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EDES 101
So the teacher just lectured today.. Pretty boring..

Went to the bookstore to see what was on sale, which was basically everything. There were a bunch of people there and stuff.. so yeah. x_x I got Tiffany a jacket thing that's black and says Cal Poly on it in white and pink. It cost $36.03 with the 30% discount. I hope she likes it...

Left and went to my room.. Worked a bit on my English essay, then around 10:20, headed for school with my box. Got there, looked at everyone's, then went with Valerie to turn it into Brent's office. After that, we both decided to eat and went to The Avenue to get food. She treated, since she has Plu$ dollars.. Got fries and chilly cheese fries and drinks. Split that, then went to Julian's to get ice cream. ^_^ I got black cherry vanilla. Yummy. Just sat on the stairs outside of the UU to eat it.. Then after that, we parted ways..

Went to the bookstore to get my scantron for EDES (('cause I didn't remember which type we needed before)), but there were so many people waiting in line.. it was ridiculous, so I just left.. Will get it later, I guess, when I have time to stand around in line ((well, I had time, but I didn't want to, just for a scantron..)). So yeah.. Walked back home and yeah..

Need to finish my English essay 'cause tonight, gotta do my slip case. x_x

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Worked on our models some more.. I realized later on that I cut the notches at the bottom on the wrong side, but it's been glued there since Monday morning so it was really tight and I tried to rip it apart and the basswood cracked. x_x So had to recut the pieces and then was all paranoid that I would glue it wrong and stuff.. But yeah.. Did that, made some pieces, and yeah.. Around 11:30, all the other classes came in and they showed us the flyer thing about our review and told us about Friday and the CD stuff and all that.. Yeah.. I dunno.

Went home and worked on my English essay for a while, then later went to class..

MATH 142
Reviewed.. That's about it..

Talked about the essay, then did this assignment thing where we had to compare two introduction paragraphs..

Went home and worked on my English essay for a little, then went to eat dinner. Came back, worked on my slip case and yeah.. Around 8:30, went to shower, then came back and worked on my slip case. Made the CD for the 105 project 'cause I forgot to, then made the label and yeah. Back to slip case.. That's about it..

Contemplated how non-131 people will be making their CDs 'cause they don't know how they like them.. Most likely they won't have CD labels or a white envelope and won't organize it right or anything. How sad for them..

I hate life right now.. It sucks ass. I don't know.. I can't wait until this week is over.. I still have a lot to do though.. This sucks ass.. =/

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So EDES was boring, as usual.. Just talked about sustainability at Cal Poly..

Went to see if the photo lab was open, but it wasn't, so went back home and got out my illustration and foamcore board and went outside to take pictures.. I would have taken a lot more, but the sun went away from where I was and I wasn't about to move to get more sun, so yeah...

Loaded the pics on the computer, then went and renamed them all. After that, worked forever making a layout in InDesign and stuff.. Took forever. Went to eat, then came back and worked on it a little more before working a bit on the math review sheet.

MATH 142
Reviewed, as usual.. That's about it..

Went home and worked on the documentation some more.. Took forever, but finally finished to what I kinda wanted it to look like. Still need to print, but yeah.. I dunno. It kinda sucks, but whatever, right? As long as it's done.. I think I'm gonna print now after I write my entry..

After that, went to eat dinner, then came back and worked on my slip case. BLEH! Sucked 'cause stuff wasn't staying.. And then later, realized I glue something on the WRONG SIDE, so yeah. x_x Had to take that apart ((took forever 'cause it was glued all nice and it actually LOOKED good and yeah.. Sucked. =(

Took a shower at 8:30, then came back and had to clean up.. That's about it...

Thursday is the Dead End BBQ thing and we can also buy our Winter Formal tickets. It's $18, so yeah.. I guess I'll be buying mine then.

Tired.. Glad class starts at 9:00 tomorrow..

Still have a lot to do.. *sigh*

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So last night, my suitemates were all in the common room just chatting it up. I don't know why they had to choose around 11:00 at night to start this, but they did. And me trying to sleep while hearing them talk? Not good. So it was about 12:30 when I hung up with [ profile] bobbleheadvi and tried to get some sleep and they're still going at it. Around 1:00 ((I wanted to know what time it was)), they were still going strong. I tried my best to ignore it, but damn, they were REALLY being loud. And it sucked. x_x

In the morning, I couldn't really wake up. It sucked. I had two weird-ass dreams, but I'm too lazy to describe them here. One involved architecture and the other involved Titanic. Both are not in the ways you'd think, I'm sure.

So I'm wearing the green sweater jacket thing that [ profile] bobbleheadvi gave me. It's Happy Bunny with "I did it, but I'm blaming you" as the saying. I feels like it's really tight, but I know it's not.. I guess it's just 'cause I never wear such restricting jackets, so yeah.. I feel kinda fat, hahal. It's weird. 'Cause jackets are suppose to be loose and hide your fat. XP Or, at least, that's MY opinion. XP

I'm gonna bring my box to EDES so that afterwards, I can go to the photo lab and take pictures. It better be open! =/ But yeah.. kinda scared to go in there by myself 'cause I dunno what to do. =/ Sucks ass. Hopefully there's other people who will be going there too.. =/ Or should I just try to take the pictures here? Hmm... I dunno. Such a hard decision. =/ I guess I'll just bring it anyway and see what happens..

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So I worked on my English essay for a while and got about three and a half pages now. It's really crappy, but whatever.. After that, headed to math class and we got out midterms back. Let's just say I did bad. As in, really bad. As in, 68 bad. x_x Luckily, he gave everyone seven points on the test, so now I have a 75. Still not good, but at least it's a B. I'm very sad though 'cause I did stupid mistakes and all that. Feel so dumb.. *sigh* =/ After that, reviewed a bit, then got to leave.

In English class, we finished watching Bowling for Columbine, then we discussed it.

Got home, got out my drawing for ARCH 131, and worked on fixing it. =/ The side view was the only one that looked wrong, even though it was all wrong, so yeah.. Took forever and I couldn't get it right! =(

At 5:30, Amanda called and said we were going to Staples, so got my stuff and went to meet her and Jen by the mailboxes. Went to Staples and got some presentation folder things for the ARCH 105 documentation. After that, came back, ate dinner, then finished up my drawing. After that, cut out all the pieces of basswood I need ((basically)) and then went to shower at 9:00.. And yeah. That's about all I've done. =/

Gotta actually meet for ARCH 105 on Thursday. How sad. =/ Oh wellz..

Tomorrow is all about the documentation.. Better finish it! And then I need to go to the library to scan my drawings.. And then gotta glue my model pieces together. =/ And sometime tomorrow before math, I have to actually finish working on the review paper.. And attempt to look in the book at the review problems, if I can.. *sigh*

I have a C average on the midterm grades.. How sad. Dumb thing. ;_; I'm very depressed... *sigh*

I need to get to work on my English essay, but I'm so dead right now.. I think I'll just work on figuring out the layout for the documentation.. =/


So tired..

Dec. 1st, 2006 11:37 pm
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So I had a dream where I was in my suite, but it wasn't, and my suitemates were there, and some stuff happened and I was in bed and I looked at the clock and it read 8:43 and I was like, to my suitemates, "Oh, I don't have to get up 'cause class doesn't even start until 9:00" but after I said that, it sounded weird and I thought for a second and realized it was because, HELLO, I don't HAVE any classes that start at 9:00! And it was Friday in my dream, so I was like, "Wait a minute.. SHIT! Class started at 8:00!" and I ran out of the room to get ready and I tried to go to school, but it was taking forever and I forgot my shit and yeah.. Bad stuff. Then I woke up and it was really 6:20 (real time) and I was all freaked and tired and it sucked ass. And yeah.. When I finally had to get up, I was so drained. Bags under my eyes, didn't really feel like I was functioning, half-awake status. It sucked. x_x

I got ready and ate a granola bar and then just sat around and attempted to read, but didn't get far 'cause I was tired as fuck and couldn't concentrate.. And I was really wondering what the fuck I was doing up when I didn't even feel up to functioning.. x_x

So I brought my drawing board with my to class and yeah.. In the end, I didn't do jack shit. Seriously. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Must I go on? The point is, I wasted away FOUR HOURS doing nothing. My drawings were wrong, but I didn't bring my model, so I couldn't fix them. They didn't tell us the layout for the final drawings, so couldn't start that. So yeah.. Class consisted of me sitting and doing nothing while watching some other people work and occasionally listening into conversations. Later on, Keith came over to sit next to me to talk 'cause no one was near him and he had nothing to do either. So we talked about the math test and random stuff and later, was listening to him talk to some other people, then me, him, and Ashley were talking about SD stuff and yeah.. He's leaving early Thursday morning, so can't get a ride from him. =/ But yeah.. Basically, no productivity at all. x_x

Around 11:00, went down to look at the fifth (?) year projects they were setting up. They looked really complex and stuff.. And hard.. And a lot of fuckin' work. It was kinda interesting..

