Jan. 22nd, 2007 10:06 pm
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So I didn't go out to take pictures 'cause when I did go out, the sun wasn't really out anymore. x_x Ate with people, then came back and have basically done nothing. Yay for me, right? But I feel so unproductive and I don't like that feeling. =( I mean, it'd be different if I had work I could do, but right now, I mostly have work I can't do until tomorrow and that's not cool. =(

I wish I didn't have any work at all.. I'm getting so tired of life and stuff and I just need a freakin' break. Like, a really good break would be cool. =/

So [ profile] bobbleheadvi's train got delayed 'cause there was an accident or whatever and yeah.. He was suppose to get back to SD at 7:50, but yeah.. Had to get another train to LA or something and then the train in LA for them was delayed, so they didn't leave LA until a little after 9:00. =( Life sucks.

I really miss SD right now. Life was pretty good in SD. I mean, it's okay here, if you discount the fact that I'm always overloaded with arch work and I don't really have friends to hang out with. x_x Everytime [ profile] bobbleheadvi visiits ((haha, I sound like he visits a lot when, really, this is only his second time)) and then leaves, I'm left with the realization that, hey, I am a loser and, you know, that's not really all that great. =/ I need to get a life. And get friends. And, I don't know.. just have more hangout-ness than being anti-social-ness. x_x

OrangeGlen is coming up and I wish I could be there to see.. =( And the Super Bowl is the next day and I wish I had [ profile] aznearthdragon or someone to watch it with... It's just not fun without someone.. especially since I'm not a football person and I'm mainly watching for commercials.. I don't know.. I don't really feel comfortable going to hang with my suitemates and watching 'cause.. yeah. I don't know.. They seem to be football fans.. or, at least, enough to watch games, so it can be kinda awkward, I guess.. I don't know. =/

Life sucks.. Seriously. I'm feeling a little depressed here. =( Stupid life with it's stupidness. *sigh*

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So woke up this morning at 6:30 or whatever.. Was so freakin' tired 'cause it didn't even feel like I got much sleep. x_x Got ready and then told [ profile] bobbleheadvi to at least brush his teeth. After that, we ate cereal and then cuddled in bed for a few before I had to head off to school.

I left for class around 7:45 and then when I'm only a little bit away, [ profile] bobbleheadvi calls me and is like, "Don't you need to bring your model?" and yeah. x_x Walked back to get it and yeah.. It was very cold. =(

No one was in class yet and just talked to [ profile] bobbleheadvi until class was about to start.

Had to get into groups and talk about our projects or whatever.. Decided by cards, so yeah.. Was with Cody and Rachel.. Just stood and looked at our projects. After that, had to set them up along the back desks and pin up our drawings and FormZ prospective prints. Then the teachers went around and critiqued everyone's. Mine got the craft comment, of course and I was definitely expecting that. x_x I dunno how some other people cut so nice 'cause mine looked bad. x_x They also said something about how the things line up since some parts didn't look as straight or something and yeah.. Something about the curves around my object and the straightness of the path or whatever.. I dunno. I just know that mine basically sucked, as usual.

They finished critiquing our class around 9:25 and then we had a break until 11:00. Instead of going to listen to the other classes, I walked back to Stenner and hung out with [ profile] bobbleheadvi for a little bit before he had to head out to the bus stop to catch the bus to the station. He was taking the 11:25 Amtrak bus to Santa Barbara and then a train to SD.

Hung out a bit, then around 10:00, walked with him to the bus stop and waited until the bus came. After that, I walked back to school and just sat around in the classroom until break was over. It was about 10:30-ish when I got there.. Pretty boring..

Finally class was back and they told us what they wanted for the next project. Gotta take pictures of shadows -- 24, black and white, print ~4x6 with half inch border, object can't be in the picture, no organic objects, due Wednesday. After that, we were out and it was 11:25.

Went back to my room and sat for a bit, then went to eat lunch. Sat with Amanda and her friend and yeah.. Later on, one of their other friends came and we just talked about drugs.. I dunno. After that, went back to my room, packed up, then had to head out for class. x_x

Just talked about whatever we're on right now.. Got our quizzes back. I did horrible, as expected. Got 3/10 and a "See me" on my paper, of course. Anyone with <5 had see me, so yeah.. BLEH! After class, got the homework, then left for the bookstore. Got there and yeah.. They didn't have watercolors. I was kinda mad and yeah.. Left and just walked back to Stenner.. Took some pictures of shadows, but I dunno if they're okay or not.

Worked on the physics homework for a bit, then I gave up 'cause I couldn't do anymore and yeah.. Been writing entries since then..

I need to read for SCOM, read for PHYS.. Will take more pictures tomorrow morning.. And need to buy watercolors too. *sigh*

I'm so tired and stuff right now.. It really sucks. =(

I guess I will be going to office hours for physics on Wednesday, since I have class tomorrow during his hours. x_x BLAHHHH.'

I miss my dork already. =( I'm thinking of going back to SD in February since he probably can't come up next month. =/ And yeah.. depends on if the teachers stick to schedule and the next project is due Wednesday before the three day weekend. If so, I'm probably going home.. And depending if there's anything important on Thursday in PHYS or SCOM, I'll probably skip and go home early.

I hate life right now.. It sucks. I think I'll go outside and take some pictures in about ten minutes or something, so I can at least feel like I'm being productive.. BLEH!

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So after I posted on Friday, I worked on my model. Got a few things done, then at 5:15, [ profile] bobbleheadvi called me 'cause they were at the SLO station and so I headed out to get him from Cal Poly. Walked semi-fast and got there a little late-ish 'cause I was still walking and I saw the bus and then saw [ profile] bobbleheadvi walking towards me, lol.

