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It rained last night.

I got up finally at 8:00.. Kept pressing the snooze on my alarm clock 'cause I didn't want to get up and I didn't really get sleep last night. Freakin' [ profile] bobbleheadvi was being an asshole and then I couldn't sleep and then when I did, I kept waking up 'cause I was dreaming of working on the project or whatever..

Got ready and then went out to meet Amanda outside. Walked to the bus stop and then waited for it to come. Went to Madonna Plaza and then went to Staples and got out stuff printed. It cost so much for the print.. Made me kinda mad 'cause $3 for two prints? Not cool.

After that, went and bought a sketchbook 'cause I needed one.. Was pretty expensive 'cause they didn't have any other ones. Made me kinda mad. =( Also, went to check the price of ink 'cause I figure, since I was there, wouldn't have to order online later, but no. It was $61.99 for the four pack and I KNEW online it was cheaper, so I was pissed. ((I just went to the Staples website to check and see if they raised the price -- NOPE. Still $54.99, so yeah. >O )) After that, walked to the bus stop and just waited for the bus to come and take us back to Stenner. Got there, dropped off my stuff, then went to eat breakfast. After eating, started my laundry and then cut my illustration board. After cutting and tracing my shadows on the board, folded laundry, then didn't do anything for a bit.

Talked to Valerie and I agreed to go with her to Staples later, so yeah.. Fixed up my drawings and then later, Valerie and her friend came and I left to meet them. Ran into Amanda on the way and she gave me contact paper, so went to my room to put it away and then left.

Went to Staples and Valerie printed her shit and I reprinted mine. Another $3 wasted. x_x Afterwards, we went to McDonalds 'cause Valerie wanted to eat there. After eating, went to Home Depot and Valerie bought spray paint, then went over to Costco and her friend bought water and I got granola bars. Didn't have money, so have to pay Valerie back for it.

Got dropped off back at Stenner and went back to my room. Had to fix my shadow tracing 'cause the contact paper was a bit smaller than expected. Redid that, then put on the contact paper and cut it. I accidentally cut too deep in some places. =( Oh wellz..

Went to eat dinner in between working, then came back and finished that. Afterwards, trimmed my drawings and then yeah.. Here I am now.. I'm gonna work on physics homework until 8:00, then shower. After that, I'm breaking for the rest of the night 'cause whatever. I will just do the dumb watercolors tomorrow. BLAH! I will fuck it up so bad, but I don't care.

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So I didn't get up until about 9:10 in the morning.. Let me tell you, it was pretty darn good getting up at that time, even though I wanted to sleep later, lol. Got up and got ready, then ate. After eating, went on the computer for a bit and read my SCOM book.. BLAH!

So last night, I totally was trying to find some songs to download and stuff and I was looking for torrents and I saw Infinity on High! I was like, totally shocked since it isn't out yet, but I downloaded and I listened in the morning and OMG YES. XD I really like it and yeah. Can't wait until February 6th because I so want to get it! But I dunno when I'll have time to buy it.. But whatever, I really want it, lol. XP

Around 11:45, left for school to meet with Joanna. Got there and we went to the class, but they said it was in another classroom, so went looking for it and found it. Went in and did physics and got some help and yeah.. Hate physics. x_x

Talked about the homework.. Blah. Got more homework that's due on Tuesday and we also have a quiz on Tuesday that I'm definitely going to fail again. x_x Whatever.. I'm totally gonna fail this class and will have to retake it, so I don't really care anymore. And I'm gonna get kicked out of honors already since I most likely won't be able to bring up my GPA, so whatever.

Lectured about audience analysis. Blah. After that, watched a Tom Brokaw speech from when he came to Cal Poly in 2001. It was pretty boring.. After that, she told us we had to have three possible topics for our informational speech for Tuesday and let us out early at 3:45.

Wandered around for a bit 'cause I didn't know if Valerie was out of class yet, then called her at 4:00 and went to the bookstore with her to buy basswood and then went back to her room. She already cut some illustration board, so yeah. I cut the basswood and she finished the board, then we glued them together and stuff. After that, we tried to put them in the MDF board and yeah. Didn't fit in the slit, so we called Caleb and asked him to bring us a file and he came later at 6:00-ish with it and we worked on filing the thing so our screens would fit. Took forever, but finished two, then went on a dinner break at 6:45-ish. Ate at VG's and then after that, went back and finished up the last two. Then left and walked back to Stenner and gave Amanda hers and then went home and showered.

Got back at 8:00-ish and yeah.. After I showered, I'm here and that's about it..

I hate life and I hate physics and I just hate everything. Life sucks ass.

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So no fire last night. Better stay that way for the rest of the year...

Anyway.. So I was talking to [ profile] aznearthdragon on the phone last night and then I get the e-mail Brent sent to everyone in the class.. I have to say, it was VERY harsh, lol. I mean, seriously! I will even copy and paste just so everyone can see the harshness.



as your time at cal poly continues, i expect forward progress from each of you.  each quarter you should set goals for yourself to accomplish in that 10 week period.  lack of doing so will make you lazy and stagnate your education.  each successive quarter this program will be less like high school, that is less hand holding and more responsibility.  the rigor of your projects and your work ethic should increase each quarter.

remember that you are not attending calpoly so that i can have a job, you are here to learn the practice of architecture.  you must be self motivated, care about what you are doing, and prove it to your instructor.  i do not care if you fail at things as long as you give it your best efforts.  you only cheat yourself by producing minimal efforts and expressing flippant attitudes.

as was the case last quarter, minimal efforts will receive minimum grades.  when i ask for 4 drawings, i mean 4 drawings, not 2 and a lame ass excuse.  if your house catches on fire and you have to evacuate, that's a legitimate hardship.  not trying because you don't care isn't.  go fill out an application at mcdonalds now.

in the end, this will all work itself out.  those of you go-getters will learn & hone your craft in school and be on the road to success in design of many sorts.  those of you that would rather blow assignment requirements off, sit in the back and talk during lectures, and generally act like smart-assed children will be CAD monkeys for the former group.  choose now which direction you wish to pursue.

several of you have emailed me questions about formZ already.  i am willing to stay up all night helping those of you that truly want to learn.  if you don't understand, ask, read, search...


Now, can you say harsh? Especially for a teacher, lol. And you can SO tell he was directing certain parts to people who KNOW who they are. That sitting in the back and talking? Valerie and Rachel. The evacuating thing was this one girl who was in building 9. ((Wish I could have used that excuse too.. but I actually did all four drawings, even if they weren't good...)) Valerie would probably be one of those "blow assignment requirements off" too, seeing as she didn't even TRY to make a path in her drawings and stuff... I hope I wasn't one of the bad people in this 'cause I did try on mine.. It just sucked.

