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Yea! There's thunder and lightning right now! ^___^ I love both of those things!! I probably shouldn't though --


Anyways, as I was saying... I shouldn't like it though, because my sis and I (along with a couple other people) were almost struck by the lightning!!! Seriously! We were going to somebody's house, to walk with them to school (kinda stupid, but whatever). It was raining kinda hard, but we went anyway. After we were dropped off, we went down the hill, (with Cynthia of course) and stopped before we got all the way down. We were standing there, and watching the lightning and thunder..... it was getting louder, but it was cool! And then, some of the people from school came up the hill. We were walking back with them, when BOOM!! The thunder roared and then, lightning strike about 15 feet away from us! I'm DEAD serious about this! And we started running. I mean, would YOU stay if the thunder was like a stereo set at its loudest volume, and the lightning was on your heels?! I didn't THINK so!

Another really bright one! *a glazed look comes upon my face* WOW! Another one! COOL!

Ahem... as I was saying... the next thing we knew, the thunder and lightning boomed and danced again. We ran all the way to the school, and by then, we were SOAKED!! I mean, literary!! Drenched from head to toe! The next day, we find out that this one car (which I was the nearest to, when we were running), was struck by the lightning. And I know that it would've gotten us, 'cause that was the last thunder and lightning on that day... Hmmm... could've been a bad omen..... Oh well.

So yea, we were almost struck. But I still love the lighting and thunder.

I need to get started on my homework.... ;_; That and shower....

Another bright lightning came. And now it's raining harder! Awesome! I absoloutely LOVE this kind of weather! Too bad it's messing with my internet connection.... Damn! I can't post until the connection comes back on. *sigh* Life's always like that.

*5 minutes later....*

The connections back. Better post before it goes off again! Later!

...transfixed on the beautiful spectical.... best described here )


Jun. 14th, 2002 11:06 pm
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It was HOT during graduation! I had to say the names... I messed up on a few... Oh well.

After, I had to go to the restuarant my dad works in [Flaming Wok]. It's in Santee. I stayed there until about 10:00 P.M. ...

Oh yea, at the gradutation, somebody tripped and almost fell. Not gonna tell who though. =P

Gotta go.

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Today was soooooo freakin HOT!!!!! First, we had to practice for graduation --- which lasted about 3 HOURS OUTSIDE, IN THE HOT, BURNING SUN!!!!! Then I went to 4th period. felt GOOD in there! ^_^ The air conditioner was on, and it felt GREAT! But then we went to lunch (at least it was pizza day)... Then after, for 5th and 6th period, we went out for the 8th grade softball game... 2 hours in the HOT, BURNING SUN! I got sunburned and crap!!!!!!!! =(

*sigh* Life sucks, doesn't it?

Well, tomorrow I'm graduating and then I'll be in high school.... *sigh* more day to gooooooooooo............

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So we got our awards today...

I got six, and 5 pins...

I'm Salutatorian......... But what REALLY SUCKS is that the stupid Vice Principal got me and my friend [who's Valatatorian (sp?) ] mixed up!!!!!!! He said I was Valatatorian (sp?) when it was her!!!! And then we had to switch!! I mean, does Angelica sound ANYTHING like Helen?! I didn't think so! *sigh* And EVERYONE was telling me it was "messed up" and said that I "should've kept the Valatatorian (sp?) stuff". LOL. They also said that "you're in Algebra, and you have an A, and she's in Basic Algebra. Algebra's harder, so you should have been it, not her!!!"

But still.... that SUCKS!!!!!

*sigh* At least I'm Salutatorian than nothing at all............

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Yesterday we took the rest of the high school placement test.

Today we practiced for promotion. I'm gonna read out all the names with my friend 'cause we have the highest grades. *g*

We also got our yearbooks today. I look soooo UGLY!!! I got a lot of pepz to sign it. ^_^

Tomorrow is our awards assembly. I know I'll get at least 3 awards...

Gotta go.



Jun. 9th, 2002 11:49 am
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Well, the dance was fun.

Ummmm......yea, that's all I can say right now.

See ya when I'm less tired, and can actually TYPE.

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Well, the high school placement test was easy... I hope it's easy on Monday too.

Tomorrow is the Harbor Cruise! Gotta be there at 5:00.

Ummmm.... only one more week of school!!! SOOOO happy about that!
I'm not gonna see Christine again! ;_; Her last day was today... ;_;

*sigh* ....That's it for now.



Jun. 7th, 2002 07:03 am
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Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Today I have to take my high school placement test!!! NOOOOOO!!! I don't wanna!!!!! BAD!!!!!!!!!! ;_;

And my friend's leaving ---- this is her last day!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!

Bad day! Bad day!!


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I had to go to the dentist yesterday... we [me and Earth Dragon] saw a friend from school there.. we were shocked. =P

I did my homework..I think.... whatever.