Walked back to Stenner and dropped off [ profile] bobbleheadvi's stuff in my room, then went to eat in the cafeteria. After eating, worked on the model for a bit, then just gave up and went to shower. After that, we watched Step Up. It was okay, lol. Very predictable, but what do you expect, right?

After watching Step Up, went to brush our teeth in the guys' bathroom 'cause there was some big drama or something in ours.. And yeah. Went to bed, but it was hard to fall asleep. =( I don't really think I got any...

Got up around 9:30 or so and got ready. Went out to get the bus so we could go to Denny's, but didn't see it. We were on time too and would have seen the bus on our walk to the bus stop, but it didn't come. Waited around for about five or ten minutes, then just decided to eat at Quiznos. It was pretty good. After that, walked downtown and then just wandered around looking at the stores and stuff. [ profile] bobbleheadvi bought me some black heels from Ross for the dance and yeah. After that, went to the transit center and waited for the bus, then went to Cal Poly.

Walked around Cal Poly and showed my [ profile] bobbleheadvi stuff, then walked back to Stenner.

Hung out for a while and worked a little on my model and yeah.. Then went to eat dinner in the cafeteria. After that, came back and just rested on the bed for about an hour before changing and getting ready for the dance.

Left my room at about 7:45 and walked all the way to the PAC. Got there and got on the bus around 8:00 and was just sitting and talking to the driver for a while. Ashley and her boyfriend came a little later, then we headed off at 8:15.

Got all the way to the ramp to turn into Madonna Inn and saw it was blocked off for some reason. Went around the long way to LOVR and then got there about 15 minutes later or whatever..

Not many people were at the dance yet 'cause I guess it was pretty hard to get there with the road being blocked off.. Sat around and ate some crackers and this cheese thing which was like rubber. After a bit, went out to dance and yeah. You know how dances are. There weren't all that many people, but that's okay. It was pretty fun.

We also went to check out the men's restroom. XP Still cool to see the second time around. XP

Left around 11:35 or so.. Went out and sat on the bus for a while until it was time for it to go at 11:45 or so. Got back to school and had to walk all the way back to Stenner. I had to take off my heels and [ profile] bobbleheadvi let me have his shoes and he walked back in his socks. =/ Yeah. =( Got back to my room and [ profile] bobbleheadvi went to shower first and then I went. Went to bed afterwards and it was, like, 2:00 by that time.

Got up around 10:00 or whatever. Got ready, then went to eat at Carl's Jr. Had the Philly Cheesesteak. It was okay. After that, went to Bali's to get ice cream and the ice cream machine didn't like me. x_x Walked back to Stenner and ate on the way and yeah. Got back to my room and I worked on my model while [ profile] bobbleheadvi watched football. After a while, I gave up and we just hung out for the last hour or so.

At 3:00, [ profile] bobbleheadvi packed up and then we saw the tie clip thing was bent. Spent a while trying to fix it, then left a little after 3:30.

Walked to the bus stop at Cal Poly and kinda ran a bit of the way and got there at 3:50. Didn't see the bus -- we would have on the walk -- so yeah. Called the Amtrak place and waited forever since I was on hold, then got a lady and asked about it and she said that it was on time, which meant that it left early and that's not cool. After that, I called Joanna and asked if she knew anyone who could give us a ride to the train station and she got someone and we waited for him to show up.

Andrew, the guy Joanna got us, finally came and we went to the train station, but we just missed the train. =(

Andrew took us back to Stenner and then went to drop [ profile] bobbleheadvi's stuff in my room and went to eat in the cafeteria. After eating and being sad, went back to my room and I worked on my project while [ profile] bobbleheadvi watched football.

I was inking my drawing first and yeah. Got me so pissed off 'cause I kept messing up and yeah. Did not put me in a happy mood. x_x After inking, worked on cutting my model and yeah.. It was so badly cut and stuff, but whatever.. After the game, [ profile] bobbleheadvi helped me cut and yeah.. Worked until about 10:00-ish on cutting, then I was done with that, even though it was really crappy. Started gluing after that and yeah.. Took forever and then realized I didn't have a wall on my thing, so I just put one in randomly and yeah.. ARGH! After that, it was about 11-something and [ profile] bobbleheadvi went to shower. After he went, I went to shower, then came back and [ profile] bobbleheadvi went to rest while I worked on scanning my drawing, setting up my perspective views on FormZ, and printing the shit. Also made the CD and CD label. FormZ was being dumb and Photoshop was being dumb, so I didn't end up finishing until 1:30-ish and then woke up my dork and made him brush his teeth then we went to sleep.



Jan. 19th, 2007 02:42 pm
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Woke up late 'cause the alarm didn't even ring... When I woke up and looked at the time, it was already 6:54 ((alarm clock read 7:04)) and I freaked out and rushed to get ready. Ate, then yeah.. Got my stuff ready and then left for school.

Figure Friday.. Drew Cody first, then Valerie came and drew her, but then in the middle, she clutched her stomach, then a minute later, she ran out of the room 'cause she was still sick. =(

After that, drew Adam, then everyone else came in and we talked about FormZ. After that, break and went with some people to the bookstore 'cause they needed to buy museum board. Came back a little late.. Then had time to work on whatever. I cut my museum board for the base pieces, then gave up on that and started inking my drawing. I got about halfway-ish.. BLEH!

Came back, ate, then went back to school..

Talked about the homework a bit, then had a quiz at the end.. There were three problems and we had to do two and yeah.. I totally failed 'cause I couldn't even finish ONE problem. I did kinda half-ish on the first, then didn't really do all that much for the second one and yeah.. the third one looked too hard to even attempt. x_x And, [ profile] aznearthdragon had to call me during the quiz and I forgot to put my phone on vibrate, so yeah. x_x Suckage..