The harshest part to me was the, "i do not care if you fail at things as long as you give it your best efforts.  you only cheat yourself by producing minimal efforts and expressing flippant attitudes" 'cause, I dunno, sometimes you DO try and it doesn't seem like it, I guess.. I know in arch, I try, but I usually just fail everytime. x_x But hopefully he thinks I am trying 'cause I hate being a slacker. I mean, sometimes, yeah, I give up, but I put in hours of effort before I get to that point, so..

That McDonalds thing was very.. I was so ready to crack up at that.. And then Valerie IMed me later asking if I saw the e-mail and said she was gonna change her Facebook status to filling an application at McDonalds. Yeah, she jokes, but she IS one of those don't care whatever people, so..

I gotta get to class now. Until later...

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EDES 101
So the teacher just lectured today.. Pretty boring..

Went to the bookstore to see what was on sale, which was basically everything. There were a bunch of people there and stuff.. so yeah. x_x I got Tiffany a jacket thing that's black and says Cal Poly on it in white and pink. It cost $36.03 with the 30% discount. I hope she likes it...

Left and went to my room.. Worked a bit on my English essay, then around 10:20, headed for school with my box. Got there, looked at everyone's, then went with Valerie to turn it into Brent's office. After that, we both decided to eat and went to The Avenue to get food. She treated, since she has Plu$ dollars.. Got fries and chilly cheese fries and drinks. Split that, then went to Julian's to get ice cream. ^_^ I got black cherry vanilla. Yummy. Just sat on the stairs outside of the UU to eat it.. Then after that, we parted ways..

Went to the bookstore to get my scantron for EDES (('cause I didn't remember which type we needed before)), but there were so many people waiting in line.. it was ridiculous, so I just left.. Will get it later, I guess, when I have time to stand around in line ((well, I had time, but I didn't want to, just for a scantron..)). So yeah.. Walked back home and yeah..

Need to finish my English essay 'cause tonight, gotta do my slip case. x_x

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Woke up at 6:45, as usual, got ready, and then left for school around 7:50. Didn't have to bring the laptop, but was suppose to bring modeling stuff..

Figure Friday, then did some lettering. After that, had a break, then we went to Brent's room to look at some pictures of other projects from some other school. They kept talking about how the movement is implied and recognizable, but for some of them, I didn't even see it, so.. yeah. I didn't even get their projects.. BLEH! After that, went back to our rooms and we had to sketch some diagrams to show the movement of our slip cases. I didn't even have a movement in mine yet.. x_x Theresa gave me an idea for a movement though, for it to be spiraling up and shrinking or whatever.. I thought that was awesome and am gonna roll with it for the next case. But yeah.. The teachers were going through the rooms talking about each book and our class was last. We were all just basically hanging and talking until they came. There was some interesting conversations, like the crunchy cereal thing, where they were talking about how Valerie doesn't listen, just like the commercial. 'Cause the teachers have been telling her to get a new book since the beginning, but she's stuck with what she had. And everytime, she didn't even change anything on her book, even though they told her to. Valerie also decided she wanted to have a sleep over since a bunch of us were going on the Poly Canyon Tour the next day.. Blah, blah, they came in and we all got silent. Went through the books, then they got to mine and they said it was chaotic and basically, it sucked. But I already knew that, so whatever.. When they got to Valerie's, they said she needed to start over with a new book.

Went to Valerie's room with Marcela and waited for Valerie to get our food from The Avenue. She came, we ate, then when it was about 12:40, started walking up to the canyon. Got there at 1:00 and was just sitting around 'cause the teacher or wasn't there.. At 1:20, he finally came. It was "Santa" from the workshop. Anyway.. Had to pull weeds from the path, then later fill wheelbarrows with gravel and fill in the path. I was just shoveling the gravel into the wheelbarrows for that part 'cause I didn't want to take the barrows down. BLEH! Arms hurt like a bitch now.. =(

Something creepy: Rachel was trying to get Santa to let us leave early 'cause we'd be done and have to walk in the dark and she was like, "There's a rapist on the loose" 'cause there is, and he says, "He's not on the loose. He's right here" and yeah. Shouldn't be saying stuff like that, especially if you're a teacher!

Did that until about 4:00 and then we could leave. Walked all the way down, got my stuff from Valerie's, then walked home with Marcela. Showered when I got home and then went to eat dinner with Kitto 'cause I was starved. After that, was about to start working on my English essay, but Marcela called me and asked if i was ready to go, so I had to pack up my crap and then go over to wait for Marcela.

Walked all the way to Valerie's place and then had some pizza and cinnatwists. ((Was Valerie, Emma, Marcela, Stephen, and me.)) After that, played some games and took pictures and yeah. Stalerie ((Stephen and Valerie 'cause Valerie was on Stephen's shoulders)) got tagged by Marcela and then we all decided it'd be fun to go over to Sequoia so Stalerie could tag Niki. Got there and went looking on all the doors on the second floor and then found Niki's door. Valerie got on Stephen's shoulders, then they knocked and then Niki opened the door, saw them with the camera, and closed the door before Valerie could get a picture. It was pretty funny.

After that, hung around in the halls of Sequoia on the guy's side, right outside of Stephen's door. He's door is right in front of the bathroom door, so yeah. Just watching all the dudes walking by and stuff, going to the bathroom and saying, "Excuse me" to get through the hall 'cause the hall is pretty small and we were just hanging out there... Later, left and then went back to get a movie from Stephen's room. Then went back to Valerie's room (Niki was hanging with us now)) and we watched Gone in 60 Seconds. Everyone basically fell asleep during it.. I tried, but yeah..

I couldn't sleep all night. It sucked ass. x_x So fuckin' tired from that...


Woke up at 8:00.. Woke up being a relative term, since I didn't sleep, but whatever.. Got up, got ready, and then started walking up to the canyon at 8:30. Got there and waited in the dome, then the teacher dude came and we went around looking at all these structures that were built by students and he was talking about them. It was some interesting stuff. Really hot though and I didn't have sunscreen to put on, so it sucked. x_x

When we were up there, heard Valerie talking shit about me. "I don't know why she wears bright clothes anyway. It's the complete opposite of how she is" and it's like WTF. I mean, that COULDN'T have been about anyone else 'cause no one else wears bright colors except me. And I was wearing bright orange yesterday and bright green today and it's like WTF is your problem that you have to talk shit about me when I didn't even do anything to you? Why does it matter what I wear? Suddenly wearing bright colors is restricted to outgoing people? Is that it? 'Cause people don't wear bright colors and I want to. What's the big fuckin' deal? And it's like, the only reason I'm not outgoing to you is 'cause I don't really know you or trust your opinions on what I say, and now I know it's for good reason 'cause all she can do is fuckin' diss me when all I've been is nice to her from the fuckin' beginning. That's some fuckin' shit right there..