After that, went to Brent's room and they showed us the layout for the drawings. Basically, they're all on one sheet of bristol and we only have to do the orthographic views. But yeah.. it'll take for-fuckin'-ever to do it all. I know it will 'cause I was struggling to do my drawings WRONG on the trace paper. That's how hard it is. Damn 3-D hard things.. I should have been smart about it and made something that would draw easy. *sigh*

Drawings due on Monday.. Bring modeling supplies 'cause we're starting on the models on Monday. BLEH!~

Went home and dropped off stuff, then went to eat lunch. After eating, came back and basically did nothing 'cause I was tired as fuck and didn't want to do shit. I think I spent a while just dazed off. It was kinda sad, you know? =/

Watched Bowling for Columbine. Didn't finish it.. BLEH! But it's in interesting video..

Went home and didn't do anything for a bit, then worked on the analysis thing for Bowling for Columbine. Somehow, it took me longer than expected to finish that. I think it was the combination of me not having any writing abilities anymore, my tired semi-coherent-ness towards work, and my attitude of whatever-ness.

After I finished that, I went to shower and then came back at 8:30 and figured out the layout of my final drawings of the slip case. After that, it was 9:00 and went on the TV to see what was on and saw some skating. There was this black girl ((and that's really weird 'cause you don't normally see black figure skaters, you know?)) and she was REALLY good and she did a bunch of split jumps that were AWESOMELY high and, at the end, she did a backflip! OMG. Totally awesomeness! Too bad she didn't win against the other girl. =/

I gave up on watching figure skating after a while and had the urge to watch the Corbin Bleu MV for "Push It To The Limit" and then I had the urge to look up the movie that it's for and it sounds so awesome and I totally want to watch Jump It! now! And it comes out in January on Disney. And I don't have Disney. ;_; So sad.. ;_; I also found out from my explorations that there's gonna be a High School Musical 2 and I think it's probably gonna suck ass. =/

Talked to [ profile] aznearthdragon and showed her my findings.. Then for some reason, I was on the Zac Efron website and looking at his bio and stuff 'cause I had nothing better to do ((I do, but you know work sucks..)) and yeah. 4.3GPA and he applied for UCLA and USC and according to Wiki ((not as reliable a source)), he got into both and is going to USC. On his website, it says he would go to USC if he got into both and I assume he did, so I guess it can be believable.. But yeah, me and [ profile] aznearthdragon were saying, "Why can't he go to UCSD?! Or Cal Poly?!" 'cause we want to see him in real life just to see what he's REALLY like, haha. 'Cause, you know, we don't really like him all that much, but you never know.. maybe he's cool? Haha.

So yeah..

I'm tired as fuck. I want sleep. The drawings for ARCH 131 will take more than enough of my weekend. I haven't started my English essay. Life sucks.

Apparently it doesn't suck as much as Caleb's life though, 'cause I went to his xanga ((yeah, I'm a stalker. Sue me.)) and he posted today and yeah. I'll just copy and paste this part..

this week was hell

sunday: a few hrs nap in the car... in that 8 hr car ride... traffic was crazy
sunday night: slept at 6:30am
monday: 3 hr nap
monday night: 3:00am
tuesday: 1 hr nap
tuesday night: 4:30am
wednesday: 1 hr nap
wednesday night: 6:30 am
thursday: half hr nap
thursday night: 7:00 am

So yeah, WTF! I mean, I'd die if I had only that much sleep in a week. x_x And he didn't come to class today, but I totally understand, with that sleep schedule.. I'd totally pass out and not go to class either. But it's not like he missed anything, so yeah..

Anywayz... I have a lot to do this weekend. Oh joys of joy.

- Three Orthographic Drawings for ARCH 131
- English Essay

Okay, it doesn't look like much, but trust me, it IS.

Next week will be fuckin' HELL. I mean, it already started with the weekend, but damn..

- Slip Case Drawings [Monday]
- Archival Box Documentation [Thursday]
- Final Slip Case Model [Friday]
- English Essay [Friday]

Gotta do the drawings this weekend ((obviously)). Starting final slip case on Monday in class. Taking pictures on Tuesday, no matter what. I dunno where or how, but it's happening. Printing, binding, and CD will be done by Tuesday night, no matter what! Dunno when I'm writing that English essay, but it's gotta happen! Must scan drawings and shit, probably on Monday, but gotta have that done by Wednesday. Might be dying on Thursday night. Keep me in your mind 'cause I dunno if I'll have time for life at all this upcoming week. Freakin' Dead Week. I'll make time to post quickly though. It'll probably be the quick couple sentences every once in a while when I'm taking my short breaks, so don't expect one long normal entry. Won't have time for that, you know?

Found out that [ profile] aznearthdragon is Battalion Commander now and that Martinez was fired. It's so whack though 'cause SGM said he talked to Martinez, but then Victoria said that he didn't even know and if she didn't tell him, he wouldn't have known! WTF! So messed. And it's like, she still has to do XO stuff, so it's even more whack. WTF. My poor baby [ profile] aznearthdragon. She says she's stressed, but she doesn't know what stressed is. Even so, I still feel bad for my baby 'cause she has to do everything. I mean, seriously! BC, XO, UDT CDR, CG CDR, and now, SQD and PLT, most likely PLT CDR. Fuckin' sucks ass. My poor girl. =(

Apparently, a lot of people wanted to go to USC, but couldn't afford it. A bunch of them applied and got in, but didn't have the money to go. @_@ That's interesting, I guess.. But, I mean, why even apply when you KNOW you can't afford it? I mean, did they seriously think they'd get a lot of money from the school so they could go? @_@ But that's just my take on it... To each their own, I guess. They only liked it 'cause USC kept sending them stuff.. 'Cause they're a private school, so they can afford to send brochures and booklets and all that..

I'm really tired right now.. I wasn't really before, but now I'm feeling it again. I mean, I was dead last night from tiredness.. And then sometime in the afternoon, I kinda woke up? And I didn't feel any fatigue at all, but now it's coming back with a vengeance. x_x Fuckin' tiredness..

Only seven more days until classes are over.. And just six more days of torture, but I dunno if I can last, you know? I just don't have the energy anymore.. It's like, fuck. WTF.

I don't know what I'm doing here at all. Architecture is so not for me. But I don't even know where to go, you know? I'm just, like, dying from the work and it's only gonna get worse and I dunno. I want to be smart enough to get out, but I dunno where to go. I just can't take it anymore. I don't know. I need a lifetime break or something. I need easy classes. I need stability and structure. I can't get that with architecture and yet I'm staying with it. Why? =(

Come on, life.. Move a little faster so school can be over and I can relax! I'm not worried about my finals! I just need to get pass Dead Week! Then I can rest VERY WELL on Friday night and sleep in until I wake naturally on the 9th and yeah. Shopping or something those days until my final on my birthday, haha. Then home sweet home.. Can't wait.. Just move faster, time. Except for when I'm working on my drawings and stuff. Go slower then so I can actually finish and get rest.

Okay, gonna brush teeth now and go sleepy-sleepy 'cause I need to wake tomorrow and kill myself drawing. Keep me fresh in your minds.. I might not survive for you to see me again. x_x

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Woke up at 6:40 and went to get ready. Brooke was sick and throwing up. x_x Got ready and stuff, then left for school around 7:45.

Class was actually interesting.. He showed us some of his drawings, then at the end of class, we did a drawing exercise where we had 30 seconds to draw whatever thing the ten people chosen said. It was fun. And we got five points towards the final. XD

Went to Brent's office, but he wasn't there. Sat with everyone else in there waiting. He finally showed around 9:30.. x_x Showed him the box and he checked it off ((and he actually knew my name! Weird...)) and then went back to Stenner with two other girls 'cause we all forget our grade sheets.. Got that and went back to Brent's office to give it to him. After that, went to the Arch office to turn in my interview thing. Then went back to Stenner and attempted to do the top view of my slip case, but it wasn't working and I erased it all and then went to eat lunch. After that, came back and did absolutely nothing until I had to go to class. Attempted to study a bit, but that didn't really work, so yeah...

