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So after I posted on Friday, I worked on my model. Got a few things done, then at 5:15, [ profile] bobbleheadvi called me 'cause they were at the SLO station and so I headed out to get him from Cal Poly. Walked semi-fast and got there a little late-ish 'cause I was still walking and I saw the bus and then saw [ profile] bobbleheadvi walking towards me, lol.

Walked back to Stenner and dropped off [ profile] bobbleheadvi's stuff in my room, then went to eat in the cafeteria. After eating, worked on the model for a bit, then just gave up and went to shower. After that, we watched Step Up. It was okay, lol. Very predictable, but what do you expect, right?

After watching Step Up, went to brush our teeth in the guys' bathroom 'cause there was some big drama or something in ours.. And yeah. Went to bed, but it was hard to fall asleep. =( I don't really think I got any...

Got up around 9:30 or so and got ready. Went out to get the bus so we could go to Denny's, but didn't see it. We were on time too and would have seen the bus on our walk to the bus stop, but it didn't come. Waited around for about five or ten minutes, then just decided to eat at Quiznos. It was pretty good. After that, walked downtown and then just wandered around looking at the stores and stuff. [ profile] bobbleheadvi bought me some black heels from Ross for the dance and yeah. After that, went to the transit center and waited for the bus, then went to Cal Poly.

Walked around Cal Poly and showed my [ profile] bobbleheadvi stuff, then walked back to Stenner.

Hung out for a while and worked a little on my model and yeah.. Then went to eat dinner in the cafeteria. After that, came back and just rested on the bed for about an hour before changing and getting ready for the dance.

Left my room at about 7:45 and walked all the way to the PAC. Got there and got on the bus around 8:00 and was just sitting and talking to the driver for a while. Ashley and her boyfriend came a little later, then we headed off at 8:15.

Got all the way to the ramp to turn into Madonna Inn and saw it was blocked off for some reason. Went around the long way to LOVR and then got there about 15 minutes later or whatever..

Not many people were at the dance yet 'cause I guess it was pretty hard to get there with the road being blocked off.. Sat around and ate some crackers and this cheese thing which was like rubber. After a bit, went out to dance and yeah. You know how dances are. There weren't all that many people, but that's okay. It was pretty fun.

We also went to check out the men's restroom. XP Still cool to see the second time around. XP

Left around 11:35 or so.. Went out and sat on the bus for a while until it was time for it to go at 11:45 or so. Got back to school and had to walk all the way back to Stenner. I had to take off my heels and [ profile] bobbleheadvi let me have his shoes and he walked back in his socks. =/ Yeah. =( Got back to my room and [ profile] bobbleheadvi went to shower first and then I went. Went to bed afterwards and it was, like, 2:00 by that time.

Got up around 10:00 or whatever. Got ready, then went to eat at Carl's Jr. Had the Philly Cheesesteak. It was okay. After that, went to Bali's to get ice cream and the ice cream machine didn't like me. x_x Walked back to Stenner and ate on the way and yeah. Got back to my room and I worked on my model while [ profile] bobbleheadvi watched football. After a while, I gave up and we just hung out for the last hour or so.

At 3:00, [ profile] bobbleheadvi packed up and then we saw the tie clip thing was bent. Spent a while trying to fix it, then left a little after 3:30.

Walked to the bus stop at Cal Poly and kinda ran a bit of the way and got there at 3:50. Didn't see the bus -- we would have on the walk -- so yeah. Called the Amtrak place and waited forever since I was on hold, then got a lady and asked about it and she said that it was on time, which meant that it left early and that's not cool. After that, I called Joanna and asked if she knew anyone who could give us a ride to the train station and she got someone and we waited for him to show up.

Andrew, the guy Joanna got us, finally came and we went to the train station, but we just missed the train. =(

Andrew took us back to Stenner and then went to drop [ profile] bobbleheadvi's stuff in my room and went to eat in the cafeteria. After eating and being sad, went back to my room and I worked on my project while [ profile] bobbleheadvi watched football.

I was inking my drawing first and yeah. Got me so pissed off 'cause I kept messing up and yeah. Did not put me in a happy mood. x_x After inking, worked on cutting my model and yeah.. It was so badly cut and stuff, but whatever.. After the game, [ profile] bobbleheadvi helped me cut and yeah.. Worked until about 10:00-ish on cutting, then I was done with that, even though it was really crappy. Started gluing after that and yeah.. Took forever and then realized I didn't have a wall on my thing, so I just put one in randomly and yeah.. ARGH! After that, it was about 11-something and [ profile] bobbleheadvi went to shower. After he went, I went to shower, then came back and [ profile] bobbleheadvi went to rest while I worked on scanning my drawing, setting up my perspective views on FormZ, and printing the shit. Also made the CD and CD label. FormZ was being dumb and Photoshop was being dumb, so I didn't end up finishing until 1:30-ish and then woke up my dork and made him brush his teeth then we went to sleep.



Dec. 23rd, 2006 04:03 pm
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So my day has been very boring. It's consisted of me waking up, eating, and going online. The highlight of my day would be when I logged onto PureVolume ((I don't even remember why I wanted to go on PureVolume anymore)) and saw on the My Home page, under upcoming favorite artist shows... TAKING BACK SUNDAY. ON MARCH 15. AT THE CAL POLY REC CENTER. OMGWTFYES!