I'm here.. I'm gonna work on my model after I post this entry, so yeah...

[ profile] bobbleheadvi is on his way.. Will be here around 5:30, hopefully.. Train's running late right now, so yeah.. =/



Jan. 5th, 2007 06:45 pm
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Woke up at six-something today with [ profile] aznearthdragon and got ready and ate breakfast. After that, went to Kearny with [ profile] aznearthdragon. Hung in the range for a while, then finally, [ profile] bobbleheadvi showed up around 7:45 or something. Continued hanging in the range, then later, went with [ profile] aznearthdragon when the bell rang.

Class was.. interesting. They changed the lock for the classroom, so they couldn't open the door. After walking back and forth a bit from one side of the building to the other and back, they finally open the door and we could go in. Went on the computer with [ profile] bobbleheadvi and didn't really do that much. Around 9:30, we left and drove back to [ profile] bobbleheadvi's house. Hung out in his room and went on the computer and stuff.. Around 12:45 or something, Thien came and we went to UCSD. Got there and waited in line so they could buy their parking permits and yeah.. After that, went to the bookstore and walked around a bit, then left and went back to [ profile] bobbleheadvi's house.

Hung around for a little bit, then went to eat pho. After eating, went to Kearny and waited in the car until it was about time for the bell to ring.

Hung in the range mostly after school.. Visited the peoplez outside doing squad and platoon a bit, but yeah.. That's about it..

[ profile] bobbeheadvi left at 4:30 to go pick up his sister.. Then we left and yeah..

So sad.. I have to go back to SLO. =(

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Went to [ profile] bobbleheadvi's house at 12:00. Got there and just hung around in the living room for a bit, then had to with [ profile] bobbleheadvi to buy ice. After that, hung out some more, then some peoplez came over and yeah.. Watched people playing tennis and bowling on the Wii and yeah... Later went to Food 4 Less to buy cheesecake stuff, then went to Jamba Juice and got a drink for [ profile] aznearthdragon. After that, went back and just hung out in [ profile] bobbleheadvi's room. Went to get Anthony later, then came back and hung out some more. Later [ profile] bobbleheadvi had to go BBQ some more, so went out and sat with [ profile] aznearthdragon and everyone and ate a bit, then went out and hung with [ profile] bobbleheadvi while he BBQed. Went in later and hung out a bit, then left around 5:55.

That's about it.. Next week, I'll be back to school.. How freakin' sad. =(

I need to change my Amtrak reservations.. 'cause getting back around 8:30 on Sunday is so not good. I think I'm gonna change it to leaving at 9:30 on Sunday and then going to the Cal Poly stop, which gets there at 5:30. That way, I'll just walk home and pick up my books on the way, since I have to pass the Avenue anyway ((and you can pick up the books until 6:00, so it's good timing)). It will suck having to lug all my shit back, but whatever. Don't want to bother people with picking me up and it's not that bad of a walk.



Dec. 28th, 2006 07:09 pm
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Woke up around 10:00.. Got up and stuff, and watched T-Minus Rock. Left around 11:45 for Mission Valley. Got there and went to Hot Topic and looked around. Later on, Cathy and [ profile] bobbleheadvi came and hung in Hot Topic for a little more, then left and went to Tilly's. Stayed there for a while, then left and went to sit around in front of the movie theatre. Sat there for a long time, then later went over to the food court and [ profile] bobbleheadvi bought food. Ate, then went back to the theatre. It was about 2:05 by then. Teng got us in and went to watch Night at the Museum. We missed about the first fifteen minutes of it. x_x

The movie was pretty good.. After that, went to Tapioca Express and just hung there for a while.. Around 5:20, left and [ profile] bobbleheadvi drove us home. There was traffic. x_x Suckage..

Got home, ate dinner, and then the water was not hot. x_x Sucked ass washing the dishes 'cause it was freezing water.. So yeah. Haven't showered yet and that kinda sucks. =/



Dec. 21st, 2006 09:11 pm
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Woke up around 9:00 or whatever... Ate and watched TV and yeah.. Left around 11:45 to go to Mission Valley. Got there and met up with the dork and then went to Anchor Blue 'cause [ profile] aznearthdragon was buying a sweatshirt for Kevin. Went to Hot Topic to return the other two shirts and then went to [ profile] bobbleheadvi's car to drop off our cards. Went back and then was just walking around f.y.e. and yeah.. Later, went to the theatre and watched The Pursuit of Happyness. It was an okay movie, I guess. After that, went to Olive Garden to eat dinner. Then we went over to Staples and got some stuff. [ profile] bobbleheadvi got an Easy Button for the White Elephant Gift Exchange tomorrow at Sandy's party. I got a mini art set, hahaha. XP Then w left and [ profile] bobbleheadvi gave us a ride home. And.. yeah, that's my day. Besides that, watched a bunch of Panic! videos from the tour. I wish I could have went to one of the shows.. at least the San Diego one, since it was the last one, but no.. =( Oh wellz.. Maybe next year, right? XP

Today was a good day. ^_^ Tomorrow, going to the Hmong New Year festival, then going over to Sandy's house for her party.


