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So, this has been a long-time coming. I totally think about writing this every once-in-a-while whenever something related comes up, and yeah. Obviously something came up just now, so I figured, good time to write about it, since I'm trying to post again.

I go on Facebook and, at the top of my newsfeed, there is this:

Arch Student #1:....FINALS LOOM...which is very unfortunate
Arch Student #2: what finals, Arch Student #1? we are architecture. i.e. we have no finals/they don't matter...
Arch Student #3: arce. and arce project.
Arch Student #2: frivolous. and unnecessary.
Arch Student #3: agreed.

And there it is -- what Arch Student #2 said, the "[finals] don't matter" and "[finals are] frivolous. and unnecessary". If there's ONE thing I hate about architecture, is THAT kind of attitude, right there.

I HATE that architecture students put EVERYTHING into architecture and studio, and NOTHING into everything else. Granted, that is a generalization, and not everyone does that, but the majority does, and seeing as I'm surrounded by these types of people, I have to acknowledge it and keep my negative comments to myself around these people, or else they'll come verbally attack me in packs until I revise my statement into something "more appropriate" (speaking from experience here!). So yes. The only time I can complain about this is to my friend Teresa or to [ profile] aznearthdragon or whatever.

Anyway, the point is, mostly everyone has the opinion (and most even say it straight out) that "Architecture is my LIFE!", except, of course, it's only their SCHOOL LIFE and they have plenty fun partying and all that. When it comes to school, however, it''s like, "ditch this class, ditch that class". "Study for GE class? Ehhh, I have architecture to do" and everything else under the sun. And then, when they end up doing not so hot in a class, there's always, "Whatever, it's not like we need a high GPA anyway" and yeah.

You know when you hear people saying that grades don't matter, you assume (almost always correctly) that they don't have good grades.

As you can tell, I'm VERY bitter about this. I mean, maybe this is so "obvious" to them, but to me, it's like a slap in the face. I mean, I'm not what you would call a "hardcore" architecture student -- I know that I'm not as into it as a lot of people, but still. There's a reason that our architecture program is so highly regarded, and when I ended up going here, my only saving grace (seeing that most people DON'T know about Cal Poly) was that the architecture program is constantly ranked 2nd or 3rd in the nation. This, of course, means absolutely NOTHING if the students don't give even try in anything besides architecture. I feel like this is giving architecture students a bad reputation -- too busy, too lazy, always in need of extensions, etc. from the rest of the campus. Seriously, what does this say? It's like, there are things like, "oh, architects suck at math" and "architects can't write" and stuff like that, and I feel offended because, OMG, I can and I think everything else is JUST as important and then there's the feeling of, "WHY IS EVERYONE BRINGING ME DOWN TO THEIR LEVEL?!~" and it just pisses. me. OFF. >O

And yeah... I know I'm being somewhat unreasonable, but in the end, for me, it all boils down to, if you're making the commitment to the class by taking it, the LEAST you can do is PUT IN THE EFFORT. If not, don't take the class. If you can't move on without taking the class, well TOUGH. That obviously means that you are committed to graduating and therefore are committed to the program. SO PUT IN THE FREAKIN' EFFORT! >O

Seriously though, I think that just shows your work ethic -- it's the "I can handle what I'm committing to and I don't overextend myself to the extreme that I can only do well in one area or poorly in all" kinda thing, and that's admirable. Getting C-'s and D's just to move on because you don't care is NOT. Especially for people that are only taking ONE other class besides studio and practice (core major classes). If you only have ONE other thing to focus on besides architecture and you can't even put in the effort to get a good grade, you might as well just GTFO. Seriously. No respect for those people, at ALL.

Finally, my last thoughts on this are the people who use their studios as an excuse. The ones who go, "I have Fowler studio" because everyone knows that Fowler is hard and gives a lot of work. And then, because they're in Fowler studio, or whatever other professor has that sort of reputation, always say things like, (when recommending to other students) "Don't take anything else if you're taking Fowler. Seriously, there's no time for anything else. He just give you SO much work!" and yeah. I don't care HOW much work Fowler (or any other studio professor) gives you -- there's still time to focus on your other classes. Sure, you might not be able to take the usual 16/17 units and might be bumped down to just 12/13 units, but honestly -- 12/13 units just means ONE EXTRA NON-ARCHITECTURE CLASS. DEAL WITH IT! See the above!

Okay, that was really long, but it's something that really pisses me off. If there's something wrong with what I said, I want to know, 'cause I can vaguely see where most people are coming from with their opinions, but even so, I still don't agree. I know I complain a lot about my workload, but I always know that it's my fault for taking it on. Also, I don't blow off my other classes, no matter how much I complain, so it's not the complaining that pisses me off as much as the people who complain about their other classes, and then blow it off after acting like the other classes were going to put a dent into their time. x_x

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So it's been, like, a week since I last updated. I'm pretty bad at this updating thing since I'm so lazy. *sweatdrop* But in my defense, I only have two weeks off of summer break, so whatever. I can be lazy if I want to. XP But this sucks.. I mean, I have to go back to SLO in a few days and start school again on Monday and I just started relaxing, damnittt! =/

Last week, my [ profile] bobbleheadvi came over and we talked and stuff and yeah.. Later on that day, I decided that the only way he's gonna shape up is if he has a plan! So, in all my planning awesomeness, I made him a plan! For the next three years until he graduates -- assuming he follows the plan and doesn't screw up. x_x And then afterwards, because it wouldn't be fair if I didn't, I helped [ profile] aznearthdragon construct a plan as well. And amiss all this planning, I realized that my true calling has to be in planning! I want a job where all I have to do is come up with plans and schedules and whatnot, and get paid EXTREMELY well to do it! Does such a job exist?! The only jobs I can think of that are planners are in the business world and have the word "assistant" attached to it, so it doesn't strike me as a very well-paying job. =/ Of course, there are wedding planners and stuff like that, but it probably doesn't seem like you'd be paid much to be an event planner unless you were hired by really rich people... =/

But yeah.. maybe my true calling is in business.


That was a very disturbing thought! No offense to business majors out there, but yeah. ^_^;; I mean, I'm an architecture student, so it doesn't seem like business would be that hard, and I can just imagine all the free time! =O I think I would double major if I ever decided to switch majors that way ((not that I will, spent too much time and hard work to not finish out and get my BArch!)). But dude, business, I think I could totally do that. XP But then, I'm only interested in the planning aspect of it... I guess I should look into that and see what's out there for me later on... Maybe planner people can make good money, then I could take some business classes and get into that later. XP

But anyway... I totally think that being in architecture totally gives me a better perspective on school and stuff.. Like, I honestly think that everyone should go through a quarter of architecture because, it's one thing to know that architecture is hard, it's another thing to have to experience how much time you have to devote to architecture while still trying to do well in your other, non-architecture classes. And seriously, after a quarter of it, you truly understand how much time you really have! Like, summer quarter, even though you go through class in five weeks and it goes really fast, was such a breeze and I swear, I slacked off so damn much.. What I wouldn't give to take a nice, steady 20 or so units without studio. Man, that would be the life! XP Instead, I like trying to take about 20 units WITH studio and struggle my ass off just to get okay grades in all classes. x_x

So I'm trying to find a ride up to SLO this weekend, but no one wants to reply to me! ;_; I don't really want to take the train back to SLO because it takes forever and it doesn't really sound all that appealing after that Metrolink/Union Pacific accident up in Chatsworth. x_x I mean, I don't really feel like there's much chance that it would happen again, but you never know.. plus, it's on the same track that the Amtrak Surfliner takes, since Amtrak stopped its services for a couple days after that happened last week, so yeah.. x_x BLAHHHH!

Back to school next week! Ohz noz! I don't wanna go back. =( And I dunno how well I can handle taking all the classes I'm taking. =( I know I'm only taking 18 units, but it's like five classes, so I feel like I'll really be stretching my time again, like Spring quarter when I was taking 22 units. =/ Hopefully it'll be okay. I think I'm just really worried about taking Chinese, since language classes are always hard and take up a lot of time if you're really trying to learn and stuff. =/ But I guess we'll see.. It just sucks that the drop deadline without a W on your record is so short. How are you suppose to decide if you can handle everything in a week? =/ I think I would need at least three weeks to decide something like that since a lot of classes go kinda slow in the first week. BLAH!

I'm just gonna stop for now. I can't remember anything else I wanted to talk about anyway. XP

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OMG, I hate life. It just sucks so much. I mean, OMG.. It was like, I was just sitting here thinking and talking to [ profile] aznearthdragon and later [ profile] bobbleheadvi and just thinking and it's like.. I wanted to cry, and then when I was talking to [ profile] bobbleheadvi about school, I just started crying. =(

It's like, I just hate everything. I mean, I have no time what-so-ever and I'm always stressed from the dumb ARCH projects and it's like WHEN WILL I EVER GET A BREAK?! And it's like, WTF, you know? I don't know.. I'm just so tired. And is it wrong of me to want more sleep? Is it wrong of me to want to do well? Is it wrong of me to just want to be able to get through life without all this hassle?

These past three weeks have been hell. I'm so freakin' busy and I don't know what to do. It's like, I want to do well in my classes, but at the same time, my English and math class just don't feel as important to me. It's like, so secondary to my major classes. I mean, I know, I KNOW I should be doing the work in them, but I just can't really seem to make myself think it's actually worth as much as my ARCH 131 class. It's like, the math homework, yeah, I do it and yeah, it's because it's defined and I know how much I have to do. For English, I'm totally slacking in that and even though I know I shouldn't think it, it's just not a priority to me. It's like, I leave English reading until the day we're suppose to read it, most of the time right before the class. I put off essays and I can't work on them at all and the first one I did, I totally didn't do it until the day before because OMFG, ARCH project was more important to me. And in my cover letter, I wrote that I had too much work 'cause yeah, I'm honest, and yes, that's an excuse, but I don't care. It was true because no, that week WASN'T enough time for me to get to it because I had my ARCH project to do. And no, it wasn't important enough to contemplate before the day it was due. And yes, I regreted it and yes, I knew it was bad quality which was probably why I got a 4 on it ((roughly translates to a D+)) and it's like, OMG, I know it sucked, but damn, that's the first D I ever got and I know it was my fault, but I can't help it. I'm just so tired of this shit. And now, there's the rough draft of the profile essay due and I know I probably won't get it done until Wednesday, the day before we're peer editing. And it's like, fuck, I never wanted to be that person, but I am, and I don't know how to handle it because I've always written my English essays with time on my hands. I've never done the whole procrastination thing and churned it out the day before until the first paper for English this year and yeah, I can't be that person, I suck at being that person, but that's just how it looks like it's gonna be from now on because projects everyday and yeah. It's stressful. Yeah, it sucks. And yeah, I really need a break.