Yeah. I was like OMG and had to go find out more and stuff and here: ASI Event Description. So, Taking Back Sunday, March 15, 7:00PM, Cal Poly Rec, $25. I want to go, OMG! But it's a Thursday and knowing the dumbass architecture teachers, they're gonna assign a billion things that will be due on Friday and I'll be so freakin' sad, but I want to go so much right now that I don't really care, you know? I want to buy a ticket to gooo! But I don't want to go alone 'cause that's not as fun, you know? And yeah.. TAKING BACK SUNDAY. Who cares that I'm not really THAT into them? I listen to their music, I like the new CD, and OMFG, if I go, it'll be my FIRST CONCERT EVER, if you don't include Everclear during WOW Week ((which I don't, 'cause I know maybe ONE Everclear song, if any, and yeah, haha)). I'm still debating right now, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna decide to go, so I'll probably buy the tickets on-campus instead of online, where I'd have to pay a service fee and a delivery fee.. BUT OMG. CONCERT! XD If only it were a band I was REALLY into, right? LOL! But hopefully next time, haha. XP



Oct. 1st, 2006 11:04 pm
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Woke up around 8:30 for no apparent reason. x_x Couldn't get back to sleep, so went on the computer and just read some fics and stuff until about 11:00. Then brushed my teeth and got ready, then went to go eat brunch. It was blah. Sprinkling when I was going back to my room. XD After that, came back to my room and it was about 12:00-ish and then Valerie called and asked to meet up to take more pictures. So got my stuff ready and then headed for school to her dorm.

Got there after a while and then we went out and wandered around the school some more and took pictures. So tiring.. Around 2:00 or whatever, we decided to head back to Valerie's room to just relax a bit. Went back, watched some TV, and basically did nothing. Then around 2:40, went back out and took more pictures. At 3:00, we decided to quit and went to the bookstore, but it was closed, so then we parted ways. Walked back to SG, dropped off the stuff I didn't need, then walked to Rite Aid. Bought some photo paper and rechargeable batteries there. Then went to Albertson's to see if they had an labels, but they didn't. Bought some graham crackers and Kit Kats and then walked back to SG. Went to eat dinner after that, and then back to my room.

Went through my pictures and converted them to black and white, looked through my pictures, and chose my pictures and then yeah. Put them on InDesign, printed, then had to cut them. x_x Took forEVER! Finsihed that around 9:15, took a shower, and then had to write on the back of the pictures. Finished that around 10:40 and then yeah.. That's about it. Got most of the stuff in my laptop bag for tomorrow and yeah. Still need to do my English homework. =/

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So today was the first day of school. Got up at 6:30, got ready, and then ate some Raisin Bran. After that, left for school around 7:30. I took my laptop with me 'cause I didn't know if I'd need it or not.. Got to the school and found the room and it was only 7:40. x_x Hung around outside for a while until the door opened, then went in and sat and just hung around in the classroom until 8:10.

Hara and Valerie were both in my class. What were the odds of that? Anywayz.. Teacher took role, then we all went to the gallery to meet with the other two sections of the the class. Went through the syllabus, then we had a break. After that, went through some pictures as the teachers talked a bit about the design process. After that, we had about 20 minutes to draw our hand. I first drew a blind contour of it in the middle of my paper. Then I got tired of that one, so I drew my hand in a different position near the bottom of the page, again a blind contour. When I looked, I saw that I ended up overlapping onto my other one, lol. Then got tired of that one and drew another hand on the top left side. This time, I was actually looking and trying, haha. That one kinda overlapped a little too. Finally, the time was over and we had to put all of our hand drawings in a line on the floor and the teachers were walking around looking. My teacher stopped at mine first and was like, "Who did this one?" and I was thinking, 'Wait! What'd I do?! Is it because I'm the only one who overlapped? @_@' and stuff and then I was like, "That's mine" and he asked my name and I told it and he was like, "Yes, you're in my class!" and then he was like, "I liked how she didn't worry about overlapping" or whatever and yeah, hahahaha. After that, we got to leave about 20 minutes early, so left and went back to SG.

Went back to SG, dropped my stuff off in my room, and then went to eat lunch in the cafeteria alone. =/ It was kinda lonely, but whatever, right? Food is food and all that.. After I finished eating, went back to my room to organize my toolbox and stuff, then around 1:00, went back to school. Got there and then went to the bookstore. Had to drop our backpacks off and I forgot my wallet, so I couldn't buy anything. Just looked at the prices and stuff, then later left. Walked around the school trying to find the Math and Science building, but couldn't find it. Finally, I went to ask someone and they pointed me in the right way. Got there and waited outside until 2:00 and then went in the class 'cause all the people in there filed out.

MATH 142
Went over the syllabus and reviewed a little.. It was boring and the teacher has a boring voice. BLEH! He also writes messy so I couldn't exactly read what he was writing on the board. It sucked. BLEH! I don't really like him. And he's giving a lot of homework -- 8-20 problems every night. I mean, it's not that much, but still, ya know? And yeah.. I don't know. I think this class will suck.

The teacher in this class is a second year grad student, so I already knew this class would be more laid-back. The syllabus makes it sound like it's kinda a lot of work, with all the essays and writing and stuff, but the feel I'm getting is EASY CLASS, so I'm good. Don't think I'll be stressing too hard on my essays since it doesn't feel like such a serious English class to me.. Anyway.. Just introduced ourselves, went through the syllabus, then had to answer some questions about the writing process.. Didn't really do all that much.

After English, went to the bookstore to get my stuff. The English book wasn't there, so I pre-ordered it. x_x Got a hot glue gun for Arch, but it sucked 'cause all the small ones ((that were $6 cheaper!!)) were gone and there were only the bigger sized ones. x_x BLEH! Sucked. Also got some applications sticks for Arch, then went to pay. The line was hella long! x_x Like, 20 minutes or something. ARGH! Anywayz.. the total ended up being around $113 or something. I dunno.. Sucked. =/

Went back to SG after the bookstore, dropped off my stuff, then went to eat in the cafeteria alone again. After that, went back to the room and been doing homework. This is my break or whatever.. Maybe it's my giving up for today thing too. I dunno.