MATH 142
Totally failed my midterm. I didn't do one problem and I totally did another one wrong. I skipped one of the fill in the blanks and yeah.. I'm just hoping it was a C. x_x

Watched Bowling for Columbine and had to take notes. Gonna finish it tomorrow and then we have to write a two page response to it talking about the arguments and how he makes them and stuff. BLEH!

Worked on my drawings for ARCH 131. BLEH! Sucked. Got through the top and part of the front, then went to eat dinner. After that, came back and finished the front, then did the side. Front and side views are wrong, but whatever. After that, had to do the axonometic. Somehow, that was the easiest to draw. x_x But yeah.. I dunno.. It took a while though, since there were so many lines and I had to line things up. After that, cleaned up, then went to shower. It was 10:30. x_x

After showering, got my stuff ready to go to school tomorrow. Put four sheets of Bristol in my tube.. It sucks 'cause i'l be all wrinkled when I take it out to work on it tomorrow. =/ Oh wellz.. And I have to bring the drawing board tomorrow.. That's gonna suck ass. I've never carried it before.. =/

I'm so tired.. I don't want to go to school tomorrow. =/

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Woke up around 3:00 for some reason.. I think it was 'cause of my weird-ass dream or whatever.. I dunno. Sucked though 'cause I want sleep, you know? BLEH!~ Anyway.. Got up at 6:38 and got ready and then attempted to glue together a bit of my box, but yeah. Then grabbed a granola bar and left for class.

Pointing thing again for the question-askers. -_- Guest speaker talked about design-build. Boringness..

Went to the shop and cut out the few pieces I still needed to cut.. After that, it was 10:00 and I went back to my room and put finishing on those pieces and then glued together the other stuff. It was hard work. After that, was letting it dry a bit and went to ask suitemates for some fruit so I could do my weekly draw. Drew a tangerine and an apple.. BLEH! After that, went to eat lunch, then came back and finished the gluing process. Some pieces didn't fit 'cause they were too long ((well, the piece that it was going into was too small, but it was already glued, so yeah..)), so yeah. x_x After that, worked on my math homework a bit and yeah..

MATH 142
Did some review.. BLAH! No homework, surprisingly.. But I haven't even finished last night's homework, so yeah... =/

Went to the shop to cut those two non-fitting pieces.. Then went back home and glued them on. After that, was working on my slip case the whole time. Had to go to the bookstore around 4:35 'cause I didn't have any chipboard the right size and I was pissed. x_x Took a break at 5:30 to go eat dinner and then back to the slip case. Didn't get much done though.. BLEH! Took forever just making the base and then figuring out how to connect them 'cause I was basically taking apart my last one to rearrange it and stuff... BLEH! Technically speaking, I only made two new additions, but I had to make new supports and stuff, so yeah.. And then I finished and went to shower around 9:30. Came back and was gonna take pictures and set everything up and then I took one shot, nudged the box it was sitting on just a TINY bit and the slip case FELL FORWARD onto the floor! I mean, it's angled now, but OMG. I was so shocked and was about to freak out 'cause the book is near the bottom of the case and it's built up, so the book landed on most of the stuff. And I was SO scared it broke all the stuff since the book is heavy and all.. Luckily, it didn't break much since most of the stuff has had over a week to dry and get strong, so yeah. Only a few support pieces came off and the top detached from the bottom, so had to fix that. It took about 30 minutes or whatever to do it though. >O And then had to wait while it dried a little so it'd be strong enough.

Scanned my stuff while that was happening. BLEH! After that, took my pictures, cleaned up, and yeah.. That's about it.

Got into the HNRS 134 (PHYS 141) class 'cause I got a permission number from the honors person or whatever...

Life sucks.. BLERGH!

Tired.. so damned tired.. I hate MWF 'cause I always feel so stressed and rushed. Like, the night before any of those days, I feel like I have no time and can't sleep and have to wake up too early and it's like, on TR, I don't feel like that, even though I get up at the same time, you know? BLEH!

Need to go brush teeth and sleep now. I had more to say ((read: rant)) but I don't have time or energy right now.. Lates.

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Couldn't fall asleep last night.. It was 12:00 before I could even get to bed. =( But yeah.. sucked. So I got up after [ profile] aznearthdragon called me at 6:30. =/ Sooo tired. And sucked ass. Got ready and changed, then ate my sandwich. After that, packed up my stuff and left for school. It was 7:45-ish or whatever.. Maybe a little later.

Worked on another axonometric.. BLEH! It was a worm's eye view and I messed up in the beginning and didn't realize until half way through, but wanted to continue it 'cause I didn't want to start over.. And yeah, sucked. I couldn't figure out what I was doing since mine was rotated and it sucked. In the end, I barely had a quarter of it done and I just turned it in. Don't care anymore, you know? Fuck axonometrics. ;_; After that, put up our weekly drawings up and yeah.. went to Brent's class to talk about them.. Basically, they sucked. They showed the few good ones and then said we had to redo them for Wednesday. x_x Also have to fix up our slip cases or whatever 'cause on Wednesday, we're starting on our drawings and whatever we have is what we're drawing. x_x How do they expect us to do so much work? *sigh* I mean, seriously! We have other classes, damnit! *sigh* They just don't care.. >O

After that, went back to our class and talked about the FormZ thing and yeah.. After that, got to leave about 15 minutes early.

Went home and worked on my math homework. After that, had about a few minutes before I had to go to class, so yeah..

MATH 142
Took notes and all.. Got a lot of homework. Sucked. Got out of class about 15 minutes early. Just went and sat outside of the English building for a while before going in..

Got our essays back. I got an 11, so yay. After that, had to read some excerpt about dumpster diving.. BLEH! Had to write something too, but I don't remember what. Got our grades for the class.. I have a A-. Good enough for me, lol. Do well on the last essay and then I'm good for that class.

Went home and worked on my math. Around 5:00, went to eat dinner with my suitemates. Then came back and worked on math. After that, did one of my weekly draws of my foot. Then just sat around for a few, then went to shower. After that, glued a bit of my box together and yeah.. I lost a piece. Sucks 'cause now I need to re-cut it! ARGH! Sucks ass. =(

Need to go to the shop tomorrow to finish up on some stuff and re-cut the piece, then gonna go back to my room to glue it together. BLEH! Then will do my other weekly draw and then work on my slip case, I guess.. BLEHHHHH!

I got this thing in the mail about what credits transfer and they put ENGL 101 as A1 and I thought it covered the A2 requirement, so yeah. Now I have to take SCOM 101 and this sucks ass. *sigh* Dumb thing.. Had to rearrange my schedule and stuff and that took a while to get it to work, but here's the new schedule..

ARCH 132 // MWF // 0810-1200
ENGL 145 // TR // 0710-0900 (Waitlist #8)
HNRS 134 (PHYS 141) // MTRF // 1310-1400 (Waitlist #2)
HNRS 101 (SCOM 101) // TR // 1410-1600

I don't really care about ENGL 145 that much.. I dunno if I want to take it or not. I mean, I don't want to have that many units, but I'll just leave it for now and I'll figure it out later.. I think I can get in physics, hopefully.. This sucks though.. I liked my other schedule.. But this is okay too.. BLEHHH!

I need to find out where the advising office or whatever is so I can ask them about the crossing out the four and putting 1/2 there 'cause.. 1/2 a unit? How do you do that? 'Cause that's what they did for all the transfer classes. So yeah.. BLAH.

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Woke up today around 6:40 or whatever 'cause my mom woke me up. Felt all rested, lol, but [ profile] aznearthdragon was all tired. @_@ Could be the fact that she WAKES UP AT 5:40 TO CALL KEVIN EVERY MORNING. But yeah.. Got up, got ready, and ate.. Then was just watching TV for a couple of hours.. Yeah.. Then around 8:30, left to head downtown. Got there and found Carrier Johnson, then went in and asked for he dude I was interviewing. He came and I asked my questions, then we went around and looked at the building and stuff, then we were done and yeah.. Left around 9:30 and called 'rents, then waited for them. Talked to [ profile] bobbleheadvi during that time.. Finally parents came after about minutes and we went to Blick Art Materials 'cause we saw it on the way home on Tuesday morning when I came. Bought a parallel ruler, 30-60 triangle, and a set of French curves. Still need to buy Bristol board...

