Jun. 4th, 2005


Jun. 4th, 2005 12:35 pm
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Took the Literature and Math Level II today at Patrick Henry.. OMG, I sucked... at BOTH. x_x Especially the math.. It was like... I knew it 'cause I remember learning it.. But I couldn't remember how to do it. ARGH!~ I skipped so many problems too 'cause I was running out of time and didn't have enough time to sit and stare at it... GRRRRR!~ I did bad.. =(

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Starting a new series, hahaha. Why? Just 'cause... Getting bored of watching the same few series. XP Plus, Steven chose it when we asked what we should watch. XP

Episode 01
oOo, Cute Leafe Knights. Mwhahahahah!~ XP But yeah.. The storyline (from what I read on ANN) sounded like a cross between Snow White and Cinderella. When it started out, the little bird thing was like Digimon or Pokemon. Then there were the black crystals which was like Sailor Moon, lol. So all and all, from this episode, I think it's a cross between Snow White, Cinderella, Sailor Moon, and kinda Saint Beasts (even though we're still only half way done with it).

Anywayz... Hayate = Hot. XP Hahahahah. But Sasame = HAWT. ^_~ Ohhhh yeahhhh. XP I'm a sucker for the white hair. Hahhahaha. Sasame/Hayate = OMGDIE! XP That's my reasoning for why Hataye doesn't want to find the Pretear... 'Cause she's gonna steal Sasame away from him! XP Yes, I'm warped. I don't care. XP But still, there's merit to my reasoning.. Sasame was kinda flirting with her.. and Hayate was like *evil stare* to her when it was happening. XP Or maybe that's just me? Hahahah.

Go was cute. Cross between Ginji (when he turns into Raiten (sp?)) [GB] and Momo [PoT], IMO. XP And he has Shikamaru's voice... ^_~

Mannen is cute, hahahah. I don't like his attitude though, lol. And Shin.. OMG, SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!~

Oh yeah! The "preting", or whatever it's called, is SOOOOO Sailor Moony and Card Captor Sakuray, lol. Mix between them... And Loki too! Hahahahha! XP And like.. the weird part would be her sucking them up into her. =O WTF?! =O *shick* And like... She's nakied and the dude is too!~ =O

Episode 02
O.M.G! Sasame is TOTALLY FLIRTING WITH HIMENO!~ *DIES* Nonononononononono!~ ;_; You're suppose to be in like with Hayate... ;_; But yeah... Poor Hayate.. He was all bloody after the battle thingy... You suck Himeno! >O

Mawata is kinda mean.. I dunno.. I feel bad for her, but not at the same time. BLEHH!

Anywayz.. It looks like Hayate is jealous.. 'cause he wants Himeno! ;_; NOOOOOO!~ Can't be! ARGH!~ I still say it's my way! >O Look at the ending with the little chibis!~ Hayate and Sasame are in the same one, and Sasame is like Cupid pointing at Hayate.. Some might say that he's trying to hook up Hayate with Himeno, but I say he's trying to get him for himself. You know it! 'Cause why would he want Hayate to get Himeno if he was sooooo flirting with her the whole time?

Episode 03
Why is the mom (I dunno her name) like that? I mean, she doesn't like anything but when the dad asks, she just agrees and stuff.. Blehhh.. Anywayz.. Didn't they notice the Demon Larva in the basket? I mean, it was RIGHT THERE!

She preted with Go this time.. He dresses hot. ^_~ Hahahaha. XP But yeah.. Hayate was watching and he was SMILING!~ *SHICK* Hahahahha!

Hayate was dorky telling her to do all those things.. But Himeno was kinda being mean too.. =/ They're soooo dorky.. You know they're gonna get together.. Either them or her with Sasame.. The rest don't really flirt with her that much.. Or whatever.. They interact the most with her...

Episode 04
Mr. Takana is so COOL!~ Hahahahah! The "yard" was funny.. Especially the animals and Takana calling them by name... Hahahahah. XP

The pink-haired sister is stupid.. Twice she's been rejected in the same way. XP What a loser, hahahahaha!

Hayate is so niceee!~ And he's always making fun of her, lol. And Himeno... She just smashed the tulip sculpture.. The dad was soooooo dorky, hahahah! But the question is.. Why is she offended by "Tulip-Head"? I mean, obviously she likes tulips since she grows them, wears them on her pajamas, and they're just about everywhere, lol.

That's all for now.. Lates!



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