put my head down on my arms on the desk.. It sucked though 'cause I was like that for at least 25 minutes and I couldn't get enough air after a while and yeah.. All my breathing made my jacket wet when I finally was able to get up. x_x BLEH!~

After that, went to Keith's classroom to show us how to do some stuff on FormZ. Had a break in between, then more FormZ stuff before they told us what we had to do for Wednesday.

First, we have a weekly drawing. 18x24 Bristol board, charcoal, "body in space", so trying to draw someone in motion and having the correct proportions. BLEHHH! I didn't even buy a charcoal pencil or whatever.. x_x

Next, they said we had to have two FormZ models. Okay, doable, I thought. They also said we had to model our found object in FormZ. So far, so good -- I mean, yeah making the found object in FormZ is hard as hell, but so far, it's all been stuff that Brent assigned before, so yeah. Then, there was an elongated pause. Most people take that to mean the list is over, right? There was no indication that they were gonna say more, though knowing them, I was kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop.. Then...

"And a physical model". Yes. It was Brent who said it. And there was me freakin' out in my mind. I mean, making a model?! So soon?! And they expect us to do it by Wednesday, with all the other work they assigned! I mean, seriously! This is a site with contours! There's anywhere between 25-30 layers! That means we have to cut out EACH layer and stack and glue them together! OMFG. And each piece has to be 1/16" thick, so it's not exactly the easiest thing to cut in the world! OMG! After that, I was kinda blah.

Went back to our room and pinned up our prints of our two FormZ things. Then looked at them and talked about them, then went over to the other classes to look at theirs, then we could go.

Went back to Stenner, dropped off my stuff, then went to eat lunch. After that, went back to my room and made a list of what I needed to buy ((not that it helped 'cause I didn't look at it when I was in the bookstore. x_x)), which included masking tape, the board for making the model, charcoal pencil, and possibly x-acto blades. Then I had to switch stuff outta my backpack and go to class.

Boringness.. Just talked about the homework a bit and forces, of course, since that's what we're doing right now.. BLAH! He talks and I'm sure I'm suppose to get it, and I think I do a bit, but then I realize that I don't get some stuff, so yeah. I dunno.. Physics is blah.

Went to the bookstore and got this blue-ish grey mat board thing... I bought four sheets 'cause they were 32x40 and I didn't want to go back to buy more, you know? Hopefully it's enough.. Dumbass mat board is expensive -- $15.50 with my 15% discount thing for only four sheets. Sucks ass. =( Wish we could have used chipboard, since it's cheaper, but the teachers said not to use that since they're not all the same thickness. x_x And yeah... forgot about the other stuff I had to buy until I was at the front of the line and then I didn't want to go back to find the other stuff, so I was just like whatever...

Walked back to Stenner with my huge ass boards and, though it may not seem so, they're heavy. Especially when you're trying to bend it a bit so you can see over it and not have your arms stretched out a million miles apart. And with all the wind, even harder, so yeah. Finally got back to my place and yeah.. tired from the entire day. x_x

Did some research on the Madonna Inn for my speech.. Then made an outline, kinda and that's about it. After that, worked on FormZ trying to build my object, but yeah. It was hating me and I don't have much more than before. =/

Went to eat dinner alone around 6:30, then came back and worked on FormZ some more. Around 9:00, gave up and went to shower and yeah.. Now I'm here..

Life sucks right now. I feel like, depressed. =(

Hopefully I'll get a good sleep tonight for my long day of work tomorrow.. I hope to edit the one I want to build on FormZ some, then start on cutting and putting together my model. Also want to get my weekly drawing done tomorrow if I can, but that requires me to go to school to buy charcoal.. BLAH. Or hopefully I can call Amanda or something and she will have some, so I don't have to walk as far. x_x

So yeah.. My life is sucking right now. Three day weekends obviously don't mean as much.. =/ Hopefully next weekend isn't to work-heavy though, with my [ profile] bobbleheadvi visiting and all...

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Got up this morning around 8:00. Got ready and then then walked to Albertson's to buy milk 'cause yeah.. I needed it. XP Walked all the way back, then ate cereal. After that, it was time to work on my contour drawings. I finished one last night, so I had to do three more. It took forever to do them and they look bad. Like, only one actually turned out good. There was another one where there was an idea, but it didn't turn out the way it was suppose to.. I dunno.. Sucked ass.. Worked for about three or four hours.. Then went to eat lunch.