- ARCH 131 // Self-Portrait // Wednesday
- ARCH 131 // Definitions // Wednesday
- MATH 142 // Review Worksheet // Tuesday
- ENGL 134 // Response to "Confessions of a Former Sailor" // Wedneday
- ENGL 134 // Questions About the Writing Process // Friday
- ENGL 134 // Writer History Essay // Friday

I need my English book now.. so I can do the readings for Thursday! ARGH! This sucks. =/

Gonna shower now. Lates.

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Went to school around 3:45. After we meet up, waited a while, then went to the block party thing. Just walked down the street and hit up the booths that interested me. Signed up for some groups and yeah.. A bunch of sororities were hitting me up and I was just like, "Uh.. Sure. ^_^" but yeah.. Greek life isn't for me, so yeah. And the church people..! OMG, they're crazy. I just wanted to leave but they kept talking. x_x And yeah.. I'll just copy what I said to [ profile] bobbleheadvi 'cause I don't wanna retype. XP

Clicky Clicky! )

Anywayz.. After I went through the whole thing, went to go sit in the UU with some people from my group and just hung out until 6:00. At 6:00, went to go get food.. Long ass line.. Yeah. Sucked. Just got a bunch of small bits of food.. BLEH!

After eating, it was like 7:00 or whatever and we didn't have to meet until 7:30, so just went to the UU to hang out. Sat around, talked to [ profile] bobbleheadvi on the phone and yeah.. At 7:25, headed out to meet the group. Talked to [ profile] aznearthdragon while waiting for everyone 'cause a lot of people were running late.

A little before 8:00, went to the rec and went to sit on the side up near the top 'cause it was packed. Everclear didn't even come on until we came in and stuff. XP But yeah.. I couldn't really see 'cause there was this big speaker thing in my way. And yeah.. I don't really know any of the songs, so yeah. It was loud too, so yeah.. But it was cool. Everyone was leaving and then it was just me, Kiki ((WOW leader)), and Andrew. They were about to leave at 8:50 and Kiki was giving Andrew a ride to SG, so I went with.

Got home, showered, and now talking to [ profile] bobbleheadvi and listening to music.



Sep. 22nd, 2006 02:46 pm
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Last night, I had the best sleep since I've been here. OMG, it was soooo GOOD and it wasn't even much! But damn, it was like, I woke up to the alarm and I felt like I actually got REST. It was great. It's very sad that I'm excited about just feeling like I got a bit of sleep, but whatever.

Got up around 7:10.. Got read and left around 7:45. Got to school and met with my group at 8:00. Went to eat breakfast at VG's.. Just got a breakfast burrito.. After that, went back to SG and hung here until about 9:45, then walked back to school. Meet with the group, waited forever, got a picture, then went to the PAC for a diversity presentation. It was kinda boring.. Afterwards, we discussed it and OMFG, the stuff my group was saying was pissing me off. Everyone in my group that went to it was white except me, so that's where I'm coming from. Basically, they were talking all this shit about how we have to accept things that different and stuff.. And like, saying that the minority groups are bringing everything on themselves nowadays and how we keep bringing up the past and "why can't they just forget it and just look at now?" and shit like and I just wanted to slap the bitch girl who was saying most of the stuff! I mean, seriously, no offense or whatever, but who is she to talk that kind of shit? She's white and part of the majority, especially at Cal Poly. What right does she have to say that things are oh so much better or the minority and to say that we bring the shit ourselves? I mean, I guess some people do, but not everyone and it's not fair for her to talk shit like that. I mean, seriously. I was the only Asian person in the discussion.. The only minority in the discussion, and I didn't say anything 'cause I didn't want to be mean 'cause I'm SURE that if I opened my mouth at that time, something along the lines of, "WTS BITCH?! What do you know?!~" would come out and yeah.. But seriously. I don't even know how to explain my feelings, but whatever.. I mean, I wasn't extremely angry, but still.. What they were all saying just totally rubbed me the wrong way and yeah. I don't know. Pissed me off.

After that, people were going kayaking, but I decided not to go. Went back to SG and have been listening to music and catching up on some fics. That's about it. Later on, at 3:45, gotta meet my group and then we're going to the Block Party which is like Club Expo at Kearny. After that, there's an Everclear concert.. And that's about it.

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Tried to get 30STM tickets, but I couldn't. Was trying from 10:00 until 10:45 trying to get tickets.. It sucked ass 'cause I was trying forEVER!~ x_x I mean, at first, the San Diego one didn't even show for a presale, but after a few minutes, it did, and I couldn't even get tickets! Then I was waiting for the MTV2 presale 'cause yeah, it was at 10:30 and I knew it'd be even harder to get, but had to try, ya know? But 10:30 came and the MTV2 presale didn't even show! ARGH! Dumb thing.. had to leave at 10:45 to meet my group, so yeah. x_x

Meet up with group and we went to the awareness fair and got a few brochures and flyers and a shirt. After that, went to eat lunch.. Had PB&J and goldfish. After that, went to a presentation about drugs and alcohol and sexual assult. Yeah.. Boringness. Everyone was calling me during thatl. It was like they knew I would be busy and needed to talk to me JUST THEN, lol. XP Anywayz.. After that, went to the rec and played beach volleyball. I didn't play 'cause I didn't want to take off my shoes and socks.. Just talked to [ profile] bobbleheadvi on the phone the whole time. Finally, at four, we had a break to get our stuff for the hot tubbing, so left and walked back to SG. Got there, relaxed a little, then headed back to meet at 5:00. Got there and then we went to Chilie Peppers to eat burritos. After that, walked to Bali's, which is a frozen yogurt place. Went back to the cars and then drove to the hot tubbing place or whatever.