Went home and then did some homework and stuff, then later on, went to Home Depot to buy finish for my wood. x_x BLEH! After that, went to the Lemon Grove Sheet Metal place down the street 'cause I needed metal and the dude in Home Depot recommended us go there since I needed such a thick piece.. Got there and asked for the metal and went around and found something around that size and the dude cut it for me and gave it to us for free. XD How nice, lol. After that, went home and me and [ profile] aznearthdragon worked on putting finishing on the wood.. Then did some more homework, then went back out and put a second layer out. Later on, got it and brought it back inside..

Watched the American Music Awards.. I was seriously just watching for Fall Out Boy 'cause they were gonna perform "This Ain't a Scene..." and yeah. Watched though all of the stuff, then finally FOB performed. After that, didn't watch anymore, lol. ^_^;; But yeah, ewww to Gwen Stefani's new song, "Wind It Up" -- I don't really like it at all. x_x

Woke up at 6:30 and went to get ready. Then ate and then we left for LA. I don't remember what time it was. I did, however, remember in the car that I forgot the camera. x_x Lameness.. Anyway, went to my uncle Tac's house first. Sat around and watched TV and then later, The Return of Jafar for a bit before we left to go to my grandparent's house.

Went there and sat around for a while, then around 12:00 or something, we left to go to my cousin's house for turkey. Got there and basically everyone else was there already. "Helped" Nga with the mashed potatoes, then ate and hung out in Anh's room. Just sat and watched TV and talked and stuff. Later on, we all played Taboo for a while and yeah, haha. Ate more and watched TV, then was just sitting around and talking. Had to leave around 7:45. =/

Went to my grandparents' house and hung around there for a while. Some of the kids were there, so was just playing with them and ate some ice cream.. We finally left around 9:15 or whatever. Went to Pho's house to get some stuff, then we went home.. I was sleeping in the car.

Got home around 11:30 and was so tired.. Waited, showed, then went to sleep and yeah..

Woke up around 6:00 and got ready, ate, then went to Plaza Bonita. Walked around and looked at stuff, but didn't really buy much. Got two shirts -- one for [ profile] aznearthdragon and one for me -- at Aeropostale and then I had to buy [ profile] aznearthdragon a bracelet from Bliss. x_x But yeah.. We're such good shoppers... you see everyone with a bunch of full bags since it's Black Friday and all, and then there's me and her with just one bag, haha.

Left around 9:30 and went downtown to Blick and bought my Bristol board.. Ended up with 18x24 and just gonna cut it for 12x18. x_x After that, went to Wal-Mart and just looked around, but didn't get anything. Then went home and worked on my architecture crap. Did my weekly draws and they're horrible, but I don't care. x_x Whateverz.. I spent a lot of time on them! At least four hours or so! x_x

After that, worked on my axonometric and me and [ profile] aznearthdragon argued about some of the lines forever, but in the end, I dunno what's what at a certain spot, so I was just like whatever, and inked it and it's wrong, but I dun care.

Worked on my FormZ thing after that.. It looks crappy and I'm SURE it's all wrong, but I don't care.. I don't really understand the program, so yeah.. =/ Oh wellz.. "Finished" that up and yeah...

I gotta shower now.. Laterz.

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Woke up at 6:45, as usual, got ready, and then left for school around 7:50. Didn't have to bring the laptop, but was suppose to bring modeling stuff..

Figure Friday, then did some lettering. After that, had a break, then we went to Brent's room to look at some pictures of other projects from some other school. They kept talking about how the movement is implied and recognizable, but for some of them, I didn't even see it, so.. yeah. I didn't even get their projects.. BLEH! After that, went back to our rooms and we had to sketch some diagrams to show the movement of our slip cases. I didn't even have a movement in mine yet.. x_x Theresa gave me an idea for a movement though, for it to be spiraling up and shrinking or whatever.. I thought that was awesome and am gonna roll with it for the next case. But yeah.. The teachers were going through the rooms talking about each book and our class was last. We were all just basically hanging and talking until they came. There was some interesting conversations, like the crunchy cereal thing, where they were talking about how Valerie doesn't listen, just like the commercial. 'Cause the teachers have been telling her to get a new book since the beginning, but she's stuck with what she had. And everytime, she didn't even change anything on her book, even though they told her to. Valerie also decided she wanted to have a sleep over since a bunch of us were going on the Poly Canyon Tour the next day.. Blah, blah, they came in and we all got silent. Went through the books, then they got to mine and they said it was chaotic and basically, it sucked. But I already knew that, so whatever.. When they got to Valerie's, they said she needed to start over with a new book.

Went to Valerie's room with Marcela and waited for Valerie to get our food from The Avenue. She came, we ate, then when it was about 12:40, started walking up to the canyon. Got there at 1:00 and was just sitting around 'cause the teacher or wasn't there.. At 1:20, he finally came. It was "Santa" from the workshop. Anyway.. Had to pull weeds from the path, then later fill wheelbarrows with gravel and fill in the path. I was just shoveling the gravel into the wheelbarrows for that part 'cause I didn't want to take the barrows down. BLEH! Arms hurt like a bitch now.. =(

Something creepy: Rachel was trying to get Santa to let us leave early 'cause we'd be done and have to walk in the dark and she was like, "There's a rapist on the loose" 'cause there is, and he says, "He's not on the loose. He's right here" and yeah. Shouldn't be saying stuff like that, especially if you're a teacher!

Did that until about 4:00 and then we could leave. Walked all the way down, got my stuff from Valerie's, then walked home with Marcela. Showered when I got home and then went to eat dinner with Kitto 'cause I was starved. After that, was about to start working on my English essay, but Marcela called me and asked if i was ready to go, so I had to pack up my crap and then go over to wait for Marcela.

Walked all the way to Valerie's place and then had some pizza and cinnatwists. ((Was Valerie, Emma, Marcela, Stephen, and me.)) After that, played some games and took pictures and yeah. Stalerie ((Stephen and Valerie 'cause Valerie was on Stephen's shoulders)) got tagged by Marcela and then we all decided it'd be fun to go over to Sequoia so Stalerie could tag Niki. Got there and went looking on all the doors on the second floor and then found Niki's door. Valerie got on Stephen's shoulders, then they knocked and then Niki opened the door, saw them with the camera, and closed the door before Valerie could get a picture. It was pretty funny.

After that, hung around in the halls of Sequoia on the guy's side, right outside of Stephen's door. He's door is right in front of the bathroom door, so yeah. Just watching all the dudes walking by and stuff, going to the bathroom and saying, "Excuse me" to get through the hall 'cause the hall is pretty small and we were just hanging out there... Later, left and then went back to get a movie from Stephen's room. Then went back to Valerie's room (Niki was hanging with us now)) and we watched Gone in 60 Seconds. Everyone basically fell asleep during it.. I tried, but yeah..

I couldn't sleep all night. It sucked ass. x_x So fuckin' tired from that...


Woke up at 8:00.. Woke up being a relative term, since I didn't sleep, but whatever.. Got up, got ready, and then started walking up to the canyon at 8:30. Got there and waited in the dome, then the teacher dude came and we went around looking at all these structures that were built by students and he was talking about them. It was some interesting stuff. Really hot though and I didn't have sunscreen to put on, so it sucked. x_x

When we were up there, heard Valerie talking shit about me. "I don't know why she wears bright clothes anyway. It's the complete opposite of how she is" and it's like WTF. I mean, that COULDN'T have been about anyone else 'cause no one else wears bright colors except me. And I was wearing bright orange yesterday and bright green today and it's like WTF is your problem that you have to talk shit about me when I didn't even do anything to you? Why does it matter what I wear? Suddenly wearing bright colors is restricted to outgoing people? Is that it? 'Cause people don't wear bright colors and I want to. What's the big fuckin' deal? And it's like, the only reason I'm not outgoing to you is 'cause I don't really know you or trust your opinions on what I say, and now I know it's for good reason 'cause all she can do is fuckin' diss me when all I've been is nice to her from the fuckin' beginning. That's some fuckin' shit right there..

