Jul. 15th, 2005

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Because Harry is a freakin' ASS and he should DIE! >O Yes, he pisses me off so much in this book... ARGH!~ It's like.. almost every other paragraph has something and then I'm like, "ARGH!~ Tif, listen to this! ..." and I'm just reading it to my sister just so she knows Harry is an ASSHOLE. -_-;; Gosh... >O Harry sucks ass. I'm only on page 225 outta 870 too, so... So far, I only see Hermione as the voice of reason here... I mean, Harry's off being a biz-nach to everyone including his friends and Ron is a freakin' dumbass ((Yes, I don't like Ron much, but that isn't the point, I don't think...)) and even though Hermione sometimes is a bossy know-it-all, at least she takes things seriously, like the unity thing. And yeah.. Don't get me started on Umbridge -- she's a WHOLE other topic / rant.

BLEHHHHH!~ Harry still pisses me off.. and once I open the book to continue on, I will still see it. I don't believe in all this "he's a teenager, that's what he's suppose to do" stuff, 'cause damn, I was never like that and people I knew weren't either... Or at least, I don't think so... And even if he has some different circumstances and stuff still doesn't give him the right to be a biz-nach to everyone. He doesn't have to snap at his friends all the time, he doesn't have to diss on other people who believe what the newspapers say, he doesn't have to always whine and complain. And if I were Harry's friend and he snapped at ME like how he does to Ron and Hermione, I wouldn't even want to TALK to him anymore, even if I believed he was telling the truth and stuff, 'cause if that's how he's gonna treat his friends who BELIEVE him, then OBVIOUSLY there has to be something ringing true from the papers for people to be scared of him.

Harry doesn't really have any redeeming values to me right now, even if he does all this other stuff in the fifth book that's good. I mean, really.. At the time where he NEEDS all the friends he can get ((around the beginning of the book)), he just pushes them all away. He deserves everything that he gets and I hope he dies! >O Okay, that was a little harsh, but whatever. We all have our own opinions.

I think Imma stop ranting about a fictional character now. It's no wonder why I dislike this book and am not really all that pumped about the sixth one... At this rate, I'd rather just believe in the worlds created by my favorite fics and stick to that...


Mulan 2

Jul. 15th, 2005 04:48 pm
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O.M.G! Mulan 2 is the DUMBEST movie... EVER! OMG! I broke my brain watching that! ;_; Hours of my life wasted... ARGH! What a stupid movie! I tried to read through it while [livejournal.com profile] aznearthdragon watched, but I couldn't stop.. It's like a car accident or whatever.. It's ugly, but you can't help looking.



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