Today! XD

Dec. 15th, 2006 08:22 pm
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Happy Birthday [ profile] disutansu!~ ^_^

I hope you had a good one. ^_^

Anyway, woke up today at the ungodly hour of 6:00. It was so horrible. The earliest I wake up on the daily basis is 6:30 and I haven't been doing that since last Friday, before finals week, so yeah. Anyway, got up and got ready, then went and ate some food and watched a bit of TV before heading out. Went to Kearny and got there around 7:15. Went to the range and was just hanging out until about 7:30-something and then Cathy came. [ profile] bobbleheadvi was hiding and I wasn't even looking, even though everyone was laughing at me since I was supposedly looking right at him or whatever, but I was only looking at [ profile] aznearthdragon who was in that direction. x_x But yeah, he came out and yeah. ^_^

He gave me my presents.. He got me two AFI shirts. XD There was the black Miss Murder one that has lyrics and then the white Love Like Winter one with lyrics. XD They're soooo pretty. I love them! XD Thanks, [ profile] bobbleheadvi, dork of mine. XP

Gave him his jacket that I bought him.. Didn't really give it, since it was on [ profile] aznearthdragon's desk, but yeah. XP He liked it and it totally matched the shirt he was wearing, lol. That's so weird. XP

Hung around the range until the bell rang, then walked with [ profile] aznearthdragon to Ms. Zoltan's class and was waiting until she came so [ profile] aznearthdragon could drop off her food for the cultural exchange thing they were doing. After that, walked with her to Mr. Garcia's class and then after that, went back to Zoltan's 'cause they were going to bag candy for the teachers for her. So yeah.. Went there and [ profile] aznearthdragon and her friends were bagging and [ profile] bobbleheadvi and me were writing on the tags. XP After that, went around to pass out the candies and yeah.. After that, felt bad for Schnizler, so we [me and [ profile] bobbleheadvi] went with him to finish passing out the last few bags while the others went back to Garcia's. Then went back to Garcia's to wait for the bell to ring, then went with [ profile] aznearthdragon to Ms. JJ's class. got there and yeah.. [ profile] bobbleheadvi was talking to her for a while, then around 10:20 or so, we headed out to walk to [ profile] bobbleheadvi's house. It was a pretty long walk, lol. Got there and yeah.. Was just hanging in the living room and stuff. Then around 11:30 or something, we were about to go eat at California Burrito and [ profile] bobbleheadvi invited Anh and Elise [brother and girlfriend] to come along and they wanted to, but they took forever to get ready. Finally got to leave a little over a half hour later. Went and ate and they were all surprised I could finish a burrito. @_@ After that, dropped them off at Nikki's or whatever, then went to Mission Valley.

Walked around Mission for a bit, then around 2:00, left and went to 99 Ranch Market and bought [ profile] aznearthdragon sponge cake. After that, went to the Juice Station and got [ profile] aznearthdragon juice.. Alternative to Jamba Juice, lol. XP

Went back to Kearny after that and hung out in the range until [ profile] aznearthdragon came. Gave her the sponge cake and smoothie and then we had to vacate the range 'cause they were closing up.

Hung around outside and stuff.. Just sat around and stuff.. It was nice. I dunno.. just sitting and doing nothing, like back in the day when there wasn't much to do. I dunno.. No worries is kinda nice.

So yeah, [ profile] bobbleheadvi's mom knows about us. He told me last night that he was taking out his phone to check the time and his mom was like, saying he was always staying up all night talking to his girlfriend and he didn't say anything. Then she asked about me and what I was ((Chinese -- "You guys always like Chinese people!" RE: Anh's girlfriend, Elise, being Chinese)), where I went to school and what I was majoring in ((Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo -- "Why so far away?" // "Because she wants to be an architect." // "They make a lot of money!" followed by talk of one of his uncles who is an architect)). So yeah.. He said that he thinks she probably doesn't mind since I'm so far away and can't interfere with school or whatever. I dunno.. I guess, but I still don't want to meet her just 'cause. I don't know.. that's scary. =(

So yeah.. [ profile] bobbleheadvi wants to do the whole day and Olive Garden thing on the 21st. Me and [ profile] aznearthdragon need to discuss and plan out how to ask for it... BLEH!

The new AIM looks like shit. The only reason I'm keeping it ((and will hopefully get used to the ugly)) is 'cause I want to be able to send offline messages. x_x Damn me and wanting that option since, like, forever. *sigh*

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So I'm pretty sure I got about four calls this morning.. At 5:33, [ profile] bobbleheadvi called, but I missed it 'cause I was trying to find my phone on the table only to realize that DUH, it was charging and I would have to get up to get it. It stopped and I was like, 'Thank goodness' and was about to go back to sleep but he called again and I had to get up, lol. Yeah. And yeah.. after that, around 5:50, [ profile] aznearthdragon called, then she called again around 7-something. x_x Then I got up around 8:30, 'cause yeah. Got ready and then went to put in two loads of laundry and then went to eat breakfast. After that, came back and waited a few, then went and put my laundry in the dryer. Left and attempted to study for a while, then had to go get my clothes. One load was still wet and I was like WTF and had to use another 50 cents on it. Went back to fold my clothes and then went to get the other load and it was STILL wet, so that dumb dryer was broken and I wasted a dollar on it. I didn't have time to wait around for it to dry in another dryer, so I just took it back to my room and hung up the clothes to dry. x_x That sucks..

So I attempted to study a bit, but didn't really get that far.. Kinda sucked, but you know how it is.. Then left for school around 12:45.

The math final was horrible. I felt soooo DUMB. I mean, I didn't know how to do the work problem and that was 12 points and I didn't know how to do the lighthouse problem which was also 12 points and there were a bunch I know I missed and I'm just so mad at myself. =( Damnit.. *sigh*

So I think I probably got about a B- or C on the final. That probably means I got a B- or C as my final grade. Hopefully it'll be a B, haha. We can only hope.. *sigh*

Why am I such an idiot? ARGHH! Sucks ass.

Need to study for EDES today.. BLEH!

I'm mostly packed up to go home. Just the stuff I still need to use left to pack, then I'm set to go!