Finished the tour and started walking down at 10:35. Got to Valerie's, got my stuff, and then walked home. On the way, when I was in Mustang parking lot, these two dudes all dressed up totally detoured at me and I was thinking WTF and then they ask me some questions to lead up to the grand finale: "Have you had the chance to talk to a missionary about Jesus?" and I was like ARGHHH but I said, "No" and then he started talking about how I should and that I'll be less stressed with Jesus in my life and I'm thinking, "WTF, I'm an architect, there's no such thing!" and yeah. Sucked ass 'cause I was carrying a my laptop and stuff and it's like, I just had a long day and I wanted to go home to SIT DOWN and he was detaining me. Then finally he was like, "It'll only take 15-20 minutes of your time, so what do you think?" And I was like, "I dunno, I'm pretty busy" and then he said that it was like their job and they are flexible, so I was like, 'FUCK' and then said, "Can I give you a call..? Do you have a card..?" and then they gave me a card and told me to call the number and I could get a free DVD talking about "finding Jesus" and then asked if I knew anyone who would benefit from them talking to them and I was like, "Well, my suitemates are gone for the weekend, so.." and then they finally left me alone. But yeah.. Freakin' Mormons ((Says on the card, haha)), wasting my time and detaining me from putting down my stuff and eating.

Got home, dropped off my stuff, and ate some cereal. Then got my wood and stuff and left for school. Got to the shop at 12:00 and started working on my box. Took forever and everything sucks and it's not even and some pieces don't fit in the joint well and yeah.. But I finished it! And it was only 6:30 when I left. x_x Yeah. Six and a half hours, but I did it! So proud. Now I just need to find a piece of metal that's half an inch wide, at least .25" thick, and ten inches long. BLEHHH! And need to make the space for my bracelet to sit in 'cause I didn't know how big the bracelet was.. x_x

Went home, showered, then ate some food and then worked on my English essay. Got 3.5 pages right now, but can't think of much else to write. x_x Sucks.. Then did my cover letter for it and then wrote this entry and now it's 12:15 and I'm tired as fuck and I need to do my slip case today. FUCK! Wake up early and yeah..

This is NOT a weekend.. AT ALL. Life sucks, like a mo-fo.

We have to start a new slip case from scratch for Monday which sucks. I want the case spiraling and shrinking idea and I'm thinking I can do the morphing storyboard thing we did in art class in 11th grade as my basis and then somehow build up off of that. Hopefully it works and I have enough time to actually make something that looks nice. x_x

'Kay, sleep time. Bye.

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Woke up around 6:45 and then got ready for school and all that jazz. Went on the computer, then left for school around 7:50.

The teacher starting to just pointing to people for the questioners. That's so dumb 'cause the only reason people go is to see if they get their names called. BLEHHHH! Landscape architect talked.. BLAH. But yeah, when the LA dude was answering questions, he was like, blah blah blah, "It's like a shell game" and then I wanted to crack up SO MUCH 'cause the P!ATD VS Dresden Dolls video! "It's a fucking shell game now!" / "What's a shell game?" XD The only entertaining thing there..

Worked on my project. I felt like I got a lot done, 'til I REALLY look and realize, FUCK, I don't. x_x I only got the two side frames done. x_x So basically, eight pieces of the thing is working right now.. x_x Gave up at 11:40 and went home 20 minutes early.. Got home, ate, then worked on my English essay. x_x Didn't get that far.. BLEHHH! Then printed and went to school.

MATH 142
Took notes.. Logistic growth formula or whatever.. Got homework. BLEH!

Peer edited our papers.. Boringness.. BLEH!

Went home and worked on my slip case.. Then went to eat dinner at 5:00-ish, then worked on project some more before leaving for school at 5:45 with Kitto. [ profile] bobbleheadvi called and got pissed off at me for no freakin' reason but because I was WALKING TO SCHOOL WITH SOMEONE THAT JUST HAPPENED TO BE A GUY. WTF. Made me mad..

Got to school and went to the Berg Gallery and then the Department Head talked about architecture for a bit, then the Associate Department Head talked about the the architecture website. We talked about that for a bit, then got to leave early at 7:10-ish. Went home and then worked on my slip case some more. Doesn't really look like a case and the book isn't encased at all, but I dunno.. I still don't understand how much of the book we're suppose to cover and stuff.. Just don't get it. x_x So yeah.. I probably don't have a case still and they said we needed to have a case tomorrow. x_x Fuckin' class.. hate it. =(

Showered around 9:45 and yeah.. That's about it..

English is canceled tomorrow, so I'm free of absence for that day. Yay. Except for the part where I actually have to DO something at that time instead of just relaxing..

EDES Poly Canyon Project Day tomorrow from 1:00 to 5:00. x_x It could possibly take an hour to walk up to the meeting place, especially with the fact that I don't know where it is. Considering the fact that class ends at 12:00, I might JUST be screwed over. x_x

ARCH 105 project sucks ass. Gonna go on Saturday and work on it after the Poly Canyon Tour. x_x Gonna probably be there all day... *sigh* Hopefully I can finish, 'cause yeah.. Can't work on it at home and it's due on the 30th and [ profile] aznearthdragon told me that finishing takes about three hours to dry, so.. yeah. I want to finish on Saturday and just finish it at home, but I dunno if it'll be possible. Hopefully there aren't that many people there, so it'll be easier to work.. *sigh* Anyone in SD have the tools I need to work on my project? ^_^;;

[ profile] bobbleheadvi showed me this:

You must be a computer technician because you turn my three and a half inch floppy into a hard drive!

And, I must say, I LOVE IT! XD Mwhahahah! This must go to my wall immediately! XP Along with the derivative one. XD

And I saw this on Facebook.. WARNING: NC-17-ness!

"They integrated from the very point of origin. Her curves were continuous, and even though he was odd, he was a real number. They both wanted to get skewed. The day their lines first intersected, they became an ordered pair. From then on, it was a continuous function.They were both in their prime, so in next to no time they were horizontal and parallel. She was awed by the magnitude of his perpendicular line, and he was amazed by her conical projections.

"Bisect my angle!" she postulated each time she reached her local maximum. They had many simultaneous solutions. He taught her the chain rule as she implicitly defined the amplitude of his simple harmonic motion. They underwent multiple rotations of their axes, until at last they reached the vertex, the critical point, their finite limit.

After that they slept like logs. Later she found him taking a right-handed limit,and that was a problem. It was improper form. He meanwhile had realized that she was irrational..."

And yeah.. I'll just stop now. XP
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Woke up at 6:45 and went to get ready, changed, then ate. Later on, around 7:45, started walking to school.

Some landscape architecture company presented.. Boringness...

Went to the bookstore and saw they had the tube-y thingies to hold drawings, so got one. It was $12! =O But yeah.. *sigh* After that, went home and got my wood, then went back to school to the shop to cut. There were a lot of people there and yeah.. I didn't get much cut and then I left around 10:30 'cause I didn't want to be there and also because it was crowded.

Went home and worked on my architecture project for a while. Didn't really get much done.. Ate lunch, then came back to it. Worked until I cut myself on my index finger, then I gave up for the time. Did nothing for the few minutes I had left, then went to school for class.

MATH 142
Took notes, as usual.. Homework.. BLEH!

Went to the bookstore to buy some more basswood, then went home. Worked on my math homework until about 5:15, when I finished, then worked on my English essay. Went to eat, then came back to it. I don't really think I got much done on it.. It's so sad 'cause the rough draft is due on Thursday and I basically only have one paragraph. x_x Sucks ass..

Went to shower, then worked on my architecture project afterwards. I didn't get much done, but I cut myself again, this time on my thumb, so I thought it was time to just give up for the night.

It sucks 'cause tomorrow I'm gonna be working my ass off trying to finish both my essay and my slip case. x_x Supid school and projects.. *sigh* Need to get more of the essay done.. At least half, you know? *sigh* Gotta do that all tomorrow.. Probably during my break 'cause after classes are over, gotta do my math homework and work my ass off on the slip case, since I don't really have Thursday to do it. I need to get a lot of the case done 'cause ARGH! I don't want to have crap again on Friday.. =/

I feel so bad right now for not working when I can be, but whatever.. I guess I'll go back to trying my English essay.. =/

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Because I knew I was ditching EDES, I decided I'd sleep about ten minutes later than usual. 30 minutes later at 7:20, I realized that WTF, slept too long, haha. Got up and got ready for the day, then ate some cereal. Then I read and went through my sketches of my box to figure out what I'd need to cut for today. Around 8:50-ish, I started walking to school with my wood to the support shop.