Just talked about vectors in the beginning, then forces and the problems we were suppose to look at.. Pretty boring..

Teacher just lectured.. Then near the end, we had to draw our topic for the object speech from a hat. We're not suppose to let anyone in the class know what we got and yeah.. My first one, I got "wart" and I was like, 'I don't want to do that!', so when it was time to redraw if we wanted to, I did. The teacher read off what we didn't want 'cause we had to give it back to her if we wanted a redraw. My topic now is "Madonna Inn" and yeah. When I saw that, I was thinking, 'Damnit! I should have stuck with wart!' 'cause I'm sure warts could be a more interesting topic than the Madonna Inn.. But whatever.. Have to deal with what I got, I guess... Speech has to be two-three minutes long and you have to have a visual aid. I think I'm just gonna make a collage of the Madonna Inn.. BLAH! It's boring, but whatever.. I don't really want to take the time to go all the way there, but if I can't find enough pictures of the inn online, then I guess I'll just go to take pictures. I'm sure I can get enough information on the internet about the inn.. Hopefully. I'll do my research tomorrow to see if I have to go there on Saturday..

But yeah.. speeches moved up from Thursday and the following Tuesday to this Tuesday and Thursday. And, of course, she HAD to separate by last names and try to be "different" and made the end of the alphabet go first. Oh joy of joys. x_x So Tuesday, I have a speech. I might die. Life is sucking very much right now. =( I'm so scared! And I dunno who to practice on and I suck at speeches and yeah. ;_; Sucks ass.. *sigh*

Went home and scanned all my contour drawing things.. Then I worked forever drawing up two in FormZ, taking a break for dinner in between, but yeah.. Took forever and then I had to make the object and yeah. That did NOT work. I think I worked for two hours or something and it did NOT work. I mean, I seriously have close to nothing and it sucks. I gave up around 9:00 to shower and then yeah.. Cleaned up and got stuff ready for school tomorrow and yeah.. BLEHHH!

School sucks.. It can't have only been an almost week.. I mean, seriously! With all the work and the fires and stuff, it definitely feels like half the quarter's past. x_x Dumb school.. I knew it was only time until the workload equaled out and me getting back to my old sleeping schedule, meaning sleep late and not getting enough. Oh life.. Why must you hate me so? =/

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So no fire last night. Better stay that way for the rest of the year...

Anyway.. So I was talking to [ profile] aznearthdragon on the phone last night and then I get the e-mail Brent sent to everyone in the class.. I have to say, it was VERY harsh, lol. I mean, seriously! I will even copy and paste just so everyone can see the harshness.



as your time at cal poly continues, i expect forward progress from each of you.  each quarter you should set goals for yourself to accomplish in that 10 week period.  lack of doing so will make you lazy and stagnate your education.  each successive quarter this program will be less like high school, that is less hand holding and more responsibility.  the rigor of your projects and your work ethic should increase each quarter.

remember that you are not attending calpoly so that i can have a job, you are here to learn the practice of architecture.  you must be self motivated, care about what you are doing, and prove it to your instructor.  i do not care if you fail at things as long as you give it your best efforts.  you only cheat yourself by producing minimal efforts and expressing flippant attitudes.

as was the case last quarter, minimal efforts will receive minimum grades.  when i ask for 4 drawings, i mean 4 drawings, not 2 and a lame ass excuse.  if your house catches on fire and you have to evacuate, that's a legitimate hardship.  not trying because you don't care isn't.  go fill out an application at mcdonalds now.

in the end, this will all work itself out.  those of you go-getters will learn & hone your craft in school and be on the road to success in design of many sorts.  those of you that would rather blow assignment requirements off, sit in the back and talk during lectures, and generally act like smart-assed children will be CAD monkeys for the former group.  choose now which direction you wish to pursue.

several of you have emailed me questions about formZ already.  i am willing to stay up all night helping those of you that truly want to learn.  if you don't understand, ask, read, search...


