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I hope everyone had a good Christmas/holiday break. =) [personal profile] aznearthdragon, the brother, and I spent the four-day weekend (excluding Christmas day) watching Lord of the Rings. It was fun since we haven't really rewatched the movies in a while. Also, the brother has never seen LOTR before! Ridiculous, I know, but when it first came out, he was apparently "too cool" to watch it with us (though he was only 6-8 at the time) and then it was too long for him to sit down and attempt to watch it anytime after that, lol.

Christmas day we spent with family that lives here on my dad's side. The time that wasn't spent eating or fielding questions on job hunting ("Yes, [personal profile] aznearthdragon got a job." / "No, I haven't found one yet." / "Yes, it's hard to find architecture jobs right now.") was spent playing with the kids. They have so much energy, it's ridiculous! (Also, they have so many toys and there are so many cool ones that they take for granted, seriously!)

We played Hide-n-Seek for a good while because they're really into that (even though there aren't many places to hide since they restrict it to just downstairs). It's kinda funny because Conrad (he's four) always wants to hide with me or [personal profile] aznearthdragon, but then when we find a place to hide, he talks and laughs about what a good hiding spot we have! Also, when he thinks of a good place to hide, he goes, "I KNOW WHERE WE SHOULD HIDE!" and says the location while we're standing right next to the person who's counting, LOLOLOL. There was also another time when it was my turn to count and after I said "Ready or not, here I come!" I turn to go down the hallway and he opens the bathroom door (where I suppose he was attempting to hide) and says, "[Remula], I'm right here!" then tells me where he thought everyone else was (he likes to rat out people's hiding spots too, lol).

Now it's time to continue looking/applying for jobs and slowly reading fics from Yuletide (because I am easily distracted by checking to see if there's more fic to read in such-and-such fandom, lol).

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Date: 2011-12-29 04:50 am (UTC)
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OMG What is is about Xmas and LotR?? I just watch the extended versions of all three in the past three days! XD


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