I hate how I have to waste so much time and effort just for architecture. It's like, I wasted all of today 'cause I needed to print and it's like, WTF, I want to go do other things, ya know? I don't just want to do ARCH stuff. I want to just be. I want to have time to do things if I want. I want to be able to sit in my room and read fics and just be. I just want to relax for once, but I haven't gotten that chance since I've started school. It's like, constant projects, constrantly busy. I just want some me time. I just want to be able to sleep on the weekends without having to be somewhere or having to do something. I want to read my fics and now have to worry that I'm slacking on a project 'cause I'm taking that ten minute break to read a bit. I hate knowing that I'm taking breaks, even though I need it, just to get some fic reading in. I hate going to take a shower 'cause that means I don't have as much time to do my other homework. I hate having to go shopping for supplies 'cause there's more time wasted. I hate going to eat dinner 'cause I could be working. And I shouldn't be hating these things. I actually LOVE these things. They're my breaks, they're to get away, but at the same time, it's taking my WORK time away and sometimes, you just need it all, even if you don't want to work.

I hate how architecture drains all my money. In the past three weeks ((and we'll include the day I spent during the summer buying all my drawing stuff)), I've spent well over $500. The drawing equipment alone cost around $200. Then I had to buy the books for the class, the other supplies we've been needing for all the projects and it's just like, damn, WTF. And soon, I'll be buying my Amtrak tickets for the field trip to LA and possibly spending money on a room if I'm too far away from family and it's just like, OMG, my weekend, my money, my time, all being taken for architecture. And, you know, it just sucks.

I can't wait until it's Thanksgiving 'cause then I can go home. It'll suck 'cause I'll most likely have a project or something to do, but still. HOME. I miss it so much.

What I really can't wait for is WINTER BREAK. OMG, winter break. Eight more weeks.. ((This was the thought that was getting me crying.)) Eight more weeks.. Eight more weeks.. Eight weeks have never felt so long before. But it is.. It SO is. There'll be finals, then there will be WINTER BREAK and I can go HOME and REST for THREE STRAIGHT WEEKS and won't have any homework or projects to do.. AT ALL and it'll be so freakin' great and I might possibly die from the excitement of those THREE WEEEKS of pure NOTHINGNESS. I mean, seriously. I get to see my family, possibly some of my friends, and I'll have TIME TO SLEEP AND RELAX and I NEVER GET THAT.

I hate how dramatic I'm sounding, but seriously, the stress is really getting to me. I'm just so tired of architorture and I don't know.. It's just like, WTF, when will we get a break? When? I just want ONE DAY, just ONE, where I don't have to worry that a project is due. I just want ONE DAY where I can actually get sleep. ONE DAY when my whole week isn't jammed pack.

I just want one Tuesday where I can actually have those five hours for ME and not for any other class. Just one Saturday when I'm not at school. One Sunday when I don't have homework to do. One weekend when I can just DO WHAT I WANT and not have to worry that OMFG, project due Monday!

Is that too much to ask?

Apparently it is because the chances of that happening are slim to none. =/

I've spent over 30 minutes writing this entry and I was planning to sleep early too, but this is pretty early compared to what I've been getting. =/ But yeah, I just needed to vent. I feel a little better, but still.. Just ONE day. When will I get my day? =(

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Was dressed up. =O Haha.. yeah.. Just hung out in the classroom.. Later went to the range and was practicing on [ profile] aznearthdragon and [ profile] bobbleheadvi. They were just making faces at me. ;_; Yeah, hahah. After that, played some pinball, haha. XP

Service Learning presentations.. Very boring, haha. Three groups went today.. two more to do on Friday and that's it.

Just worked outta the study guide.. was all nervous and stuff.. Then at 10:40, left and put my stuff in the range and then went to 301. Got there and Mrs. Thompson said that Robert was gonna go before me, so I was like, okay and stuff and sat in the back waiting.. His presentation was all short and he didn't even have a powerpoint! He just bought his metal trebuchet and talked about that and his time in CTA and how he's learned. After that, it was my turn. First off, my panel was Mrs. Krushas, Mr. Myers, Ms. Cindy, Mr. Riego, and Mrs. Thompson ((she did the slide show part, but she stayed to ask questions, so she counts, haha. XP)).

Anywayz.. It was okay, I guess. I messed up sometimes.. and yeah.. The critque part went over okay 'cause Mr. Riego, the only senior advisory teacher, wasn't really offended much, from what I could tell. And yeah.. they asked questions and I did my best to answer.. So scary.. After that, left for the range and hung in the office for the last few minutes before lunch started.

Got food and ate in the range.. Watched people playing pinball, haha.

Computer lab.. typed up the data.. That's about all I did today.

Worked on the mosaic.. I've gotten a little corner done! Yay me! Almost there, hahaha! I'd say I'm about 1/3 to 1/2 done! XD

Hung in the range.. Played Pinball.. And yeah.. That's about it.

[ profile] bobbleheadvi made me mad 'cause he was just gonna leave to play pool or whatever. It's like, I don't like people who always go out 'cause it's just so.. ARGH. I mean.. I dunno.. Maybe it's 'cause I don't go out, so I don't really expect other people to be hanging out all the time.. I can't even understand it 'cause even though I don't do anything with my non-social life, I still don't finish all my work, so it makes me hella mad when people be going out all the time and they have B's and C's and some people not even passing, ya know? But it's not even that.. It's the fact that [ profile] bobbleheadvi always says that we never hang out, that we never talk and shit, but then when I'm around, he's always hanging with his friends. He's always going and playing basketball or going to the movies or whatever it is and leaves me to just do whatever. It's like, WTF 'cause my time is limited and he can hang out with his friends whenever, since he always goes out. Why can't he watch a movie later? Why can't he go play at the rec when I'm not around? Why do I even waste time saying after thinkin' I'll have time to hang with him if he doesn't have time for me? It's so fucked up. Whatever.. And I know he doesn't even realize it, but it's like.. ARGH! College is coming soon. You'd think he'd want to spend as much time as possible with me before I go off to a place almost six hours [drive] away.. But whatever.. I don't even know why I complain.. He always just does whatever without saying anything to me until he's gonna leaves anyway, so whatever...

Trying to work on a scholarship that's due Friday 'cause Victoria just gave it to me today.. Dunno what to write for the essay.. BLEH!~ Gotta mail it Friday 'cause I need to get a letter of recommendation from Col. tomorrow.. So I have until tomorrow to finish the essay...

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Went and ran with Cathy nd Panyia.. Cathy ran a mile.. Panyerz only ran one lap and me and [ profile] aznearthdragon ran 3/4 of a mile. After that, went to the classroom and rewrote the board 'cause it was all messed up.

Did PT and then after that, they had a break, then we practiced for Field Day. After that, gave them time to work on their service learning projects, but, like, no one was even working! ARGH. I kinda scolded them, but yeah.. I bet it went in one ear and out the other, as usual. x_x

Had a presentation about credit cards and stuff.. it was okay. After that, there was only a few minutes, so yeah. At the end of class, Mrs. Gallegos was reading off some people who didn't have to present and stuff.. In the beginning of the period, I asked when we were presenting and she said she had to talk to Ms. Thompson about it. At the end, I was waiting to talk to the teacher and then the bell rang and I was thinking, "Forget it" and was about to leave, but she called me over and was like, "Don't let this get out 'cause then some people won't even work on it, but on June 7, we're just gonna have a presentation day". Umm.. Yeah. That kinda made me mad, but whatever.. Stupid thing.. I have plenty of time now. Pshh.. whatever. I'll put it off then. I guess I'm one of those people Mrs. Gallegos was talking about.

Went to get lunch 'cause no one even told me that we were gonna do interviews.. Then I come back and I heard that they were doing it, so I went to the range and I saw that they were about to kick me out, but they couldn't since I had a right to be there. Freakin' asses. Whatever.. Walked over there and Sandy was doing her interview. She was talking softly 'cause I guess she was mad and stuff.. Then they were all like, "Why are you so quiet?! Speak up!" then those jackasses started snickering and imitating her and shit. I was like, WTF, ya know, and I said, "Be quiet, you guys!" and they all looked at me like I was the bad guy or something. WTF! Fuckin' immature asses. I waned to kick their asses, 'cause it's like, how old are you?! So immature. Acting like the little freshies from my company and callin' themselves seniors. WTF. And then acting like I was in the wrong for calling out their fucked up behavior. They should be respecting me. I'm older. I'm smarter. And I'm definitely not fucked like they are. But whatever..

Sandy was pretty good.. Eric be askin' dumb questions. He was like, "So.. where do you get the information for the training schedule?" and Sandy was like, "From Col." and Eric was like, looking like she was wrong or something, then he said, "What about the color guards and stuff?" and she was like, "From the board in the office.." and then Eric was like, "S-3, is that correct?" and I'm thinking, 'WTF is wrong with you, dumbass?! Of course it's right!', but then again, he IS stupid and shit, so maybe he DOESN'T know how to read a calendar. Nonetheless, I replied with, "Yes, sir" and Eri was just like, "Hmm" like I was the one saying something wrong. WTF. I CAN'T be wrong. It's my fuckin' job! Asshole. Then he was asking about the Flag Detail, Color Guard, and Clean-Up plan and it's like... Don't be so dumb. He KNOWS how it works. EVERYONE knows how that works. So fuckin' dumb.. Whatever..

After Sandy, tell called Tim in 'cause Eric wanted to interview him and it's like, WTF 'cause he already had his. How the fuck you gonna tell someone to come back for ANOTHER interview? He already did one. If I were him, I'd be like, "Fuck you, Eric. I already said my piece. If you wanted to hear, then you should have been there", but Tim's too nice and he came anyway.

Changed into my uniform and then SGM taped up my pants since they were so long, then just waited around. Finally, we left. Went to the Miramar Museum to get awarded my scholarship. Got there early and this one dude showed us around inside and was telling us some history. Then a dude from Mira Mesa came and we continued looking around. Finally, a girl came from Scripps and then we were all there and so we went outside and they started. Got awarded our scholarships and had to take some pictures and then peoplez were talking and I was just standing around listening 'cause the girl and dude knew each other and stuff... Later, they all left and me and Col. just walked around looking at the planes. After that, went back to school.

When I got back, it was fourth period.. Changed our of my uniform and then went to the office and just talked to Victoria. She told me that Eric, that ass, didn't let Panyia go for the board. I was getting my lunch, so that's why I didn't know. But yeah.. He told her straight up that she couldn't go and that she had to be a company commander. WTF. I was so pissed. After that, talked about how fucked that was, Eric and his shit, and yeah. ARGH!

