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Woke up today and went walking.. x_x Went down the side trail again, haha. Got there and walked one round and had to walk down the backside and back 'cause our mom saw us coming around. x_x After that, went home and yeah.. it was hella hot. -_- ((Random Note: I haven't used that face in a while.. Hahaha. XP)) Anywayz.. Ate food and went on the computer.. Later on, went to Plaza Bonita.

Went to JC Penny first to shop for pants for my brother. Me and [ profile] aznearthdragon getting a pair ((each)) from the boy's section -- cargo pants, as usual, haha. Boy's cargo pants are very comfortable and fit better than trying to buy girl's cargo pants ((they always end up being too freakin' long.. x_x)). Anywayz.. Brother got two pairs of cargo pants and then went and walked around the mall. I don't remember all the stores we visited, but went into the Disney Store and Papaya, among other places.. Would have visited more girl-y stores ((like Charlotte Russe and Forever 21)), but we've been banned from buying clothes by our parents. S'not like we ever buy stuff from those girl-y stores, but nothing wrong with looking, right? Parents don't think so though.. Anywayz.. after that, went back to JC Penny to buy brother two pairs of jeans and then left.

On the way home, went to go to Big Lots to check out tables or whatever.. Didn't get anything.. Went over to the bakery and got some bread, then finally went home. Of course, it was still hella hot.

Just read some P!ATD and MCR fics.. I'm so lame.. Gotta get off the band RPS, haha. Go back to my anime. XP

Oh yeah.. today our My Five plan was over or whatever since it's a new month and we didn't want it anymore. So my phone was all plain without a wallpaper, haha. I finally got one for it.. I just cropped a P!ATD picture so there was only Ryan and Brendon and stuck that on there. XP So yeah.. my phone now has a P!ATD wallpaper and AFI ringtones (("Endlessly, She Said" as my main one, "Prelude 12/21" for my parents, and "Silver and Cold" for [ profile] bobbleheadvi)). There's also one Taking Back Sunday ringtone 'cause that's [ profile] aznearthdragon's. XP



Aug. 30th, 2006 08:25 pm
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So tired, but got up and walked.. Got to the park, but my eye was bugging me and stuff, so we just turned back..

My dad re-organized my stuff today. He's weird like that, haha.

I just read some fics today.. Boring, boring..

Found out it was Ryan Ross' birthday today, so..

Happy Birthday Ryan Ross!~

I think he's 20 now.. He's so hot, haha. XP

I'm bored.. And I don't feel like writing a good entry, as you can see..

Tomorrow's the VMAs. My favorites better win, haha.

Okay, I'm gonna stop now. Laterz.

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So last night, freakin' Steven comes and opens our door and just stares at us for a while 'cause we were on the phone. Freakin' jackass. Turns out he told our parents on us 'cause later on ((I was already off, but [ profile] aznearthdragon talks a lot, that dummy)) my mom comes and tells us not talk on the phone at night and stuff. Then this morning, when we were walking, my dad was lecturing us about talking on the phone at night. ARGH. Just pisses me off 'cause it's not like we're doing anything all that bad and if anything, they should care more about the shit Steven gets into than us talking on the phone at night, ya know? 'Cause it's like, he barely passes his classes, goes to people's houses, gets suspended ((MORE THAN ONCE)), and and almost expelled and all my parents do is say "don't do it again" and somehow, that's suppose to make it all right. If we ever did anything like that, we're already be kicked out of the house. >O

Anyway.. Walked today.. Only got halfway 'cause it was burning hot and my dad told us to go back. After that, watched some TV, went on the computer, and ate. My dad was already messing with the junk pile in my room by the time we were done, so I couldn't get a picture of the mess before we started on it, like I said I would yesterday. x_x Oh well.. After we ate, went and helped sort out my junk and all.. Pretty boring, haha. Finally, after about an hour or whatever, finished and then went back on the computer and read fics.

I'll write more later on.