I'm trying to catch up on my mail....I got TONS of unread e-mails in my inbox! That's what happens when you have other things to do, mainly school work. I'm so gald school's almost out! Only 10 more days... *sigh*

Next week, on Saturday, the 8th, I'm going to a harbor cruise (dance).
Last day of school: Friday, June 14th.

Friday, the 7th and Monday, 10th we have to take our Algebra Placement Test...

Monday, June 10th: Chibi Chibi Devil's birthday.

I gotta remember to bring my Spanish book back on Tuesday, the 4th.
Hmmmm.... I think that's all the important dates...

Oh yea, Awards Assembly - Wednesday, June 12th.

And I have to go to the dentist on Saturday, June 29th at 10:30.

Ummm.. that's about it. Can you see the unorganizedness (I think I made that word up. LOL!) of my brain?!

Gonna go.



May. 29th, 2002 03:56 pm
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I got home early today! ^_^ But I gots a lots of homework. =( Awwww. I have to finish ALL my spelling, which I haven't even started, by tomorrow 5th period so I can get extra credit for turning my book in. I have to turn in my History book on Friday. *sigh* I'm gonna have a heavy backpack..

I took my reading Counts test today! I passed! 9/10.

I'm watching Yu-Gi-Oh! right now... I've seen this episode already...
I have an 'A+' in English! ^_^ 109.6%. hehehe. I got 110.7 points over. *dances* I also have an 'A' in Science. 106%. ^_^

I shouls start my homework...see ya.

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Ohayo! I'm soooo happy that it's Saturday!!!

We had to buy a new mouse for the computer today, 'cause our other one broke. -_-

Anywayz, I still have to finish reading Oliver Twist. -_- Only 60 or so more pages to go...

Gonna go now.




May. 21st, 2002 06:38 am
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Well, I didn't have time to write yesterday, so I'm writing right now. =P

Anywayz, yesterday for Spanish, we had a sub, and he was the coolest sub ever! We had free period!! ^_^ We watched MTV and listened to music, and stuff. It was cool. And knowing our normal teacher, she probably said to watch a movie in the lesson plans. I hate watching movies in that class 'cause it's in Spanish, and I don't understand a word they're saying. -_- Anywayz, it was fun. ^_^

Today and tomorrow we have to take the Golden State Exam in math. I dun wanna. -_- I hate taking tests!! *sigh*

I have to run the mile today. =( It was suppose to rain!!! But it rained last night, and now it's all sunny. =( *sigh*

Gotta go.



May. 17th, 2002 06:12 pm
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YAY!! Today's Friday!! ^_^

Anywayz, today, our 5th period class won a pizza party!! YAY!! We get pizza on Monday!!! ^_^

Well, right now I'm talking to my friend from school. Watching DBZ right now... I don't really like DBZ, but hey, it's okay.

Whatever. Gonna go now. See ya!



May. 16th, 2002 05:11 pm
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Today we had to do that Press Conference thing for History. It was funny, but I didn't have any questions! Good thing Rainbow helped me out =) , or else I would have gotten an F. =(

Rainbow's cool and nice; well, at least to me she is. And she's, like, totally rich. Everyone says that, 'cause she always has money, 'n stuff.
Well, whatever. I gots a lots of homework today. Spanish, Algebra, English... *sigh* I hate homework! Well, got to go now. Do homework and all. Bleh!



May. 15th, 2002 05:20 pm
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So tomorrow I have to do that project thingie for U.S. History. I don't wanna! And we're suppose to dress up, but I don't have anything to dress up in. *sigh* Whatever. I don't care.

I gots a lot of Spanish homework today. *sigh* I hate translating things.
We took a test in Algebra today. We also got our other test back. I got an 18/20, but he only graded it as a 12 point test, so I in the book it says 18/12, so yay, I got extra credit.

So yeah. That's about it. I gotta do my Spanish and Spelling homework, and I got to practice for the History thing.



May. 14th, 2002 05:04 pm
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Well, today was badish...

Our Spanish class (3rd period) got in trouble and everyone had to write standards!! TOO MUCH!!! She expected use to write 30 standards (that are REALLY LONG) 5 times!!! I only finished one set in that hour long class!!! And I'm not about to do the rest of it 'cause it's gonna take me about 4 more hours.

Anywayz, in Science, we are started Family Life, a.k.a. Sex Education.
Umm.... gots a LOT of homework....

Uhhhh... yeah, so gotta go now.



May. 13th, 2002 06:13 pm
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So yesterday, I worked ALL DAY on the stupid Civil War paper! GOD!! And when I couldn't find any info on some parts, I got ALL MAD and CRAZY!! ARGGG!!! I HATE WRITING ESSAYS AND DOING PROJECTS!!!