At the end of fourth, Eric all comes in and tells me that there was no meeting after school 'cause they finished all of staff. I was so pissed inside, but didn't want to start shit in the office, so I was just like, "Okay.." and yeah. But ARGH! I so wanted to yell at him for doing that! WTF!~

Went to get our book for Book Club..Even though we're not reading that anymore... Oh wellz. I wanted that, so yeah. XP Anywayz.. Panyerz told us a little about what Eric said.. And then at the end, he wanted a high-five from her and sent her out. It's like, WTF. Can't believe you're still acting like nothing's happened after you said such utter crap. I mean, WTF! How would you feel if you really wanted to get a job and you went to the interview just to be told that you were only good for one thing and you can't try to get a promotion? WTF. Just so fuckin' wrong! She's been wanted S-5 and I've been training her for both S-3 and S-5 and to be told that she couldn't go at ALL. OMG, you better believe I wanted to sock him a good one. Fuckin' ass.. >O

Man.. Now she doesn't even want to go to Col.'s board, and I can't say that I blame her, even though I want her to go, 'cause seriously. That's so fucked. I would never even come back 'cause who would want to? Eric is such a shithead. OMFG. If I could run him over with bus, I'd do it so fast. I hope he fuckin' dies. Seriously. And it makes me mad that Eric did that when I wasn't even around. I bet he planned it 'cause he knows I would say something. So fuckin' messed. OMG. >O If I was there.. There would be some spectatular shouting.. Fuckin' hypocrite.. "Everyone should get a chance" my fuckin' ass. I just want to tell him to GTFO 'cause he's a worthless piece of flesh and would be better off buried 50 feet underground. Even then, it'd still be too close to the land of the living. Fuckin' ass. >O

But yeah.. after school just talked about that and then went to the range and talked and yeah.. Just mad..

Went home and saw that my dad bought me a laptop. XD Then showered and ate and then went to Cathy and [ profile] bobbleheadvi's house around 7:30-ish. Got there and was watching The Perfect Man and then got our nails done then watched more of the movie then had to leave. I wanted to finish it! ;_; Oh wellz..

Tomorrow's prom.. My hair might look whack, haha. Oh wellz.. The thing that's killing tomorrow is the people we're eating with.. Dang, Teng, and ERIC. I'm mad at all three, especially Eric, of course, 'cause they were all shitheads and mean to Panyia. No one can freakin' stand up for her. Fuckin' bastards. ARGH!~ They should all just roll over and die. They would SO not be missed. >O



May. 15th, 2006 09:02 pm
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Just rewote parts of the board and helped [ profile] aznearthdragon on her power point for her project thing.

Worked on the service learning projects and briefed Col. and SGM about them. After that, did PT. Stupid people were being all rude and shit and I just started using the tick marks.. It's like, WTF, I don't have to take that shit. >O Got 11 down before they were quiet, and even then people were STILL talking. >O I told them we were gonna do 22, but when we did PT, I told Ingram to only do 15 'cause I felt bad. I wanted to give 22 push-ups PT style though.. OMG, you don't know how much.. Dumb people.. >O

Selassie went to the psychologist, so.. was alone. Had to read Chapter 04 from the book then had two pages to do in the study guide.. So easy.. After that, I just read 'cause there was nothing else to do and no one else was working.. Dumb thing.

Found out the results for Brigade.. OMG, so mad.. I'll write them first, up to Kearny so you can see..

Armed Drill Team Results

1st Place // Serra

2nd Place // Kearny

Unarmed Drill Team Results

1st Place // Serra
2nd Place // Scripps Ranch
3rd Place // Morse
4th Place // Mira Mesa

5th Place // Kearny

Okay, so yeah.. Good job to Armed. But Unarmed..? That's so fuckin' whack! Serra wasn't even that good!~ WTF! So bias! >O It's like, Mira Mesa was good and deserved 1st and I say we were good enough to be at least second or third. WTF is this?!~ >O Damn.. I'm so mad.. >O Outraged! >O WTF.. makes me so mad 'cause I KNOW we did good, but the marines are bias! ARGH!~ It's like.. all our hard work for nothing.. WTF.. I kinda felt like crying today, after I got over my anger, ya know? 'Cause damn... that's whack. *sigh* ;_;

For Armed.. I thought that Morse should have gotten first, 'cause even though I only watched a few Armed preformances, Morse was hella good. I think [ profile] bobbleheadvi said they got 5th though, and that's a WTF moment there too.

After that, just talked about it a bit outside, then went to the range and the Armed peoplez were watching the video, so just watched with them.. Saw the end of Kearny's and then they watched Morse.

Fixed the proposal a little, then was just reading some stuff from Google News.. After that, sent some e-mails to [ profile] aznearthdragon then went over to Selassie to talk to her.. Near the end of the period, went over to [ profile] bobbleheadvi and just talked to him and Dang about prom, kinda..

Practiced chain sticking.. There was a sub.. They just put on a movie with 50 Cent in it.. I dunno what it's called.. Didn't really watch it much.

Paint two white-ish pink sheets, then went and worked on my mosaic.. It looks like I have basically nothing done though 'cause my paper's mostly blank.. x_x BLEH!

Had a staff meeting, basically.. Boring, boring.. They were making suggestions for Superior Cadet and stuff, and it's like, geez, ya know? I dunno.. people are fuckin' bias.. and then, of course, I'm never appreciated 'cause it's like, I do all this fuckin' work and pick up people's slack and what do I get in return? No acknowledgement what-so-ever. Seriously, I do so much and I even voice my opinions and shit, unlike in middle school, and I STILL get no recognition. It's like, why don't I just quit if my work and ideas mean so little? Fuckin' assholes.. Especially Eric. I hate him. He's a bastard! >O

When Eric asked for candidates for Superior Cadet for LET3, they were all like, "Oh, who's a LET3?" and it's like, WTF, can't even think of me. If I didn't voice myself as a candidate, they wouldn't have either. I know for sure. And then after I said "ME!" Eric was like, "Oh, well, that's a possibility..." and it's like, IMO, that's not a possibility, it's the ONLY CHOICE 'cause seriously. I have two fuckin' jobs. I get my fuckin' work done. I actually DO my work. Guess that doesn't count for shit anymore, does it? I'm sure eveyone else does that too! Oh wait! They don't! Oh... well, huh. How 'bout that? Let's add in the fact that I'm class rank number one on top of all that? Still not deserving enough of the Superior Cadet medal? Ah, well.. what do I know? I'm just the only staff member that does anything and is always there, always reliable. Not like I'm in the know and shit. Not like I keep people up to date and stuff. I only make the schedule and post things on the board and remind people to do stuff when they have to. No significance at all, I'm sure.

And, of course, to make matters worse, when Eric asked for any other suggestions, someone ((I dunno who)) was like, "Edmon?" and I was thinking, 'OMFG' 'cause seriously! That right there just meant that I got beat out by someone not even in RO this semester. Not only that, someone was willing to nominate EDMON and I was stuck having to nominate myself. It's like, how can I even win? I've done SO freaking MUCH this semester and I'm beat out by someone not in RO and someone who has even less responsibility than me. Just goes to show some things, wouldn't you say? But then again, who am I to judge?

Later on, they were talking about the Khronicle and trying to divide up the months to do it and all. Then Eric was like, "Oh, Helen, you don't have to do anything" and it's like, WTF. They shouldn't even consider ASKING me to do anything since I do so much already. But then again, I disagree because I have no reservations about taking up another job if asked to with a valid reason. Especially considering that it's the Khronicle we're talking about, only one of the jobs of the S-5 position, the one I wanted in the first place. I wouldn't have given any second thoughts about taking on that project because OMG, that's what I wanted to do. I wanted to make the Khronicle. I wanted to make the website. I wanted to make the scrapbook. I could definitely take on the bulletin board, the magnetic battalion board in the office, and taken the Service Learning stuff on too because OMG, that was my plans from the beginning, before I got stuck with S-3. I wouldn't mind at all because I was WILLING to take that stuff on from when I interviewed for that position two times in a row. There are no ifs, ands, or buts. As of now though, I don't think I would care if the thing looked like shit 'cause that's probably what it'll look like in the end. Let them all do their fine ass job. I'm tired of everything.

I told Eric and them that I was tired of their shit today too. I didn't say it like that though.. More like, "I'm tired of picking up the slack" 'cause seriously, I am. I have to schedule the NCO Boards. I have to schedule the Officer's Boards. I have to schedule the Cadet Club meetings. I have to schedule the Cadet of the Month Boards. All these things, yes, I'm suppose to schedule, but at the same time, I do it ON MY OWN. I don't really consult the people in charge about it. I just write it out and tell them that, yes, they ARE doing the board and NO, they most certainly CANNOT keep delaying it because it's been on the board for well over a week and yes, everyone knows. If it weren't for me constantly reminding them of their work, if it weren't for me thinking ahead, if it weren't for me being there to say something, I'm positively sure there wouldn't be a board or whatever until Col. asked about it. I've seen for myself in the beginning of the year when I just let it flow for, like, the first month or two. I know that I'm invaluable to losers who don't know shit, so I think that they should recognize that my contribution is priceless. They shouldn't HAVE to think about who's doing what job. There most DEFINITELY should not be comments of, "Well, Martinez is the only staff member to do his job" 'cause WTF. I have two jobs and I'm doing a damn fine job, if I do say so myself. I'm still at the top of my classes and make time for all this, so W.T.F.!

I'm also mad 'cause Eric changed the schedule already, that HE typed up, for the leadership interviews. It's like, NO. You can't fuckin' do that. That's so whack. I hate people who go back on their word, after everyone's seen the list for the past two weeks. No, just no. That's like saying, "Here people. You have a project due on this date, no extra time" and saying that over and over weeks in advance, and then when the due date comes, after everyone has stressed and lost sleep trying to finish, "Oh, well, I guess I'll extend it to tomorrow". Yeah, give the slackers a chance, right? WRONG. I know for a fact that the people who lost time wokring their asses off trying to finish the project ontime would be in kill-mode if that were to happen. I know 'cause I've been there myself and I can't stand it. So no. WTF. DIE ERIC DIE! >O

Earlier, I forgot to mention, but when we started with LET1 Superior Cadet, Eric was askin' for suggestions, and me, being the stupid person that I am, nominated someone from my company. Oh, my, it's such a crime, no? It was swiftly rejected and a few minutes later by Eric because SHE'S IN MY COMPANY and OMG I'M BIAS BECAUSE SHE'S MY CADET. After that, there was the general consenous of "Who's a LET1?" and then Eric comes up with his OMG BRILLANT suggestion of, "We should ask the company commanders for input". Umm... WHAT?!~ Who the fuck is a company commander in there?! *waves arms* Who the fuck just got a suggestion rejected?! *waves arms* Who the fuck's suggestion got rejected, EVEN THOUGH it was from a company commander, BECAUSE they were suggesting someone from THEIR OWN COMPANY?!~ *WAVES FUCKING ARMS* Yeah. Contradiction much? I love how much Eric likes to hear himself talk and make a dumbass of himself in front of me. Seriously. It just warms my fuckin' cold heart, oh yes it does.