Aug. 27th, 2006 08:19 pm
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Woke up today to walk.. Damn, so tiring.. x_x Took the side route and yeah.. It started off all nice with fog and it being somewhat chilly, but it quickly desolved into burning heat and it sucked. x_x The sun kept shining in our eyes with the leftover misty fog that couldn't really be called fog anymore hanging in the sky and yeah. You know how it is when the sun's rays are shining through barely there fog. Somehow, it just looks so much worst when it's like that and it's hard to see and yeah.. sucked ass.

When we got to the park, walked one round and then went home. When we got home, looked at all the ads that came with the paper and then went on the computer for a while. Later, we ate and stuff and when my parents were done with what they were doing, we went out.

Went to Wal-Mart and bought some stuff.. After that, went over to Staples and looked around, then went to Target and bought a few more things. Then went to Sin Lee to buy some vegetables and then went home. Pretty boring and hot. Other than that, just sat around and read fics today..

I have a major headache. It's been bugging me since late morning and it freakin' sucks. Yesterday, I had one too. UGH! I think it could be from sleep deprivation, but who knows. Maybe it's just life 'cause it always sucks like that. =/ But yeah.. it doesn't really make me want to think all that much. And I really wanted to finally sit and write about my thoughts on famous people -- how long ago was that suppose to happen..? XP Yeah.. about a week or maybe two.. But I swear, I'll get to it! Hopefully tomorrow, batches. XP

Well, I gotta read The Lovely Bones 'cause everyone knows how I procrastinate and such. XP But I told myself I'd do it tomorrow while [ profile] aznearthdragon practices for the ACT. x_x Let's hope this book doesn't bore me to death.. 'Cause the summary doesn't exactly interest me and I know I'd never read this book otherwise.. Hopefully it's worth it.. But I guess we'll see..

On Tuesday, [ profile] aznearthdragon has her orientation.. I dunno if I wanna go with her.. On the one hand, I have nothing else in my pathetic life to do, but on the other, it's school and people I don't associate with and it'll probably be the boringest thing in the world. I guess we'll see.

Wednesday, I decided that I will finally clean up the junk in my room that's been building up. I mean, I swear, all the crap is taking over the walking spacing in my room 'cause everyone just dumps the stuff for me to take in the pile. I swear, I'll take a picture tomorrow of it and post it so there can be a before and after thing going on. XP

Okay, my brain's starting to hurt even more, so I think I'll just stop writing for now..

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So today, woke up at the crack of 6:30. OMG, I was freakin' tired with bags under my eyes. x_x But yeah.. Got ready and then went walking. Me and [ profile] aznearthdragon took the side trail, as it has become common occurance when 'rents aren't around. Got there and saw a bunch of kids fishing. We were like, "What's up with the kiddies?!" and yeah.. Walked and when we got to the rent-a-rod station, saw that there was a fishing tournament for kids. I wanted to steal some food 'cause there was a bunch, but I didn't. =/ Continued walking around and took the nature trail and then went down the back-side and then back up and then home.

Went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond in Mission Valley. Bought a set of bed sheets and some other stuff. After that, went to Target and bought some ink for the printers. Then went home. Later on, went to the Bed, Bath, and Beyond in Chula Vista 'cause my 'rents wanted to buy another set of bed sheets for me. We would have got them in Mission, but there wasn't anymore of the color I wanted and the only other color left looked ugly. XP Got there and bought that and a storage thing for under the bed. Yeah. After that, went home and that's it.



Aug. 22nd, 2006 08:36 pm
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Walked today.. OMG, so tiring, haha. It was, like, burning hot! x_x Anyway.. Walked to the park and walked one round, but took the nature trail and then went down the backside and back up, then went home. Yeah.. After that, ate some food while watching Saved by the Bell and some music videos. The Saved by the Bell episode we saw was when Zack was dreaming about the Zack Attack and how they made it big and stuff.. It was so stupid, lol. XP

Read some Fireflies in Autumn. Later, watched some Kyou Kara Maou ((episodes 33-36)). Damn.. Been a while since we've watched anime, haha. But yeah.. Conrad's back and I dunno how.. But it kinda makes me mad that Yuuri only listens to Conrad, ya know? 'Cause he acts like there's no one else in the world and he just kept wanting to go back to him and stuff. It's like ARGH! Well, maybe that's just me, hahah. But yeah.. I was wondering when the Julia's soul thing was gonna come up.. And it finally did. I can't believe that Yuuri didn't catch on before, ya know? I dunno.. it just seemed so obvious and stuff..