Now, can you say harsh? Especially for a teacher, lol. And you can SO tell he was directing certain parts to people who KNOW who they are. That sitting in the back and talking? Valerie and Rachel. The evacuating thing was this one girl who was in building 9. ((Wish I could have used that excuse too.. but I actually did all four drawings, even if they weren't good...)) Valerie would probably be one of those "blow assignment requirements off" too, seeing as she didn't even TRY to make a path in her drawings and stuff... I hope I wasn't one of the bad people in this 'cause I did try on mine.. It just sucked.

The harshest part to me was the, "i do not care if you fail at things as long as you give it your best efforts.  you only cheat yourself by producing minimal efforts and expressing flippant attitudes" 'cause, I dunno, sometimes you DO try and it doesn't seem like it, I guess.. I know in arch, I try, but I usually just fail everytime. x_x But hopefully he thinks I am trying 'cause I hate being a slacker. I mean, sometimes, yeah, I give up, but I put in hours of effort before I get to that point, so..

That McDonalds thing was very.. I was so ready to crack up at that.. And then Valerie IMed me later asking if I saw the e-mail and said she was gonna change her Facebook status to filling an application at McDonalds. Yeah, she jokes, but she IS one of those don't care whatever people, so..

I gotta get to class now. Until later...



Jan. 10th, 2007 08:57 pm
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Woke up around 6:30, but didn't get up until about 6:40. I actually felt like I got sleep, which is weird, but very good. The only reason I think I felt rested though was because I didn't get any sleep the last few days, so a little bit helped, I suppose.. After getting ready and stuff, I typed up my entry about the fire and packed up my stuff and went to school.

So I was one of the first people there, as usual.. Went on the computer and posted my entry, since the internet didn't work and then just did nothing. When class started, we didn't do anything 'cause I suppose most people from all classes didn't have their computers, so they told them to get it and yeah.. Forty minutes of pure nothing. Then we talked about FormZ stuff and then we had to work on FormZ while Brent came around to talk to us. I did my first terrain thing, the main basic one, then saved and was about to start my object when my computer died. x_x So I spent the next about hour and thirty minutes doing absolutely nothing 'cause Brent wouldn't get to me until the end, so I didn't even have an idea if what I was doing was right. =/

Have to have our four options for Friday, with the best two done on the computer and then printed on photo paper. BLAHHH! And as much as we can done of our object.. I'm redoing all my options, I think. =/

Went back to my room, dropped off my stuff, then went to eat lunch. After that, got my book and went to the bookstore to refund it. Went back to my room and then did the reading for SCOM and the reading for physics, then the physics problems.

Worked on my drawings a bit, in the sense that I made the lines on all four sheets of paper. XP Then yeah..

Walked to school around 5:45 to go to the AIAS and CSI meeting. Got there and they just talked about all the stuff.. Bought the Winter Formal tickets and yeah.. That's about it. It finished at 6:55, then came back here and here I am now..

The internet hasn't been working since maybe 4:30 or so, so yeah.. I dunno when I can post this, but whatever.. It's 7:24 right now and yeah. Whenever the internet works, I will post.

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I couldn't really sleep last night, so yeah.. Was so tired this morning.. x_x Sucked ass.. Got ready and ate and yeah.. Was exhausted. =(

So I came in and sat on the door side of the classroom.. It felt kinda weird 'cause the class is flipped from Brian's, but I still wanted to sit on the door side 'cause I like that side and it faces the screen. From the few people in there though, it seemed the trend would be that Brian's class would sit on the other side of the class and Keith's class would sit on the door side. So later, Valerie came in, sat next to me, then was like, "Dude, why are we sitting on this side? All the people from Brian's class are on that side. Come on, we're moving", so I just got my stuff and went with her 'cause I'm not mean, you know.. So now I sit on the other side, in the back row. I hate sitting in the back row. ARGH. Whatever.. Sit next to Jamison and Valerie.. I wish I didn't sit there though 'cause it sucks.. And yeah, by the time everyone came in, it was basically separated by our previous teacher, except for a few from Brian's class 'cause there wasn't room, I guess..