Can you see how much I love my fuckin' job? Can you tell that I love having my suggestions and thoughts ignored time and time again? Can you see how much I fuckin' LOVE sitting there, knowing that every word I fuckin' say makes no difference to dumb people who don't want it? It's like, why do I even try? Why? It can't be because I want to be proud of what I'm part of. Most definitely can't be 'cause I want to make things better. 'Cause, really now? Me, wanting to look good? Being part of something with a good rep? Come on now, who wants that? Doesn't everyone want to just wallow at the bottom like pond scum? Geez! WHAT was I THINKING?! Forgive my sinful thoughts. I know it had to be seven deadly sins at work. Damn that pride and greed and gluttony and wrath. Oh, can't forget that lust, sloth, and envy now, can we? Tsktsk, why do I even care?

But back to the point.. Am I selfish for wanting to be awarded Superior Cadet? Seriously, I want to know what people think. I mean, I think it's a pretty selfish thing, but at the same time, I think I'm fully justified in being a little selfish. I think that hard work deserves a little recognition, ya know? But then again, not everyone thinks that way, so.. Whatever. Someone tell me please if I'm blowing this thing outta proportion. Maybe I should just let it go and let whoever get it, right? I mean, I KNOW for sure that it'll be me 'cause I know Col. wouldn't overlook my efforts, but it's the fact that these people, my co-workers, my peers, don't think I deserve it at all, is what gets to me. It upsets me so much that no matter what I do, I'm still just the reliable one who gets the work done, but doesn't get any of the credit. I wrote in my college and a scholarship essay that I worked hard in high school to get some recognition for my work and that I succeeded, but I guess that's not true afterall, huh? Guess I'm still a failure there too.. And yes, I'm crying when I write this. ;_; So sue me for caring more than a little. =(

After we finished the meeting, I worked on the magnetic battalion board in the office 'cause I haven't done what Eric asked me to do a couple weeks ago, but then again, there wasn't really any names on it a few weeks ago, so I think I'm fully justified there.. Then later, did my training schedule for the next two weeks, then left for home.

I'm too tired to do any scholarships or work.. I don't think I'm gonna do the Kearny Alumni one, even though I want to.. I just don't have that much energy to do anything anymore.. I still need to write my valedictorian speech, but I can't do it now 'cause I'm afraid my bitter mood will affect how the piece will turn out. Can't be talking about not getting the recognition you deserve, even IF you work hard in my speech, now can I? =/

I hope everyone had a better day than me. I will just go sink into my self-pity now.



May. 8th, 2006 09:16 pm
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Worked on my pants a little, then later practiced.. People pissed me off, as usual..

Did PT.. then they worked on their service learning projects.. I was in the office doing stuff then later in the range just hanging out with [ profile] bobbleheadvi when they were working on their projects.. Col. told me that I got the Flying Leatherneck scholarship -- $1000. Yay!~ XD But I have to go to the Miramar Museum next Friday at 1:00 in my uniform to get it or whatever... BLEH!~ Oh wellz.. At least I get money, right?

Had our test.. I don't think I did that well.. Oh wellz.

Practiced.. then got lunch and ate..

Got the paper about our calculus projects.. There was much arguing amonst the people and Ms. Lee's idea of "okay groups" 'cause she said that we couldn't work with people we talk with.. Then she approves a group with [ profile] bobbleheadvi and Dang. Of course that sparked more heated discussion and yeah.. In the end, we drew numbers from a hat. I'm in a group with Edmon and Kevin.

Made copies of my outline thing and then started working on the color sheme thing.. That's about it.

Bought my prom ticket, finally. Then went and practiced.. People are so ARGH! >O I wanna slap them.. It's like, [ profile] aznearthdragon's trying to talk and they're all ignoring her and [ profile] aznearthdragon's like, "You guys! You guys!" and stuff and they're like, "*talk talk talk in Spanish*" and then I always got frustrated and said, "You guys!" and then they would all look at me with a, "Bitch, please!" attitude and I could tell they wanted to beat me up and it's like, WTF you fuckin' assholes! [ profile] aznearthdragon's trying to talk and she's so nice to then, so why can't they fuckin' shut up and not waste our time?! >O Whatever.. fuckin' bitches..



May. 1st, 2006 09:56 pm
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Rewrote the board.. Later practiced.. My stupid flag detail people didn't come and put up the flag, so I had to ask other people to do it for me. x_x

Asked about flag detail and then asked why the morning people didn't do it. Nadia was all like, "Oh, I asked you, but you said not to" and it's like, WTF, she asked me at 8:15, after the flag was already put up by other people. Flag is suppose to be up at 7:45 at the latest. I should have to babysit and tell them WHEN to put up the flag! They should know that they're morning and therefore, the flag MUST go up unless it's raining, and that won't be happening for a while, so.. >O Whatever.. Bi~yotches.

After that, went outside and did PT. I was in the office working on some paperwork stuff.. Ah.. the stress of two jobs and no time, right? Add to that the awesomeness that is my company and how much they love to piss me off. Yes, life is sweet. x_x

Went to the auditorium.. First presentation was about the merchant marines.. Then after that, had a radio broadcaster presentation from some dude who's on Smooth Jazz 98.1. It was okay, I guess.. Bleh.

Got food and ate in the range while all them peoplez were talking about the summative math section they took, haha. They're so weird.. Anh, like, memorized everything, lol.

Worked on the study guide.. that's about it.

Got back the multiple choice part of our final.. Got 30.75 on it! XD I think that was the highest, but I dunno. Anyway.. Got back our quizes too.. Didn't do so hot on those. x_x But yeah.. Went over one of the quizes.. Then took another quiz and that's about it. I don't think I did that great on today's, but oh well.. Got our grade slips too, but she didn't curve the final yet since she didn't grade the written response, so it's just straight, and she was like, "This is the lowest grade you can get right now" and I'm like, whatever 'cause even uncurved, I have a 89.5% and with the curve, I KNOW I'm gonna get an A+, so there's no way I'm gonna not do well. XP

Ms. Wheeler wasn't here.. Just went on the computer.. that's about it.

People went to book club.. I didn't go.. Did some S-3 stuff, then later went to the classroom since that was where everyone was that didn't go and they were talking to Col. about uniform and then later a few minutes before four, they came back and we practiced once, then just left.

[ profile] bobbleheadvi and I finally made up or whatever.. I dunno, we didn't really, but we're talking again..

You know what makes me mad? After school, Ana and Nadia come to me.. Our conversation went along the lines of..

Ana: You forgot to buy Nadia pants.
Me: ..Do you really need them..? 'Cause we can't keep spending money on stuff..
Nadia: *in Spanish to Ana* But it's tight and it's short too --
Me: Well, if you really need it, then you'll have to pay for it..
Nadia: *in Spanish to Ana* Ugh, I don't want to spend money on it! *whine whine*
Me: *leaving the range, while Nadia, Ana and Brigitte talk in Spanish, but can totally understand their complaining*

After we practice, me and [ profile] aznearthdragon were in the range and [ profile] aznearthdragon tells me that Nadia told her that she needed new pants. Ummm.... yeah. WTF man. Because I said no and she had to pay, she goes running to [ profile] aznearthdragon? Does she think that [ profile] aznearthdragon will actually get her pants without consulting me? Yeah, right. It just pisses me off so much that they go and question my authority like that. It's like asking your mom for something, and her saying no, then going to your dad to ask the same thing. Do you really think that your parents don't consult each other first? There's always one parent saying, "Go ask your mom / dad" or whatever and that's usually the strict one. You already know nothing gets past them, so.. I don't get it. I know they think that [ profile] aznearthdragon is easier, but come on!

I'm the one who always makes the decisions for the team. I make the routines. I make the schedules. I tell [ profile] aznearthdragon everything we need to do and they know it. They should know by now that while [ profile] aznearthdragon is the commander, she's just the figurehead and I'm the behind the scenes. It is really MY team since I do all the work, so I don't see how they can decide that going to the other parent, as it were, will yield better results.. But whatever.. people just make me mad. >O

Prom tickets are $50.. I think Leticia and Kim said that it's going up to $75 next week, so.. x_x Gonna buy tomorrow? Or at least get the dance contract..

Just got an forewared e-mail from Mr. Garcia..


From: Bralla Debra
Sent: Mon 5/1/2006 1:31 PM
To: 3732A Kearny HS Education Complex - All Staff; 3733A Kearny HS Digital Media Dsgn - All Staff; 3734A Kearny HS Sci Connect & Tech - All Staff; 3735A Kearny HS Intl Business - All Staff; 3736A Kearny HS Const Tech Acdmy - All Staff
Cc: Mason Tamara
Subject: Please read to your 12th Grade Classes

Hi all

Prom Fair - Tuesday, May 2 - during lunch in the dance room - stop by during lunch.

Prom tickets are on sale at the Financial Office - during lunch.  Get your contracts today.  Prices increase beginning May 15.

Grad Night Tickets are available in the front office before and after school only.  $90. cash only - no guests - you must have your school id to purchase a ticket.

For more information, please see your senior class officers or JJ.

Debra Bralla
Complex Manager
Kearny Educational Complex
858-496-8370 X2022


So I guess it'll be $75 starting May 15.. Whatever, better to buy early..

Should I go to Grad Night? I dunno if it's worth it.. $90 to go to Disneyland at night and, according to Allister, not all the rides are even open? Hmm.. Should I go?

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Just hung in the classroom.. Later on, watched Armed practice..

ARGH! Start off my day bad.. I mean, come on! Half the class was gone 'cause they had some field trip or whatever, so you'd expect it to be okay and all, but NOOOOOO! So totally wrong. >O The first question on the board was "Name the citizenship skills and give an example of how it is used in JROTC" and it was like, I asked, they stared at me like I was stupid, and I stared back like 'WTF MAN?!~ >O' and yeah. Then I got pissed and was like, "If you don't know, get out your stupid books and find the answer!" and, of course, only ONE person was looking. >O Fuckin'.. And Eddie was like, "Oh some of us don't have the books! I left mine at home!" and I wanted to smack him 'cause HELLO! Classroom! Books! All the resources are in the freakin' class! I TOLD them to look for the answer. That means, GO TO THE BOOKS IF YOU DON'T HAVE YOURS! Is that such a hard concept?! >O And then after we were done with the questions, I tell 'em that we're going to do push-ups and they start complaining. WTF. What do they expect from me? I'm tired of this shit. I shouldn't have to go through it!~ It's like, come ON! You're in high school now. People need to stop thinking they can breeze through life. I shouldn't have to take all their crap 'cause that's SO not my job. >O And if nothing else, HALF the people in the class have taken RO before. I'm sure even people NOT in ROTC could guess at least three or four of the skills, so.. No fuckin' excuses! >O

After we did ONLY 20 push-ups, we split. Col. wanted to know if the LET2s were ready for their presentations, so I went to the range to ask them.