After that, watched some more Saved by the Bell on TV. It was the episode where they were trying to get U2 tickets, found money, and camped out in the mall. OMG, I remember when we first saw that episode all those years ago. We were so dorky back then, haha.

Anywayz... Went back to reading ((and finishing)) Fireflies in Autumn after watching Saved by the Bell. OMG, that fic is GOOD, haha. XP I was like, feeling so bad for Mikey in it 'cause Frank was being such an ass.. And, like, I kept wanting Mikey to REALLY dump Frank ((even though Frank/Mikey is the total OTP for me in MCR)) 'cause yeah.. And then I wanted him to be with Bob 'cause that would have been so sweet.. But yeah.. And then at the end.. I knew what that they'd be separated, but damn.. But yeah, the end was sweet, I think. I love how the title comes together right at the end.. ^_^


Hot day...

Aug. 18th, 2006 08:10 pm
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Woke up kinda late, as usual.. Got ready and then walked. Went to the park, one round, and then went down the back side of the park and on the trails over there.. If you've never been in that area, it's like.. You know how sometimes, on the side of the road, you see like.. sand with some plant-life ((no trees though))and there's like.. trails or whatever.. Yeah, that's basically what it's like. Walked that way and then continued on until we could get back on the sidewalk near the road. I liked walking that better than walking the sidewalk back 'cause it just feels better.. Maybe it's easier? I dunno.. The only bad thing about it is that there's like.. no shade what-so-ever, so it's only good to walk on a cool day. XP Good thing this morning was cool.. But the day was hot. x_x

After walking, went home and ate and watched TV. Later on, went to Costco and bought some stuff. After that, went to Food-4-Less and bought some food stuff, then went home. At home, didn't do much besides read some AFI and MCR fics.

Tomorrow we're going to Krisky's party.. On Monday, [ profile] aznearthdragon has a meeting or whatever.. Dunno if she's going.. On Wednesday, I have Jury Duty.. Need to look up what trolley to take.. BLEH!

Oh yeah, MTV Video Music Awards coming up on August 31. Be sure to vote, haha. Here are my suggestions.. XP In order of what category comes up on the VOTING PAGE. Bolded ones are the ones I demand you vote for, haha. XP

Video of the Year // Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Best Male Video // No preference as long as it's NOT James Blunt 'cause he sucks ASS.
Best Female Video // Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man
Best Group Video // Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Best Rap Video // No preference
Best R&B Video // No preference
Best Hip-Hop Video // Black Eyed Peas - My Humps
Best Dance Video // Pussycat Dolls f/ Snoop Dogg - Buttons
Best Rock Video // AFI - Miss Murder
Best Pop Video // Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man
Best New Artist in a Video // Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Viewer's Choice // Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance

Okay, as you can see, I really like Panic! At The Disco since they're getting my vote in every category they're in EXCEPT Best Rock Video 'cause AFI has my heart, haha. XP As for the other categories, it's either 'cause I like the video or I like the song. XP So go vote.. And vote A LOT for the ones I bolded, haha. Remember, voting's unlimited. XP



Aug. 16th, 2006 08:29 pm
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Walked in the morning.. My foot kinda hurts 'cause we had to break out new socks and they were somewhat suffocating my feet since they're new and all.. BLEH. After that, just went went home and watched TV and ate.. Listened to music and read some fics. For some reason, I'm reading My Chemical Romance RPS now, haha. ^_^;; Yeah.. I don't really listen to that much MCR -- mostly 'cause I'm too lazy to actually get songs, haha -- but Gerard is hot. ^_~ And so is his brother Mikey, haha. For some reason I'm somewhat drawn to Waycest ((Gerard/Mikey)). But I think I like Frank/Mikey more. XP I guess Gerard/Frank would be hot too, but I haven't actually made myself read that yet, haha. I do, however, like Gerard/Mikey/Frank. =O So yeah.. Basically, I'm reading Waycest, Frank/Mikey, or all three together.