Dec. 9th, 2006 05:30 pm
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It's raining again. ^_^

[ profile] bobbleheadvi continues to be an ass.

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So last night, my suitemates were all in the common room just chatting it up. I don't know why they had to choose around 11:00 at night to start this, but they did. And me trying to sleep while hearing them talk? Not good. So it was about 12:30 when I hung up with [ profile] bobbleheadvi and tried to get some sleep and they're still going at it. Around 1:00 ((I wanted to know what time it was)), they were still going strong. I tried my best to ignore it, but damn, they were REALLY being loud. And it sucked. x_x

In the morning, I couldn't really wake up. It sucked. I had two weird-ass dreams, but I'm too lazy to describe them here. One involved architecture and the other involved Titanic. Both are not in the ways you'd think, I'm sure.

So I'm wearing the green sweater jacket thing that [ profile] bobbleheadvi gave me. It's Happy Bunny with "I did it, but I'm blaming you" as the saying. I feels like it's really tight, but I know it's not.. I guess it's just 'cause I never wear such restricting jackets, so yeah.. I feel kinda fat, hahal. It's weird. 'Cause jackets are suppose to be loose and hide your fat. XP Or, at least, that's MY opinion. XP

I'm gonna bring my box to EDES so that afterwards, I can go to the photo lab and take pictures. It better be open! =/ But yeah.. kinda scared to go in there by myself 'cause I dunno what to do. =/ Sucks ass. Hopefully there's other people who will be going there too.. =/ Or should I just try to take the pictures here? Hmm... I dunno. Such a hard decision. =/ I guess I'll just bring it anyway and see what happens..

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Woke up around 9:00.. Got up and got ready, then ate a bit before leaving for Mission Valley. Got there around 10:40 or whatever and walked around Target for a few, then went to meet up with [ profile] bobbleheadvi. Went to Hot Topic and looked around, then went over to Tilly's. Walked around a bit more, then ended up going to Michael's. After that, went out and waited for Kevin to come.

[ profile] bobbleheadvi gave me a green Happy Bunny jacket and another Care Bear, lol.

After Kevin came, went over to Aeropostale, then went and checked the times for movies. Stranger Than Fiction didn't start until 2:25, so couldn't watch that. =/ Decided we'd watch Borat since that started at 12:25 and it was 12:00. Went over to the food court and [ profile] bobbleheadvi got a drink and we sat around for a bit, then around 12:25, walked back to AMC and saw Teng (('cause [ profile] bobbleheadvi called him earlier)). He went and got us tickets for the movie then left 'cause he didn't work until 2:00 and he would have to get ready, so he couldn't watch it with us.

Watched Borat.. It was blah. I didn't like it at all. I mean, I get that it's suppose to be funny and all, but it's not my type of humor, so yeah.. =/

Movie finished at 2:00 and then we just left and walked around the mall, going into the different stores and yeah.. That's about it..

Around 3:00-ish, we left.. Went to Vien Dong and bought some stuff for dinner, then went home and yeah..

Packed up most of my stuff.. Not like I really unpacked, but yeah, haha. Put most of my stuff away.. Basically read to go tomorrow.. @_@

I'm so sad that I'm leaving tomorrow. =( I don't want to go back.. 'Cause there's so much work left for the last two weeks.. *sigh* Dumb architecture.. =/ But only two more weeks.. And it's only two and a half more weeks until I can come back here, so yeah.. You can do it, Helen! x_x

In the car, when we were going to the mall, my dad just suddenly, out of no-where, turns and is like, "Helen, listen; you too, Tiffany" and then says that they don't mind if we have boyfriends, but to be careful. Blah blah and it was so directed towards me 'cause they were like, "You're in Cal Poly. He's here. You don't know what's he's doing because you're so far... he could be all nice to you when you're here, but he could have another girl at school and you don't know" and stuff like that.. And yeah. x_x

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Yes, be shocked at the title, my dears..

So first off...

Happy Birthday [ profile] bobbleheadvi!~ XD

My boy is 18 now. XD Haha. What a dork. XP

Anywayz.. So I kinda woke up this morning around 6:30 'cause the radio went on and I was like, "WTS is this?!~" 'cause it was some morning talk show thing, so changed it to music, contemplated calling [ profile] bobbleheadvi for a sec, then was like, "He might be sleeping" so I decided not to and went back to sleep. Then I had a HORRIBLE dream which sucks ass and yeah. Basically, it was Monday and for some reason, we had a sub in our arch class. And I forgot to bring my book and slip case! So it was break and I wanted to go, but the teacher took down my name and was like, "Make sure you're back in time" or whatever, so I left, but I WENT THE WRONG WAY! Or, well, apparently it was the right way in my dream, but it wasn't really where Stenner was, you know? So I went and it took forever to get to my room and when I got there, I was like, "SHIT!" 'cause I realized I forgot my keys and cell phone in my room, so I went to knock on Matt's door, but he wasn't there. I think I left a message or something and went around looking for him, but I couldn't find him! Then someone told me that Matt unlocked my door, so I rushed back to my room and went in and for some reason, Erik W. from Kearny was there! And he was like, "Hey Helen" and I was like, "Hey...?” and apparently, I had a roommate, which was Ashley from my arch class, and I dunno. He was her guest? But whatever, got my stuff, then was gonna leave, but then remembered I had to get my keys and phone, but I couldn’t find them! Looked everywhere and then finally got them and left. Was trying to run, but then some other people showed up and was talking to me and ARGH! Then somehow, I ended up getting lost, LOST, trying to get back to the arch building and I was sooo mad and OMG, freaking out, and then when I finally was on my way, class was over and ARGH! Just sucked ass. And yeah.. That’s when [ profile] aznearthdragon called and yeah.. Now I’m all paranoid I’ll forget my shit tomorrow ‘cause in my dream, in the beginning, I had a dream that I forgot my stuff and then the next day, I forgot my stuff, so yeah.. If that wouldn’t make you paranoid, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you, lol.