ME: Are you guys ready for your presentations?
THEM: What presentations?!~
ME: This one. *points to board*
THEM: What's that say?! I can't read it!~ >O
ME: On the citizenship skills! Oh my! We just went over that! I guess you must be ready! *much sarcasm*
THEM: Whatttt! You keep saying presentation, but I don't know anything about it!
ME: This was due WAY before Spring Break. >O
THEM: Well, we never have time to work on it! *whine whine whine*

Umm.. Yeah. I distinctively remember at least TWO FULL PERIODS working on these presentations. I know, 'cause that was the time I could use to work on my S-3 stuff. So don't give me bull, bitches! >O

Just presented our Landmark Supreme Court cases to the class.. Friday is the Judicial Branch test.. then we'll move on to Economics..

Meeting.. Boring..

Went over homework.. Can take the final either this Saturday or next Saturday..

New project.. Have to make a promotional piece about CTA.. Blah. Gonna make a poster, I guess.. I dunno..

Practiced.. Didn't really get that far.. BLEH!

Senior Portfolio due Friday.. >O I still have a lot to do! ;_; I mean, it's not REALLY a lot, but still.. Feels like it.. *sigh*



Apr. 17th, 2006 09:50 pm
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Back to school.. How horrible is that? x_x Just hung in the classroom.. Rewrote parts of the board.. that's about it.

Did PT.. then they played Capture the Flag.. I was in the office the whole time, finishing the disaster teams and then organizing my company book. x_x

Sub.. Watched a movie on Roe VS Wade and then people were debating it.. I was just listening..

YPF meeting really quick, then watched Armed practice...

Ms. Lee wasn't there.. Just worked on correcting my homework.. Then gave up and worked on some Unarmed stuff..

Computer... Looked for a few scholarships.. That's about it..

Watched Oprah about "Schools in Crisis" where Allister was on.. at the last five minutes and only saying one little thing that lasted maybe five seconds at most. x_x But it was somewhat interesting, I guess.. I didn't like how Oprah kept acting all shocked about the schools and stuff.. it's like, duhh! A lot of schools are crappy.. when was this news? @_@

Book Club.. URGH! Me, [ profile] aznearthdragon, and Cathy came in late 'cause we were in the restroom and then the door was locked.. But when we came in, it was all subdued and stuff.. I don't have the energy to type all the shit that happened in there, since it was crappy and I hated it and ARGH! So I'll just copy and paste what I told [ profile] bobbleheadvi about it...

Clicky-Clicky! )

So yeah.. That president does NOT inspire my love. In fact, I have a lot of hate for her 'cause so far, from what I've seen since the beginning, she's always been a bitch. Whatever.. Three more meetings, but I don't know if I can survive that shit.. >O What a waste of perfectly good time.. >O

Anyway.. After that, did some Unarmed, and that's about it.

Finished my Junior Seau scholarship.. Working a bit on my senior portfolio. My printer's out of black ink and it's too dumb to use the colored ink to make black, so I have to make the black a dark grey color so it'll print.. Can't wait for my dad to buy some since he won't until the weekend and my stuff is due this week. x_x

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Today was pretty boring. Slept in until 11-ish and then got up.. Ate some food.. went on the computer.. did laundry.. That's mostly my whole day right there. I kinda worked a little on scholarships, but yeah.. Didn't really get all that much done. x_x

Anyway.. Today, my mom was like.. talking about her co-worker or whatever and how her kid got into a lot of colleges and that they're visiting them before they decide where the kid wants to go. The way my mom said it was all.. I dunno. Kinda condescending, like it was my fault I didn't get into a lot of colleges. Umm.. sorry, but only applying to three colleges doesn't really make a huge acceptance stack, if you know what I mean. I reply with, "'Cause I only applied to three schools!" and she says, "You want architecture. Why apply to schools that don't have it? If you didn't already have a major, then you could apply for more --" and it's like.. umm.. yeah right. I know they wouldn't let me apply for more! And when you apply to a school, you have to state a major. If I told them that I didn't know what I want to major it, 'cause seriously, I don't like architecture that much, then they would keep badgering me until I chose one. So whatever.

Everytime college comes up, it's like, they talk about their friends and co-workers and stuff and compare me to them. "How come you didn't apply here?", "Why didn't you get accepted there?", "Why'd you only get accepted to one school?", etc.. Well, as much as I would like to get TONS of acceptance letters like everyone else is at school, it doesn't work unless you're willing to shell out the money to apply. I didn't apply to almost every UC and CSU, like all these other people. And when I hear people in my class going, "Oh, I got accepted to blah, and blah, and blah, and blah" with like.. at least five or six schools, yes, I get hella jealous. And I know that if they could get in, I could probably too. But unlike them, I didn't apply and therefore, have less bragging rights than they have. No one at school has asked me what schools I've been accepted to. Sometimes, I'm happy that they don't. Maybe they assume that because I'm smart, I got in a lot of places.. Whatever it is, it's all better for me 'cause then they can't say, "Oh, only one?" knowing they can throw their acceptances in my face and feel so proud of themselves for getting into more schools than I did. Yes, I'm a little bitter, but wouldn't you be too?


In other news, I just checked my e-mail and.. yay me! I got accepted into UC Riverside and I didn't even apply. XP At least I can now say I got accepted into two schools. Isn't that weird that it comes when I'm ranting about colleges?



Mar. 24th, 2006 09:58 pm
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Worked on math homework.. I got two pages and was working on the front of the third page when it was 8:00 and I was like, "Is there a meeting?" and then Teng calls Eric and then says that Eric is coming. Oh big fuckin' WOW. >O That made me so mad 'cause come on! If you're gonna say there's a meeting, you can't be late. Fuckin' asshole. He comes like ten minutes later and they interrupt me from my homework to go to the dumb meeting. OMFG, gonna not even show and then when he does interrupts me when I'm in the middle of something. Sorry, but no. That's fuckin' shit. I was so pissed. >O

Went to the range to have the fuckin' meeting. It was worthless and a waste of my time. I mean, all he says is, "Oh, have you guys started training your potential staff member?" and then he goes around and asks.. All the people before me said they did, but I think that they're all lying. >O Then he comes to me and asks if I have and I say, "No" and left no room for discussion. He just moved on after that. So basically, everyone is training someone except for me. Oh woe is me! I'm so ashamed! Feel my sarcasm. >O Next thing you know, he's gonna say that I don't do my fuckin' job. Maybe he'll say more shit ((although he doesn't call it so)) about how I do things and my opinions. 'Cause, really, you know his opinion is the fuckin' world and all.. right? 'Cause he's a conceited bitch, is what he is. But I digress..

After that rousing discussion, they moved onto who is gonna be the next battalion commander. I'd say all the shit that came out of Eric's smart little mouth, but that'd be like death from stupidity, so I'll leave you with the stupidest comment that came out of his mouth.. With complete seriousness, he says...

Do we really need a battalion commander anyway?

Anyway.. After that, Eric rambles on about useless shit and wastes more of my precious time that could have been spent doing math homework but was instead used to listen to his endless droning. >O At the end of his useless babble that was not related to RO in anyway, he says, "Oh yeah.. Battlion Inspection next week.." and he says some crap about drill and stuff and I'm like, "How can you expect us to drill? We haven't even drilled as a company" and stuff, and he's like, "Oh, I've seen the companies. They can do it" and shit and says, "Oh, this is just a progress check, to see where everyone's at" and shit and it's like, HELLO!~ It's been only six or so weeks. Half of that time, SGM is with the LET1s and they don't even go out and drill. They just started learning and he expects to see them drilling? What progress is he looking for, exactly? If they haven't really even learned all the drilling stuff for the BN Inspection drill, how does he expect to see "where we're at"? If a majority of the class can't drill, then obviously we have no progress in his eyes. Not that what he thinks matters at all because he doesn't know shit, but still! That makes me mad 'cause seriously..! >O Does he have access at all to his mind? Maybe it's locked and he lost the key, 'cause people should have better logic than this. But once again, I digress...

My comments about how well the drill will go which went something to the effect of it being bias to companies where the majority are LET2s was met with a comment that went something along the lines of.. "Okay! Dang Helen.. You don't have to be all hostile..!" Umm.. yeah. Sure. At least you know I have anger, even if you don't believe it's towards you.. Anyway.. after that, he went on some ramble about how he wish he were just a company commander again or something.. In my mind, the words, "'Cause you suck ass as a Battalion Commander" flashed, but you know.. I would never say something like that, even though that's the truth. 'Cause seriously.. As some of us we saying, "He's changed.. Power's gone to his head. Plus, he has a job now and that's all he cares about.." etc, etc..

At the end, Eric says to me, "Oh yeah.. How's Bravo?" and I reply with, "It's okay.." and he asks, "How are the leaders?" and I say, "It's okay.." and he asks, "How's the drill going?" and I say, "It's okay.." I mean, come on! What does he think it is?! Does he want me to say that it's Bravo is completely horrible and we have no potential to suceed at all? Or does he want to hear that Bravo is the best company in the world and we're perfect at everything? Puh~lease!~ I hate the way he said, "I've seen all the other companies expect Bravo.. They're all pretty good" or whatever, which was the preface of asking about how Bravo is. I know he was implying something with that fuckin' question.. He was saying, "Oh, how's Bravo? All the other companies are good.. And you're staff, so your company should be the best, but is it?" and it's like, FUCK YOU BITCH-ASS 'cause seriously. He has no room to say shit, that hypercritical bastard.. >O

Finally, after a million hours, but was really only ten minutes according to my notes, it ended and people left ((except for Eric, damn him!)) and then the bell rang five minutes later and left.