Finished the tour and started walking down at 10:35. Got to Valerie's, got my stuff, and then walked home. On the way, when I was in Mustang parking lot, these two dudes all dressed up totally detoured at me and I was thinking WTF and then they ask me some questions to lead up to the grand finale: "Have you had the chance to talk to a missionary about Jesus?" and I was like ARGHHH but I said, "No" and then he started talking about how I should and that I'll be less stressed with Jesus in my life and I'm thinking, "WTF, I'm an architect, there's no such thing!" and yeah. Sucked ass 'cause I was carrying a my laptop and stuff and it's like, I just had a long day and I wanted to go home to SIT DOWN and he was detaining me. Then finally he was like, "It'll only take 15-20 minutes of your time, so what do you think?" And I was like, "I dunno, I'm pretty busy" and then he said that it was like their job and they are flexible, so I was like, 'FUCK' and then said, "Can I give you a call..? Do you have a card..?" and then they gave me a card and told me to call the number and I could get a free DVD talking about "finding Jesus" and then asked if I knew anyone who would benefit from them talking to them and I was like, "Well, my suitemates are gone for the weekend, so.." and then they finally left me alone. But yeah.. Freakin' Mormons ((Says on the card, haha)), wasting my time and detaining me from putting down my stuff and eating.

Got home, dropped off my stuff, and ate some cereal. Then got my wood and stuff and left for school. Got to the shop at 12:00 and started working on my box. Took forever and everything sucks and it's not even and some pieces don't fit in the joint well and yeah.. But I finished it! And it was only 6:30 when I left. x_x Yeah. Six and a half hours, but I did it! So proud. Now I just need to find a piece of metal that's half an inch wide, at least .25" thick, and ten inches long. BLEHHH! And need to make the space for my bracelet to sit in 'cause I didn't know how big the bracelet was.. x_x

Went home, showered, then ate some food and then worked on my English essay. Got 3.5 pages right now, but can't think of much else to write. x_x Sucks.. Then did my cover letter for it and then wrote this entry and now it's 12:15 and I'm tired as fuck and I need to do my slip case today. FUCK! Wake up early and yeah..

This is NOT a weekend.. AT ALL. Life sucks, like a mo-fo.

We have to start a new slip case from scratch for Monday which sucks. I want the case spiraling and shrinking idea and I'm thinking I can do the morphing storyboard thing we did in art class in 11th grade as my basis and then somehow build up off of that. Hopefully it works and I have enough time to actually make something that looks nice. x_x

'Kay, sleep time. Bye.

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Got up around 6:40 and went to get ready. Came back, changed, and then saw the internet wasn't working. Freakin' shit.. Ate cereal as I watched TV since there wasn't anything else to do. Left for class kinda late at 7:55 'cause I was watching the VSpot Countdown on VH1. Walking sucked 'cause it was so freakin' hot and I had my jacket. x_x

Watched a movie about how they built the skeleton of the Cal Trans building in LA that we visited.. It was pretty interesting..

Waited with Valerie for Marcela 'cause yeah.. she didn't go to EDES. And yeah, we could have totally gotten the 9:06 bus, but no. Kinda pissed me off, you know? And then had to get the bus at 9:36. Went on and then went to Home Depot, which took forever. They didn't have any good wood there, so we decided to go to Hayward Lumber. Went over to Costco and got some food to eat, then went and waited for the bus and then went got near Hayward and went there. I bought a piece of wood and it was African Mahogony and it was 1"x6"x3.5' and it cost $12.10 with a 15% student discount. x_x Stupid wood.. I should have just gotten another piece since we need two different types of wood.. x_x BLEHHH! Marcela and Valerie were sharing and they got four pieces and theirs ended up being $70-something 'cause they bought a piece of Teak that was as big as mine and cost almost $40. I wouldn't have gotten it if it were me, but whatever.. It's their money, I guess...

Went to wait for the bus, then got back on and went to the stop near Stenner. I went to my room and then I worked on my other abstract for English. After that, just read a little ((internet was working again)), then headed for class around 1:45.

MATH 142
Took some notes, as usual... Blah blah.. Stuff.

Went back home and finished up yesterday's homework. Finished that at 4:15 and then started working on my architecture stuff. Added to the section drawings, then went to eat dinner. After eating, came back and worked on making another piece for the book 'cause I hated this one thing I made. After that, took pictures of it, then drew that on the section drawing too.. Then I was tired of making shit cause fuck, everything sucks, so I was like whatever, cleaned up, showered, and yeah...

Came back after showering and did today's math homework. I got some of it done, but I dunno how to finish half of them, so yeah.. x_x

Now, I'm writing this...

I dunno what I'm gonna do on Thursday. I mean, I don't really want to carry that big piece of wood all the way to EDES, you know? But I didn't go to the shop to cut it today and I don't really have time tomorrow to do it, so yeah... And now I'm totally regretting not getting another piece of wood 'cause it'll be kinda hard to work on my project with only one type of wood that only half of my stuff will be using, you know? *sigh* But yeah.. I think that I'm just gonna make time tomorrow to go to the shop to cut that dumb thing into 10" pieces tomorrow.. *sigh* Stupid day.. I don't even have time on Wednesdays, but I guess I'll just do it right after ARCH 131.. Go back home, drop of my stuff and get my wood, then go and cut it. By the time I'm done, it'll probably be like, 1:15 or something.. ARGH! But whatever.. Gotta do it, I guess.. =(

You know what? I hate Valerie and Marcela. I swear, pisses me off so much 'cause it's like, when they're together, they just totally ignore me. I mean, apart, they talk to me fine, but together, they are all whisper-y and shit and it's like, WTF, I'm here too. And whenever they make plans to do something, they don't even invite me, especially when they know that I don't have class or whatever.. Like today, they were going to buy wood. I had to ask Valerie yesterday if she wanted to go buy wood with me and she says, "I'm going with Marcela tomorrow" and that's it. Then about 15 minutes later, she's like, "You coming?" and I said, "Yeah" 'cause.. DUH?! But she didn't even ask if I wanted to come, you know? How fucked is that? What kind of friend does that? It's so messed up and shit.. Pisses me off.. It's just like, I don't know.. I hate them so much. And they totally wasted my time today 'cause I could have went on my own to buy wood and have time to do other stuff, you know? =/

*sigh* School sucks ass.. I hate life right now.. Nothing's going right, everything's going wrong, work's building up like crazy, and just when I think I can have a break, it's pulled away from me before the break even starts. x_x It's like, this weekend, I thought I'd have time, you know? Three day weekend and all, but then I realized that WTF, peer editing our essays on Monday, so gotta write that over the weekend.. And it's gonna suck ass 'cause yeah. Just suck.. And I'm probably gonna go buy more wood on Friday so I can actually work on making joints and not just the size of some of the pieces.. And gonna try to work on the box this weekend in the shop, maybe.. I dunno if I really want to though since.. yeah. Weekend and all.. I'll just struggle through making it on Tuesday and Thursday next week.. And on Saturday after my EDES tour.. Want to finish it before I head off for Thanksgiving, since it's due Thursday after Thanksgiving.. x_x

Okay.. Laterz..