Got there around 7:00 or whatever.. I just had a shirt and shorts since I don't have a bathing suit. Went in the hot pool and yeah.. It was nice. Later, went into the regular pool, but left after a while 'cause it was cold and went back to the hot one. Sat on the edge a little while later 'cause it was too hot.. Then around 8:00, we left. Everyone was going to Herb's ((WOW leader)) apartment to watch a movie, but I went back to SG 'cause I didn't want to. Showered and yeah.. that's about it.

Meeting tomorrow at 8:00.



Sep. 19th, 2006 08:41 pm
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Woke up around 7:30 again.. Couldn't really sleep, as usual.. I think it might stay like that for a while.. Bad and good. Bad 'cause, yeah, not enough rest. Good 'cause I can hear the alarm for when school starts.

Left the building around 9:00. Didn't know where my group was since I was late, so just got breakfast and ate alone. After that, went to the bookstore and got the architecture kit thing. After that, went back to SG and just went online for a while. Left the place at 10:45-ish and meet up with the group at about 11:00. Went to this assembly thing at 11:30, but it didn't start until 12:00. It was just about the community and stuff.. after that was over, left and talked a little about the presentation, then lined up to get lunch. Got that and then boarded the bus and went downtown. Got there and was in a park area.. Ate our food and then walked around the booths getting stuff. After that, walked around downtown and yeah.. Got some other stuff at another set of booths and then later, went back to board the bus and go back to school. Got back at 4:30-ish. Just called [ profile] aznearthdragon and [ profile] bobbleheadvi while I waited 'cause we had a break until 5:00. At five, had dinner at the VG Cafe, then afte that, around 5:45, left and walked back to SG.

Took a shower when I got back and then started reading The Lovely Bones. I'm still doing that now.. I don't think I'll finish.. *sigh* Oh wellz.. I guess. Whatever.. I wanna stop now, but I'm only on chapter 14. BLEH! I need a break..

Skipped out on capture the flag 'cause I was tired and yeah.. don't wanna be out at night. XP Plus, gotta read and have some free-time, ya know?

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I couldn't really sleep that well last night.. kinda half away, half asleep kinda thing. I dunno.. Got up finally around 7:30.. Got ready and then went on the computer for a little, then at 8:20, left with three other girls from my suite to walk to school. Got there and ate breakfast, then went to the Rec to have.. a welcome assembly type thing. I don't know. It was very pep rally like -- there was a band, stunt team, dance team, cheering, etc... Yeah. After that, had to go outside and meet with our groups. Finally found them and we just played a bunch of games.. Yeah. Kinda boring. After that, went to get lunch around 11:30. Then after that, had a break where I got kinda lost trying to get back to Stenner Glen. Got there eventually and went to the office to sign some stuff and get my meal card picture taken and my laundry card. $2.00 every load basically since it's $1.50/wash and $.50/dry.

After that, it was already 12:50 and I was suppose to meet my group, but I was just starting to walk back to campus. Instead of meeting where we were suppose to, just went to the bowling alley 'cause that's what we were doing at 1:00. Got there exactly at 1:00, right before they were about to call people, so yeah. Was there, got shoes, went to bowl. I sucked ass. I think I had the lowest score, haha. The only up side to it, of course, was when it was my second turn up, "But It's Better If You Do" started playing, so yeah. My highlight, haha. After that, it was about 2:15 or whatever and just walked around the bookstore and talked to [ profile] bobbleheadvi since I didn't have time to go back to SG. Meet back with the group at 2:50-ish and then we went on a tour of the school. Pretty boring.. Got a rubber duck and some stuff from the health center.. And a water bottle thing. XP

After the tour, it was about 4:30 and we went to the VG Cafe to get dinner. Took forever to get food.. The only highlight to that was that "Miss Murder" was playing when we first came in. Too bad more of my type of music wasn't playing 'cause that would have improved the wait, ya know? Ate a chicken sandwich and mac n' cheese. BLEH! After that, went back to SG and talked to [ profile] aznearthdragon and [ profile] bobbleheadvi on the way. Went on the computer a little and talked to [ profile] aznearthdragon and then at 6:20, was suppose to meet up with the group, but left late, so yeah.. It was 6:20 when I was out of the building and walking to campus. Got there ten minutes later and then just waited. Later, moved to a parking lot near some type of field.. I dunno what.. Soccer, I guess? Yeah.. Waited in the parking lot forever just playing games and stuff. Finally, at 7:00, started going into the field and yeah.. There was all the WOWees there and it was hella packed. x_x Played a bunch of dumb games and then finally, I left around 9:30 and it was still going. Walked with a girl I met back to SG and saw that there was a meeting today. x_x Good thning it seemed to be just starting or whatever, even though it was suppose to be an hour earlier. So.. sat through that, where the RA just talked about the rules and stuff.. Then went to check our mail and then came back.

I was about to shower, but then the guys from next door came over and yeah.. That's, like, void now. I'm not gonna go with them still here.. I think I'll just change and brush my teeth and just sleep, I guess.. EWW, but yeah. Wash my face, I guess. I don't know. I can't take a shower with a bunch of guys around. Just not comfortable with it, since there aren't any locks on the bathroom doors, ya know? At least at Calc Camp, there was a lock.. BLEH!

Gosh, I'm kinda tired.. I think I heard two of the girls saying that that they had to leave at 8:00 tomorrow? I don't have to go 'til 9:00, so I guess I'll have some freetime to do it tomorrow morning, but it's kinda pointless.. 'cause yeah. Just gonna get all sweaty and dirty from walking around downtown and stuff.. *sigh* BLEH!

Well, yeah.. that's all I have to say for now.. Laterz.