The other classes came in and we talked about the syllabus for, like, a minute, then we started talking about the new project. I don't really get it, but whatever.. Some contour thing with our found object and all that.. Whatever. After that, they talked about how we suck at scanning and was telling us how we can fix our scans and stuff, so yeah.. Now we have to rescan our drawing from the Slip Case project and perfect and seamlessly and turn it in on Wednesday. x_x After that, the other classes went back to their class and Brent showed us some stuff on FormZ and then told us to start drawing out contour thingy. He went around to look at everyone's objects. He said mine was too recognizable and to take it apart more. BLEH! The other classes already got to leave too, and we were just sitting there doing work forever. >O Then finally, he let us go at 11:15, about 30 or so minutes after the other two classes. Said we had to have four different iterations drawn. ARGH!

Went back to my room and dropped off my stuff and all, then went to get lunch. After eating, went to get my mail.. There was a lot, lol. And yeah.. [ profile] disutansu, I got your letter. ^_^ Read all the other junk and stuff, then went online to find the cheapest Canon LiDE 60 scanner to buy 'cause I hate my printer/scanner thing.. Doesn't scan well enough and I don't always want to go to the library to get somewhat good scans, so yeah.. Bought it from Amazon and it was $71 or something.. BLEH! After that, got my stuff ready and then went to school.

Went to pick up my textbooks and they were freakin' heavy. After that, headed off to class and went into the Fisher Science building 'cause I wasn't paying attention to what class on my schedule it was, just the room.. And then I checked my schedule again and it turns out I was at the wrong building 'cause I was looking at HNRS 101, not HNRS 134. x_x So left and headed over to the spider building 'cause I didn't know if that was the science building I needed.. Then went to ask a girl and she pointed me to the right building and it turns out that it's right next to the Fisher Science building I was just in. x_x Lameness...

So, first thing I notice? 99% of the class was dudes. x_x I mean, seriously, there were, like, five girls out of the 30ish of us. That's lame. Next, almost everyone knows each other 'cause they all live in Yosemite, the honors dorm. x_x So yeah, the teacher asked who didn't know more than five people in the class and there was probably only three or four of us. BLEH! I feel like such an outsider. x_x And yeah.. In class, he just talked about the syllabus and stuff.. Then we got a pre-test for homework that we're suppose to do alone so he can see what we know. BLAH!

Went to the food processing building which is all the way past Campus Market, which is FAR from the centerish, just to try to crash an SCOM 145 class. Waited in the classroom for a while, then finally about five minutes later, the teacher came. Said that he could only take one more person in the class and called the first person on the waitlist. I was kinda mad 'cause he still had seats AND he didn't even take attendance yet to see if anyone was missing! ARGH! He so could have taken more people. There was only, like, five or six of us trying to add anyway! ARGH! So had to leave and walked all the way back to Stenner with my heavy-ass books. x_x

Got back and Kitto came to ask if I saw Snakes on a Plane yet 'cause he rented it. So now I'm borrowing it to watch, then gonna give it back to him tomorrow 'cause he needs to return it on Wednesday. After that, asked him if he had any screwdrivers 'cause I had to take apart my music box thingy more. He got his precision ones and was attempting to take it apart for me, but yeah.. Then we went to his room to see if he had anything I could use, but he didn't, so we came back to my room and he kept trying and then finally took it apart. After that, just talked a bit, then I shooed him out so I could do some homework. ((Decided not to go try to crash the four o'clock class 'cause I was tired, and knowing my luck, I wouldn't get in. x_x))

Worked on my physics pre-test thing. It was kinda easy, kinda hard, 'cause it was half math, half physics. I didn't know some of it 'cause, yeah. Physics was back in 9th grade for me, so yeah.. BLEH!

Went to eat dinner with Kitto, Angel, and Erik around 5:00-ish. Ate spaghetti and yeah.. Just sitting with the guys.. We are such quiet eaters, lol.

After eating, came back and finished the pre-test while talking to [ profile] bobbleheadvi. Then he had to go and yeah... Now I'm writing this because I dun wanna try any physics problems yet, not that we actually have homework that counts, but it's suggested, so yeah. I'm one of those people who try to do it, if it's not too much.. And yeah.. Didn't want to work on my contour drawing things yet for architecture, but I should.. I want to get as much done as possible tonight so I don't have much to do tomorrow morning.. I dun really want to do homework tomorrow night, unless it's related to the two classes I have tomorrow..

Okay, I think I'm gonna break for a little longer, then shower and am determined to finish at least one or two contour drawing thingies.



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