Nov. 2nd, 2006 11:41 pm
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Woke up at what my alarm said was 6:28 so kinda rested my eyes and waited for the alarm. Later on, opened my eyes 'cause I was like, 'WTF why isn't it ringing?!~' and the alarm read 6:31, so I dunno what's up with that, 'cause I checked and it was set on alarm, so.. Yeah. Anywayz.. After that, got up and got ready. Ate a granola bar and went to watch some music videos on TV since I didn't have internet still.. Walked to class around 7:45-ish.

So I didn't mention this on Tuesday, but after they called the names for the people who had to ask questions, there were some technical dfficulties before the presenter could start and about half of the people sitting in the back all stand up and leave. x_x Valerie was one of them. So today, Valerie comes to sit with me and we talked a bit about the ARCH 105 project, then they announced the names and the presenter was gonna start but some technical difficulties arrose and once again, a bunch of people left, including Valerie. x_x Whateverz..

Presentation was about the Renewable Energy Club and how they went to this one competition where they had a to build a solar-powered house or something. I can't remember what it was called or anything. It sounded interesting though.. I remember I wanted to go to the meeting on Tuesday, but I had the Honors meeting that I didn't even get to, but yeah.. He said meetings are on Tuesdays from 11:00-12:00, so I might go later on, I dunno.. It sounds like a fun kinda thing to work on, you know? Very intense though, hahah.

Worked on my box.. It sucked ass. I didn't get that much done. x_x And the radio-arm saw was missing 'cause someone broke it and I needed it for most of my joints! ;_; So I was gluing and these holes I were making for joints kept cracking the corner of my wood and it just sucked. Around 11:40, I was like, 'Fuck it' and cleaned up, then headed for Brent's office. My box kept falling apart on the way and yeah.. Sucked. Got there and was waiting outside 'cause people were there waiting and you had to go one at a time.. So yeah, put my box down and it fell apart and I was trying to put it back together. Finally, it was my turn to go in and yeah.. I handed the box to him and when he took it, it kinda fell apart a bit. x_x So lame.. And it sucked 'cause I only had one side completely finished. I mean, there was the retangular cube shape thing, but only one face was done.

He asked if the other sides looked like the one that was done and I was like, "Yeah, kinda" and he was like, "Okay" and then he said I needed to work on the corner joining and I was like, "Yeah.. I tried it a couple of times, but it kept breaking and then I kinda gave up..." and he was like, "That's why we were making these practice boxes, so you can find the problems and solve them before you work with your expensive wood that you bought..." and then he was like, "Okay" and checked me off. Yay. XP

Went home and sat around for a few, then went to eat lunch. After that, came back and checked my mail 'cause the internet was finally working and yeah.. Worked on my proposal for English, then did the reading and exercise we had to do. Sucked. After that, headed for class...

MATH 142
Had a midterm today. =O Sucked ass. But yeah.. I think I did okay.. Pretty sure I got at least a B, but I don't want to jinx myself, you know.. Hopefully it's an A, but I know it probably won't be 'cause I'm just lame like that...

Talked about the reading and then read this thing about Prop 83 and then people were arguing about that... And yeah.. it's nice to listen to for a little bit, but once the arguments turn into the same thing repeated over and over, it's like, just shut up, you know? BLEHHH!

Went to the bookstore to buy more basswood and got some more x-acto blades. Then went home and started my laundry. Had to do two loads 'cause there was too much for one, but not enough for two, so had to do my bedsheets as well, lol. After putting my stuff in the wash, I came back to put new sheets on the bed, but it was soooo HARD 'cause my bed is sandwiched between the wall and the desk and I can't relaly move around it well, so yeah.. x_x Once I finished that, I had to put my clothes in the dryer, so did that, then came back and was gonna work on math, but then I started talking to [ profile] aznearthdragon online and then Kitto came and asked me to dinner, so yeah..

Ate dinner.. it was pizza. After eating, came back, got laundry, folded clothes, then worked on my architecture project until about 9:30. I only got six pieces done. ;_; So sad.. After that, took a shower, then came back and took pictures of my connections, then yeah.. Talked to [ profile] aznearthdragon on the phone and then am writing this entry..

Tomorrow I'm registering for classes. =O I'm pretty sure it's just gonna be my three classes.. I don't feel like taking more.. And yeah.. Tomorrow, [ profile] bobbleheadvi is coming to visit! YAY! How exciting, lol. He's bringing me food too.. he's so sweet, haha. Such a dork.. spending so much money on just coming here and all that..

I hope I don't have too much homework this weekend.. I know I'll have ARCH 131 stuff to do, and I'll have to finish my math homework, but hopefully that's it. I have English reading, but I don't need to do that yet... But I should at least skim the books I checked out from the library 'cause later we'll have to write abstracts about them. x_x

Valerie called me earlier and told me that she had to redo her prototype 'cause it was too small and she didn't really make the joints.. She was all mad and I was sympathizing, but seriously? I was thinking in my head, 'That's what you deserve' 'cause all she did was buy wood from the bookstore -- basswood and basalwood -- and was cutting the pieces in her room. FYI, that stuff is easy to work with and it's like.. Why should she have been able to be checked off if she didn't even work in the shop to do it? I mean, I worked my ass off and didn't get much done and I know everyone elses' in the class was more finished than mine, but I was willing to get an F on it 'cause I knew that was as good as it was gonna get at that point in time. I'm kinda glad she didn't get off so easy with her semi-cheating way.. I'm so mean, but it's true...

Valerie's talking about quitting arch at the end of the year.. Said she's gonna stick it out and see how she feels at the end and if she still wants to change majors, she's leaving to be an ARCE. =/ She also told me that Emma is gonna switch to ARCE and is switching to ARCH 122 next quarter. =/ I'm sure a bunch of people are gonna drop.. It's kinda sad, but whatever.. It just means that all the people staying are gonna make me look bad 'cause I suck but am sticking it out. x_x

So yeah.. I had more to say, but I don't remember at all. =(

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I didn't sleep until 1:30 last night.. or, well, this morning, 'cause I was cleaning a bit and moving my lamp. Now it's by my mirror and trashcan and microwave, but yeah.. I was hoping it would help me when doing my arch projects on the floor, but it doesn't realy work that well. =/ Oh wellz..

So this morning, I woke up around 8:25 and was like 'WTF I can't believe it!' and I was so happy that I slept until EIGHT until I realized, DUH Helen, you went to sleep at 1:30. x_x And unlike usual, I was still hella tired, so I was like, 'Okay, sleep more' but I was like, 'WTF why didn't [ profile] bobbleheadvi call me?!~' and stuff 'cause he said he'd call at 8:30 and yeah. x_x But I attempted to sleep anyway. Around 9:00, I decided it was time to get up and went to go get ready and stuff. Came back, then worked on my ARCH 131 project until about 10:30, then went to eat brunch. After that, worked on my project some more, then breaked and then called Valerie around 12:30 to tell her I was going over.