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So I'm officially moved in now and everything. And yeah, hecka tired.. x_x I need to read The Lovely Bones though! *SIGH* But yeah.. Woke up at 2:08 and got ready and all that jazz and then left the house at 3:00. Here is my transcript of it from the car ride.. XD Yes, I actually wrote this stuff down 'cause I was bored and all. XP

2:55 // Left the house. Very dark. Listening to 91X. Writing in the dark.

**NOTE: Dream -- Something involving MCR. Can't remember...

3:10 // Changed station to Channel 933.

3:24 // My butt hurts and "Sexy Back" is playing.

3:31 // Saw a sign for Hunter Steakhouse. Want to listen to AFI now. "Gallery" is playing.

3:39 // "Stutter Glasses" is playing. EWWW!

3:55 // "Ain't No Other Man (Remix)". Called [ profile] aznearthdragon.

3:59 // Ended call.

4:04 // Changed radio station to Kis FM.

4:09 // I-5 freeway is closed. Had to detour onto local.

4:15 // Back on the I-5 freeway.

4:19 // "(When You Gonna) Give It Up" is playing.

4:23 // Passed the Discovery Center with the cool cube thing. "Doncha" is playing.

4:31 // LIGHT! I can actually see what I'm writing.. for a minute. XD

4:35 // Entering Norwalk.

4:37 // "Get Up" is playing.

4:41 // Entering Commerce. My butt REALLY hurts.

4:47 // Now on the 101 freeway. "Promiscuious" is playing.

4:55 // "Sugar, We're Going Down" is playing. I *heart* Patrick. XD

5:02 // "Buttons" is playing.

5:14 // "London Bridge" is playing. Butt in major pain and I can't really move 'cause it's all cramped.

5:23 // Went to McDonalds to use the restroom. That McDonalds = HELLA NICE. Tables were not tacky-looking, bathroom was big and clean, and it was not brightly decorated. Craziness!

5:30 // Went to get gas. Happy 'cause there's light to write by.

5:35 // Back on the freeway.

5:37 // Justin Timberlake's new song is playing. I don't know the title, but I don't like it.

5:40 // Entering Thousand Oaks.

5:48 // Bored 'cause no more radio. Don't know any stations and I don't think my dad wants to be searching for one.

5:50 // There was a sign saying "Cal State Univ Channel Island" or something like that.

5:52 // I wish it would get light so I can read, but I don't think that's happening anytime soon. =/

5:55 // Getting out the laptop. Organizing files and listening to music.

6:27 // Getting lighter out, but not enough to read by. =/

6:33 // [ profile] bobbleheadvi called.

6:40 // Ended call.

6:41 // Reading The Lovely Bones and listening to music.

7:00 // Stopped at a rest stop to use restroom.

7:07 // Back on the freeway. Put laptop away and read The Lovely Bones.

7:45 // Entering Santa Maria.

8:08 // On Chapter 10. Stopped reading 'cause I'm tired of the book and we're almost there... kinda. Don't think I'll be able to finish in time for Wednesday. =/ Unless I have three and a half hours to spare later on in the day, since Monday - Wednesday will be busy...

8:13 // Saw a shopping center and then the Modonna Inn.

8:16 // Exit on California Blvd.

8:19 // Went to Carl's Jr. to get food. Ate a breakfast sandwich.

And that concludes what I wrote. Anywayz.. After that, went to Stenner Glen and by then, it was almost 9:00. Found Building 7 and someone opened the door, so went in and went up to my room. Started filling out the move-in paper, then the RA came and I went and got my keys and my parents started moving in my stuff. Then spent the rest of that time between then and 1:30 moving things and organizing and yeah. Hella tiring.

After we finished, went to Cal Poly and checked in for WOW. Got my wristband and everything, then went to Yosemite Hall for the Honors Reception. Ate some cookies, then some lady talked a little, then had to take pics. After that, played a "Getting to know each other" game where we just introduced ourselves, where we lived, where we're from, what our major is, and what cartoon character we want to be. I was near the end. I just said I wanted to be Hello Kitty since I was wearing a Hello Kitty shirt. XP After that, it was 3:00, so went and picked up my textbooks, then went to the bookstore to get my architecture kit thing. After that, went to stand in line to get my picture taken for my PolyCard. Damn, hella long line. x_x
Got my picture taken at 4:00 ((waited an hour!!)), got my card, then went to go eat again at Carl's Jr. Got a Carne Asada Burrito. After that, went to Albertson's to get milk and to get a Perferred card, then went back to my room and then my parents left. It was 6:00.

Been writing this post and listening to music and occasionally chatting with people since that time. I need to take a shower soon, but I'm kinda scared 'cause yeah.. I don't know. Never done this before, ya know.

I'm really tired, but I wanna read and do some stuff online.. BLEH!

Tomorrow, need to meet my group at 9:00, so gotta get up a bit earlier to get food. Also need to fill out my paperwork for Stenner Glen.. BLEH!

Okay, gonna stop this entry now. It looks all long from my.. transcription of the journey, or whatever. XP

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So yeah.. I'm moving soon. Sunday, to be exact. O.M.F.G.! Kill me now! ;_; I don't wanna leave San Diego!~ ;_; I actually LIKE it here and I don't think a small-town environment suits me. =/ *sigh* Why must Cal Poly be in the middle of nowhere? Well, more like dead between two big somewheres ((AKA Los Angeles and San Fransisco for people who DON'T know where San Luis Obispo is..)), but no one goes there anyway, so it's like nowhere. How will I survive? ;_;

Gosh, the thought of actually leaving here and NOT BEING HERE FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE NEXT FIVE YEARS is killing me. ;_; What about my dear [ profile] aznearthdragon?!~ My lover wants to stay here in SD for college, ya know.. She's a UCSD girl ((I'm sure she'll get in, even with all her bitchy-whining about not being all that great)) and even if she doesn't get in there ((PSH!)), she wants SDSU and practically everyone gets in there. ;_; I think she might be applying to Cal Poly as her last choice "just in case". Not like she wants to come and suffer with me, right? *sigh*

I'm gonna miss it here.. I mean, hello, I've spent 18 years of my life here, so the thought of living in somewhere TOTALLY different that SD is hella scary. =/ I mean, it's similar in some aspects, like being on the coast and still in Cali, but still.. Just not the same.