Did PT in platoons.. I went into the office and organizing ((kinda)) the company book and was updating the seating chart and stuff... Finally sent next week's training schedule to Col. Cookson.. So late, but what can I do? Unlike Eric with his crap attitude towards everything and his two periods of RO in which he doesn't really do anything, I actually have TWO jobs and staying with the company and working on my staff work does not exactly match. x_x Also made the memo for the YPF competition.. I almost forgot about it too.. x_x After that, went out and they were about done with their platoon PT, so I made copies of the RFI drill for BN Inspection and gave it to McMartin and Nadia to drill the platoons.. They were.. okay, at best, I guess.. there were moments when they were aligned and good and everything, but it was usually overbalanced with craptasticness. In the last twenty or so minutes, drilled as a company. It was.. Blah. x_x I suck at the commands though, 'cause my brain goes blank even though I know the commands and I always get freaked and confused on when exactly I should call the next command. x_x But yeah.. Did it twice. The second time, I sucked at calling commands, 'cause most of the time, I waited too long.. But still, the people were all talking and laughing and stuff and it's like ARGH! And then at the end, they complain that I need to be louder, but it's like, if they would just fuckin' shut up for five minutes, they would hear me PERFECTLY FINE! >O Stupid people.. I didn't exactly come into class with a good mood.. And I didn't even touch on leaving class in a better mood. x_x

Forgot to bring my candy with me, but I was like, whatever... We were suppose to do vocabulary for the warm-up.. After I finished that, worked on my four pages of studying.. I got three pages front and back with application questions, but I ran out of those at the end, so I ended up just doing easy written response questions to fill the last page. XP We were suppose to reseach for our presidential debate thingy after we finished vocab, but I just did math.. Nikki came to me (('cause she's one of the presidential candidates and she chose me for her group the other day)) and told me to research welfare and drug trafficking. BLAHHH!~ I guess I'll get some research and print it at school on Monday..

Just hung around with Cathy and Panyia.. Later [ profile] aznearthdragon came and talked to her for a few, then just went and hung in the range for the last few minutes.. Stupid Eric was in there, which totally brightened up my day. x_x

Went over the old quiz.. And then got our slope field one.. I got a 9/9. XD After that, went over homework and then in the end, took the quiz.. It was pretty easy.. I finished in like.. less than five minutes. @_@ So I waited to turn it in.. But yeah, I don't wanna jinx myself by saying it's easy and not getting a perfect.. But yeah... All those application questions I did helped, hahah. XP

While we were walking, Selassie told me that Ms. Lee told her to go see the psychiatrist at school and stuff.. I was like WTF and all, haha. She was like, "Forget it, I'm not going" and we just went to Garcia's.. Then in class, she left to go to the CTA office 'cause Elio told her that Ms. Diana wanted her and Selassie just told me to watch her stuff and she'd be right back, so I was like, "Okay" and didn't think much of it.. During that time, near the end, Mr. Garcia was like, "Get in line so I can check your work" and stuff and I waited 'til the end, then showed him mine and he just flipped through it and said I was on track and it's like, I'm missing half of the stuff from the deadlines they gave us, but whatevz, right? XP Then later on, the bell rings, and I'm like, "..Where's Selassie..?!~" and I was like, 'Okay, maybe she'll come back..' and I waited for her for a few minutes, then I was like, 'Okay, I'll just go...' and I got my stuff, which was hella heavy since I had my senior portfolio in a huge two inch binder, my math books, and a box of candy, and then grabbed Selassie's backpack and track bag and started the journey to the door. Yes, I say journey, 'cause when you're caring as much as I was, it IS a journey across the room!

I finally made it to the door and people freakin' stop me 'cause they want to buy candy! WTF man?! But I'm too nice to say no, so I waited the hours it took to get their money out of their backpack. The one minute bell rings. The get a piece. Then, as they close the box, girl ((can't remember who it was right now)) decides, "Hey, I want another one!" so she digs another bill out of her backpack, opens the box, and grabs another candy while the bell rings for the next period to begin. Finally, they finished, and I grab my candy box, grab Selassie's bags from the ground and started the long trek down the hall and across the street for fourth period. x_x Of course, there were many rest stops made in that journey, hahaha. Finally, when I get to the sidewalk near the street, Kevin, Kavan, Minh, and whoever else sees me and Kevin's like, "Helen, you need some help?" and I was like, "If you want.. That'd be nice.." and I dropped Selassie's stuff and waited for them to reach me.. They got there and Kevin takes Selassie's bags, Kavan takes the candy box and books in my hands and we walk to my fourth period, lol. They dropped off the stuff on the desk and then left. XP

I don't think Ms. Wheeler even noticed that I was late, hahah. I just sat around and did nothing.. About ten minutes later or so, Selassie finally comes in and tells me she was at the psychiatrist in the main office, lol. She just told me about what happened and said that she's talking to him next Friday again, lol. But yeah.. We just talked about the most randomest things and didn't really work at all. XP We're such dorks.. XP The reason she went to the psychiatrist was 'cause she's been "down the past few days" and I said that it was Ms. Gallegos that sent her 'cause yesterday, she was like, "Are you okay?" to Selassie and Selassie said, "No" and yeah.. Ms. Gallegos just walked away after that..

Ran again.. OMFG, so tiring.. x_x After that, just hung out in the office and later, when SGM was closing the range, hung out outside with [ profile] aznearthdragon, [ profile] bobbleheadvi, Cathy, and Panyia. Just talked and stuff..

Have a lot of work to do.. *sigh* BLEH!

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Did some government homework.. Panyerz brought some stuff for the centerpiece, lol. XD We're gonna work on it tomorrow. XP

Did PT in squads then at 9:00, LET1s went to the track to run the mile and LET2s stayed with me and drilled. I was calling commands (EWWW!), but they sucked SO. FREAKIN. MUCH! *sigh* So sad.. Drilled for the whole period.. They still don't understand the concept of saying "Step, Turn" when they have to step and turn. I mean, come on! How hard is that?! >O But yeah.. Rear march is getting better. Alignment needs work. Columns are.. eh. Flanks are worse. Don't know the difference between column and flanks 'cause half the time when I called a column, they did a flank. x_x But besides that.. I guess we're improving? =/

Finished the notetaking and questions that we were suppose to do.. After that, did a whole lot of nothing since I didn't feel like it.. We were suppose to work on our welfare plans, but yeah..

Line was too long so didn't get food.. Good thing [ profile] bobbleheadvi shared... BLEH! That was about it.

Went over homework.. Isn't that all we ever do now? x_x Got our quizes back.. Got a 9! YES! Mwhahaha. My grade is now a 92% Almost a solid A, hahah. I'll be in the A+ range yet! XP

Worked a little on the powerpoint we have to do then finished it and then just went online. XP

Had a dumb meeting.. BLEH! Talked about potential staff members for next year and stuff.. So dumb.. It's like, some of those names, I didn't agree with at all, and their opinions.. Oh hell no, but it was like, whenever I said anything, Eric just shot me down so after one or two times of commenting, I was just like, forget that. Just wrote down what they said. So freakin' dumb. It's like.. ARGH! Stupid people! THINK! Oh yes, they can be a good leader and do the work, but then, ANYONE can! You need to consider their work habits, their attitudes, their drama, their bagage! You need to consider their dedication and their potential workload for the upcoming year. You can't just say, "Hey, so-and-so seems good right now, let's dump it on them!" No. It doesn't work that way. I'm sorry, but come on! GPA is also a requirement here! People with less than a 2.5 and Fs are gonna make the cut. People who are prone to falling behind in class can't make the cut. People who freakin' PDA all the time CAN NOT MAKE THE CUT! And yet, they are still on the potential list. When I tried to say something about ONE person on the list, I was cut down so fast that I didn't even say anything afterwards. I mean, come on. Out of those people, I'm the smartest. I'm the most rational. I'm the only one who is generally on top of their work! And yet my opinion counts for shit. Hmm.. somehow, it isn't right.

Anyway.. On to the potential candidates. I don't have that much time to talk about it since I was working on my essays earlier, but I'll briefly discuss some of them. And this confidential crack Eric was trying to enforce? Pshh. Like I care who sees this.

On the Battalion Commander list, there were three names: [ profile] aznearthdragon, Joey, and Sandy.

First, they talked about [ profile] aznearthdragon. The bad, according to Eric? She's not in ROTC. I said, "Yes she is. Fifth period" and the rebuttal? "I mean a real class period". Okay, I guess I can accept that, but I had to defend my girl 'cause seriously.. WTF!

ME: She's a junior! Junior year is the busiest year!
HIM: Yeah, okay.. *a second later* Wait! No it's not! I still had it!
ME: Yes it is! If you're going to college, it is! You're not going to college, so you can't say anything!
HIM: Well, I was still preping for college last year --
ME: But she's taking advanced classes and stuff. You wouldn't know!
HIM: Alright! Geez! Why do you have to argue?

ARGH! Why do I have to argue? WTF is that?! Just 'cause my girl has to take her required classes to graduate and he's sitting there arguing with ME. WTF. He can't even say shit 'cause I've seen his grades and stuff from freshman and sophomore years. Preping for college, huh? What college was he planning to attend? Mesa? He took so many easy classes too. How can he compare his schedule with hers? It just made me mad that he would even consider saying she's not a good leader because OMG she would rather take college prep classes than waste a class period on an easy A and doesn't even count towards the GPA when you apply for college. Whatever.

After that, it was Joey. They didn't really say much 'cause we all know how Joey is.

Last in this category: Sandy.

ME: Why is she there? She's only going to be a junior next year.
HIM: Blah blah blah Col. blah blah blah tripping blah blah blah.
ME: But she's not even going to get chosen, so why is she there?
HIM: Blah blah blah and a lot of other BS that has nothing to do with my question.

The point? Why is she there? There is a 500% chance she's not gonna be Battalion Commander. Why waste our time even TALKING about it? But there it was. Obviously I'm the only one with a brain 'cause no one else even said anything. Ah, but that is life, huh? People wasting your precious time talking about stupid BS that is irrelavent. >O After that, I was like, forget talking. Keep my thoughts to myself. Well.. except for one minor outburst from me when they were talking about Panyia and how they had her as staff and they wanted her as a company commander and then putting Gunar in staff and Panyerz in company commander. I said, "You can be staff AND a company commander..!" and Eric was all like, "I know, but blah blah blah blah" and there was no point to his fucked up answer 'cause HELLO! The only staff member that is a company commander! Whatever he said was irrelevant and he has no fuckin' room to talk so why doesn't he shut his trap about shit he doesn't know? >O

But yeah.. Now, just some names..

- [ profile] aznearthdragon
- Joey
- Sandy

- Schnizler
- Catherz (they say S-3?)
- Panyerz (they say company commander?)
- Victoria
- Elwood

Company Commanders
- Gunar (they say staff?)
- Russell
- Tim (they say CSM?)
- Yann
- Anthony

- Adrianna Hernandez
- Olivier

The prenthesis are comments made after the list. Some other details...