Talked to [ profile] aznearthdragon for a bit, then called my [ profile] bobbleheadvi and wished him a Happy Birthday and stuff, then tried to go back to sleep. Around 9:45 or whatever, decided it was time to get up, so got up and got ready, then went to eat breakfast. After that, came back to my room and started working on my weekly draw. Did my compositional alternatives, then worked on my final. Took about 45 minutes or whatever for the final.. BLEH! After that, scanned and stuff, then got set up to do my axonometric again. This time, put the board on my bed and just sat on my bed and did it, with the book on top of my fridge. It's really crappy and I estimated basically everything, but I don’t care 'cause yeah.. fuck the dumb angles. I know it's wrong, but whatever, you know? Can't change it, so yeah.. Whatever.. If the teachers say anything, I'll admit I estimated 'cause I did and I know it's not accurate, but whatever..

After I finished all that, cleaned up my stuff, and it was about 3:00-ish, then talked to [ profile] bobbleheadvi for a little bit.. Then he left, so I worked on my English essay for a little while.. I don't really have much, but I don't care 'cause I'm just tired, you know? BLAHHH!

Decided it was break time after a while and yeah.. Here I am, writing my entry. So all-in-all, not so bad of a day, but it could have been better, of course. But yeah.. It’s gonna suck bringing all my shit to school tomorrow. I’m thinking of bringing the backpack and putting all my tools and stuff in there so I don’t have to carry the toolbox, ‘cause I’ll need to bring the big box I got from when I reserved books ‘cause that’s the only box that can hold my stupid slipcase thing. x_x BLEHHH!~

Only SEVEN more days, bitches! SD! I miss you so! And the people in SD who matter -- I miss you guys even more! Wait for me, my dears, I’ll be there soon...

Yesterday, I was lame and counted days, yes, days, as in, how many days are left of the quarter. It’s so bad ‘cause you just realize how little time there is left for projects, but at the same time, it feels just that much longer ‘cause yeah.. So here we go, just ‘cause I can..

16 more days of class.
10 more days of ARCH 131.
13 more days of MATH 142.
11 more days of ENGL 134.
06 more days of EDES 101.
03 more days of ARCH 105.

And now, project and other countdowns just 'cause I need to know..

07 more days until ENGL 134 // Sequence III due.
17 more days until EDES 101 // Assignment 01: Interview with Professional due.
17 more days until ARCH 105 // Project 02: Archival Box due.
17 more days until MATH 142 // Midterm.
25 more days until ARCH 131 // Project 05: Slip Case due.

31 more days until I'm 19!
32/33 more days until I can go home for Winter Break! ''Depends on whether you think my EDES final counts as a day or not, haha.))

Okay, posting now ‘cause yeah.. Laterz.

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NOTE: Written Friday night, but internet wasn't working untill tonight, so yeah...

Woke up around 6:40-ish and then was about to go get ready and [ profile] bobbleheadvi called me. @_@ After that, went to get ready and then sat and watched TV a little 'cause my internet wasn't working. x_x Started walking to school around 7:50 or so..

Figure Friday.. After that, went and worked on drawing the axonometic for this elevation drawing. After that, had a break, but I was still working on my drawing 'cause yeah.. I messed up on measuring this one dimensions, so I had to erase most of it so I could redraw. x_x Sucked.. After that, people were talking about their tag game they're gonna play. Basically, it's picture tag on Facebook and yeah.. They were making all these rules and had a sign up sheet and everything. It was pretty funny, but I didn't really want to play, you know? But at the same time, they all knew I had a Facebook, so it'd look bad if I didn't say I would play, so yeah.. I signed up too. x_x BLEHHHH!~ After that, break was over and Brian talked about Form-Z for a while and then after that, we had to set up some of our joiner thingies on our book and then talk about them. BLEHHH!~ For Monday, we have to make one whole interpretation thingy or whatever for the book.. He didn't say how many connections we needed or anything.. and also the weekly draw. x_x

Walked back home and then worked a little on math, then went to eat, then came back and did more math while talking to [ profile] bobbleheadvi. Started walking to class around 2:40-ish with my laptop 'cause the internet wasn't working here and I needed to register for classes...

Booted up my computer outside the classroom, but it was being stupid and froze.. TWICE! Then went into the classroom and it finally decided to work, so yeah.. Got online and registered for classes. Basically, I have what I said before.. I'll write it at the end.. After that, checked my mail and stuff, then we talked about fallacies. It was boring...

Went back home, worked on my math homework, then around 5:05, started walking to school to the Amtrak bus stop near VG's 'cause [ profile] bobbleheadvi was suppose to be there at 5:30. Was talking to [ profile] aznearthdragon on the way and kinda trying to convince her to come to Cal Poly and live with me, lol. Then [ profile] bobbleheadvi finally came and then we started walking back to my place.

Got back home, he kinda unpacked and yeah.. Hung out a little, suitemates met him, and then we went out to eat at Carl's Jr. After eating, went back home and talked to [ profile] aznearthdragon for a while and just watched TV. Then I went to shower around 8:00-ish and yeah.. After that, [ profile] bobbleheadvi showered, then we watched TV 'cause my internet STILL wasn't working.. And yeah, now I'm writing this..