Isn't it just amazing how many people from my class actually showed to class? I mean, seriously, there were many five people and one or two non-class people. Then some of them left and a few more trickled in, but yeah.. Basically, no one was there. I cut my wood to the sizes I think they'll need to be and then it was 10:00 and I didn't have anymore to do, so I left. Walked back home, checked the bus schedule, then didn't want to do any work, so decided to go get my wood. Caught the 10:41 bus and went to Hayward Lumber again to get wood. Got maple this time.. It cost $11.21. After that, waited for the bus.. It was suppose to come at 11:36, but it didn't even show until 11:55 and I was mad 'cause I wanted to get back, you know? x_x

Went through the long bus ride, then got back home around 12:30 or whatever and went to eat lunch. After that, came back and basically did nothing but read fics. x_x Such a time-waster I am.. *sigh*

MATH 142
Walked to class and had the sub again. Took more notes and stuff and got a lot of homework, as usual. x_x

Went to class and waited forever.. Teacher took roll and said that we didn't have to go to the library if we didn't want to (('cause today was another library day)), so I left and went to the bookstore. Bought a T-square and then came back home. Worked on my math homework the whole entire time until about 6:00-ish or something, then went to eat dinner. About half-way through, some of the floormates came and ate with me. After that, came back here and yeah.. I don't really want to start on my architecture project 'cause I don't know what to do.. I should really start my English essay, but I don't really have the energy to do it, you know?

I'm so tired of life right now.. I mean, seriously, this is suppose to be a weekend and I wanted to relax and I'm so in the forget-the-work mood right now, but I KNOW I have a lot of shit to do and I can't just put it off or else it'll never get done and I'll stress over it all weekend. x_x I want to get mostly everything done tomorrow so I can have Saturday and Sunday to relax, you know? At the very least, I don't want to have anything to do on Sunday 'cause that's gonna be my relax day, hopefully.. Or, at least, I want to get most of my shit done by Sunday so I won't have as much to do. x_x Stupid work.. I don't want to think about it, but if I don't, then I'll forget or something and that'll suck ass.

Today felt more like a Tuesday, for some reason.. I dunno.

I feel so bad for skipping EDES.. =( I need to find someone who went and asked what happened, just in case..

I don't know what to write right now 'cause I'm tired and stuff.. I should work or something.. More later.. Maybe.

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Got up around 6:40 and went to get ready. Came back, changed, and then saw the internet wasn't working. Freakin' shit.. Ate cereal as I watched TV since there wasn't anything else to do. Left for class kinda late at 7:55 'cause I was watching the VSpot Countdown on VH1. Walking sucked 'cause it was so freakin' hot and I had my jacket. x_x

Watched a movie about how they built the skeleton of the Cal Trans building in LA that we visited.. It was pretty interesting..

Waited with Valerie for Marcela 'cause yeah.. she didn't go to EDES. And yeah, we could have totally gotten the 9:06 bus, but no. Kinda pissed me off, you know? And then had to get the bus at 9:36. Went on and then went to Home Depot, which took forever. They didn't have any good wood there, so we decided to go to Hayward Lumber. Went over to Costco and got some food to eat, then went and waited for the bus and then went got near Hayward and went there. I bought a piece of wood and it was African Mahogony and it was 1"x6"x3.5' and it cost $12.10 with a 15% student discount. x_x Stupid wood.. I should have just gotten another piece since we need two different types of wood.. x_x BLEHHH! Marcela and Valerie were sharing and they got four pieces and theirs ended up being $70-something 'cause they bought a piece of Teak that was as big as mine and cost almost $40. I wouldn't have gotten it if it were me, but whatever.. It's their money, I guess...

Went to wait for the bus, then got back on and went to the stop near Stenner. I went to my room and then I worked on my other abstract for English. After that, just read a little ((internet was working again)), then headed for class around 1:45.

MATH 142
Took some notes, as usual... Blah blah.. Stuff.

Went back home and finished up yesterday's homework. Finished that at 4:15 and then started working on my architecture stuff. Added to the section drawings, then went to eat dinner. After eating, came back and worked on making another piece for the book 'cause I hated this one thing I made. After that, took pictures of it, then drew that on the section drawing too.. Then I was tired of making shit cause fuck, everything sucks, so I was like whatever, cleaned up, showered, and yeah...

Came back after showering and did today's math homework. I got some of it done, but I dunno how to finish half of them, so yeah.. x_x

Now, I'm writing this...

I dunno what I'm gonna do on Thursday. I mean, I don't really want to carry that big piece of wood all the way to EDES, you know? But I didn't go to the shop to cut it today and I don't really have time tomorrow to do it, so yeah... And now I'm totally regretting not getting another piece of wood 'cause it'll be kinda hard to work on my project with only one type of wood that only half of my stuff will be using, you know? *sigh* But yeah.. I think that I'm just gonna make time tomorrow to go to the shop to cut that dumb thing into 10" pieces tomorrow.. *sigh* Stupid day.. I don't even have time on Wednesdays, but I guess I'll just do it right after ARCH 131.. Go back home, drop of my stuff and get my wood, then go and cut it. By the time I'm done, it'll probably be like, 1:15 or something.. ARGH! But whatever.. Gotta do it, I guess.. =(

You know what? I hate Valerie and Marcela. I swear, pisses me off so much 'cause it's like, when they're together, they just totally ignore me. I mean, apart, they talk to me fine, but together, they are all whisper-y and shit and it's like, WTF, I'm here too. And whenever they make plans to do something, they don't even invite me, especially when they know that I don't have class or whatever.. Like today, they were going to buy wood. I had to ask Valerie yesterday if she wanted to go buy wood with me and she says, "I'm going with Marcela tomorrow" and that's it. Then about 15 minutes later, she's like, "You coming?" and I said, "Yeah" 'cause.. DUH?! But she didn't even ask if I wanted to come, you know? How fucked is that? What kind of friend does that? It's so messed up and shit.. Pisses me off.. It's just like, I don't know.. I hate them so much. And they totally wasted my time today 'cause I could have went on my own to buy wood and have time to do other stuff, you know? =/

*sigh* School sucks ass.. I hate life right now.. Nothing's going right, everything's going wrong, work's building up like crazy, and just when I think I can have a break, it's pulled away from me before the break even starts. x_x It's like, this weekend, I thought I'd have time, you know? Three day weekend and all, but then I realized that WTF, peer editing our essays on Monday, so gotta write that over the weekend.. And it's gonna suck ass 'cause yeah. Just suck.. And I'm probably gonna go buy more wood on Friday so I can actually work on making joints and not just the size of some of the pieces.. And gonna try to work on the box this weekend in the shop, maybe.. I dunno if I really want to though since.. yeah. Weekend and all.. I'll just struggle through making it on Tuesday and Thursday next week.. And on Saturday after my EDES tour.. Want to finish it before I head off for Thanksgiving, since it's due Thursday after Thanksgiving.. x_x

Okay.. Laterz..



Nov. 2nd, 2006 11:41 pm
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Woke up at what my alarm said was 6:28 so kinda rested my eyes and waited for the alarm. Later on, opened my eyes 'cause I was like, 'WTF why isn't it ringing?!~' and the alarm read 6:31, so I dunno what's up with that, 'cause I checked and it was set on alarm, so.. Yeah. Anywayz.. After that, got up and got ready. Ate a granola bar and went to watch some music videos on TV since I didn't have internet still.. Walked to class around 7:45-ish.

So I didn't mention this on Tuesday, but after they called the names for the people who had to ask questions, there were some technical dfficulties before the presenter could start and about half of the people sitting in the back all stand up and leave. x_x Valerie was one of them. So today, Valerie comes to sit with me and we talked a bit about the ARCH 105 project, then they announced the names and the presenter was gonna start but some technical difficulties arrose and once again, a bunch of people left, including Valerie. x_x Whateverz..

Presentation was about the Renewable Energy Club and how they went to this one competition where they had a to build a solar-powered house or something. I can't remember what it was called or anything. It sounded interesting though.. I remember I wanted to go to the meeting on Tuesday, but I had the Honors meeting that I didn't even get to, but yeah.. He said meetings are on Tuesdays from 11:00-12:00, so I might go later on, I dunno.. It sounds like a fun kinda thing to work on, you know? Very intense though, hahah.