"Oh we don't need good people on staff.. Just company commanders.. We don't need a good BN Co, they're just the figurehead.. Crappy people can be the staff as long as we have good leaders..." Oh yes, the sense it makes, huh? I so love these people. I know that if I lived in a world where they were in charge, we would be dead. XD XD XD Yes, feel my sarcasm. Also note that next year is an RFI year and they still have these oh-so-lovely thoughts. Ahh.. and these are people who are going into the military too! I don't know how I feel about them with weapons, but whatever.

Last note for the day.. They said that Adrianna would be a good leader but not a company commander 'cause "she doesn't have the experience. Maybe after another year".. Uhh.. I think she'll make a great company commander! And another year, huh? Wow, I didn't know a freshman in college could be in charge of a high school ROTC. Guess they didn't consider the fact that she's a LET4 next year, eh? And how much more experience do you need if you've already been a squad member, squad leader, and a first sergeant? Wow.. so smart they are. Much love to my fellow leaders.

I'll stop now 'cause their stupidity has no bounds and I could go on forever, but I need sleep. G'night.

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Today was a Late Start, but we went to school early anyway. That means three awesome hours of absolute NOTHING at school. How fun, huh? XP But yeah.. Got to school around 7:00-ish and just hung in the classroom with Panyerz, since she was the only one there at the time. Later on, other people came.. I was just working on math homework.. I gave up after a while though. After that, just talked with people, rewrote the board, and yeah. Stupid [ profile] bobbleheadvi freakin' ditched me in the morning, but what else is new? Besides his hypocritical-ness, I mean. 'Cause seriously.. Come in the classroom for all of a minute of his oh-so-precious time to say "hi" to me and then go to the range to hang with the guys or whatever. And he had the nerve to accuse me of not wanting to hang with him the other day when he does even worse to me all the time? Puh~lease. And, of course, later on, when I was in the office doing stuff, he comes in and tells me that OMG he's leaving to buy stuff for his ROV project. Oh wow. Why even tell me when he totally ignored my presence for all of [almost] an hour in lieu of hanging with his the guys? S'not like I even saw him around since they barricaded themselves in the range to do whatever the fuck guys do together. But alas, I do not attempt to comprehend the complex minds of stupid guys and their need to inform others that they're leaving the general vicinity after an hour of non-communication or contact.

LET1s did Cadet Challenge for record.. All the events except the mile. After they were done, they were suppose to drill.. I was just watching them for a bit.. Later on, I walk over to the staff area and suddenly there is unexpected quiet with rapid movement away from my desk. What does this indicate to me? First, that they don't want to say anything in my presence and second, that they believe that I wouldn't notice their crowding around my space. ((FYI, this also happened earlier in the morning after they came back from the purchasing of ROV parts and I went in to put my stuff away.))

On a side note, I must say that it seems my personal space in the staff area seems to be the most popular and active area in there and is always crowded with people. There is also an abundance of junk left on my table's presence during these vacated hours. I have to also say that I don't appreciate my space being taken over by a bunch of stupid guys and would like an explaination of WHY my desk has to be the center of all "parties" within the staff area. I would also like to say that if these people like my space so much, why did they take the space they so currently own because, from my experience, they love to use [read: put their junk on] my desk more than they do theirs. I also want compensation for having to endure the stupid "Keep the Staff Area clean!" signs that seem to always be imposing in the space IN FRONT OF MY DESK when my space is mess-free and any mess ON my desk is there BECAUSE of the company kept in the space NOT belonging to them, but I digress..

Me going into the staff area and sudden silence and moveage from my area happened at least two or three other times. Somehow, this gives off a message that seems obvious, but hey.. I don't want to make any more assumptions than needed since there seems to be an abudance of anger towards me whenever I presume, even though I don't make baseless presumptions when it comes to those people..

I worked on my training schedule in class too.. That's about it..

Same sub.. same as yesterday.. Went to the library and didn't even work today.. Just read some fics and stuff.. Boring, boring..

When the bell rang, it started sprinkling. XD Went to the cafeteria to buy lunch and then had to push my way through to get out since today was airbands and since it was raining, was in the cafeteria instead of outside. It started raining harder as I made my way through the endless desert that is the backside of the school with no overhangs or anything to shield me ((and my food!)) from the pelting rain. Luckily, harder wasn't really that hard, so it was fine.

Got to the range and just ate and stuff in there, then afterwards, went outside and stood in the sprinkling with Panyerz and we all just talked. Unfortunately, the sun decided to come out during that time and the light sprinkling let up. x_x

Went over homework and then in the last 15 minutes, had our quiz. It was easy until the third (and last) part of the problem.. 'Cause it asked about boundaries of something and I was like, WTF is this?!~ I finished the first two parts in less than five minutes, so I was sitting there for at least five minutes staring at part c and thinking, 'Damn.. there goes at least two points out of nine! >O' and then Ms. Lee was like, "Skip c, you don't know how to do it" and I was thinking, 'Thank goodness!~' lol. XP

Went on Gaia and was talking with Selassie about items and stuff.. XP

Went to 301 and listened to a guest speaker from Mercedes-Benz.. It was so boring! x_x

Got a letter of reccomendation from Col. then went out and ran a bit with YPF then did Unarmed. We didn't really get that far 'cause after a little while, we all started gossiping, lol. In the end, it was me, [ profile] aznearthdragon, Kim, and Leticia just standing in the (sometimes) rain talking about stuff, lol. We're such losers. XP

Have to do scholarships 'cause they're due on Wednesday.. BLEH! Need to do government homework and finish the Unarmed routine. Need to buy some stuff for RO Ball..

Anywayz.. I found out today from an unnamed source that freakin' [ profile] bobbleheadvi talked about me in class. WTF is this? Talking shit about me.. I hate when people talk shit about me! Saying I always get mad and him and all that shit.. Why does he have to broadcast our personal life to other people? I never talk about our shit with anyone at school except for [ profile] aznearthdragon and he's going around talking crap about me behind my back during class where anyone can hear, especially people that are always around us? WTF is that? Does he think that by speaking of his "undeserving woes of putting up with a crazy bitch" will make him look like he's not doing any wrong? 'Cause damn, even if I am a bitch, I don't get mad at someone for no reason. There's always a reason for me being mad and if playing off my feelings and beliefs as a baseless reason for anger is what he wants to do, then fine. I'm sure everyone would be calm and rational about their friend talking shit and impersonating them in other people's presence. It's the stuff of dreams, right? To know that your friend is willing to broadcast the entirety of your guys' problems to anyone who has an ear to listen. I'm sure he's real proud of his actions. I hope he reads this and knows that I WISH HE WAS AROUND SO I COULD BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM! >O Fuckin' shithead. I hope he dies a horrible and miserable death! >O

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Just tried to sell off the rest of my candy..

Did PT and then practiced for Cadet Challenge. After that, went back into the classroom and we worked on this profiler thingie that's suppose to tell you what som of your skills are.

Took notes.. Then went over the reading and grouped up ((if we wanted to)) for our mock Senate thing.. Me and Selassie are working together and we're Senators from Alaska, hahah. Now we just need to come up with a bill.. But I can't think of anything..! BLEH!~ Stupid thing..

Meeting.. Boring, boring.. After that, had pizza.. Didn't get to go order my cap and gown. x_x There wasn't enough time for me to make it all the way to the quad before the bel rang.. So gonna go do it tomorrow on the guys' day to order. BLEH. Whatevz..

Some stuff that happened here that I'll talk about later 'cause I don't want to get sidetracked and not finish the post..

Talked about Calculus Camp and fundraising for it and all.. BLEH! I don't wanna go!~ ;_; Afterwards, went over the quiz.. I got 24 on it. It was outta 36, but the curve was around 17 or so. But yeah.. How is it possible that I got such a score? I don't know.. If there wasn't a curve, I'd have a 67% D, hahah. After that, got our homework and just worked on it..

Talked about our color analysis and then started working on our final. Soooo boring.

Tried to go to Ms. JJ's class to turn in my candy money, but she wasn't there. x_x BLEHHH!~ After that, went back to RO and practiced for Squad and Platoon. OMG, we practiced Open and Close Ranks so much near the end and my wrist hurts from trying to hold it up without it shaking and stuff.. >O

I finished Friday's math homework! Yay! I kinda got some of today's homework.. I stil have four more assignments to finish before I'm caught up.. BLEH!

Anywayz.. RANT AHEAD!

So at lunch, after the meeting, it was me, [ profile] bobbleheadvi, Teng, Eric, Dang, and Yann left in the classroom eating our pizza. If you did not know, all of them are in Armed except me, so yeah. And what were they talking about? Oh, well, obviously it was pizza. Of course, I didn't get the code at first, 'cause I was thinkin', "Pizza..? When did Yann have pizza last year...?" but like after a few lines from them, I totally got it 'cause I'm not stupid and it was so obvious to a person who knows about it. And then Yann confirmed it for me when he said, "Wait.. Will McMartin get pizza..?" So yeah.. From my super spy skillz, I have managed to procure a date for their lovely initiation. When? March 09. >O Fuckin'... >O

I would also like to add.. Fuck you [ profile] bobbleheadvi for lying to my sister on Saturday. He told her that he WASN'T talking about that in third period on Friday, but that it was about something else and that that was the only excuse he could come up with at the time. I think I'm justified in believing that he lied. I mean, come on! WTF is he trying to pull? I'm not stupid and I'd appreciate it GREATLY if he stopped acting like I am. Even if he WASN'T talking about it, which I HIGHLY doubt, there'd be NO FUCKIN' reason to lie to me. There'd be no reason to even keep it a secret from me unless it was a surprise for me and I am willing to bet every single thing I own that he wasn't talking about anything of the sort with Dang and Edmon. The only reason he would even keep something from me is because he knows that I don't approve of whatever the fuck it is. And if I don't approve, then whatever it is shouldn't be done in the first place! So, if on the SLIGHTEST chance that he was NOT lying to my [ profile] aznearthdragon, then he was obviously talking about something JUST AS BAD so it's the EXACT SAME THING as before.

And WTF he doesn't even try to apologize to me today at school and then earlier online he IMs me, not even with his usual screenname, I might add, but with a crap slutty one, and says "i'm sorry" and "much apologies". WTF is that? I don't know, but apologies usually have a better impact IN PERSON, especially if you know you pissed me off. That way, I can yell back at them and they can't ignore whatever I have to say about their fucked up shit. But I digress.. I'll just put this anger away.


So.. to make me happy, some math pick-up lines I found. XD

Why don't you be the numerator and I be the denominator and both of us reduce to simplest form?

Are you the square root of two? Because I feel irrational when I am around you.

Let me spin you around my axis and find your volume.

I like the area bounded by your two curves.

If you don't want to go all the way, you can still partially derive me.

Are you a differentiable function? Because I'd like to be tangent to your curves!

There's THIS shirt and I know everyone will see that.