OMG!~ Today is already Tuesday.. ;_; Only FOUR more days! Kill me now! I don't want to go! ;_; AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!~

I hope I can make some friends there quick.. I'm somewhat of a loner, you know.. =( I can't just walk up to people and start talking. I mean, people say that this is the time to change and be someone different, do what you want and shit, since no one knows you ((how true is that seeing as SD is my life?)), but yeah.. It's like.. hard talking to people. I mean, once we're friends, I'm fine, but I can't just.. be outgoing and confident like that to people I don't know. =/ Damn, am I lame, haha. But I guess I'll try...? Hopefully there'll be some cool people in my WOW group.. And hopefully, I'll end up sitting next to some nice people in my classes. I don't want to be the person who doesn't have a partner if there's ever group work, ya know? I already endured that enough at Kearny, so..

Gosh.. I just can't wrap my mind around not BEING here. It's so weird. Everyone I know is here. Almost all my friends and aquintances are staying here and the ones who are leaving ((or already left)), I don't know that well or whatever.. And it's like, no one I know is going to SLO with me. Not even one! And it's like, HELLO! CTA. Cal Poly. You'd just think there'd be more people going there, ya know? I knew so many people who said they wanted to go there over the last four years.. so it's hard knowing that I'm the only one going. I can't help but wonder if they didn't get in 'cause they would have applied, right? And if they got in and it was their dream school, why would they turn it down?

I remember Allister wanted to go to Cal Poly since.. I think 10th grade or something. I remember hearing him talk about it and how he wanted to go there. And he's, like, rich boy that applied to tons of schools, so I'm positive he applied to Cal Poly. So I can't help thinking, "Did he not get in or something...?" 'cause here he is, going to the New School of Architecture downtown. Maybe he didn't want to leave San Diego? But then again, it was "I want to go Cal Poly!" for almost three years, so yeah... I guess I'll never know though, 'cause I never asked and he never said.

And yeah.. There's a few people who I knew were interested in Cal Poly, but I think they wanted to be in SD more, so.. Here they are, going to SDSU -- well, most of them anyway.

Maybe since we were the first graduating class of CTA, most people didn't really want to be following the CTA path? I mean, I don't, but here I am because this is what I know and yeah. It just is.. But then, I guess most of my fellow graduates just ended up following the CTA path anyway, since half of them went to CTA-related apprenticeships. But I guess it was more like, hey, I don't want to do college or community college, I need money, and this is the easy way because HELLO. CTA = connections with the construction field = guarenteed into an apprenticeship that teaches you a trade in a growing field AND getting paid somewhere around $11/hr with raises and benefits and stuff. Who wouldn't want that if they didn't really believe in post-secondary schooling?

Anyway.. that was a tangent 'cause yeah. All I wanted to say was WHERE ARE ALL THOSE WHO WANTED CAL POLY?!~ Why did it end up just being me? I never really even considered going to Cal Poly 'cause yeah, I never imagined I'd be going into architecture. I knew that Cal Poly would be the place to go if I wanted architecture, but yeah..

So [ profile] aznearthdragon's two friends ((not both "bests" but still basically the same since she works with them all the time)), Vanessa and Daniel, want to go to Cal Poly 'cause they're architect peoplez. Maybe her other friend, Michelle, as well. That's just.. I dunno.. weird? Not because they want it, since I'm sure a lot of CTA people have wanted it at one time or another, but weird because.. I don't know. I guess because I have a feeling they might actually be GOING there, like, for sure for sure, ya know? And that's weird 'cause.. whoa. If they do, there'll be people I know. And as nice as being a mentor-type person is, I kinda don't want to at the same time, if they end up going to my school.. Do you get what I'm saying? But whatevz.. I'm weird like that sometimes..

Okay, I'm gonna stop now. It's too hot to think.. Latez.

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Woke up today kinda late and got ready to walk. I didn't want to go, but yeah.. ended up going anyway. Walked there, two rounds, then went home. After that, just ate, looked at the ads from the newspaper, and went on the computer. Around 11:45, me and [ profile] aznearthdragon left for the New Student Welcome Event at Woodstock Pizza. It was very crowded there.. Hard to get food. The food was.. eh. And yeah.. Everyone was white, basically.. There were only a handful of non-white people.. The only person I really met was this girl we sat with named Jeri. She graduated from Mt. Carmel and is a Chemistry major.

After eating, they talked about the school and people asked questions.. That's about all we did the whole time until a little before 2:30, when it was over. After that, went home and saw that our parents and brother left to shop without us. -_- Just went on the computer.. Later, my parents called and said they were at the Grossmont Shopping Center place and that's not fair 'cause I wanted to go. =(

They bought me a small vacuum to take with me, some notebooks, and they bought some shoes (for my mom). Darn it! Me and [ profile] aznearthdragon missed our chance to buy shoes 'cause they bought two pair since it was buy one get one half off.. ARGH. I could have gotten something cute and non-sporty, haha. Not like I've ever gotten those kinds of shoes, but there's a first time for everything. Oh wellz..



Aug. 10th, 2006 08:57 pm
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Woke up and went walking, as usual.. So damned hot! >O After that, came home and watched TV and went on the computer. Around 10:45 or whatever, went to eat Pho and then went to Mission Valley. Went to Target first and bought an Ab Lounger, The Lovely Bones, and Edward Scissorhands on DVD. XD After that, walked around the mall and bought a holder thingy for my phone. After that, went to Wal-Mart and bought some stuff, then went home.

