Jan. 7th, 2005

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Had the Battalion Inspection.. Got inspected by Sy and Robbi. -_- Afterwards, changed...

Watched this clip about meiosis.. boringness.. then had to make a flow chart about the phases of meiosis...

Worked on building the mouse trapped power vehicle or on the drawings. I tried to work on the drawings on Inventor, but since I dun know how to use it... -_- Yeah.. Got nothing done. Final sketches [has to be made on either Inventor or CAD] and our model are due on Wednesday, January 12th. *sigh* Damn.. Lots of work to do...

Got lunch then hung in the classroom..

More vectors... later, we did classwork. Moved over to sit next to Selassie, since the person sitting next to her was gone today.. Later, near the end of the period, there was a call, and then Mr. Torres was like, "Helen, Selassie, Mohamad. Go see your counsler." At first I though me and Selassie were in trouble 'cause I wasn't in my seat and stuff, hahahahha! But yeah... Went to see Mr. Tran. He gave us a paper for a schlorship... Yeah. $1,000. I wanna get it, of course.. dunno who I should get a recommendation from though.. I know practically any teacher I ask would write a good one for me, but yeah.. Due on February 1st, so.. I guess I'll choose a teacher this weekend then ask 'em on Monday.

Went to Mrs. Trongale's class and got a new reading book... I wanted to get Sweep #5, but it wasn't there!~ >_< Damnit!~ I mean.. GOSH!~ The fourth one left on a cliffhanger and I *REALLY* wanted to read the next one, but NOOOOOO!~ It wasn't there!~ >_< Damn... ;_; So I got A Samurai's Tale to read for now.. *sigh* I think her class has the whole Sweep series, so I'll be waiting for the fifth one... It better appear soon!~ >O

Anywayz.. Went into the range, and just sat and read in there.. Book's kinda interesting.. Anywayz.. Later Echo came in and they were inspecting them.. Damn, they were loud, lol. A little hard to concentrate, but it was okay. When they left and the staff left, and I was the only one in the range, it was TOO FREAKIN' QUIET!~ LOL! ^_^;; 'Cause when I was reading before, the staff were watching Spirited Away, then later it was way noisy with Echo in there.. then suddenly... SILENCE! =O It was weird, hahahahahah! XP

After school, went with [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon to Mr. McDonnell's class.. then went back to the range and some of the staff were inspecting Unarmed.. Blah... Had to fall in.. another inspection from Sy... Blahhh. Yeah.. then watched Armed ((who was there anyway)) get inspected.. Merlisa was all yelling at Gunar, lol. It was funny. She was all looking up at him and yelling, lol. XP Then later at 4:00, went to the classroom and waited.. Everyone left or was waiting for their ride.. Peepz were just leaving and leaving.. then it was just me, [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon, Gunar, and Lazer. The door was kinda open and the wind kept blowing it.. So it was closing and opening... And it was squeaking, hahahahah! So everytime it did that, [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon was all scared and stuff, haahahha! It was funny.

Around 4:40-ish, left to go to the front to see if Mom was there. We're pretty good, since when we were walking to the front, we saw her just drive up, hahahahh! XP Went home. The end. XP

Got math homework to do, but I dun want to do it right now.. Will do tomorrow.. Didn't test anybody for my science fair project today.. *sigh* Tomorrow we have community service even though it's raining. ;_;

That's about it. Laterz.

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Isn't Momo suppose to pinch himself? Hahahhaah!~ XP But yeah.. Tezuka's back, lol. And that Tezuka Zone is so whack, as usual.. And then all of them just sang, lol. That was cute. XP

Damn... everybody be checking Tezuka out.. and then Sanada and Atobe are now fighting over him. =P Gosh, he's not THAT hot, is he? XP LOL!



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