'Nywayz, today, in U.S. History, we have to do ANOTHER project (surprise, surprise). *sigh* Our stupid History teacher ALWAYS gives us projects!! That fucking retard!!! Anywayz, we have to present the project on Wednesday... *sigh*

Tomorrow, we're having a quiz in Algebra. It'll be easy though, since I know it..

I have A LOT of homework! Spelling, Spanish, etc... I also promised someone that I would type their Civil War essay for them. *sigh* I shouldn't have...

Got to go now.



May. 9th, 2002 06:00 pm
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i'm seguchi tohma. yay for me.

which member of nittle-grasper from gravitation are you? click here!

Yea!! I'm Tohma! ^_^ Tohma's my favorite character on Gravitation. ^_^ Hehehehe.

We finished SAT 9 today!! Took the Star Math Part II test. I think it was easier that yesterday's (part I). ^_^ I'm happy it's over. ^_^

I have to finish writing my rough draft for my Civil War paper... I don't wanna! =( I HATE writing introductions the most! *sigh*

Well, at least I'm Seguchi Tohma!!

Much love =P

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Well, we took the Star Language Arts SAT 9 test today. We had "unlimited" time for only 35 problems. And it was SOOOOO EASY! *sigh* But tomorrow and thursday we are taking the Star Math test... And that means the Algebra test! AHHHH!!! And someone in one of my classes says that we are taking the Golden State Exam next Wednesday and Thursday! OMG!! I dunno if it's true, but I hope not!! I mean, GOD! TOO MANY TESTS!!

'Nyways, Civil War Research Report... due next Tuesday.... My topic, the CSS H.L. Hunley. For those peepz who don't know what it is ( don't worry, I didn't either =P ), it's a submarine. So, yea. Now, I gotta get more notes and start the fucking outline... *sigh* Life sucks, doesn't it?

Now, for the other "fun" stuff... 'member the Freak the Mighty project? Well, I dunno if I told ya, but we had 3 peepz in my group: Me, Gizeth, and Guy (yes, that is his name). Anywayz, we (Gizeth and me) kicked Guy out of our group 'cause he wasn't doing anything. So, it was Monday (yesterday), and we're suppose to bring everything to get it together, and Guy still thinks he's in our group, and I STILL dunno how he kept that idea since Gizeth CLEARLY told him (to his face, mind you) that HE WASN'T IN OUR GROUP. And so he tells the teach on us, 'cause "we kicked him out". So we had to talk to the teacher, and explain WHY we kicked him out. We were all, 'He didn't do ANY work!' and 'He wouldn't even sit with us to work on the project in class' and crap like that. She, the teach, made us go outside and "discuss" the situation, 'cause Guy supposibly (is that how it's spelled?) did his part of the work. So we go outside, and he only has ONE part of his work, and it wasn't EVEN typed, which was a requirement! And then he tells us that he has the rest on a disk, WHICH he LEFT at HOME! How stupid can you get?! GOD!! And then he tells us, "I only have one more thing to do." What the FUCK?! Everyone was suppose to have the things ready THAT day so the groups could organize all the papers! So we read the stupid thing he has, which in my opinion SUCKED, and I tell him, "it doesn't make sense". And let me tell you, it made NO SENSE what-so-ever! His was TOTALLY inferior to mine. ^_~ 'Nyways, we go back in and tell the teach that he didn't have all his stuff and we weren't going to look for him the next day so we could fix it up and crap like that. We all decided he could bring his stuff tomorrow... So tomorrow rolls around --- and if you forgot, tomorrow is now currently today --- and he give ME his stuff! And I was like "You have to give this to Gizeth" 'cause we told him she was organizing it, and he all tells me he doesn't know where she was (mind you this was right before the SAT 9 started) and I was thinking, 'WTF?! We just told you YESTERDAY'. So I take the stuff and give it to Gizeth later. Next thing you know, everything is OUT OF ORDER!! We already had the fucking pages numbered ('cause he had to make a new Table of Contents) and I had to come in after school to fix it, and he didn't even HELP!! GOD!! STUPID JACKASS!!

*takes deep breath* I'm better now... no more rants 'til later. ^_~

I'm listening to a song right now... I like this song. ^_^ It's called I Love You OK by Leon Lai. Of course, it's in Chinese and I can BARELY understand it, but whatever. =P "...I Love you OK!...I LOVE YOU!..." I was also listening to this other song, called You Are My Friend, also by Leon Lai. I like that song too. ^_^

Got to go do my homework now.

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Well, the SAT 9 is over for now... Too bad we have to do the Star Math and Star Language test on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday... *sigh* Oh well.

So I have to do my "Amazing Scientist Project" this weekend to get it over with... It's due Friday... *sigh*

I've finished my part of the Freak the Mighty project... It's due Tuesday..

GOD! I have TOO MUCH WORK!! And I just remembered I have to do a SSR Summary for English. *sigh* Life sucks!!

Gonna go now,



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