But.. this last one is my favorite!~ XD

fnInt(2x,x,10,13)? <== That's the calculator version, since I don't have the integral sign.. See THIS if you want to know what it looks like written -- it also has an explaination, but I'll explain it here too... The integral of 2x is x^2 and you're integrating from 10 to 13, so you do F(13)-F(10) and F, in this case, is x^2, so.. 169-100 = ...? Yeah, I know you got it. XP And yeah.. I SO WANT THAT SHIRT!~ *is a geek*

I think that last one would make such a lovely shirt for Calculus Camp, doncha think? XD But I don't think the teacher will approve, lol. ^_^;;

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Today was glorious ((well, at least in the morning)) because it was a Late Start and seeing as we don't do anything in the mornings right now, we could sleep in, so sleep in we did! Well.. okay, we only slept in 30 more minutes and got up at 6:30, but still! Felt so good! HAHAH! XP But yeah.. had to take the bus this morning. x_x OMG, that sucked, seeing as I was carrying a million heavy things, but whatevz.

Got to school around 9:30.. Had to do some squad and platoon uniform / money collecting stuff and since I was already in the office, I just worked on the training schedule for the week after next. Afterwards, just hung in the classroom until the bell rang.

Col. went over the Cadet Challenge events with the company 'cause I told him that I wanted to practice the CC events today. After he did that, broke into squads and practiced all of the events except the mile.

Took notes about the legislative branch. That's about it.. Then at like 12:05, Edmon said that class was suppose to be out at 12:00, and so the teacher dismissed us. Went and got lunch and then just sat and watched Charlie playing Tap Out 'cause there was nothing else to do.

Finally at about 12:20, the bell rang and everyone came out. Went with Catherz, Panyerz, and [ profile] aznearthdragon so they could get their lunch, then went back to RO and ate.

Reviewed a bit, then took our quiz. OMG, but I so failed it. x_x Damn, I feel so fuckin' stupid! >O I only answered three questions ((I think)) out of seven! And like, on this one problem, I didn't know how to set it up -- well, I thought I was doing it right, but obviously it wasn't 'cause the first time around I got a huge negative number. Then the second and third time, I got two big positives or something, and the multiple choices were all like, "11, 12, 13, 14" or whatevz! x_x BLEH! Stupid things.. >O

Had to go to RO to get my art thing. Went with Josh, 'cause he was going out anyway to get something for Ms. Wheeler. Got my paper and then went through the hall to go to 302 to get the stuff for Ms. Wheeler. We had to pass through Mr. McDonnell's class to get there and he made eye contact with me, and I was like, "Nooooz!~" 'cause it seemed like he wanted to say something, but we continued walking and we were almost halfway down the hall when I hear Mr. McDonnell call my name, so I had to turn and walk all the way back. And for what? Just so he could ask me what school I was going to. I told him where I applied, then he told me to tell him when I get word 'cause they're trying to make a list of where the top 25% of CTA seniors are going. I'm thinking, "..And you're point is..?" I mean, seriously! Couldn't he wait until like the end of the year? This is only the second week of the semester! x_x Anywayz.. after some other delays, got the paper and went back to class. Then I worked my ass off to finish the color analysis thingy 'cause it was suppose to be done today. Took forever, but I finished! Yay me! XP

Squad and Platoon practice.. BLEH! Sucked ass..

Anywayz.. on to the rantiness which is also what inspired that lovely subject title.

So in third period, when we were reviewing, [ profile] bobbleheadvi goes over to where Dang sits and then Edmon was there and they were "whispering" and laughing. Then like, a few minutes later, he comes back and we had a conversation somewhat as follows...

Me: What'd you guys talk about?
Him: Oh it was nothing.
Me: What?
Him: We were just planning the pizza party.
Me: What pizza party?
Him: The pizza party.
Me: For what?
Him: What do you mean for what? Don't we have one every year?

When he said that, I knew. I mean, come on! Does he think I'm stupid? If you're still in the dark and friended, refer to this locked post. And the rest of the conversation went something like this...

Me: *glares* Argh!~
Him: We weren't talking about that..!
Me: Don't lie to me.
Him: What..?!~
Me: I hate liars.

And then I tried to ignore him as best as possible 'cause ARGH!~ I KNOW he was talking about that, so why the fuck does he have to fuckin' lie about it?!~ ARGH!~ Fuckin' asshole. It's like, just 'cause we don't go out anymore, my opinion suddenly doesn't matter? Probably wouldn't have mattered even if we were still together 'cause he'd still be like that. WTF man. ARGH. >O

Then, like, after school, it seemed very much like they were talking about it again with Eric, and I don't even care that they might NOT have been talking about it 'cause I know that it was still in his fuckin' mind and it's like ARGH! And I just smacked him in the stomach and was like, "I'm not talking to you" and just left. Was so pissed during practice and stuff.. >O

But yeah.. >O I'm so pissed about this! I know he was lying to me! What gives him the right to lie to me? WTF man! Just fuckin' tell me the truth, 'cause seriously! Does he think I'm stupid or something? That I wouldn't be able to make the connection or something? Fuck, I don't even want any pizza for Armed and Unarmed just so I know that they'll have to find some other event to perform their barbaric rituals. >O

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Just practiced.. BLAHHH!~ It was Brigitte's birthday.. BLEH..

Basically organized all the Unarmed stuff. Was walking all over the range getting and moving stuff around. @_@ So boring.. BLAHH!~

Had our final. It was pretty easy and I was the first one finished. @_@ That was kind weird, but then again, with those people, it wasn't really.. But seeing as I finished in under five minutes, I didn't want to see out of place in turning my paper in first so I just drew an eye on the back until Selassie finished and then she turned ours in. She took forever on hers! It was like.. she was one of the last people. o_O But yeah.. Got our tests back later and I got a 98/100. I really had a 96, but I answered the extra credit question in the directions, so yeah. XP People in there are so dumb.. When Mr. Siebert asked if people answered the extra credit question, almost everyone was like, "WHAT EXTRA CREDIT QUESTION?!~" and stuff 'cause on the paper it said something like, "Directions: Answer the questions to the best of your ability, blah, blah, blah, and the extra credit question (for those of you who read the directions), what college did I go to?" And yeah.. I think only three people read it, haha. ^_^;;

As my third period was an SCT class (as I discussed yesterday), I didn't have a class. What did I do with my time instead? Went to the range with Selassie and helped her with math as I shined belt buckles. BLAHHH!~ Stupid Brasso (sp?). I hate that stuff.. BLAHH! But yeah.. I don't know the proper belt-shining techniques, or at least I don't think I do if there IS such a thing, and I think I did a pretty crappy job 'cause shining belts is SO not my specialty. ^_^;;

Had to go out with RO 'cause the CTA people were there.. Only a few of them showed, but I know a WHOLE lot more of them are CTA. x_x But yeah.. Had to be out there 'cause I was the only leader for the class. We just watched a presentation thingie about searching a car and stuff.. It was okay, but pretty boring.. Then afterwards, we had like, 30 more minutes, so I just let Echo do whatever 'cause there was nothing to do. Charlie was there too and they basically did the same thing.

Went and got some lunch and then went back to the RO area and ate in the classroom. Got some of Brigitte's cake too. I think I ate too much junk food, 'cause ate cake yesterday for Victoria's birthday and had some today from Brigitte's. @_@ But yeah.. Just hung in the classroom 'cause we said practice would start at 1:30 and we had forever until then. Brigitte, Nadia, and Estella decided it would be a good idea to go to Carmen's or whatever and they left and then Brigitte was needed for their presentation thingie or whatever and yeah.. I dunno. Daniel went to get her, left Nadia and Estella behind over there.. By then, it was already past 1:40 or whatever and it's like, OMG they KNEW practice was at 1:30 and they left for Carmen's at like.. 1:20. WTF is that?! And Brigitte KNEW she had to present her Service Learning project, but she STILL left. >O And it's like.. Freakin' Brigitte, after she and her group went and presented, when she came out, she was like attitude-y and then she asked me when practice ended (3:00) and then she LEFT! WTF MAN?!~ It's like two something by that time, and she ASKED about practice then just LEAVES!~ >O And then finally, at around 2:30 or something, Nadia, Brigitte, and Estella decide to come back, after an hour or whatever. WTF is that? And then when we were taking about doing push-ups ((I said 150, Ana then said 200, then Daniel said at least 125 with the normal 25 we always do)) and Nadia was like, "Why?" Umm.. Why? WHY? Why do you think?! >O Freakin' stupid people! >O

And you know what? Rifle Team had their competition today, so they were practicing in the range, and where was Estella? She was at Carmen's, NOT practicing. It's like, WTF?!~ She always blows off Unarmed for Rifle Team and even Tuesday, she was all like, "Competition's on Thursday! *whine whine whine about why she couldn't do Unarmed*" and then she goes and blows off something that was OMG SOOOO important to her before. Ahh.. the sense it makes.

Anywayz.. after they came back, practiced, then drilled, then everyone was dismissed. Me, [ profile] aznearthdragon, Cathy, Panyia, Dannesse and a few others were just sitting around and stuff.. Some left.. then later on, Yann, Tim, Cathy, and Panyia were fighting over coins that Jennifer was throwing, lol. So dorky. XP But yeah.. Finally, at 4:30, left for home.

But yeah.. Today had much anger and stuff.. Didn't even do any push-ups. They're freakin' lucky. >O And like.. Estella pissed me off so much this morning when we asked her if she had her stuff and she just acted stupid and was like, "What stuff?" and then when we told her, she was like, "Oh, I didn't know they had to be here today" and we were like, "No, it was suppose to be here yesterday" and she was like, "Well, I don't have it" and Ana said, "Didn't you get the list?" and she was like, "Yeah, but I thought that it just meant to bring it all on Saturday". WTF!~ How are we suppose to clean her crap if she doesn't bring it? How are we suppose to be confident that we're prepared if not everything is there until the day of? ARGHHH!~ And the worst thing about her answer? Hmmm.. Drum roll please! The paper specifically said, in the FIRST LINE might I add, "Uniform: Here by Wednesday, February 01, 2006". Ahh.. The lies people try to tell. No one can say we never tell them everything, 'cause we ALWAYS tell them the deadline, remind them every-fuckin' single day, and, of course, I wrote it on the board which people are suppose to READ, and it's been there since.. Oh.. Thursday. How's that for bullshit?

Anywayz.. Tomorrow is Friday and I have a math final. Will try to get uniforms done tomorrow during fourth period with Cathy and Ana.. Hopefully we won't be doing anything too important.. BLAHH!~

Welpz.. Gonna go do some stuff now.. Lates.


P.S. This is the first time I'm using tags. Be amazed! XP


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