My internet still doesn't work. I'm so mad! >O

- ARCH 132 // MWF // 0810-1200
- HNRS 145 // MTWR // 1310-1400
- PHYS 141 // MTWR // 1410-1500

HNRS 145 would be honors English. And yeah.. I have ARCH 132 with Brent.. I dunno if I wrote that yesterday, but yeah.. That's who I have. Kinda bleh 'cause Brent, but good at the same time 'cause that means I end in the Spring with Keith, the most easy-going of them all.

It sucks 'cause Mandy's in Keith's class. =/ Marcela has him too.. BLAHHH!

Okay, I dunno what else to write for now.. S'not like I can post it anyway so yeah.. dumb internet. x_x It's currently 9:41 and yeah.. Will post this tomorrow, if the internet works. =/

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Went ice skating today at the Kroc Community Center.. Got there at about 9:55 and was waiting forever until people showed. Finally, around 11-something, we paid and went in. It was pretty fun. I was clinging to [ profile] bobbleheadvi a lot, haha. But yeah.. My feet hurt so damned much. I think I fell two or three times. @_@ But [ profile] aznearthdragon and Kevin fell a million times, it seemed, haha. She has so many bruises. =O

Me and [ profile] bobbleheadvi had a talk today around 12-ish.. About us and stuff.. I don't know. It was sad. I cried. There was me saying, "Is it worth it?" and him saying it was and he'd wait ten years if he had to and stuff like that. But yeah.. we're just gonna stick with it and see where it goes, I guess. I don't know.. I don't want to be a downer, you know, but it's hard to not see the complications. I'm gonna be six hours away for the next five years (at the least) while he's gonna be here. It's not like we'll see each other all that much either, you know. And then after his four years (I think) at UCSD, he's going off to whereever he's going to continue on his dentist path and it's just like.. How will it work out like that? But yeah.. I'm babbling.. I guess we'll just see how everything works out..



Jul. 23rd, 2006 09:26 pm
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I didn't go walking today! =O 'Cause my dad said to just rest.. So yeah. Rest / slept until about 10:00 and then finally got up. Besides that, didn't really do anything all day besides listen to music and the computer.

While talking to my [ profile] bobbleheadvi today, when I was talking about AFI and how Jade and Davey are hot, there was this...

What BoB thinks of Jade and Davey... )

He's a dork. XP

Anywayz.. Went to The Container Store earlier.. Bought some stuff for me for when I go away to college. It was about $58 for some storage boxes, a shower tote, pencil holder, and some hooks.

[ profile] aznearthdragon is watching Miss Universe right now.. She's weird. @_@


Sick.. ;_;

May. 23rd, 2006 09:03 pm
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Hung out in the classroom for a while.. Then [ profile] bobbleheadvi came and he had food, so.. XP Me and [ profile] aznearthdragon followed him to the range and just hung in there. Was feeling sick.. ;_; Runny nose all day too.. ;_;

Some people were shooting and the rest of the LET2s were with me, drilling with rifles and learning how to change from left to right shoulder. Later, they had a break. Then after that, [ profile] bobbleheadvi took them for me 'cause I had to take the LET1s. Taught them how to do the basics with the rifle..

Had silent reading, then after that, Mr. Tran came in and we had to do a survey thing.. Then worked on the study guide.. Was suppose to do our budget on one of the sheets, but it's like, I don't pay for anything, so.. x_x So dumb.. BLEH! Like, half the class was in the same boat and we had like, almost the whole period to do it, so.. Wasted time. x_x

Meeting.. Eric wasn't there. BLEH!~ Boring, boring..

Was in the classroom.. Everyone left except for me and Kevin. x_x Then Ms. Lee sent us to the library to "research", so we went over to visit Edmon and see how the trebuchet was coming. After that, went over to the basketball courts and just watched the other peoplez doing their basketball thing. Then they were all playing and I was just watching.. So bored...

Started on our blankets.. BLEH!~ I suck.. x_x

Worked on mosaics.. Painted a few greens.. that's about it.

Leadership interviews.. First there was Gunar for Company Commander, then Ingram for Company XO, then Heather for Company XO. They were all.. eh. None of them knew the leadership principles, or even how many there ARE! OMG! >O Losers..

After that, went outside and hung with [ profile] aznearthdragon, Cathy, and Daniel. Stupid [ profile] bobbleheadvi just left and ignored me. It was like, I was outside by the range door and he walks out and I'm like, "Are you leaving?" and he doesn't even say anything and I'm like, "Fine, ignore me, don't say 'bye'" and he just kept walking and didn't even glance at me. Fuckin' ass. When we were sitting wtih Cathy, I called him and yelled at him for ignoring me and leaving Cathy and stuff.. Dumbass..

Workin' a little on the CTA promotional piece.. so tired though.. I wanna sleep.. Damn.. I know I'm sick 'cause I don't usually feel like this.. -_-



May. 21st, 2006 02:04 pm
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Woke up around 9:00 yesterday.. Got up, ate, and then my parents left to buy some food and stuff and me and [ profile] aznearthdragon went to Wal-Mart to get some things.. Went back home and [ profile] aznearthdragon attempted to do my hair, but she couldn't. Then I tried to do hers, but it didn't really stay that well. Later my parents came home and then we decided to go out and get it done 'cause we couldn't do it. Went to the hair place near Vien Dong and got our hair done and then went back home to change into our dresses, then left.