I signed up for Physics 141 today 'cause I dunno if I will get into English, so it's my back-up in case I can't get in. If I do get English, I'll just drop Physics 'cause I don't need to take it until next quarter anyway. But yeah.. Physics in the morning -- 7:10 - 8:00 on MTWR.

Okay.. I'm bored.. BLEH!~ And it's hot.. I'm gonna go now. Lates.

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Woke up, as usual, and got ready, but instead of going walking, I stayed home 'cause I had to register for my classes. Registering was easy enough.. Getting into some of the classes I needed was eh. Took forever trying to find classes that weren't full for my GE classes. I couldn't get into an English class, so right now, I'm on the waitlist for three different English classes at the same time. Hopefully I can get into one since I'm pretty high on the waitlists right now.. Anyway, my schedule:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:10 - 9:00 ARCH 131 EDES 101 ARCH 131 EDES 101 ARCH 131
9:10 - 10:00   ARCH 105
10:10 - 11:00
11:10 - 12:00
12:10 - 1:00  
1:10 - 2:00
2:10 - 3:00 MATH 142 MATH 142 MATH 142 MATH 142  
3:10 - 4:00
ENGL 134

Hopefully the formatting's okay, haha. Anywayz.. For the English up there, I'm not sure which days I'll have since I'm waitlisted. For one class ((the most likely since I'm #1 on the waitlist)), it's MWRF. Another one ((waitlist #2)) is TWRF. The other one ((waitlist #4)) is MTWF.

Besides that, didn't do much else today... Watched Saved by the Bell, went to Costco. Bought some stuff, then went to Food-4-Less and bought food stuff, then went home. Later on, my dad and [ profile] aznearthdragon went back to Costco and bought a mini-fridge for me.

Already only a few days with the cell phone and we want to change our plan 'cause we don't want the My Five anymore since it's somewhat pointless. Changed it already and it'll switch to just the regular family plan next month.

I'm still somewhat confused about Bluetooth. I think I spent an hour or two researching it so I could explain to [ profile] aznearthdragon ((since she's too lame to do the dirty work herself, lol)) and I only have a vague understanding of it.. Anyone wanna explain..?

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Woke up kinda late today.. Parents, as usual, left us behind. We got out of the house at.. about 7:00. When we got to the park, our parents were just finishing their first round, so walked with them. We walked three rounds -- 'rents walked four -- and then went back home. After that, ate and stuff, then around 10:30 or so, left and went to Fletcher Parkway. Got there and went to JC Penny first. Looked at shoes and clothes, but didn't buy anything. After that, went over to Famous Footwear and me and [ profile] aznearthdragon got shoes -- Sketchers. Mine are green, grey, and white. [ profile] aznearthdragon's is black and white. Once we were done there, went to Borders Express to see how much The Lovely Bones was, but it was too expensive, so just left. After that, went over to Wal-Mart and we got cell phones. =O Me, [ profile] aznearthdragon, and my mom got them. Me and [ profile] aznearthdragon both got the Samsung T609 and my mom got the Samsung T319. The only reason we got those phones was 'cause of the My Five plan thing.. If not for that, I would have prefered a Razr. Anywayz.. Took forget to get it activated and stuff.. x_x Finally, when we were done, bought some other stuff at Wal-Mart and then left. Went over to Mervyn's and bought some shirts and [ profile] aznearthdragon got a pair of jeans. After that, left and went to Costco. Ate and then went in and bought some stuff, then went home.

Played with the phones for a while when we got home, haha. Besides that, didn't do much else.. Oh yeah, paid my registration fee today already, haha.

And yeah..

Happy Birthday Teng!~

The big one-eight! =O Finally an adult..! Not always a good thing, but you know, hahah.

So before I took a shower, I got a phone call from some dude claiming to be from the government or whatever, offering me a grant of at leasst $5,000. There I was, thinking, 'WTF is this shit?!~ What's the catch?!~' and I was waiting forever for it and then finally, "You'll have to pay a fee of $299 with the application we send you for processing" and yeah. After he said that, he was like, "Wait one moment and then I'll verify your information" and then right after he said that, I hung up and told my parents what they said. Then he called back and I told my mom to answer and to let her put him off, but she didn't and she called me over and I didn't want to talk, 'cause I suck at saying no and all that. So went back to the phone and asked why there's a fee and he gave some BS response and I said I wasn't interested and he kept saying, "Why not? You're going to get at least $5,000" and stuff and I was thinking, 'Leave me alone!~' and finally, my dad took pity on me and took the phone and talked. After a long-ish time, my dad finally got him to stop, haha. Damn people.. BLEH!~

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It was raining or drizzling or whatever this morning. XD I was so happy 'cause I didn't want to get up to walk and then I heard it and yeah.. Slept in until about 9:00. Damn, that felt good. XD But yeah.. weather's been crazy.. It's hot one day, cool the next. I, personally, prefer this weather right now -- overcast and cool. It's very refreshing after the burning heat, hahah. If only it could be like this more during the summer... *sigh*

Anywayz.. Today, didn't do much. Mostly watching TV and reading Javey fics. Didn't watch any anime today.. @_@

We're ((me and [ profile] aznearthdragon)) are getting cell phones soon! =O Yeah, yeah, you're probably thinking, "Well, everyone has a cell phone!" and, sadly, it's true, but me and [ profile] aznearthdragon don't, so yeah, hahaha. XP I think me and her are part of the few that still don't have one ((out of the people we know)). What a sad world we live in, where people are always talking on their phones and ignoring the people around them. How are you suppose to make friends?!~ But I digress.. I think we're gonna get ours either this weekend or next! =O

Street Scene is tomorrow and Saturday. I wish I could go! ;_; I'm jealous of all the people going.. it seems like so much fun. *sigh* Oh wellz.. =/

I need to tell my dad to pay the registration fee for Cal Poly soon.. Maybe tomorrow.. But then, that'll detract him from getting the cell phones.. Hmm.. BLAHHH!~



Jul. 18th, 2006 09:35 pm
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Watched episode 62 of Yakitate!! Japan.. After that, went to the park and walked/jogged three rounds -- 2.4 miles. After that, went to Wal-Mart and bought some stuff. Then went to the 99 cent store.. After that, went to Sears Essentials. That's about all I did today...