Oh yeah.. I'll give my thoughtful comments about famous people tomorrow since So You Think You Can Dance? and America's Got Talent are on and distracting me, haha. I've learned my lesson about trying to be thoughtful while distracted. XP



Aug. 12th, 2006 08:41 pm
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Woke up and went walking, as usual. Walked three laps -- parents walked four, and then went home. After that, watched a whole bunch of infomericals on TV ((yes, we're lame people here, haha)) and then later ate. After that, just went on the computer, listened to music, and was watching some AFI stuff and reading some fics. Just the average boring Saturday. Go me, right? Haha.

I'm jealous of Selassie's schedule. She basically has classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. On Tuesday and Friday, she only has one class and they're only for an hour. ARGH! And me? I'm sitting here stuck with at least twice the amount of time she'll be going to class. x_x But that just seems to be my sad fate. *sigh*

I remembered some more stuff about the make-up thing I was talking about yesterday, hahah. So yeah.. I always wonder how make-up feels like on your face.. I mean, the closest I've gotten to wearing make-up are those few times me and [ profile] aznearthdragon played with it when we were kids and wearing lip gloss for half a year in ninth grade and occasionally for special occasions ((although that usually disappears AKA I accidentally wipe it off before I even make it to whatever occasion that is for, haha)). But yeah.. Wouldn't it feel like an unnatural weight on your face? And like.. How can you even stand to touch your face when you know there's make-up that can rub off on it? UGH! So nasty. And like.. I dunno. I just can't really explain my thoughts at all. I just think it'd be way weird, lol. And yeah... That brings me to another thing.. One of the reasons it's good not to be famous or whatever is the fact that whenever you're on TV or doing whatever publicity type thing, people always put make-up on you. It's like, what if you want to go natural? Maybe other people like it, and I guess I can understand it, but still.. I dunno. I think that when ((yes, it is a when because I'm determined to become a somebody, haha)) I get famous, I'll have to suffer through the make-up process, but you can bet I'd probably take it off ASAP afterwards. I wouldn't want to turn into one of those make-up freaks that need it all the time and look hella dead without it, haha. I mean, think of all the money saved from not buying make-up! I remember someone from my class saying they spent about $100-$200 a month on make-up and stuff. That's crazy shit. That money could have been spent elsewhere, damnit! But to each their own, I guess...



Aug. 7th, 2006 08:37 pm
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Woke up late, as usual.. Damn, I was so freakin' sore! x_x Dumb walking and standing around from yesterday.. Anyway, got ready and then left. Walked the usual and then home to eat, haha. Watched Saved by the Bell and some music videos on TV and then later on, messed with the phone and went on the computer.

Life is boring.. Well, mine is, haha. Tomorrow, I have to register for classes. =O Hopefully I get the classes I want at the times I want them. But we'll just have to see.. At least I won't have to walk tomorrow, hahah. XP



Aug. 4th, 2006 08:30 pm
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Went on the morning walk, but didn't walk that far.. Basically the same as last Friday 'cause we wanted to watch Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas and it was on at 7:30. When we got home, watched that, of course, then went on the computer, watched TV, and listened to music. Read some Javey fics and yeah.. That's about it.

Street Scene is goin' on right now ((and tomorrow)) @ Qualcomm. ;_; I wanna goooooo!~ *sigh* Oh wellz.. The only good thing about not going is that I don't have to be in that crowd. I think the news said that an expected 90,000 people going or something.. That's crazy, haha.