Got to Valerie's around 1:00 or whatever and worked on my weekly drawing. Did my compositional alternatives, then went and did the stairs as my final. Did it twice 'cause the second time, the sun moved and the shadow looked better.. So yeah. After thhat, took some pictures of my model, then left around 4:00.

Came back to SG and was jusst relaxing for a few in my room when Eric came over and asked if I wanted to get dinner, so I was like, "Okay" and me, Eric, some dude, Bethany, and Robia went to go eat. After that, came back to my room and worked on scanning my weekly drawing stuff, printing, uploading pictures, burning my project four CD, and making the label for that. Finally, after all that ARCH 131 stuff, attempted to work on my English essay, but yeah.. it's not going so well. =/

Went to shower around 8:30 or whatever and yeah.. Now writing this.

Today wasn't all that bad.. I mean, was working, but I didn't do everything I planned, so it felt more.. laxed? I don't know. Didn't feel as rushed today.. But it may have been the fact that I'm basically stressed out and, you know, some days you just shut down and don't care as much. =/

So planning my schedule for next quarter is very exciting stuff. I mean, I know that I basically can't do anything else and I'm taking what I'm taking, so there's no need to go back to PASS until it's registration time, but you know, curiosity and all.. So I was looking ((the other day)) at the ARCH classes for next year... And yeah. The design class? 1:00-6:00 MWF. Yeah. That's right. Five freakin' hours. Three days a week. Oh JOY. And, you know, that's not even the best part. There's also the fact that there's an ARCH practice class that goes along with it that you must take. That class consists of a lecture TR 11:00-12:00 and activity TR 1:00-3:00 or 3:00-5:00. Yeah. I'm freakin' serious. The absolute cherry-on-top? That's just the major classes. Didn't even add the support classes or GEs in there. Isn't that extreme love for you?

Oh, did I mention that the 1:00-5:00 MWF design studio class happens EVERY YEAR AFTER FIRST? No? Well, there you go. So, next four years, I'm so looking forward to it. x_x Goodbye life, you will be missed.

So basically all my suitemates thought I was going to LA this weekend. I kept getting, "Wait, aren't you suppose to be in LA?" whenever people walked by my door this weekend, since I generally leave my door opened when I'm here.. So yeah. And then today, there was the "Wait, did you go to LA? 'Cause I swear you were here all weekend!" and yeah. Apparently, when all they heard was "A for architecture class" and "weekend" and assumed it was this one. I guess the word "next" doesn't mean anything anymore. Such is life.. Now, I just gotta corner Lauren some time this week and ask her to give me a ride back from the Amtrak station on Sunday. Hopefully she can...

So yeah.. English essay.. it's totally not working. =( *sigh* I need to get it done though 'cause I probably won't have time during the week to do it since it's due on Wednesday and I still have to do my EDES project before the weekend and my ARCH 105 stuff by Thursday and whatever ARCH 131 project we get tomorrow... Plus, math homework. =/

So yeah... Going back to the schedule thing, lol. The fact of the matter is, the schedule options I posted are all of the same class sections. Like, basically there's only one section for those specific times, so if I can't get in them, I'm screwed. Like, ARCH 132, I'm guarenteed in, so I'm not stressing. And the PHYS 141 is Honors, so I'm guarenteed that too. There's only two ENGL 145 classes that work for me, and they're the 7:00-9:00 one and the 3:00-4:00 one. The other times just don't work, so yeah.. I'm thinking the 3:00-4:00 will probably fill up fast since that's, like, prime-time. So yeah.. I'm probably gonna get stuck with the 7:00-9:00, in which case, I really want to get PHIL 230 so my schedule is nice and tidy. If that's full, there's all the other options I made, of course, but they don't work as well for scheduling, so yeah.. That'd just annoy me, but what can I do?

Personally, in the beginning, I was really leaning towards option one 'cause it was beautifully PERFECT, besides the fact that class started at 7:00.. That was my only dislike towards it, but yeah.. I get free afternoons -- done by 2:00. It's all nice and stuff.. But then later on, I've been leaning towards the second option ''cause OMG, been looking forward to TR mornings off for SO FUCKIN' LONG and yeah. With the first option, I'll have to wake up an hour earlier. The problem with the second option though is the three GE classes stacked together in the afternoon. I mean, yeah, I get Wednesdays basically free in the afternoon and I don't have a class as late on Friday ((so it'll be easier to go HOME 'cause I could catch the 4:25 Amtrak...)) and yeah.. Plus, I won't have the afternoons as free, but OMG, mornings! I can actually DO STUFF. Like, SLEEP. And WORK ON PROJECTS. OMG. Which is better, people? Mornings or afternoons? *sigh* Such hard decisions.. =(

And yeah... I'm so fuckin' mad at myself 'cause OMFG I forgot to get a book for ARCH 131! I was scrolling on my LJ 'cause I was trying to find the link to the schedule post and I was going pass all the stikes and stuff, then I got to tomorrow's stuff and I just skimmed over the stuff that was due then saw Book at the end of that and I freakin' flipped. OMG. I called Valerie and she freaked out too 'cause she forgot and yeah.. She said she had a book though 'cause she got a New Testament Bible thing from WOW week, but yeah.. She siad she might have one for me too, but I dunno.. She said she'd call to tell me when she goes back to her room. So if worst comes to worst, the library opens at 7:00, so I'll just go to school early, drop off my shit, and hit up the library and buy a $1 book. x_x

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Woke up at 6:50 again. x_x Damn.. Got up, got ready, then ate my cereal and yeah. Left my room kinda late at 7:50 and yeah.. Was almost late to class. =/ And had a bad phone conversation with [ profile] bobbleheadvi, which didn't help my day at all. =/

I mentioned how the teacher calls about ten people in the beginning of class to go sit on the stage and ask questions at the end.. Guess who's name was called? That's right. ME. OMFG, I was like, "I'm not going" and didn't go up there, so yeah.. Marked absent. =/ *sigh* Oh well..

The department head for ARCE was the guest speaker today and he just talked about architectural engineering, or as most people know it, structural engineering. It was interesting, but I didn't take notes. =( Bad Helen.. =/ But yeah, I totally should have went up there today 'cause it was actually an interesting presentation ((unlike last time)) and I could have asked a good question since I was interested. *sigh* Dumb Helen.. =/

Went to Valerie's room 'cause she didn't finish her digital. Helped her choose new pictures and she worked on her project with input from me every once in a while when she asked. I just watched the VH1 Top 20 Countdown. Boring, boring.. Saw Paris Hilton's new song/video. Just, eww. No. The boy in there looks like a little kid. OMG. And Paris is being a ho, like usual. x_x

Around 11:00, went to go get a print card from the library.. Me and Valerie just put $5 each on it. Then went to the library and printed our thing. Took forever.. And yeah, didn't go to the Honors meeting thing 'cause it was already around 11:30 by the time we were done and yeah..