Worked on my box.. It sucked ass. I didn't get that much done. x_x And the radio-arm saw was missing 'cause someone broke it and I needed it for most of my joints! ;_; So I was gluing and these holes I were making for joints kept cracking the corner of my wood and it just sucked. Around 11:40, I was like, 'Fuck it' and cleaned up, then headed for Brent's office. My box kept falling apart on the way and yeah.. Sucked. Got there and was waiting outside 'cause people were there waiting and you had to go one at a time.. So yeah, put my box down and it fell apart and I was trying to put it back together. Finally, it was my turn to go in and yeah.. I handed the box to him and when he took it, it kinda fell apart a bit. x_x So lame.. And it sucked 'cause I only had one side completely finished. I mean, there was the retangular cube shape thing, but only one face was done.

He asked if the other sides looked like the one that was done and I was like, "Yeah, kinda" and he was like, "Okay" and then he said I needed to work on the corner joining and I was like, "Yeah.. I tried it a couple of times, but it kept breaking and then I kinda gave up..." and he was like, "That's why we were making these practice boxes, so you can find the problems and solve them before you work with your expensive wood that you bought..." and then he was like, "Okay" and checked me off. Yay. XP

Went home and sat around for a few, then went to eat lunch. After that, came back and checked my mail 'cause the internet was finally working and yeah.. Worked on my proposal for English, then did the reading and exercise we had to do. Sucked. After that, headed for class...

MATH 142
Had a midterm today. =O Sucked ass. But yeah.. I think I did okay.. Pretty sure I got at least a B, but I don't want to jinx myself, you know.. Hopefully it's an A, but I know it probably won't be 'cause I'm just lame like that...

Talked about the reading and then read this thing about Prop 83 and then people were arguing about that... And yeah.. it's nice to listen to for a little bit, but once the arguments turn into the same thing repeated over and over, it's like, just shut up, you know? BLEHHH!

Went to the bookstore to buy more basswood and got some more x-acto blades. Then went home and started my laundry. Had to do two loads 'cause there was too much for one, but not enough for two, so had to do my bedsheets as well, lol. After putting my stuff in the wash, I came back to put new sheets on the bed, but it was soooo HARD 'cause my bed is sandwiched between the wall and the desk and I can't relaly move around it well, so yeah.. x_x Once I finished that, I had to put my clothes in the dryer, so did that, then came back and was gonna work on math, but then I started talking to [ profile] aznearthdragon online and then Kitto came and asked me to dinner, so yeah..

Ate dinner.. it was pizza. After eating, came back, got laundry, folded clothes, then worked on my architecture project until about 9:30. I only got six pieces done. ;_; So sad.. After that, took a shower, then came back and took pictures of my connections, then yeah.. Talked to [ profile] aznearthdragon on the phone and then am writing this entry..

Tomorrow I'm registering for classes. =O I'm pretty sure it's just gonna be my three classes.. I don't feel like taking more.. And yeah.. Tomorrow, [ profile] bobbleheadvi is coming to visit! YAY! How exciting, lol. He's bringing me food too.. he's so sweet, haha. Such a dork.. spending so much money on just coming here and all that..

I hope I don't have too much homework this weekend.. I know I'll have ARCH 131 stuff to do, and I'll have to finish my math homework, but hopefully that's it. I have English reading, but I don't need to do that yet... But I should at least skim the books I checked out from the library 'cause later we'll have to write abstracts about them. x_x

Valerie called me earlier and told me that she had to redo her prototype 'cause it was too small and she didn't really make the joints.. She was all mad and I was sympathizing, but seriously? I was thinking in my head, 'That's what you deserve' 'cause all she did was buy wood from the bookstore -- basswood and basalwood -- and was cutting the pieces in her room. FYI, that stuff is easy to work with and it's like.. Why should she have been able to be checked off if she didn't even work in the shop to do it? I mean, I worked my ass off and didn't get much done and I know everyone elses' in the class was more finished than mine, but I was willing to get an F on it 'cause I knew that was as good as it was gonna get at that point in time. I'm kinda glad she didn't get off so easy with her semi-cheating way.. I'm so mean, but it's true...

Valerie's talking about quitting arch at the end of the year.. Said she's gonna stick it out and see how she feels at the end and if she still wants to change majors, she's leaving to be an ARCE. =/ She also told me that Emma is gonna switch to ARCE and is switching to ARCH 122 next quarter. =/ I'm sure a bunch of people are gonna drop.. It's kinda sad, but whatever.. It just means that all the people staying are gonna make me look bad 'cause I suck but am sticking it out. x_x

So yeah.. I had more to say, but I don't remember at all. =(

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Start off with the festive-ness...

Happy Halloween!~
Happy Birthday Frank Iero!~

Now that that's over with.. My day so far has sucked ass. I mean, seriously.. sucked ASS.

Woke up in the morning at 6:30, amazingly enough. I was still a bit tired, but more awake than usual especially considering the time. I think it's 'cause I got to sleep around 11:30 last night. That was a good thing, lol. But yeah, got ready, changed, then went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. After that, came back to my room, read a bit, then headed for school around 7:50.

This woul be where my day started going to crap. Got to EDES kinda early at 8:05 which NEVER happens, but it was all good. Sat and then there were guest speakers, as usual. I was doing okay for the first.. maybe five-ten minutes, then I suddenly got hit with tiredness and it was SO hard to stay awake. I kinda rested my eyes for the rest of the thing, but tried to pay attention to what the presenters were saying. But yeah... So freakin' tired. I told myself to wake the fuck up when there was only ten minutes left 'cause I had to be alert to work in the shop, you know? So yeah.. It was hard.. I was still kinda drifting at the time. x_x Finally, we could leave and I went and walked to the support shop.

Got to the shop around 9:10 and saw the class in there. I felt kinda awkward, but whatever. Got some wood and started to measure and cut some stuff. At first I was gonna do it half-sized, but it looked too small, so I was like, whatever, and started doing it "full-sized". Not exactly acurrate, but whatever.. But yeah, it sucked 'cause I totally messed up pieces that I could have used 'cause I cut them short and I needed longer pieces. =( I didn't want to find a big piece and cut it down to the same size as what I was already using for some, so yeah.. And then later, I messed up on this other piece 'cause I forgot that my thing didn't go all the way down, but only 3/4 of the way and yeah. Wasted a piece I needed. ;_; And yeah.. everything just sucked ass and I didn't know what the shit I was doing, so I was like fuck it and finally left around 11:55.

Walked back home, dropped off my stuff, then went to the cafeteria to eat lunch. Didn't eat much 'cause I wasn't hungry and I didn't want to eat their Chinese anyway.

After eating, came back to my room and started working on my math homework for tonight. Wanted to take a break, so writing this..

I'm so mad 'cause I totally forgot about the Honors meeting today at 11:00. OMG. Didn't even realize it until I got an e-mail from the honors program about the physics class and I was like SHIT 'cause I forgot about it. x_x ARGH! Makes me so mad...

I hate ARCH 105. I hate working in the shop. I hope to never go there again after this class unless absolutely necessary. ARGH!~ Dumb thing.. I hate it.. I hate this dumb box project and the fact that we have to make a prototpye and how there are four other classes of ARCH 105 that want to work in the shop 'cause they need to do their projects too. x_x It's so DUMB. I'm glad I'm getting this class over in the first quarter.

I don't want to work on the section drawings for ARCH 131. I think it'll be really hard and shit. ARGH! Dumb thing..

I'm tired of life. Can I take a 50 year break, please? =(

I need sleep.. Seriously. I don't get enough and I need it.. so bad.. ;_;

I'm not at my math study session. I don't think I'm gonna go anymore 'cause it's lame and I can do my homework in my room where I can listen to music at the same time, so yeah...

As you can see, I'm thinking about going back to no headers for my classes. I don't know though.. We'll see, I guess...

Okay, I should get to my homework.. BLEH! Laterz.

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Woke up aorund 7:00 and then got ready. After changing and stuff, went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast since I don't have any milk for my cereal. After eating, went back to my room and went on the computer for a bit before going to school, since class didn't start until 9:00 today. XD

Didn't have to bring our laptops today. XD But yeah.. Worked on orthographic drawings today. It sucked 'cause I didn't really get that far with it. Was still working on the first piece during the whole time. x_x After that, had a break and then we looked at our books and had to talk about them. It was interesting.. After that, talked about what we'd have to do next -- section drawings. Then went into the other room to talk about the logistics of the drawings. Basically two sectional views from both sides and yeah..

Went home and dropped off my stuff, then went to eat lunch. After eating, went back to my room and talked to [ profile] bobbleheadvi for a bit, then worked on my math homework until I had to go to class.