Went to [ profile] bobbleheadvi's house around 4:15-ish. Finished watching The Perfect Man and then decided to watch Honey. We changed plans so that me and [ profile] bobbleheadvi were gonna be eating with Kevin and [ profile] aznearthdragon earlier, so was just waiting on Kevin. He had some difficulties, so he didn't get to [ profile] bobbleheadvi's place until 5:45-ish.. During that time, Cathy came home, haha. She watched Honey with us for a bit.. What else.. Oh yeah, [ profile] bobbleheadvi let in his dog and we were scared, hahah. ^_^;;

Anywayz.. Finally Kevin came and we left to go to Seaport Village. Got there and then walked around and then found the place. Ate at the Edgewater Grill.. Got bread and was eating that while we waited for our food. I had salmon and shrimp while [ profile] bobbleheadvi had shrimp and Kevin and [ profile] aznearthdragon shared shrimp linguni (?) and clam chowder.

Finished eating around 7:30 and then drove over to the Marriot, parked, then walked around the hotel trying to find where it was. Finally found it and waited around outside a bit.. We shouldn't have 'cause by the time we went in, basically every table was taken. x_x But yeah. Me and [ profile] bobbleheadvi went in and we went to take our pictures first. I paid $10 while while [ profile] bobbleheadvi paid the rest ($75). After we took pictures, went around looking for a table and finally got one right by the entrance. Sat.. Later got some ice cream to eat.. and yeah. It sucked sitting there 'cause everyone, for some reason, wanted to take pictures RIGHT after they walked in. It's like, some people were there for 10 minutes taking millions of pictures, moving about one or two feet to the left or right after every couple of pictures taken. x_x

No one was on the dance floor.. It was like already 9:00, and it was still clear. Then, there was some technical difficulties where the music went off for about 10 or 20 minutes. Then the music went back on and then a few minutes later, people finally started dancing. Me and [ profile] bobbleheadvi went to dance some and sit and dance and yeah. It was hella hot though. So crowded.. It was a pretty small room and a small dance floor.

There weren't that many slow songs.. The first one was for the court dance and so you could only dance to it for a minute. The next one was at the end.. like the third to last song (I dunno if it would be considered slow, but yeah..) and the following songs were all somewhat slow songs. It was Graduation by Vitamin C. BLEH!~ But yeah.. It was that song. x_x Me and Nghia kissed.. x_x I dunno.. I told myself it wouldn't happen, but it did. And I dunno what to think. Afterwards, I was just.. blah.. I dunno.. *sigh*

The last song was Cater to You by Destiny's Child. I don't like that song, so it sucked that it was playing. Oh wellz..

Afterwards, left with Kevin. He drove me and [ profile] aznearthdragon home. Once we got there, changed, took out the bobbypins and stuff from our hair and then [ profile] aznearthdragon showered first. Waited, then finally I got to go. Did all my nightly stuff and by the time I could sleep, it was already 2:30. x_x

So.. all in all, it was an.. okay day, I guess. I dunno.. There were many parts that were bad, but whateverz. Can't always win, ya know?



May. 2nd, 2006 09:26 pm
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Talked about some uniform issues.. regarding stripes and pants and how we'll need to do it since it can't be machine sewn and all this.. Sucks, but we're gonna try to do it in the mornings at school and in our RO period or free period.. Hopefully, we can get it all done by Friday or if we don't, someone can take it home and finish it up so we can dry clean it next week.. BLAH! After that, practiced a few, and then went to JJ's class to ask about Prom tickets and how much we get off from the candy sales.. Around $8 or so, she said..

Split and the people who needed to finish the test went with Col. and the other LET2s went with me and we drilled with the rifle.. Just did a rotation so everyone got a chance to be the squad leader and drill the squad.. It was okay.. The angle of their rifles need work and keeping the rifle still.. Hm.. Talking at attention too..

Went to Crossman's class today.. They just talked about the senior exhibition and presenting and stuff.. That's about it. After that, I dunno what we were suppose to do, but people were just sitting around and doing nothing.. Then I remembered that I was gonna take a survey so I could know everyone's plans, so I got out a piece of paper and did that.. I got everyone who was in there at the time, lol. People were all looking at me weird and stuff.. But whatever. I guess I can get the list of people's e-mails from one of the e-mails Garcia sends and just send everyone the link to it and let them help me out, haha. I'm sure other people are interested, right? XP Here's the link, for my reference... CTA Seniors List.

Meeting.. was so boring.. bleh.

Did some more worksheets from the study guide.. that's all we ever do.

Filled out the answer sheet for tomorrow.. all that bubbling in stuff, ya know.. BLEH! Took basically the whole period.. x_x

Sub still.. JUst went on the computer..

Went to Mrs. Gallegos to get my letter of recommendation.. Took forever 'cause she didn't even write it. x_x BLEH! Just waiting there.. She asked me what my GPA was and I was like, "3.94" and she said that I was bumped to second 'cause of Robert, "but that's still good". Umm.. No, it's not. And when she said that, I was thinking, 'WTF?!~ It can't be true!' 'cause I remember in the beginning of the year Robert said that he had a lower GPA than me and I haven't gotten anything but straight As this year.. AND I'm taking an AP class and he's not, so there's no freakin' way he can be! >O That put me in such a bad mood.. I'm going to Mr. Tran to ask for confirmation tomorrow 'cause on all my other papers for the application saids I'm rank one and her letter says I'm rank two.. I wanted to mail it tomorrow, but I have to wait now 'cause I need to know. x_x Plus, there were a lot of mistakes in the letter and I took the liberty of correcting it, so I'll need her to redo it anyway. BLEH!

After that, left and went to practice.. that's about it.

Got mad at [ profile] bobbleheadvi.. x_x Whatevz. Always getting mad at me, but it's like, WTF, I'm just saying what I think and he IS wasting my time if he's gonna be like that. Why do I have to help him in class if he's just gonna blow it off. He should just go hang with his friends and ask them for help when he needs it. Obviously what I think doesn't matter at all. Whatever.

Argh.. still mad about rank two. If it's true, I think I'll just go die 'cause I'm tired of being second best. >O



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