Went back to Valerie's and cut the pictures, then I left. I had the print card in my pocket.

Got home and then was putting down my stuff, then went to my pocket to get out the print card to put away and IT WASN'T THERE. You'd think I'd learn my lesson by now, with the two meal cards I lost, but I didn't think the print card would get out since it wasn't even laminated or anything, you know? Not slippery and all, but I guess not. So mad 'cause there was still $5.50 on there! ARGH!

Went to go eat lunch -- it was nasty Chinese. EWWW!

After that, did nothing in my room besides talk to [ profile] bobbleheadvi on the phone. Around 12:30, e-mailed my Study Session tutor person to say that I couldn't make it to the thing 'cause I didn't want to go. After that, continued talking on the phone 'til we both had to go 'cause of class.

MATH 142
Hyperbolic trig functions.. BLEHHH! New to me 'cause I never learned that. Got a bunch of homework, as usual, then class was over..

Went back to SG and worked on my math homework. Finished that, then went and worked on my English essay. Later on, Kitto came and asked if I was busy, but I was like no, and he wanted to go check out the Chinese place downtown, so I was like whatever and went with. Walked downtown, took about 30 minutes to get there. It was called the Golden China Restaurant. According to their mini-menu, it's the "SLO County's Best Asian Restaurant 18 Years in a Row" and yeah.. Like there's much competition. x_x Anyway.. I don't remember what we ate 'cause I'm lame like that, but it was okay. Not great, but you know.. better than the Chinese they had at lunch, which was disgusting.

It ended up costing $30.95. Kitto paid, but I'm gonna give him some money tomorrow 'cause I feel bad, ya know? Yeah.. Walked back and yeah.. [ profile] aznearthdragon called me and [ profile] bobbleheadvi called me and yeah. They were both mad at me and I don't know.. *sigh* Bad day..

Talked on the phone with my two loverz until about 9:30. =O My internet wasn't working, so yeah.. Sucked ass. =/

Showered, then came back and yeah..

It's 11:10 right now and yeah.. I already burned another CD for ARCH 131 before I showered..

Nga said I could stay at their house when I'm in LA. Just gotta tell her when I'm coming in so I can be picked up...

I wanna find out when Valerie's gonna go 'cause I don't want to be in the Amtrak alone.. Dunno if I should leave Thursday or Friday.. Hmm...

But yeah.. bad day today. And I check the ARCH 131 website and the information about the new project is already there. I read it. It sucks. x_x

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Left around 3:50 to go to Valerie's place. Got there a little past four and she just woke up. Waited for her to get ready, then went to the library. It was like, 4:15-ish or something. OMFG, there were so many people there. x_x And the person who was suppose to come in for the printing wasn't even there yet! She didn't come until, like, 4:25. Had to sign a list for the order we'd print in and I ended up as number 19. Waited a while, sent my file to the printer, then waited some more. It was about 5:30 when I finally decided that I wasn't gonna wait anymore there 'cause yeah. They were at number six. x_x

Walked back to SG and went to eat dinner. Then went to my room, grabbed my jacket, then walked back to the library. Got there around 6:10 or whatever and yeah, they were only on 11. OMFG. Sucked so much. Waited around, then went outside and called [ profile] aznearthdragon and [ profile] bobbleheadvi, then later went back in and sat around waiting some more. How fun is that? >O Dumb thing.. Finally got mine printed around 7:17. It was printed with some other girl's, so had to cut it in half before I could go. Left the library at 7:20 and then walked home. Got here around 7:45, put down my stuff, then went to shower.

After showering, came back and cut my thing, but I wasn't really paying that much attention and I ended up cutting one side too short by .5". OMFG. So mad, but whatever. Can't fix it now and I don't care anymore.. *sigh* Dumb thing.. I hate this. Don't care if I get marked down for making the border too small. Whatever.. life sucks.

I still need to write my freakin' profile essay for English. OMFG. I'm so tired and I just wnat to sleep and stuff, but no. Fucking shit. >O

*sigh* Okay, gonna go now.. Lates.

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Woke up around 7:00 or whatever it was 'cause [ profile] aznearthdragon called me. x_x OMG, I didn't even sleep until 1:00 last night and yeah.. Sucked. Later on, around 8:00, [ profile] bobbleheadvi called me. x_x That sucked too. x_x So yeah.. after that, got up and got ready, changed, and ate cereal -- Honey Bunches of Oats! XD Good stuff. After that, packed up my stuff, went online for a bit, then left my room around 9:50 or whatever.

Walked to the library and got there a bit after 10:00. Asked and found the CAD printing place on the second floor, but the girl said that no one would be there until 4:00, so yeah. x_x Went to the Pony Prints thing in the reading room and yeah. They said they didn't print my size 'cause mine is 22x8 and yeah.. they only do 11x17 or 12x18 as their biggest. x_x Valerie printed hers, then we went back to her room and just hung for a while. Then later on, started working on the weekly drawing thing.. I just drew her chair -- I'm so lame. I don't even think I did it right. x_x Oh well.. Did that, then just hung around. Later on, Marcela came and she scanned her analogs.. Just watched and then later went on Valerie's laptop for a while, then kinda attempted to work on my English essay, but I didn't know what to do. =/

Around 2:00, Marcela was leaving, so I decided to walk back with her, so left. Walked back to SG and went to my room and have been scanning stuff and organizing a little. That's about it. Later on, I gotta go back to Valerie's so we can go to the library and print my shit. I probably have to leave in about 10-15 minutes. x_x Hopefully the library printing won't take that long 'cause I don't want to spend forever there, ya know?

BLEHHHH! Life sucks.. I wanted to catch up on my sleep today, but no.. =/

More to say later on..



Oct. 14th, 2006 11:02 pm
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So I was sleeping kinda this morning.. on and off type thing, but it was going kinda well, considering I went to sleep around 1:00 and all.. Then at 7:00, [ profile] aznearthdragon calls me 'cause apparently her SAT was today and yeah. Let's just say it was about as much sleep as I'm usually getting. She hung up, I attempted to sleep more, though I didn't actually get sleep, but at least I got rest and that's good too. She called a couple more times after that, then around 8:30 or whatever, I was like whatever and just got up and turned on the computer. Worked on my digital some more and then around 10:00, went to go get ready and stuff. At about 10:50 or whatever, went to put my laundry in the wash. Surprisingly, there weren't any people in there -- I say it was the weather 'cause it was cloudy and cold and it rained last night. XD Good stuff. XD But yeah, put my laundry in and then went to go eat breakfast.