Talked to my parents about the financial stuff for school.. Since the payments are spread out, my parents can handle it, so it's okay.. Hopefully since next year [ profile] aznearthdragon is going to school too, we can actually GET some money. x_x BLEH!~

My parents told me to apply for a credit card online through Citi Bankk today.. =O So I guess I'm gonna get a credit card, haha. Good thing I'm responsible or else I'd be like one of those dumb people who use it for everything.. Imma hold off on using that though until I can get a job 'cause I don't want my parents paying off all the stuff I buy, ya know?



Jul. 16th, 2006 09:38 pm
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Watched Yakitate!! Japan - Episodes 50-55 today.. That's about all I did.. Pretty boring.. At least it wasn't as hot as it was yesterday.

Anywayz.. School sucks. Yes, I'm not in school yet, but still.. I hate thinking about the money issue. It just makes me mad 'cause all I have are loans on my finanical aid award and that just doesn't cut it with me. I don't think Cal Poly takes the Cal Grant A -- it takes the Cal Grant B instead. And, of course, I don't qualify for that 'cause we make a couple thousand more than the ceiling for the B. x_x ARGH! So here I am, about $17,000 for one year with only $2,000 from scholarships. So basically, I ((read: my parents)) gotta pay $15,000 for this year. >O

So yeah.. I don't think my parents will want to take out loans, so.. Yeah. Isn't that just the life? x_x *sigh* Fuckin' school.. Why does it have to be so expensive? Why can't Cal Poly give me an institutional grant? It just makes me mad 'cause there's [ profile] bobbleheadvi, totally fine with his money issues 'cause he's living at home and he's got enough for school ((since he's living at home)) from the grants he's received. And there's Kevin with the same situation. And then there's me who actually has an EFC and doesn't get any grant aid. *sigh* I just can't help but be a little bitter because of it.

My dad came home today in the afternoon 'cause he's back hurt. This is like.. the second or third time this month.. Last week, he came home early and then took two days off ((to rest and to see the doctor)). =( It stresses me out even more to know that he's working so hard and I have to break the news to him that it's likely that I'm NOT gonna get anything else for this school year and that we're just gonna have to foot basically the whole cost of school. I'm pretty sure my parents don't want to take out any loans, so.. That's just how it's gonna be, I guess..

Today, I was making a chart on Excel of when payments were due to see how it'd all work.. Hopefully, since most of the payments are spread out, it won't hurt that much.. x_x There's $808 every month until April for my room and board.. Then there's the registration fees -- $1,450 / quarter. Besides that, there's the books, although I won't know how much those cost until it comes up.. Hopefully I'll make some friends at Cal Poly who live in San Diego too ((with a ride, haha)) so during breaks, I can get a ride back home without having to use Amtrak. Bleh.. All this financial stuff makes me sad.. =(

I need a job, damnit! I don't like making my parents pay for all of this, but it's so hard to find one. >O If only I could get a full-time job now.. Even with minimum wage, I could make at least $1,500 in a month.. During school I'm gonna try and find a part-time job ((hopefully on-campus, but off is okay too, I guess..)) so I can pay off my own rent. BLEH!~ This sucks.. I just wanna die now.. x_x

Whateverz.. I don't really have anything else to say.. I'll just wallow in my financial aid troubles some more.. x_x


Cal Poly

Jun. 24th, 2006 02:58 pm
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Yesterday, woke up around 2:00 and got ready. Left the house at 3:00 and was on our way. We got lost a bit on the way, but it was okay.. So boring. Finally, a little before 10:00, got there and then went to the bookstore and [ profile] aznearthdragon spent forever choosing what jacket or hoodie to buy and then decided to just get a shirt and get a jacket later. Then at 11:00, went to the University Union to meet up for the tour..

The tour was boring, haha. Walked around campus and stuff.. Found out that architecture students, in their second year, get their own offices. That's cool, but sucks at the same time 'cause that means there's even MORE work. x_x The tour guy dude said that Cal Poly's architecture program is second in the nation. =O Hahaha. Anywayz.. Yeah. An hour and a half of walking and stavation. ;_; After the tour, we walked ALL the way downtown to go eat. x_x BLEH!~ It wasn't even that great.. Then walked all the way to find Stenner Glen, which is where I'm staying, but they were closed during the summer. x_x Then walked back to Cal Poly, but we went the wrong way 'cause it took forever to get there.. Once we got there, went to the restroom and stuff, then left. It was about 3:45.

The drive home was boring too. Just slept most of the way. Made a stop to eat around 8:30 or so and then continued home. Got home at about 11:00. So tired.. Just waited for the shower and then after that, just slept.

So.. San Luis Obispo is like.. nothing. Hahahah! That sucks ass.. I mean, I knew that it was like.. the middle of nowhere, but I dunno. It's easy to know something, but it's different to see for yourself, ya know? But yeah.. It sucks 'cause I like living in San Diego and how it is and going to a small town in the middle of nowhere will NOT be cool. x_x Oh wellz.. The things you do for school, huh?



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