MATH 142
More integral stuff, as usual.. Homework isn't as much, but tomorrow's homework is a lot. x_x Sucks ass...

Talked about the reading and the next essay and yeah.. That's about it..

Went home and did my math homework. Later, around 5:30-ish, went to eat dinner, then came back and got my EDES project and walked to school in the dark to the architecture building to pin up my project. Some of the pictures weren't glued all the way. =( They were, like, falling off kinda, but I didn't have glue to fix it, so whatever.. After that, went back to Stenner and dropped by Marcela's to get my bristol board from her, then went back to my room and worked on math homework. Finally gave up on that and yeah.. That's where I am now.

Gonna go shower after I finish this entry...

Tomorrow after EDES, I'm gonna go to the shop and work on my prototype since it's due on Thursday and I haven't even started. x_x Gonna probably be there all morning trying to finish it 'cause I want it done and checked off tomorrow ((or the beginning of class on Thursday)) so on Thursday, I can go and buy my wood. That way I don't have to get it over the weekend 'cause [ profile] bobbleheadvi willl be here and then I can start working on the final next Tuesday.

On Thurday, I also have my math midterm. =( I don't think I'm gonna do that well 'cause I suck ass. x_x *sigh* Stupid math.. =(

Our proposals for our English essay is also due on Thursday! WTF is up with Thursday? x_x Any ideas on what I should write my argument essay on?

On Friday, I register for classes. =O So I gotta bring my laptop to class just so I can register. x_x BLEHHHH!

[ profile] bobbleheadvi is coming up on Friday. Gonna be here at 5:30 or so. Hopefully he won't be late 'cause, you know, with the time change, it gets darker sooner. =/

Posted the November schedule today, if you didn't see that, hahah. Nothing much on there yet, but you know how it is..

Only four more weeks of school, suckas! XP Then finals! =O I hope we don't have a final for ARCH 131.. I don't think there's one for ARCH 105. I believe the teacher said there wasn't one for ENGL 134, so I only have a math one ((on my birthday)) and an EDES one on Thursday. Once I figure out of my other classes have one or not, I'll make plans for going home. I want to get my tickets now, but yeah. I think, if I don't have a final on Friday, I'll try to get the train after my final on Thursday ((once I figure out what time that one ends)). I probably know, but yeah.. Will check it out later... I hope I don't have a final on Friday and that my final on Thursday is early so I can go home sooner. XD More time back home is always good. XP
Next week is a three day weekend. I'm excited for it! Then in a few weeks, I'll be going home for Thanksgiving! XD I just need to find myself a ride to the Amtrak station 'cause I can't miss my ENGL class anymore.. I'll already be missing it on the Friday before the weekend, so missing Monday won't be good. =/

Okay, gonna shower now. Will write more later, maybe..

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Got up at 6:40 and got ready. Changed and ate two granola bars since I ran out of milk and then walked to class around 7:50.

There was a guest speaker again, but I dunno who it was 'cause I didn't even pay attention. I was kinda trying to fix my sketches a bit for ARCH 105 and yeah.. most of the time, was just dazing off.. I dunno.

Made my two joints. It took a while 'cause I was waiting in line, but yeah. Around 10:15 or so, I went to Brent's office and showed him my sketches and joints. After that, got my wood and metal joints 'cause they were already graded.. For both, B and C were circled, so I figure it's either a B- or a C+, lol. Oh well, only 5% of my grade.. After that, I was like, 'Uhhh... Not gonna go back to the shop' and started to walk home, but the way was blocked, so had to walk the long way to California Blvd. and then turn onto Foothill. x_x Sucked, but what can you do?

Cut out my board for my EDES project. After that, worked on math a while, then went to eat lunch. Afterwards, did the reading for English and did more math. Later, read a bit, then yeah.. Didn't go to the math study session 'cause I don't think it would have helped anyway...

MATH 142
Learned about impartial fractions or whatever.. Suckage, of course. Got a lot of homework too.. =(

Boringness.. Just talked about the reading and that's it. =/

Went to the bookstore and bought some x-acto blades and a smaller cutting mat. After that, went back home and worked on my EDES project. Finished that except for gluing on the dates, then went to eat dinner. Afer that, went back to my room and finished the EDES project and then worked on math for a while. After that, went to shower, then worked on cutting my book. It looks kinda crappy, but whatever.. I forgot to take pictures until later, so yeah.. I don't have pictures of each of my cuts. =( So sad.. But yeah...

My door was opened during cutting time, so yeah. People were going in and out since it was the Halloween Dance @ Stenner and also Noelle was drunk as fuck. x_x It was kinda sad, you know? People were running around trying to keep her here 'cause she was all drunk and she wanted to go to the dance. And yeah.. later on, people went to the dance for a few, then came back and they have been playing some drinking game since then in the common. Yeah..

After I gave up on the book for the night, packed up my stuff, then went to brush my teeth and now I'm back... And yeah. I don't know..

Yeah.. I'm kinda tired and it's 12:26. x_x BLEHHH! Good thing I don't have class tomorrow.. And the Amtrak doesn't leave until 10:35 and I don't get to LA until 4:55. Taking the bus at 9:11, but that's not all that bad 'cause I can sleep in at least an hour more than usual. XD But yeah.. I probably can't write for the next three days, so I'll be sad.. =( Hopefully I can remember everything I have to say, lol.

*sigh* I think I'll wake up at 8:00 tomorrow.. that'll be sooooo GOOD. That sounds like.. HEAVEN, OMG, lol. XP I'm pretty lame, but whatevz.

Okay.. Laterz..

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Woke up, got ready, ate, went to school. Long ass walk, as usual.. Sucked ass.

Borningness.. Some people from Clark Construction were there just talking about this one project in San Francisco.. BLEH!

Teacher was late.. x_x Didn't start until about 9:25.. Just talked about the new project and it sucks ass, of course.. Gotta have sketches of our archival box, a list of materials we plan to use, and make two joints that we're using in our project by Thursday. *sigh* Got to leave class early after that.. it was almost 10:00.

Went back to SG and just spray glued my digital to the chipboard outside.. then came back and didn't really do anything for a bit. Then around 11:00, walked to school to the bookstore to buy the foamcore board for EDES and some basswood for ARCH 131. Also got a ruler thingy for cutting.. Spent $22.15.. *sigh* After that, walked back home and then went to eat lunch.

Ate, later Charis came and we jusst sat and ate.. Then we were basically done, but Noelle and Bethany came, so just continued sitting until Noelle finished, then left. By then it was almost 1:00, so I was like fuck and stuff 'cause I had the math study session to go to, but yeah. I was about to leave for it when I realized I didn't print my English essay, so went to print and it was taking forever, so I was like fuck this and just put my stuff down and decided I wasn't gonna go to the study session. Just hung around my room until I had to leave after that..

MATH 142
Had a sub.. Just did integration by parts.. Boring, boring..

Just went into groups and peer edited essays.. For homework, gotta take home the essays and write a paragraph response for them. BLEHHH!

Went back home and worked on my math homework. Around 5:00, went to eat dinner with the guys, then later came back and realized that OMFG, today is THURSDAY and why the fuck was I doing math homework when I don't have math tomorrow? x_x So put that away and started working on my ARCH 131 project. It was about 5:50 then. Took forever to get the backing supports glued on, then when I was trying to actually work on the project part, nothing was working. It was like, I would hold it there for about five minutes or whatever, I let go, it doesn't stay. I was like WTF and I was so frustrated.. Only got a little bit done 'cause nothing wanted to work.. especially the wood. =( Made me so mad! >O Finally gave up at 9:00 'cause fuck, it was pissing me off. I don't care that there's only, like, five things on there. I can't do anymore now 'cause I'm too pissed off at it. After that, took a shower and yeah.. that's about it. Basically, I'm just mad and there better be people who have about as much done as me.. or else I'll feel like I was the only crappy one.. =/

I still need a ride to Amtrak for Thursday.. I think tomorrow I'm just gonna ask around the people in my ARCH class and if no one can give me one, I think I'll just ditch my English class on Thursday and go with Marcela or whatever.. or, I'll just go on Friday morning.. BLEH! Probably Friday morning 'cause I can't afford to miss so much English. =/ *sigh* Life sucks..

I have to do my EDES project this weekend. And most likely the ARCH 131 project.. And math homework.. And English essay.. BLEHHHHHH!~

I wanna write more, but I'm just too tired.. Lates.



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