Breakfast food was bleh, as usual. What do you expect? After that, went back to my room and read some fics 'cause I had to go put the laundry in the dryer soon. After about ten or whatever minutes, went back to the laundry room and put it in the dry, then came back to my room and stared at my digital a bit. Kinda worked on it, then later, went to get my clothes when it was done. Came back, folded laundry, then I was like, "Okay, I don't want to work anymore on my digital" and yeah, that was as done as I was gonna be.

Around 1:27, called Valerie, but she didn't pick up. Then called Marcela and she just woke up and she said that she ddn't work on her project yesterday, so yeah. She wasn't ready to print. =/ After that, started working on my math homework..

Valerie called me back later and she apparently didn't work on it much either and she wasn't going to print yet. So yeah, I was like whatever and continued on with my math homework.

Around 2:45, I was like, 'I need a break' and so I decided to get my purse and walk to Rite Aid and Albertson's. Went to Rite Aid first and bought some heavyweight paper and some Snickers. After that, went over to Albertson's and bought two boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats and two packs of Oreos with peanut butter filling. x_x Then had to carry all that home. Sucked ass. x_x

Got home, put away my junk, then continued with my math homework. Finally finished around 4:00 or something like that, then read some fics and yeah.. Didn't really do anything else productive.

Around 5:25, Kitto came and asked me if I had dinner, so I decided to go with. ((He just came back from Santa Barbara.)) Got food, ate, wasn't that good. During dinner, Valerie called me and said she had brain block and didn't know what to do. She asked me to go over to her place, so I said I would after I was done eating. x_x

Finished dinner and went bsack to my room. Decided to bring my laptop since I'd have nothing else to do when I was there if I didn't. Left around 6:00 and started walking to school to Valerie's place.

Took forever, but finally got there around 6:25. Set up my laptop and helped Valerie decide if she should change her pictures. She didn't. Then she was working on it, kinda, and I was on my laptop playing music and trying to get internet from her room. Had to download a bunch of crap and it sucked 'cause, like, there's bad wireless in the dorm area on campus -- I guess it's to make sure you use the software. x_x So yeah, during the downloads of the stupid stuff, I'd keep getting disconnected and have to start the download over again. It pissed me off so much, OMFG. >O So yeah.. After, like, two hours, I finally got it to work. x_x That's really lame. =/

Worked on the AIAS website while I was at Valerie's. Didn't really do much, but yeah. I dunno.. The graphics I made, if you can even call it that, were simple and stuff. I didn't want to exert too much effort on it and plus, I don't know how to use the Adobe software that well anyway. XP

And yeah.. had to keep Valerie on track to do her project and stuff.. Finally around 9:20, she was "finished'. Hung around a little more, then left her place at 9:35 to walk home.

Got home around 9:50.. x_x Was so tired and cold. Dropped off my stuff and then went to shower and yeah.. Came back and now I'm here. XP

Tomorrow, me and Valerie are meeting at 10:00 at the library (('cause that's when it opens)) to print our things. Then afterwards, we're planning to go to her room and do our weekly drawing thing for ARCH 131. x_x

I still need to write my profile essay for English.. I dunno how to start it though! I mean, WTF! ;_; Rough draft is due on Wednesday.. *sigh*

Need to take pictures for my EDES 101 assignment. I guess I'll bring my camera tomorrow when I go just in case I have time and want to take pictures of a building. x_x

Tomorrow we're suppose to go eat pho. Kitto said it'd be a lunch type thing, but I dunno if I'll even be home by then to go.. Not that I know what time they're planning on going, but yeah. =/ [ profile] aznearthdragon and [ profile] bobbleheadvi told me to invite Valerie to go too, but she doesn't know my suitemates and stuff.. I mean, I would, but yeah.. Plus, thinking about it now, it would be, like, hard for her to go with since we all live in Stenner and she lives on campus. So like, after we're done, she has to walk back to school alone. And I dunno what time we're going, so yeah.. even more inconvient. If I saw Kitto tomorrow morning before I leave, then yeah, it'd be fine, but most likely I won't, so yeah.. I dunno. I don't have his number or anything either, so yeah, lol. Oh well.. we'll see.

I'm gonna burn my CD for ARCH 131 now.. Less to worry about if I do it now..

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I didn't want to wake up at ALL today. It sucked.. I actually pressed the snooze. That's, like, rare for me to do since I've been here in SLO. @_@ But yeah.. I dunno. It was about 6:28 ((real time)) and I knew my alarm was about to go off again and then my phone rings and I was like, '*press snooze again* WTF?! What is that noise?!~' and then I realized, 'OMFG, it's the phone! WTF, why is [ profile] aznearthdragon calling so early?!~ ;_;' and then I got up and went over to the phone and answered it. Turns out she wanted to know about the payment paper I left in our room and was wondering if I was awake. x_x But yeah.. after that, went to get ready, changed, and ate my Raisin Bran. After that, read a few fics, then it was 7:45 and I had to go to school.

I think it rained last night 'cause the ground was kinda wet and it smelled like it rained. But yeah, it was all sunny and stuff when I was walking and it was pretty hot 'cause I had my jacket on. x_x It sucked. =/ But yeah, walked to the theatre all the way at the other end of campus, went in, and went to find a seat.

Class finally started after about five minutes after the start time. The teacher called people up to sit on some chairs on the stage and they had to ask questions at the end. x_x He said that he's gonna go through everyone eventually 'cause ever class meeting will be like that. =/ I don't want to be called up there.. and if I do have to go, I hope that we run out of time for me to ask a question, 'cause yeah. =/ But yeah.. just lectured.. It was so boring, as usual. =/

Walked all the way to the support shop.. So far.. =( Finally got there and then we went over the tools in the machine area of the shop. Then he showed us the three metal joints we have to do for the project due next Thursday. Basically, we have to do three wood joints and then three metal joints, but the metal piece has to be abstract with bends in every piece of metal or something. =/ This sucks.. But yeah, me and Valerie are gonna go there and practice on Saturday. It opens at 10:00 on Saturday, so we're gonna be there. =/ Anywayz.. after that, went around and took a tour of the rest of the support shop, then went back in to take the safety test.

I got five wrong on the test. =/ That sucks.

When we were walking around outside during the tour, it was all cloudy and kinda sprinkling. But during the test, it started raining, then it stopped and turned all sunny. @_@

We got out of class at 11:45 'cause we were done. Walked with Valerie to Campus Market, then went and was sitting outside on the stair rails by the Agrucultural Engineering building 'cause she was waiting for some dude in our class 'cause he was got her rubber cement. After he came to drop that off with her, I left and walked back to SG.

Dropped off my stuff in my room, then went to eat lunch with my suitemates 'cause they were going. Ate, then went back to my room and attempted to work on some homework, but yeah..

