Jun. 26th, 2005

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Episode 55
WTF?! The second round wasn't the "normal" three minutes! I mean, usually, three minutes = ten minutes. @_@ But whatever. As to Ippo saying he didn't feel the weight behind the punches to Date's face.. Maybe Date turned his head with it? HAHAHAHH!~ That's what I'd do, if I knew one was coming. XP I mean, seriously.. Would you let your face get hit full on, or would you move with it to get less damage? But I digress.. Some people have too much pride, so who knows? Anywayz.. Bleh. XP

Episode 56
OMGWTF IPPO?!~ >O Gosh!~ Why can't he just hit him?!~ I mean, come on now, even IF your shots weren't making any difference (even if they are and you don't know it), you should hit back 'cause he's hitting you! >O Dumbass!~ I wanna slap Ippo.. knock some sense into him! >O Stupid loser!~ Come on, Ippo! I wanna beat him up right now!~ ARGHHHH!~ Dumb Ippo... x_x

Episode 57
Ippo!~ >O ;_; Gosh.. He could have won if he wasn't so stupid earlier!~ >O Damnit, Ippo.. ;_; Gosh.. I wanted him to win.. But I knew he wouldn't. It was kinda obvious.. I mean, 76 episodes? He couldn't have gotten the championship a little after half way. Blehhhh! Oh wellz.. Poor Ippo. x_x Even the coach had to throw in the towel. Now that sucks. -_-

Episode 58
How come it's Sendo and Vorg that are gonna be fighting for the belt? @_@ Shouldn't the next highest ranking person get it? And wouldn't that be Ippo? @_@ Whateverz. Anywayz.. Date with Kumi! =O Hahahahha!~ Mashiba is funny. I'm starting to like him. ^_^;; Like, when he used his flicker to get the phone from Kumi.. and then he was like, "Hi Loser" or whatever, ahahhahahah!~ And then he was stalking them on their date and stuff.. It's kinda sweet in a OMG-stalker-brother sort of way. XP



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