I'm bored.. BLAH!~ I think we might be going shopping tomorrow.. Hmm..

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Woke up kinda late around 6:15 or so.. x_x Didn't leave for the walk until later because of that ((usually leave at 6:30)). Anyway.. had to walk extra 'cause the gate was closed at the first opening ((at the gazebo thing)), so had to walk all the way to the second opening and then when we were leaving, same thing. x_x BLEH!~

Anywayz.. Watched Kyou Kara Maou - Episodes 30-32. So.. comments.. As much as I like Konrad, do we HAVE to keep flashing back to when he lost his arm? 'Cause seriously.. it's starting to piss me off. And yeah.. Is he suppose to be dead...? 'Cause we never see him around, but I'm not sure.. Besides that, I think it was so sweet when Wolfram got Yuuri right before he was about to fall and what he said to him.. I dunno.. They're cute together. XP Too bad Yuuri has to be so defensive and stuff, haha.



Aug. 1st, 2006 08:15 pm
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Happy Birthday Anh!~

Happy 16th! XD

Anywayz.. Didn't do much today.. Woke up and went on the morning walk, as usual.. Damn, felt so tired since we haven't done that since Friday.. And even then, we didn't walk all the much Friday.. Anyway.. Besides that, watched TV, read some Javey fics.. Watched Kyou Kara Maou - Episodes 25-29. Something I don't like about KKM is how everyone is so into Yuuri. It's like, WTF, he's not that great. @_@ But whatevz. Besides that, I don't really like Greta 'cause she's annoying.



Jul. 28th, 2006 07:57 pm
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Woke around 6:00, as usual, but didn't walk that much.. We just went in a circle basically.. About two miles total. After that, just watched Saved by the Bell on TV. Around 9:30, left the house and went to the bank. After that, went to Mervyn's and Target. Bought a printer at Target, among other things.. Saw a bunch of people standing around when we were in that area and we knew there had to be some concert, haha. When the internet finally worked, found out that it was Sounds of the Underground. Anywayz.. After that, went to Wal-Mart, Long Drugs, Target, and the post office. Bought some stuff for school and junk. After that, went to go buy some noodles from Vien Dong and then went to the library to get The Lovely Bones which is the book I have to read for the Preface thing for the Week of Welcome at Cal Poly. x_x I don't wanna read it.. BLEH!~

Around 2:45, the internet finally worked today. The whole day it didn't work until then. Made me mad...

I really wanna go to Street Scene. Channel 933 is giving away tickets basically every hour this weekend and I was trying to do that earlier in the day, but yeah. I'm not that lucky, so.. Whenever I called, it was busy. x_x Damn thing. And I already know that the chances of them calling my name ((they call out a VIP member every hour to win stuff -- right now, Street Scene tickets)) are slim, so I gave up. x_x BLEH!~ *sigh* If only I could score some tickets.. But alas.. It is not meant to be.. =/

Tomorrow we're going up to L.A. BLAH. I wanna sleep, but oh wellz..



Jul. 27th, 2006 09:31 pm
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Woke up around 6:00, as usual and went for the usual walk. x_x So tiring.. After that, just ate and watched TV and read some Javey fics. Watched some Kyou Kara Maou [19-24] also. Besides that, didn't do much else.. Boring day.. And I'm tired. =/

On Saturday, we're going to L.A. for one of my cousin's birthday party or whatever. I dunno.. I kinda don't wanna go 'cause I'm tired, but whatevz..

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So today, it wasn't hot. It was overcast and cool. WTF?! I mean, don't get me wrong, I love it like that, but yeah. San Diego weather is crazy like that, I guess..

Anywayz.. Woke up around 6:00, as usual.. I didn't even want to get up, but had to. Did the usual walking to the park, one round, and back. After that, just ate, watched TV, and went on the computer. Around 9:00 or so, went to the Wal-Mart in National City and bought some stuff for school and all.. After that, went to Costco and bought some more stuff, then went home.