Started walking to school around 1:45... Had to carry my illustration board with me. It sucked having it through two classes. =/

MATH 142
Worked on exponential functions.. BLEH! I hate those.. Got a lot of homework too.. *sigh*

Talked about the reading, then went over the our proposals and stuff.. After that, some people read their rewrites aloud and we talked about them. That's about it... But yeah, we don't have to do the interview questions for tomorrow, so yay for that, at least. Just gotta do the reading..

Went to Valerie's to use her rubber cement. XP Got there, measured and cut my board, then used the rubber cement to glue my pictures on. And yeah.. Valerie's digital one looks so good. ;_;

After that, went to the bookstore and bought my wood for ARCH 105. It cost $5.31. =/ Walked home after I got that...

Dropped off my stuff in my room and then Kitto came and asked me if I wanted to go to dinner, so I just went with since I didn't want to eat alone. Food was bleh. =/

After eating, came back to my room and been working on my architecture project. It sucks. I don't know what I'm doing and they both look so ugly. =( And I still don't really know how to use Illustrator, so yeah.. I'm not really getting what I want out of it. =/

I've been on break for a while writing this and talking to [ profile] bobbleheadvi and [ profile] aznearthdragon. ^_^;; I'm so bad.. Everyone will probably have a lot more than me tomorrow. =/

I hate having so much work to do.. Why does it have to be like that? =(

I'm debating on whether I should just ditch my Tuesday classes on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and just catch the earliest Amtrak to go home.. 'Cause I only have two classes on Tuesday -- EDES 101 from 8:10-9:00 and MATH 142 from 2:10-3:00. I mean, I could always go to EDES and then leave after that, but yeah.. I dunno. I kinda want to just leave as early as possible and be home around 12:00, but yeah.. I'll kinda feel guilty about ditching class.. Or I can wait until after math, but then I won't be home until 8:00-ish, so.. Yeah. I dunno. Any thoughts?

I should take a shower now, but I dunno.. I might though, and then go to my project afterwards..

Practically everyone is gone 'cause they all went downtown for Farmer's Market. I wanted to go, but I have this project. =( Dumb thing.. *sigh*



Oct. 1st, 2006 11:04 pm
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Woke up around 8:30 for no apparent reason. x_x Couldn't get back to sleep, so went on the computer and just read some fics and stuff until about 11:00. Then brushed my teeth and got ready, then went to go eat brunch. It was blah. Sprinkling when I was going back to my room. XD After that, came back to my room and it was about 12:00-ish and then Valerie called and asked to meet up to take more pictures. So got my stuff ready and then headed for school to her dorm.

Got there after a while and then we went out and wandered around the school some more and took pictures. So tiring.. Around 2:00 or whatever, we decided to head back to Valerie's room to just relax a bit. Went back, watched some TV, and basically did nothing. Then around 2:40, went back out and took more pictures. At 3:00, we decided to quit and went to the bookstore, but it was closed, so then we parted ways. Walked back to SG, dropped off the stuff I didn't need, then walked to Rite Aid. Bought some photo paper and rechargeable batteries there. Then went to Albertson's to see if they had an labels, but they didn't. Bought some graham crackers and Kit Kats and then walked back to SG. Went to eat dinner after that, and then back to my room.

Went through my pictures and converted them to black and white, looked through my pictures, and chose my pictures and then yeah. Put them on InDesign, printed, then had to cut them. x_x Took forEVER! Finsihed that around 9:15, took a shower, and then had to write on the back of the pictures. Finished that around 10:40 and then yeah.. That's about it. Got most of the stuff in my laptop bag for tomorrow and yeah. Still need to do my English homework. =/

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Woke up kinda early today 'cause I couldn't really sleep past 7:00. Listened to the radio for a while, then got up and started using the computer around 8:30. Read some fics and stuff, then brushed my teeth and changed around 11:00. After that, went to go eat brunch at 11:30, then went back to my room and read a bit more fics. Around 12:30 or whatever, Valerie called and we decided to meet up and be retarded together taking pictures for our Arch project. Walked to her room all the way in Shasta, then waited for her to get ready, then headed out. Walked around campus while taking random pictures of stuff for the Arch project. It was very.. yeah. Haha. When we were at some bench or whatever taking pictures, a bunch of guys walked past and were looking at us like we were crazy 'cause we were all crouching down and taking pictures of the bench and stuff, hahaha. But yeah.. Good thing there weren't that many people on campus since it was Saturday, or else we would have been even more retarded. XP

Walked around, took pictures, went back to Valerie's room to get stuff, then went to the bookstore and bought safety glasses ((and she bought a book she needed too)). Then it was 3:00 and we parted ways 'cause we were tired and had to do laundry. Walked back to SG, got my clothes and stuff, then went to the laundry room. Freakin' every washer was full, but it was like, people didn't come to take their clothes, ya know? 'Cause some were done and yeah.. So even though I felt bad, I had to do my laundry, so I emptied one out that was already done, put the clothes on top of the washer, and washed my clothes. Went back to my room to read some fics, then went back thirty minutes later to put in the dryer. That person who's clothes I put out didn't come to put it in the dryer during that time either. @_@ Put clothes in dryer and then left to read some more. 45 minutes later, went back to get clothes and the person's clothes were STILL on top of the dryer. Guess they don't want their stuff?

Took my clothes and went to fold them in my room. Damn, I wash a lot. Everyone else has little loads and I have a whole laundry bag full that's bursting, hahaha. But yeah, I can blame that on this week. I'm sure it won't normally be that much..

After doing laundry, been reading fics and listening to music. Also chatting with [ profile] aznearthdragon.

Around 5:30, went to go eat dinner. Saw some of my suitemates there, so sat with them and Robia asked if I was doing homework all day and I was like, "Yeah, basically.. I went to school to meet up with my friend and we took pictures the whole day" and she was like, "Oh. For Architecture?"
and I was like, "Yeah" and she was like, "Oh.. OH! Maybe that's why there were all those people taking pictures of buildings downtown!" and I was like, "Yeah, it was probably the architecture people 'cause we had to take pictures of the built environment", lol. Yeah. Good thing me and Valerie were at school, so we didn't look like total retards in front of a bunch of people, lol. It would have been so lame to do it downtown, lol. People staring and wondering what the fuck you're doing and all, right? XP

After dinner, back to my room and doing the same stuff, and now I'm here, writing this entry. Yep. I'm boring.

Tomorrow, I don't really have plans. Probably gonna be lazy and do nothing. XP Need to review my pictures tomorrow too.. And maybe have to go out and take more, if I need it. Also gotta get photo paper. Valerie's friend said he would get me some 'cause he was going to Costco, so I guess I'll call her up tomorrow to see if he has it. If not, then I'll just have to buy it at the bookstore. =/ Need CD labels stuff.. *sigh*



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