Sep. 22nd, 2005


Sep. 22nd, 2005 10:19 pm
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Health - Chapter 04 notes... Suppose to be done yesterday, but yeah...

Only four of us showed up today.. Only Group C had to come to class today 'cause we had to read our essays. Outta the group, only four.. one person didn't have her essay. This one girl read hers first.. it was about being arrested. It was okay.. So many times where there were unnecessary commas and places where commas were needed. Periods were also missing.. But I'm a grammer whore, lol. That's what my eyes catch at first glance.

After she went, I read mine. BLEHHHH!~ It was okay. Comments to mine... Umm.. Question about the title, 'cause people didn't get it.. Liked the intro and conclusion. Teacher said that I have a "unique voice" or something and that "we'll probably be able to pick out Helen's essays in the future". I'm not sure I agree with that, but that's what was said none-the-less. Personally, I don't think my writing's all that great -- I don't like people reading my stuff, but I do at the same time. I'm weird like that, so whatever...

After me, [ profile] bobbleheadvi went. Procrastination, yo! Hahahah. XP I commented on his, 'cause I was expected to.. Just said I liked the topic and that I knew he procrastinated a bit on the essay too, lol.

Then, after [ profile] bobbleheadvi, some other guy went ((he walked in late in the middle of my essay)). His was about his first car accident. It was okay, I guess, lol.

Class got out at about 8:55.. Walked to Kearny.. Hung in the range and mostly finished up my math homework ((I only did half last night)).

Finished up my homework ((Last three problems)) and then we had to go out to the bungalows or whatever.. stack the wood.. I dunno...

Was in the classroom for a few.. 'cause Sandy said I had to be at the Cadet Club meeting.. Then Gary said I didn't.. Not like anyone showed. x_x After that, went to the range and ate.

Homework questions.. then had some time to study. Only a few minutes left of class, and somebody screwed that up and we had to start taking notes. Start of Chapter 2 and real calculus. Peoplez were like O_O 'cause she just wrote down a whole bunch of letters and symbols. @_@

Helped Selassie with some homework questions she still had.. Then went to ask Mr. Garcia to write me a letter of recommendation... I dunno if he will or not 'cause Selassie was like, "She needs it by tomorrow" and I said, "Monday...?" lol! ^_^;; But yeah.. I don't think I can make that scholarship I saw anyway, 'cause I forgot to ask two other teachers to write me one. ^_^;; Welpz, now Mr. Garcia can take his time and write me one, lol.

Seating chart.. then practiced reporting in.. Then went out and peoplez drilled with their squad.. It was boring. Some loser dude kinda asked me to Homecoming. He was too scared, so the dude next to him asked, kinda, and I just said no. Hahaaahahah! What a loser -- like I'd go with him. He's probably a freshmen too! Puh~lease!~ XP

Went around doing stuff.. everyone was busy with Leadership Camp or whatever.. Around 4:20, went and practiced twice for Pep Rally, then left.

Didn't have math homework today, besides study for test and that means nothing to me. Just look through and review on day of. XP

Did most of chapter 4 for Health.. Only two more pages to go.. then onto Chapter 5. Joy.

Don't have a meeting tomorrow. So happy! ^_^ I can have some timeeee! Finally!

Need to do the other readings for English for this week.. And need to write a response too.. BLAHHHH!~ Will do tomorrow.. *sigh*



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