So my dad kept calling me and giving me stuff throughout the day.. Things for me to bring with when I move up to San Luis Obispo. It's so weird.. My room is all junky now.. Not that it wasn't before, but I mean, more so than usual. The lovely pile of crap stuff just keeps building and building, haha. But yeah.. It just makes me think that, DAMN, I'm old! In less than two months, I'm gonna be moving outta the house.. After five years (hopefully), I'll have a B.Arch degree.. Then I'll have a job and then get licensed and it's just so weird. I dunno, haha. Kinda scary...

But yeah.. I'm still sad that I'm going off to a small town in the middle of nowhere. I mean, most people branch out into the big cities when they grow up, but not me. x_x It sucks 'cause I LIKE living in SD and stuff -- I would much prefer a place that was SD-like, if that makes any sense. XP Oh wellz.. Like sucks.. What can you do?

Tomorrow we're going ice skating! =O Hopefully it's fun and I don't get bruised a lot. ^_^;;



Jul. 24th, 2006 10:40 am
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This morning when we were walking, it was so freakin' hot! Now, it's barely even sunny and there's a nice breeze and it's RAINING!~ Why couldn't it have been like that when we were on our walk? >O


Jul. 22nd, 2006 02:38 pm
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OMFG, today is so freakin' hot! I feel like dying.. x_x

Anywayz.. Woke up around 6:00-ish and got ready and then went on our morning walk. My parents went ahead 'cause me and [ profile] aznearthdragon were "taking too long". BLEH!~ But yeah.. was so hot.. Only walked one round at the park.. Then waited for 'rents to finish, but my mom wanted to go one more round ((they already did two)), so we walked one more and then went home.

Went to the bank so my dad could deposit his checks, then went to the Artist Supply store to get a equipment box. After that, went to Fry's and bought a mouse, DVD+Rs, and cases. After that, went over to Wal-Mart and bought a mirror and some other stuff.

Anywayz.. I have jury duty. ;_; OMG, it makes me so sad. =( It's on.. August 23. *sigh* Too bad I don't have a valid excuse.. BLEH!~ Dumb thing.. *sigh* Oh wellz.. =/ Hopefully I don't get picked for a trial so I only have to go that one day.

So yeah.. Street Scene is coming up soon in the beginning of August.. I WANNA GO!~ But I don't have money! ;_; Gosh darn it.. ;_; I wish I could win some tickets from Channel 933 so I can go, but the chances of that are, like, none. x_x So sad.. ;_; Anyone have $115 to spare? LOL! ^_^;;

Damn.. I sweating like crazy.. ARGH!~ >O Dumb weather! I hate summer! >O

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Woke up kinda late today at 6:20 or so.. Damn.. So tired and sleepy..! Kinda rushed and got ready and then drove to the park around 7:00. Walked three rounds and then went home.

Watched the first nine episodes of Kyou Kara Maou. It's kinda interesting, haha. Yuuri's such a dork, haha. Wolfram is sooo cute!~ XD And yeah.. slapping someone's left cheek or whatever means that you're proposing.. WTF! Isn't that kinda weird? Mwhahahaha! But still, Wolfram and Yuuri make such a cute couple. XD And how Wolfram is so jealous and stuff.. And them sleeping in the same bed, haha. They're kinda dorky, but I like it. XP

My dad came home early from work today.. I guess he got laid off or whatever 'cause he was asking me to look up unemployment stuff.. BLAH!~ I don't know what to say about that..



Jul. 19th, 2006 09:30 pm
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Woke up at about 6:00.. =O Got ready and left the house at about 6:40 to walk to the park. It was just me, [ profile] aznearthdragon, and my dad. The park is.. about two or so miles away.. uphill. x_x Walked there.. Very hot and sweaty.. Got there and then only walked one round at the park, haha. After that, walked back home 'cause I didn't want to walk anymore. ^_^;;

Finished watching Yakitate!! Japan today.. I don't know about the ending.. It was okay, but at the same time, I kinda didn't like it. Bleh. Whateverz.



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